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"N4G the land in which we give opinions but never willing to respect another persons opinion on games"


App still sucks to me, I uninstalled this garbage. #8
Worst Limited Edition ever, utter shit. #7
Your comment makes me sad. Gamers are weirdos... ? Okay son. #1.1.1
This is horrible...... I feel bad for Vita Owners...yeah it's a MultiMedia Device...but the main purpose people bought it for is THE GAMES.....and you're cutting back on that by cutting back on first party support, very shameful. #9
She actually has a personality, now whether you like it or not, well up to you.

I love her personally and enjoyed her. #2.6
Totally agree Baka.

Just seems silly people like OMFG we never asked for this...but the Metro trilogy is being remastered for the Next Gen..and I didn't see anyone complaining.

Plus Rumors about Mass effect being Remastered to next gen. It's just buy it, or avoid it, complaining seems silly.

EXACTLY, I've always thought another development team always would handle stuff like this, and it wouldn't Require that much resources... #13.1.5
Why are people crying on here about this Trilogy ? I see nothing wrong with this at all.....

You're either going to BUY IT, or you're not. Nothing to complain about, even more so. NOBODY asked for the Metro Trilogy coming to the PS4 AND XBOX ONE, yet we're getting it.

I don't see a problem with a remastered version with 3 games bundled for Next Gen. #13
Doesn't mean the story will be good. #5
It's alright...I got my code....they have a lot of work to do....before this goes live, especially with the lag.. #18
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A good Price drop, bundle it with new games, it will do fine. Good system, just poorly executed. #9
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obviously....he's been in a coma...for years.. #10
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Bought the entire Prince of Persia collection. #10
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Both are equally important, however if I had to choose, Plot. There's been plenty of BAD characters that were awful, however I manage to get through it due to the amazing story tied around certain characters. #4
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I love Metal Gear, however I don't give a damn, I'm NOT SUPPORTING shit like this. Regardless if Kojima himself worked on it. This is a horrible Cash cow, and it's SAD Konami stooped this low to use the Metal Gear Franchise for shit like this. No buy, I've purchase DLC longer than this length. I saw the walkthrough on youtube. It took 3 different videos to beat this game, each maybe 10-15 minutes, I'm not even factoring in the cutscenes either. #4
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Money Grabbing Gimmick ? What ?

The dlc makes perfect sense, if people want it they will buy it, if not they won't.

Fail to see the problem. They did this in FF13-2 and it was mere Cosmetic Items with no real enhancement tbh.

Also, who's to say WHERE and HOW a developer should dictate their business in terms of seeking profit ?

I've seen worse DLC tactics and schemes. This seems extremely minor and isn't on th... #1.5
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Albert Einstein said: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results each time.

Get used to the fact that most people dislike the series, will state that dislike whenever they choose, and continue on playing bad games that you like. <--------- Does the same thing on every single article and expect different results. Contradiction ? Yes if I may say so myself. #7.1.2
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You never did, I just asked what's wrong with the cosmetic item DLC thing ? It's optional and if people want those things I see no problem in it honestly. #1.3
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Plenty of games do this, why is it a problem if they do it in Lightning Returns ? It's cosmetic items which does more than simply look good, so if people want to buy it, why not ?

Am I wrong for buying skins on league of legends also ? #1.1
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No... #13
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Why not just make a sequel.... ? Sigh...... #3
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