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"N4G the land in which we give opinions but never willing to respect another persons opinion on games"


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wow... #23
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It's been pretty known that there is indeed a difference between 30FPS and 60FPS. 60FPS is always the better experience, maybe developers can get away with giving PR nonsense about how 30FPS >>>> 60FPS for better experience...

However, no. I've played games 60FPS vs those 30FPS, 60FPS is always the better experience and everything runs better overall. This game is what ? Over 10 years old, really no excuse as to why. Saving Resources ? Doubt it.
... #2.2.3
So....the PC version is 60FPS but the consoles aren't ?

Lol, so it's a waste of time to implement something that's on the PC version, but not the console ? Nah, more like pure laziness to me. #2.2.1
No clue why this isn't 60fps.... #2
Dumbass reasons, a device you sell should include ALL the things that make them function. #6
How about deleting them ? Some Games impossible to Platinum anymore, let me remove them off my list. #9
Yes the hell they should be cheaper... #6
Needs better developers. To be honest, Sonic is like great to use for Mobile Handhelds such as the 3DS and the Vita, why won't they simply focus on that ? Digital Game Releases for 5-10 dollars ? I think that's a better option, because they seem lost doing what they've done to this iconic mascot. #9
Persona 4 STEAL! #33
Still do, A lot of people still play it, most of them are console players surprisingly. #2.1 <-- I bought this one.

Cheap, worth it. #27
The PS4 kind of is...When having multiple users on the console...the games are locked offline.....only the primary user account games are accessible... I have more than one account that I bought games yeah...kind of silly but w.e.... #4
It's the any of the other ones IMO.... #4
YES! #6
Hopefully #1
1. Xbox one is dominating anything and 2. The comments here on all sides, is pretty petty, belittling and immature as hell, it's a sales article, so what can I expect on N4G right ? #15
It's N4G, what is there to expect honestly. I don't really think ANYONE on this site can tell me what is the must have console for me...especially when there isn't a must have title that I actually care for to get on the Wii-U.

I think it came out with great software this holiday season, I can see why it's a must have for a certain audience, but it's simply not a MUST HAVE for me. #3.1.1
There's no pro, especially the price point in which they want to charge it at. What 16 dollars ? Dead, such a pathetic mood, but it's FF7 and people will flock on it like sheeps. #10
Not for me it isn't. #3
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