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"N4G the land in which we give opinions but never willing to respect another persons opinion on games"


It's N4G, what is there to expect honestly. I don't really think ANYONE on this site can tell me what is the must have console for me...especially when there isn't a must have title that I actually care for to get on the Wii-U.

I think it came out with great software this holiday season, I can see why it's a must have for a certain audience, but it's simply not a MUST HAVE for me. #3.1.1
There's no pro, especially the price point in which they want to charge it at. What 16 dollars ? Dead, such a pathetic mood, but it's FF7 and people will flock on it like sheeps. #10
Not for me it isn't. #3
I enjoyed the FF13 Trilogy, Lightning Returns put me off a bit though... #39.3
Probably would pick it up for 40 dollars. 60 Dollars ? Hell no, not happening. #33
It will be a while, so we'll have to keep waiting. #5.1
His preference, I guess.

I only have my PS4 and I don't see that changing for me personally. I handhelds, I have both Vita/3DS and I'm perfectly content as of right now. #1.1.1
They don't own the rights #1.5
Because they wanted to make only 12,300, this is not a hard concept to understand. This happens with almost any product, most commonly with sneakers. Limited amount, those who can get it will, price shoots up due to how limited it is.

It happened with the Uncharted 2 fortune hunter collectors edition. #4.2

You are such a fanboy that you had to answer nintendo pr as if they can hear you. If you where content then why are you hear responding to nintendo pr. If you bought a ps4 because of sales then if the sales dry up like the vita after all of these glitches games would the ps4 die? Does that scare you guys? It's just a console right?

By far the dumbest thing I've read today....FYI...I just bought a 3DS....Supersmash bro edition...I will be en... #4.3
nah....not for me, content with my ps4 atm. #4
I just tested my connection.

Connection Speed Download is 50.9 MBPS
Connection Speed Upload is 10.3 MBPS

So no, I don't have crappy internet, if this is considered crap, well hey I guess my internet is crap net to start with. f #5.1.1
They already said this a long time ago, it's possible they would look into it....old news tbh... #7
Lucky enough to not experience slow downloads, but I use Ethernet for my Ps4 #5
"please prove your point"

Destiny Heavily Advertised how the story was going to be immerse, it failed to deliver on that. Matter of fact, a lot of people don't even get the point of the story at all, not only was it short, it was lackluster, I rather they never said much about it, that way I wouldn't have been "Hyped" for it like many others were.

What do we REALLY know about any of the races in this game ? Little to nothing, that... #5.1.1
Agreed #1.2
It's a rumor of the content being on the disc, unless YOU and others can provide factual evidence to support that, I fail to see your point.

What is funny, this reminds me much of a Cable box, Granted I can switch from channel 1-1000, however I know that, I only have access to CERTAIN channels depending on the package.

So even then, sorry you're not entitled. Want that Extra content, get the season pass.

DLC tends to be worked on when... #6.1.1
Destiny was a disappointed probably the biggest disappoint for me in a very long time, still I disagree with this argument. You're not entitled to the DLC because you bought the game, it's extra content and while I will say, I feel what it shipped was lack luster and barebone....still not entitled, you got what you paid before, even if it was HEAVILY false advertisement IMO.... #5
Pointless article. #38
I just want it to work and I'll be happy, a lot of these games come out bugs, and it's funny because this gen was touted to be so much easier and developer friendly SMFH! #11
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