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I like how Fallout got that 1950s style mixed with a bit of future techonology which makes it very unique. Changing that would cause controversy with the hardcore fans.

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If you have a multicore processor then go to your
FALLOUT.INI file in your "My Games" folder find the

change it to:

Add under it:

It should be:

It should be working then. It worked on me.

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I pumped 300 hours into Fallout 3 in one playthrough, 100 on a second for achievements and now i've got 200 hours on my third playthrough with mods so far (I still play it!)

And I got a mod which disables fast travel and a mod which adds new creatures so I get plenty of interesting encounters ;)

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I wouldn't exactly mind if they did it, but it depends on how they do it. I would like it if it wasn't early, like a one-time pay and you get all the packs for Battlefield 3.

That would make it more worth it especially since Battlefield 3 will have about 5 packs in its lifetime:
Back to Karkand
Close Quaters
Armored Kill
End Game

A $50 or $60 price for all that including the dogtags and custom skins would be...

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I don't this as a bad sign at all. DICE did mention that they wanted Battlefield 3 to be friendly to all kinds of players. Besides, after this the "Armored Kill" pack which should have larger and more traditional Battlefield maps. I'll skip "Close Quarters" and get the "Armored Kill" pack.

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Seriously? Whenever there is an article related to BF3 or MW3 it turns out to be a mess in the comments section.

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No it didn't, one of te images shows K/D ratio.

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Was that a half sniper half grenade launcher weapon? I hope you cant quick scope with that.

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If this article is about COD, then why did you have all of a sudden mention BF3 and bash it?

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I love how he is looking through the scope and he sees his teammate lunge at the enemy.

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Hmmm... how would it be be if I planted C4 on it? Im already getting ready for the game.

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Did you notice @0:31? The soldier was like "Thanks for the dogtag"

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Who cares? (5th time)

Edit: Dammit u just had to break it! ^^

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#1 good luck camping up there. After calling an airstrike you got to wait about 2 minutes until the next one can be called. In 2 minutes you could get more kills. And while you're up there the snipers, tanks, etc below and jets, helicopters, etc above will spot you and kill you.

#2 Like Drakblack said, no 100% accuracy, just improved accuracy. And the laser guide just calls the team's jets which are controlled by players so not so powerful. A few seconds then the bush...

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Killstreak resets + Killstreaks counting towards killstreaks = Complete imbalancement.
A player gets all his three picked pointstreaks, calls them and from the kills achieved from them he gets the three pointstreaks again because of the reset feature. He repeats the same cycle in a far corner of the map...oh no.

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It's better to have some than nothing. I don't think it is that limited by the way. Destruction in COD wouldn't work out as it changes the game too much and the maps aren't large enough to support it well. Destruction seems to fit battlefield well and it should stay that way. Their two very different games.

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How come you make those statements and never make a reason for them? If you had a reason im sure you would get at least a few agrees. Look, you got none.

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Why nuke? That's basically sayin "To prevent the idiots from destroying the city more, let's just blow up the city. That way they won't have anything else to destroy!"

Although I assume you were kidding.

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Lacked customization? In Battlefield 3 you can put up to three attachments in a weapon and those attachments include underbarrel weapons, barrels, different ammunition types, sights, suppressors, ect. The vehicles have 3 customization slots too including armor, ammunition and more. Dogtags also are part of costomization. COD's customization is different, it's more like painting your guns,a few attachments, changing lens colors, smilie face sights and a big ol' p**** emblem on the ...

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