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Wtf ??? The problem STEMS from BLACK PEOPLE ?????? LMFAOOOOOOOOO, I laughed so hard at how ignorant you are and borderline delusional and stupid.

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He is trash

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He's ranting about old stuff that doesn't matter. Both Miles/Peter Parker exist currently and caters to both Audiences.

101 Pandering, would be what they did with RiRi/Iron Heart and removing Iron Man/Tony Stark and pushed her without any real proper development. I'm aware of the garbage Pandering that occurs in comics, and most of it makes me sick.

FYI, I'm Black and I despise lazy Pandering/Race Swapping. However Miles is the exception ...

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You're ranting about a character that wasn't even INTRODUCED in the Main Marvel Universe until maybe a year ago/two years ago. Peter Parker was never Panned for Miles, Peter Parker in the Ultimate Verse is irrelevant AF, and the only Peter Parker that truly matters is the 616 one. The one who is still Alive, the one we see Miles with at the end of Secret Wars.

Marvel, Dc both Pander all the God Damn time and it's tacky and garbage. However Miles is the exceptio...

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What are you talking about ? Do you read Comics ? Miles existed in the Ultimate Universe. He's now in the Main 616 Universe after Times Run Out/Secret Wars. He exist along with 616 Peter Parker, so you're wrong and you don't know WTF you're talking about.

The ORIGINAL Spiderman is there ALONG with Miles, now stop talking about things you're CLEARLY ignorant on. I get the stupid Pandering, the Race Swapping/Gender Swapping.

But this h...

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What are you babbling about ? He's always been Black, what exactly was changed, when he's always been black.... Spiderman is simply a Mantle.

You can have Black, White, Latino....the list goes on.

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Competitive scene is topic in general. Check the League of Legends Reddit thread with TSM, nonstop flaming...

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lmfaoooo @ indians in Dubai X_____________X

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One of the most disgusting/toxic comment section I've seen on this site.

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1000% Agreed, makes absolutely no god damn sense.

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Most likely Horizon, it's deemed as a technical master piece..

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Started for me

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Or, blame the garbage developers....

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This is why Digital Sucks on Consoles, these prices isn't competitive remotely...

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They have been for quite a while tbh...

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I don't shop at trashstop, hope that company burns in hell.

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A lot I've been reading on reddit, videos I've watched on youtube and even on Amazon, has it to where this is not worth the 150 dollar price point. And Only 1 Game uses 3D audio tech which is Uncharted 4, so yeah I'll pass till it's a little bit under 100.

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The reviews I've been reading for this hasn't been that good, I'll probably wait till they're discounted a little under 100 bucks.

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It just came out last year..... it hasn't even been a year yet, relax lmao.

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You're beyond dramatic

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