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Politically incorrect game doesn't jive well with politically correct games press. News at 11.

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Aye, it's a masterpiece. We were blessed to get it here in the end.

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If he's surprised by that then I imagine PSVR will cost no more than $399 max. That's a win for the consumer right there.

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Dude, it's the Huffington Post. This kind of far-Left extremism is what keeps them afloat.

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Especially for a game made by a team comprised of, what, 12 people? Something like that anyway.

Hopefully the physical release will fetch for some sensible prices before release day.

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Granted, he's only been the creative director on two games, the last of which came out 9 years ago or so, but I have faith he'll deliver again.

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She doesn't have a lot of plot, but her backstory more than makes up for it.

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I call it a blessing.

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A very late contender for GOTY. Love the Yakuza series so much.

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Having said that... MARRY ME CHUN-LI!

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By the look of things, he's been digesting it too.

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DrillHair TittyWitch is the hottest. She's never leaving my party.

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Boy, did they announce this game waaaaaaaaay too early. I'll never understand why publishers/developers fall prey to that trap to be honest.

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The original Gravity Rush is a masterpiece and it's going to be even better on the PS4. As for the sequel, that trailer was incredible. I hope this franchise carries on for many years.

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Of course. Polygonna score lower than the majority of other reviews.

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If I was browsing Pornhub, Fallout 4 would be the last thing I'd be watching. Well, second last thing. Shemale porn exists after all.

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Sony owns the IP, it's never going to appear on PC.

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Because they whore out Mario enough as it is?

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He looked too much like Phil Spencer, so they had to give him the boot.

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Come on now. I mean come on.

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