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Love that artwork
Where is mah Gravity Rush 2 Shuhei? :'( #2
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It taught me that correct lip-synching is apparently really hard to pull off. #4
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The moustaches exude too much manliness. #8.4
That's a shame, a lot of people missing out on a couple of good games there. #17
Doesn't look anywhere near as good as Resident Hill. #5
Why the hell was a strategy guide released for this game in the first place? How utterly absurd. #4
More Danganronpa is always a good thing. #5
Tell me about it, crushed blacks are just the worst. I can tolerate them no longer. #2
Sales don't matter when you're getting the top scores over at Metacritic though.

Yes, this is sarcasm. #1.1
Praise the lord...
It's about bloody time. I've been waiting for this day a long time.

What? It's a big deal for me, I love Toro Inoue. #1
And not one of them is the awesome Toro theme, which still remains exclusive to the Japanese store for some unfathomable reason. #5
They read the bolded part only and hammered the disagree button until their fingers snapped in half. #13.2.1
I have a PS4 though, and I'm buying the game when it comes out. I was actually taking the piss out of all the PC gamers out there port begging for Bloodborne to come to their desired platform. #13.1.1
Kickstarter really likes to bring out the imbeciles huh
What a jabroni. #3
The game will come to PC though...
In about ten years time, through emulation. PC gamers can either buy a PS4 now or wait with their thumb up their butt until it becomes crystallised. #13
Ah well...
Could be worse. #2
Aww, I was just about to use that one.

Beaten by a whisker. #7.1.4
Cat puns eh? That gives me paws for thought. #7.1.2
The best thing to come out of that trailer...
is the fact that one of your teammates is a cat. #7
Criminal Girls is about as essential as video gaming gets...
I can't wait to punish (spank) underage-looking anime girls through the power of the Vita's touchscreen. Now please excuse me, the FBi have a lock on my IP address and I need to lie low for the next few days.

VITA MEANS LIFE! (in prison) #4
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