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And in other breaking news, competitors are competing

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*rememebers the countless articles and comments creaming over SpiderMan PS4’s web swinging physics*

I’m gonna day yes

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you’re not entirely wrong, but I think the thing to take into account with this article specifically is that it’s comparing Christmas revenue with January revenue - of course there’s going to be a drop

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Can I get a source on their business roadmap being announced to be based on GaaS?

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Don’t know why you’re getting so many agrees - didn’t MS get raked over the coals on N4G for talking about the next Xbox console ‘too soon’ when they brought it up last year?

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Maybe Nintendo gets a cut? Maybe they realise it’s good value for their player base? Maybe they’re already developing solid exclusives so a service like this is a great compliment?

There’s more to this than “evil MS trying to lie about its numbers”, don’t be so narrow minded

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I don’t see anyone defending it, not even on the XboxOne subreddit. People really don’t like this game

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They’re disappointed. The mega threads over at the Xbox one subreddit are filled with disappointed Xbox players

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But Sea of Thieves at least nailed the core gameplay loop, and is fun to experience (even for lack of content)

By the sounds of it, Crackdown just isn’t fun to play

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The campaign was incredible, one of my favourite single player experiences

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I don’t know if you’re being sarcastic or not, but I really don’t think this is satire

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“Make an original game and it will get players”

Tell that to Titanfall 2, which is arguably one of the best online multiplayer shooters on modern consoles.

Amazing multiplayer, amazing single player, great reviews - and no players

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That’s probably the bigger news, given that so many people claim having an exclusive release on Xbox and PC means no one will buy it on Xbox. Evidently that’s not the case

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Sometimes, though not always.

The bigger news is that it was Sea of Thieves’ fourth major update for the year, and arguably not the biggest either - it just introduced a lot of quality of life improvements that tied the previous updates together.

If users doubled after every other update in 2018 then yeah it wouldn’t be news, but this is the first time that it happened (and as in the article it’s continuing to increase into Jan/Feb)

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I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that they’re selling it at cost price and not planning to make profit back.

Do you know how much R&D would have gone into developing this? And how expensive a Superbwol ad spot is? No way they’re making that back - this is for the people who need the controllers, not for MS

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1 week exclusive = ‘big win’ apparently

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I disagree, Metro series is great and this looks like a solid entry.

“It has a season pass btw”

Lol that came out of nowhere. Is that automatically a bad thing now? I can’t remember people whinging about the SpiderMan PS4 season pass, can you?

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You know that hasn’t happened... right?

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It’s a bad month for sure, it why unhappy about getting an OG Xbox game? OG had some great games, Jedi Academy included

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“it was on same day 100k viewers behind fortnite ...i dunno where they get those numbers tho”

I don’t get it, are you saying you don’t believe that they hit the top?

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