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"N4G the land in which we give opinions but never willing to respect another persons opinion on games"


Got em all =) #2

Nobody cares, stop crying about console gamers already. We get it, you enjoy superior pc gaming, shut up already. #1.1.2
Bloodbourne disagrees #4
Not many ? Lmao I think you're going over a bit overboard now. Not taking nothing away from bloodbourne it's a fantastic game, however so is dragon age. #1.3
Oh has gotten significantly better... #2
You lost your god damn mind #4.1
Yes please...remote play is so frustrating due to the lack of r2/L2 #6
DMC was Never a bad game, period. I'm so sick of this garbage nitpicking. #9 profile pic says enough about your comment #2.2
No,probably skipping this all togetger. #22
Lmfaoo this game isn't even slightly impressive on a visual standpoint imo. Absolutely nothing in this game impressed me slightly.the destruction is so lackluster, the effects #3
Idc,not buying it anyway. Have fun for those who will though. #13
Thankfully, I didn't encounter this updating, hopefully it's resolved with the people it's happening with. #16
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Most of the DLC to me is extremely stupid and overpriced. Still, I can't complain too much, considering I bought league of Legend Skins, which are FAR more expensive.

What I will say, is paying 15 dollars for the monster is RIDICULOUS...and A LOT of that DLC is heavy heavy overpriced. Thankfully most if not all that DLC on Evolve is pisspoor trash, so I'm not investing in it.

Still, I'm enjoying the game and that DLC is not taking away from my... #3
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Not buying it, fine with my Limited Edition smash Bros 3ds, of course I would recommend this one for NEW owners. #2
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He lives under a rock clearly. Patrick star status, hue hue hue. #2.1.1
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Mass Effect 3 online was fun, so I have no issue with this. #6
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I'm completely fine with my limited edition Super Smash Brothers 3DS, so I don't see myself buying this new 3ds unfortunately. I just got this one back in November. #5
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Lmaooo, I bust out laughing reading your comment, bubbles for the humor. #6.1.1
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“Whoa there, we are still following his direction on the universe, characters etc. so his vision plays a very big role in FFXV. He was never kicked out, in fact far from it.

He has to pay full attention to Kingdom Hearts III, another game that is in dire need for release, so the company has left the rest of the production of FFXV to my director Tabata-san.”

"Left the rest". Meaning, it seems they do the finishing touching on whatever else needs to b... #15
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