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Don't really care so much about the gender of the main character...
but rather more about whether they're intriguing/likeable or not. Give me more awesome leads like Michael de Santa, Trevor Philips and Tommy Vercetti, and less ones like Niko Bellic. #12
Totally buying this...
Whatever pushes us closer to DmC 2 becoming a reality. A fantastic game deserves an even better sequel. #25
They're tekken the piss with that new character. #2
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I hope it's awesome like Heavy Rain...
And not mediocre like Beyond. #16
You can't beat perfection...
so why even try? #6
The only site that matters. #3
Fine by me...
English dubs in JRPGs usually suck a big fat one anyway. Give me that original audio track every time. #9
Shenmue HD Collection announced at Sony's December event...
Believe. #8
Does vgchartz pull numbers out of anywhere other than their ass? #23
The NeoGAF user who suggested this in the first place is a real asshole, take it from me. Don't listen to him. #32
Come on Colts, I never said anything of the sort. Shame on you for fabricating lies for no good reason whatsoever other than to stir the pot and cause controversy. You'd better tread carefully on this site in the future amigo, or you're going to run out of bubbles before you know it. #1.1.1
She should join Naughty Dog. #1
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I think there's probably too much heat on this game for it to make it to consoles. #9
It also happens to the last of us. #1.1
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That would actually be something worth bragging about...
if The Wonderful 101 didn't sell about 7 thousand copies in Japan. #7
No Klonoa: Door to Phantomile?
Come on, that game's ending is the very definition of bittersweet. #2
Just thinking of that Dolan Duck image where he wanders into a building and then comes back out again.

"Everything was gay." #3.1
Just as long as there isn't any crudity or fanservice involved, I'll check this out. #12
and an illegitimate daughter too. #4.1
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"I don't want any trouble!" #3
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