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Well it's not like he's going to say the opposite is he. #6
Daaaamn, if Driveclub is as good as The Last of Us now then I'll have to play it. #10
That's two years though. #3
*insert obvious joke about waiting for it to drop to £18.86 before biting here* #3
Proof that if Nintendo doesn't attach a character from one of their old and dependable franchises, then the game bombs as a result. #7
Disappointed in you Japan. Youse guys are all too happy to fill your games with all manner of lewd antics involving huge cleavage and exposed flesh by the boatload, but when it comes to the crunch and an entire titty is shown, you pussy out. For shame. #9
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I just want to say...
Geoff Keighley always gives great coverage during E3. He does a good line in pre-conference build-up hype which gets me even more stoked in the process. Look forward to watching him again for this year's event. #4
I really want to play this...
Not so much for all the pervy voyeuristic aspects, but because the concept of an anime open-world set on a rural island is a really intriguing one to me. There aren't a whole lot of games like this coming out of Japan, so it'd be a shame to see it not get localised. #6
And then how long will it take before someone tries to sue Sony because their relative died of a heart attack? Not long I'd wager. #12
Good luck surpassing The Order
If they can though... wow! #6
!!!!!!!DmC 2!!!!!!! #1.1
Anyone who hasn't should give The Order a go, especially if you're sitting through one of Bloodborne's loading screens with nothing to do. #4
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Podcast Beyond has rather predictably gone to hell since Colin and Greg left...
There isn't even anyone among the new crew members who actually possesses any Playstation expertise. #16
Must give day one purchasers of the Xbox One a lot of faith when it comes to Microsoft's next console. #7
Looks different, and different is good. Here's hoping it plays well. #3
Fingers crossed for a Sam Fisher cameo. #2
They're missing Tales from the Borderlands for £10.79 if you're a PS+ member. That's certainly tempting. #1
Seeing them post these bogus listings is always a pain... au chocolat. #13.1
Ooh, looking forward to that. Will play it as soon as I've finished getting through Super Mario 3D World on the Xbox One. #14
How did From betray PC gamers when the bulk of their past titles have been Playstation exclusive? And let's not forget that Demon's Souls marked the beginning of the whole Souls phenomenon, a PS3 exclusive that was co-developed by Sony's own Studio Japan. Without that game, the whole Souls franchise might not even exist to this day.

This petition is as desperate as it is deluded. #29
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