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Still one of the greatest games ever made...
I do think that the first game is slightly better though. #3
I can't stop thinking about how some pointy-eared yellow critter can emit electricity and live inside a tiny ball. If only I had the power of suspension of disbelief. #4.1
Looking forward to this. I feel like I've been waiting forever now. #5
Very interested in this now after seeing that trailer. I'd be surprised if it wasn't localised, just don't expect a physical release over in the West. #2
The version of reality where they knew what they were doing was wrong in the first place, and that the original policies were going to piss off the majority of people who play video games, but they went through with it anyway. Or at least tried to, until the negative buzz was just too loud to ignore. #17.3.1
They knew exactly what they were doing with the Xbox One's original policies...
It was just a question of whether Microsoft could get away with it or not. They realised after E3 that they couldn't, so they backpedalled on the DRM and used game stuff. I wished they'd admit that instead of peddling this "We were wrong and we saw the light!" rhetoric. They saw the response at Sony's E3 conference, that's what they saw. #17
Cage and Blessed - watch it actually happen. #5
Is this like Slenderman, but has you running away from Mr. Caffeine instead? #3
One of the greatest video games ever made. No joke. #4
Final Fantasy VII is my favourite...
About as close to perfection as a video game can get. #12
I'd buy one...
as long as the price was reasonable and there was no shitty figurine included to inflate costs. #17
Is this site on Metacritic? #12
Lube. #42
Whatever the top ten is...
the winner's always got to be Journey. #1
Come on Lucy Kuo...
now there's some strangle wool I wouldn't mind bumping into again. #5
It won't be the same without him :'(
But he went out on the highest possible note. E3 '13 bitches! #28
I always knew The Riddler had tiger blood in him. #13
It doesn't need saving...
Not only can supply not keep up with demand, the system has been out a mere 3 months - give it a chance! #11
No thanks...
I'd like to keep hold of what little shred of dignity I have left. #1
could be worse. #2
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