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Just thinking of that Dolan Duck image where he wanders into a building and then comes back out again.

"Everything was gay." #3.1
Just as long as there isn't any crudity or fanservice involved, I'll check this out. #12
and an illegitimate daughter too. #4.1
"I don't want any trouble!" #3
Give me my Gravity Rush 2...
and I'll give you more than a fuss. #21
You know, I'm going to be honest...
That's a very ill-fitting shirt. #2
I wonder if a suitcase full of money piqued his interest. #14
Oh lord...
This game is never going to come out is it. #18
I never encountered it during my playthrough. And boy am I glad I didn't. #1.1
What charity event? #1.1
How did she get all those guys to sleep with her in the first place?
I mean... look at her! Have some friggin' standards. Not that I've ever cheated on a partner, or ever would, but if I was going to, I'd at least go all out and be a scumbag in a blaze of glory by making it with some ultra-hot filly. I wouldn't do what those guys did and plant my bottom on the nearest tatty village bicycle.

The dude who's married that cheated on her is the worst of the bunch though. #10

I want the happiest ending of them all. #4
I just remember it being not very good. #4
Nintendo are at Gamescom? #1
Only 12 people working on Hellblade!
Makes me wonder what other projects they're working on right now. #17
All the best to them...
Will be there on the PSN store day one to get Hellblade. #14
I can never read the name of that site as anything other than...
Inside Derp. #14
Everything about this is udderly ridiculous. #4
Colin is on the money with a lot of these...
My predictions...

1. First full-fledged trailer for Gravity Rush 2.
2. Minecraft Vita bundle. Would be outright stupid for Sony not to do this.
3. Journey announced for the PS4
4. MediaMolecule reveal their PS4 game
5. Reveal trailer for Tariser's new game Hunger.

Until Dawn is a dead cert at this point. #12
How does Microsoft expect to sell Xbox Ones...
when its exclusives eventually end up on the PC? It gives little incentive to consumers to part over their cash for a system if they keep getting it in their heads that the supposed Xbox-only title they want to play will eventually make its way on to another platform. #24
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