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Stop feeding the trolls. Lizard Squad literally steps in with every server error and says they did it. Whether it's true or not, they need to stop getting attention. 'cause that is all those needy little brats want.

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Quick Update! The price on this router was just reduced to $169.99 on various sites. :)

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that is awesome!!

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This router is programmed to use the setup wizard immediately upon logging in. The average consumer is not always experienced in setting up a router and can often find the process of dealing with technology overwhelming. Thus, a setup wizard that is easy to use is an extremely important feature to acknowledge.

As far as tests of actual routing performance- that can vary upon connection types and speeds. The reviewer felt that it would not reflect accurate performance of the...

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Good plan. Save what money you can.

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Excited, but leery. God of War could really use a new perspective, instead of an old one. Ascension was great, but it looked a little dated. Hope he takes it to a new level.

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yes. Dont you?

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very cool

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These are actually going to work with all the games. You will be able to "jump" these and use them in Skylanders: Spyros Adventure and in Skylanders: Giants in addition to the new game.

However, you will likely have to buy a new copy of the game to go with a new console.. (if the new XBOX or PS4 actually do come out this year)

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As you probably know, there are computer chips inside the skylanders now, that is how the machine identifies the skylander. I believe that these will have 2 chips (one for top and one for the bottom.) The combination will be read by the machine to identify a preset character and its altered abilities.

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Such a shame. The game had promise... Maybe if they had taken it a little more hardcore to emphasize the key characters, like Cratos...

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someone gave us their wii, we thought we would set it up in another room. Meanwhile, we have them both sitting there unused.
Honestly, although xbox and ps3 are to the point of needing a new system, I think they should stay with what they have. I am not ready to buy another system from them and give up what I have.
It will have to happen eventually. I am just not a huge fan of the wii in general. I wish that nintendo would come up with something better...

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The problem I have with WiiU is that it isnt innovative enough. They are taking the same system and adding a Fisher Price iPad to it. Wii is not a fun system to play on. The once gaming giants and heads of innovation are now behind the curve.
THAT is why WiiU is catching so much flak. This isn't an exciting enough advancement. I have two Wiis in my house collecting dust. I dont need another more expensive version to add to the clutter.

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the surround sound quality of the Astro A40 are pretty amazing, however the price is high for a wired headset. I love the A40s and recommend you get them if you can afford them and will use them. Especially if your Turtle Beaches make your ears ache if you wear them too long. The Astro A40s fit better and sound great. If you have a bit more to spend, the Astro A50s are brand new on the market: Completely wireless (Not even a chat cable), Surround sound, can record audio in games, updates soft...

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I hope that Black ops 2 finally has a female customized character for Multiplayer and zombies. It has been a long overdue feature in the Call of Duty series. Why they havent had females in it before now is beyond me

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Thanks for pointing that out. It is actually Radical Entertainment. No mention of Crytek is in the Press release.

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Could be cool

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Some of the old characters being brought to your handheld would be pretty cool

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Good job on this review Molly!

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