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No Driveclub...
Come on now. I mean come on. #2
That's a milestone number. #12
I want NekoBuro CatsBlock. I want it real bad. Looks adorable as hell. #2
Nice to see that there's lots of plot involved. #2
With comments like that, you'll be the Death of me. #1.7
Don't forget Xenoblade as another example. That was announced ages ago. #5
That's some major spin...
The graphics are crap. It looks like a Gamecube game, and the reason for that is probably because Nintendo are making it on the cheap and rushing it out to have something, anything, for the holiday season. #25
This is how I call it...
1. Sony
2. Square Enix
3. Bethesda
4. Microsoft
5. EA
6. Ubisoft
7. PC
8. Nintendo #7
Shuhei, where's Gravity Rush 2 dawg?! I need mah Gravity Rush 2. #14
He kept mentioning Vib Ribbon in a way that seemed to suggest he was going to announce a sequel or something. Instead, nothing came of it and we got random ass Mortal Kombat X footage instead. It was quite mortifying for anyone who was a fan of the game back in the day. #4.1.2
I officially like Shawn Layden after yesterday's conference. He dropped the Trico bomb like a boss. All is forgiven for the Vib Ribbon trolling last year. #4
Pretty much the greatest E3 conference I've ever witnessed. It'll go down in history for sure. #29
Been a fan of this series since day one...
This'll be the first Kickstarter project I ever fund, and it'll be an honour to do so. Anything for Suzuki-san, anything to continue the saga.

I'm so happy right now. #5
Like I said last E3...
It's now or never. #5
All I want to see is...
The Last Guardian
Shenmue HD Collection (come on BuildingTheList, do your magic!)
Gravity Rush 2
Level 5's PS4 game (Ni no Kuni 2 pleeease)
Uncharted 4
Mirror's Edge Catalyst
Persona 5
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
No Man's Sky
MediaMolecule's PS4 game
Kingdom Hearts 3

Anything else is a bonus. #5
Could be worse. #5
Did scientology get a mention in South Park: The Stick of Truth?
If so, that gets my vote. #2
Same. This is something I could really get behind. #1.2
Not the most sensible thing to say when there are plenty of games out there already that have proven you wrong. #25
Reason number six: the big twist halfway through when it is revealed that the main character is actually a girl.

And that's when things start getting freaky. #6
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