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They should come up with a better name.

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I'd be part of those numbers if there was a PC or PS3 version. Instead I'm just waiting patiently.

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Aw man, I'd rather they be spending their time making a PC or PS3 version than having to fix a bunch of bugs, but these are pretty necessary to fix. Bummer.

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Seems interesting. Hope a sequel expands on it or other developers take the concept and run with it.

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I wish this was out on PSN or Steam as well. Really wanna play it and don't have a 360.

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Starting to get really excited for this game.

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Could just be that people are fine with anonymously screaming hatred on The Internet, but when they're face to face with the people they aren't so willing to spew the vitriol.

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Douchebaggery goes with the Internet territory it seems. Sad.

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Oh, I also don't like Coke. And Pepsi. But I like other Pepsi products more than I like other Coke products, so I guess I'd say I like Pepsi.


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@Persistantthug The conversation from work was an interesting way to open the article, not the entire basis for it. I think the better reason would be the 14 million unit gap between the PS3 and 360 in the US. I do not work with 14 million people.

And honestly, it's an idea. I'm not barricaded in a house defending this idea to the death. I felt like a re-branding might help them in the next generation. If you don't, great, I'd love to hear your reasoned argume...

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I didn't write the suing article, I just submitted it. And I don't wish the PlayStation brand would die, I just think it'd help Sony gain some ground in the next console generation.

Does this article make me a PS3 fanboy again? Because it felt weird being a 360 fanboy when I don't even own one. Tomorrow I'll probably be a Wii fanboy again. I like to spread my fanboyism across all consoles.

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You clearly didn't even read the description, let alone the article.

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Hopefully they fix it soon. Would suck for people to have to wait to play the game just so they can use their own Shep.

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Yeah. I was joking.

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Just use Kickstarter. Everyone else is.

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I think it's primarily when the day one DLC is story based that people have a problem with it. Especially in a very story-centric game like Mass Effect.

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Might be spending my tax return on one of these. Can't decide.

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It's gonna be pretty awkward to try to play this on the toilet, which is where I do 98% of my handheld gaming.

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I seriously hope this happens.

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It appears that YOU'RE the one who is retarded.

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