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Granted I probably won't Buy an Xbox console ever at this point, I don't hate this move at all. I'm all for giving consumers options, some people flat out don't want to buy a console to experience the games. Microsoft is catering to that audience, I see nothing wrong with this from the business side.

If consoles do end, Microsoft would already be prepared for that end, even if it's 10-20 years down the line. Still, I'm not against the move, and I...

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Yeah but at 0:34 the details of the background has downgraded significantly.... the lightning is better, but the characters in the background are completely washed out imo....

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Lmao for me, the most excitint FPS I'm looking forward overwatch. Unlike Battlefield or Call of nonsense, I can expect blizzard to heavily support it for years in the future =], my opinion though.

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lmfaoooooo hell no

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Same, patiently waiting lmao. Good thing I live in California, so I can play it at 9, too bad I have work that I won't be able to play till 12am :'(

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Nope not yet

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Not a bad sale, alien isolation is def a steal, but gravity rush not so much. Golden week had it on sale for 17 dollars with playstation plus lol, so a pass.

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I think one of the biggest things that helped, was the fact it was 40 dollars and when it dropped. Sony needs to keep this 40 dollar formula for the future entries and consider it for sly cooper as well with a Jak and Daxter game if naughty gods gets to it...

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Lol no it's not...

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It's a great game for sure....definitely a steal for only 40 dollars

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On topic, I pre-ordered it. I'll Reserve my opinion when the game drops.

Can't wait to try it

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How the hell can you say what the game is meant to do when you didn't develop it ? I'm missing something here lmao.

Too easy ? Did you play it yet rofl????!

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Got em all =)

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Nobody cares, stop crying about console gamers already. We get it, you enjoy superior pc gaming, shut up already.

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Bloodbourne disagrees

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Not many ? Lmao I think you're going over a bit overboard now. Not taking nothing away from bloodbourne it's a fantastic game, however so is dragon age.

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Oh has gotten significantly better...

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You lost your god damn mind

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Yes please...remote play is so frustrating due to the lack of r2/L2

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DMC was Never a bad game, period. I'm so sick of this garbage nitpicking.

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