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Beyond was average...
Would've rather had Heavy Rain instead. Now that was an ace game that I'd happily play again. #19
Bring it. Velocity Ultra was great. #2
No, don't turn Knack into a franchise, Knack sucks ass...
A poor game and an even more poorly designed mascot character. It's heart-breaking to think of all those classic Playstation franchises of yore that are so due a revival, like Jumping Flash! or PaRappa or MediEvil or Vib Ribbon or Alundra, yet Sony would rather continue to waste their time and resources on something as mediocre and subject to frequent ridicule as Knack.

If the game sold well, it's only because it was a launch title for a hotly-anticipated piece of te... #12
One of my favourite new franchises of last gen...
Can't wait to jump back into the world of LittleBigPlanet this holiday season and gorge on lots of community levels with 3 other random people again! #9
So bummed that Lily Bergamo was cancelled and this replaced it. Just... why? #3
When that junkie looks like Fetch... yes. #4.2.2
It's safe to say that it IS the biggest PS4 game of 2015...
Naughty Dog is Sony's ace in the hole in terms of first-party studios. That team is on such a hot streak right now that they're unrivalled. The hype for Uncharted 4 will be off the charts when its release date approaches. #9
She's incredibly irritating and overbearing presenting Ubisoft's presser...
I always have to put the video on mute when it's her time to shout and yelp a bit between games. #47
Well it's not like you could have anyone else in the role of Nathan Drake now is it. #4
Absolutely incredible...
Such a megaton. One of my favourite games, remastered and playable on the PS4. It's just a dream come true. #11
The rest have been delayed to next year. #2
After Enslaved and DmC...
I will buy whatever Ninja Theory releases next. They've proven themselves worthy to me. #9
I agree with you there, a DmC 2 would be face-meltingly good on the PS4. #3.4
Still rate it as the best arcade racer I've ever played...
Revenge after it was excellent too, but the series has taken a severe turn for the worse since then. Paradise just wasn't very good frankly, and the less said about that downloadable-only title the better.

I wish Burnout would make a comeback. It's long overdue. #3
Got my PS4 version pre-ordered...
The world needs more detective games. Hopefully this'll be a good'un. #5
I'd kill for an L.A. Noire 2...
Jumping Flash!
Fear Effect
Vib Ribbon

I could list 20 more. #25
Being somewhat realistic...
The Last Guardian re-reveal
Gravity Rush 2 proper trailer
The Order: 1886 gameplay
Uncharted 4
MediaMolecule's new game
Studio Japan's JRPG

Show me those and I'll be content. I'll be more than content, I'll label one of the greatest E3 shows ever.

Wishful thinking...

Shenmue HD Collection and Shenmue III confirmed for the PS4.
Jumping Flash! 3 with Morpheus support
N... #21
"Good Guy Sony" needs to gets its ass in gear...
and sort out that DriveClub mess that's brewing right now. #3
Got it for the PS3/Vita when it came out. It's really good, honest...
I know it doesn't look like much but it's a fun game with a refreshingly offbeat sense of humour. Think Psychonauts meets Monkey Island meets LittleBigPlanet. #6
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