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The system is the seller. Why? Look at the damn games.

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Because little kids speak properly all the time.

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I thought the exact same thing.

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As a parent, it evoked emotions of protection in me. I love when devs aren't afraid to remove the training wheels and give us their vision.

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He's pretty gangsta recording from his parent's house.

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Sure you did ;)

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I wonder if this would ever make its way to the PS3, similar to when MS updated the 360 to NXE?

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I think you should get a PS3, then open your mouth. Otherwise, take your ass back to the Shining and create a new account Soda.

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Mass Effect was dumbed down?

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I'm a proud Sony fanboy. I love their games, am overly critical of the company, and love their products. It's when you think they (or any company) can do no wrong or actually cares about you individually.

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The first didn't need it and was an absolute blast. I didn't feel the urge to "wish" it had MP. That's when you know a game is great.

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Thank GOD for the mods right? Right?

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Shame "they" didn't make the trailer -

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You took the time to post all those links....and he needs help?

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It ain't about being tough, it's about backing your shit up. If they can do all hacks, please, do it.

PSN: SuMizzle

And you need a PS3 to remove CC details and buy PSN cards Mandie.

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They made 2 of the most unappreciated games this gen - The Club and Blur. R.I.P.

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If anything, it's brought the community together. There are those of us with technical jobs, network security experience, coding experience, etc that aren't going to just sit and take it. We're also smart enough to not fall for FUD. If anyone has a problem with that, hack my PSN account and get CC info or ban me. I DARE you.

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I'll watch Ghost Rider. Only b/c it's rare a modern comic book movie is that badly cast. Look at the header image - Will just got done watching it.

EDIT: @manitobawpg That was only Halloween. Then there was the x-mas promo (I got Black Christmas).

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