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It just came out last year..... it hasn't even been a year yet, relax lmao.

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You're beyond dramatic

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Still didn't play the game yet, still don't know crap. You can't bash it until you actually tried it out yourself or seen extensive enough of information to judge it. You can have your impressions on it, but blanket statements like that is pretty stupid.

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How did it ruin it ? You didn't even play the game, you don't know anything and more importantly you're jumping to conclusions.

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I don't have a problem with them, when done correctly like COD4, but usually they're already on sale like 2 weeks to a month later.

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Cosign Egypt, I can see a lot of stealth/sand elements implemented.

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I could care less how Dense you believe I am, let's do a simple copy and paste to put things into perspective here.

"YOU and your friend going together purchasing your game has little to do with the PHYSICAL OPTION being the cheaper option 95% of the time."

Which aligns with this since you have selective reading. Another copy and paste

"If the physical is cheaper, there's really NO real reason to go digital"...

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First of all, 100% of the games I buy this Gen is bought Digitally. There is NO reason to buy Digital if PHYSICAL is the cheaper option, YOU and your friend going together purchasing your game has little to do with the PHYSICAL OPTION being the cheaper option 95% of the time.

I didn't even mention resale value since that's a given. I saw Assassin Creed the Collection Physical for about 35 bucks, Meanwhile the Digital is still 60 bucks. You and YOUR FRIEND make it c...

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I don't see how this is good news, especially since Nintendo had how long to prepare this ? Just stop it. The excuses are borderline pathetic now, people find any way to defend nonsense.

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Yup and Digital is trash (Console wise 80% of the time), better sales for Physical half the time, pisses me off because I go mostly digital now. Oh well, is what it is.

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See this is why Digital on Consoles is still somewhat idiotic and garbage with Retailers.

Please explain to me as to why Deus Ex mankind Divided is simply 20 bucks and the Digital is 30 dollars ? LMFAOO

I have seen too many times on Amazon where the Physical Copy is 90% of the time cheaper than the Digital Counterpart, it make absolutely no sense. If the physical is cheaper, there's really NO real reason to go digital.... and this is the future ? Buddha p...

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How would you even know what Monitors Most PC gamers have ? Are you stalking them in their rooms ? Stop it... that's a bold assumption lmao.

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I bought my pro and never got a 10 dollar code

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Nope, but it's very accurate to it lmao.

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Damn, the emotions runs high in these forums. On Topic, it seems Xbox won Black Friday, we will find out who won the TOTAL Holiday Season once the confirmed numbers drop. I've heard Xbox won Online, I'm not too sure about Black Friday as a whole, since you have titles that like to confuse readers for hits.

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Yeah the frame stutter issue is pretty irritating on the PS4 Pro High/HDR mode. Played on light for the smoother experience, hopefully the December Patch can fix it.

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Judging from the reviews, the Boy Band is highly praised by reviewers, and I don't get the emo point. What's exactly emo about them ?

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I got the KU6300, it's a great TV for starting off 4k Gaming, when I move I'll be going big with another 4KTV, I'll still keep the KU6300, but the entertainment setup will have a big budget TV and I'm straight.

I got the KU6300 for only 280 bucks through bestbuy. Did a little down payment and 6 month financing lol.

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Depends on your budget, I bought the Samsung UN40KU6300 model and while it's not the best, it certainly was a huge upgrade to me from my 40 inch Sony Smart HDTV.

For 400 bucks, I saw a huge leap IMO in the quality. Watch Dogs 2 looks so good on the 4ktv and the HDR setting. You really can see the colors and world pop out, it's beautiful, I recommend if you have the money, go for it.

Granted the games isn't Na...

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