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Yeah I know, the disc versions of Tomba are pretty pricey. If the physical copies of Tomba go down in price because of the PSN release, I might even buy the physical version again in addition to the Downloadable PSN Version just to have it sitting on my shelf again :)

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Well, Dead Space 2 hasn't been an 8 hour game for me thus far...I'm at Chapter 11 and 11 hours into the game (Normal Difficulty).I just don't see how anyone could beat DS2 in 8 hours unless:

-They press down on the Right Analog stick everywhere they went and just followed the Objective Path exclusively without doing much exploring in other areas.

-They've already beaten it once before (because you'll remember where certain enemies pop out ...

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"Prior to today, I had no idea that Tomba! was called Tombi! in Europe and Australia."


When I read the post on the EU PS Blog earlier today, I didn't know it was called that in EU and AUS either...when I read "Tombi" I just thought it was a spelling error and assumed he meant Tomba.

Anyway, I'm VERY glad to hear that Tomba will be coming to the PSN in the near future. I remember I bought either the first or seco...

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Completely agree about the Rivet Gun. I used it only 1 time to kill a Necromorph and when I got to the very next Store Location I swapped it out and haven't used it since. I wish we were able to at least sell the gun at the Store for Credits because it's pretty much useless to me.

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I agree. It's the brutal nature of the melee attacks that intrigues me the most...haven't really seen anything like it in a Shooter like this. Usually I don't use melee a lot in FPS's, but I have a feeling I'm going to be mixing it up quite a bit in KZ3 in addition to shooting.

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This is my first time hearing about Sliding into Cover and the addition of a 3rd weapon slot (with the exception of some KZ3 Story Trailers, I've been trying to keep my exposure to KZ3 footage/info to a minimum on purpose.), and it all sounds/looks great to me.

I didn't have an issue of how the game played in KZ2, but the quicker pace of KZ3, the Jetpack combat, and Melee just look awesome... And I don't think I've ever been so eager to use Melee in a FPS befo...

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I agree with you in regards to the Packer Offense...when Rodgers gets in rhythm the Pack can march up and down the field like mad (like they did against Atlanta in the Playoffs). I think both Defenses are almost even though, but the Steelers D might have the edge experience wise.

Would've replied back to you sooner, but I went off and played some Dead Space 2 for a while, and just checked back in. Hope your Packer's come away with the win.

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Surprised to hear that you're rooting for the Pack, lol. Yeah, the Pack did make the Falcons look a little bad, but they did have a great regular season and have a lot of talent to build on. Looking forward to the Superbowl too.

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I agree. However, judging by your avatar I don't think you want the Packers to win :)

Edit: Just in case anyone doesn't know what I'm talking about (Playoff Game):

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The Steelers will probably be favored IMO, but I think the Packers are going to win. Should be a great game, can't wait.

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As much as I'd like to see The Last Guardian release in 2011, I still think that it won't come out in Western territories until Q1 2012, with the Winter 2011 release being for Japan only as long as development remains on schedule.

A game like The Last Guardian IMO needs proper breathing room, and it just doesn't need to be released amongst Uncharted 3, Gears 3, the next Call of Duty and all the other big mainstream games yet to be dated for the Fall/Winter releas...

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"I'm betting on a release early next month."

There's just no way it would be released in the next few months and it hasn't even officially been announced yet. Based upon the games that Sony has already announced for 2011, I think Jobe's next game will probably be a 2012 Release.

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"is that even possible for a game to be announced and released within 6 months?"

I remember back in 2009 Microsoft didn't announce Left 4 Dead 2 and Forza 3 until E3 that year, and both came out before the end of the year. Microsoft just seems to announce games later in comparison to Sony that has usually announced their exclusives much earlier in advance this gen.

Honestly I prefer knowing what games/exclusives are coming in the pipe-line earli...

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The one I most agree with is The Last Guardian...if development on the title remains on schedule, I could definitely see it being released Late 2011 in Japan, but I really doubt it'll release during the Holiday Season in the West because it's such a niche title and would probably get lost in the mix of more "mainstream" titles like Resistance 3, Uncharted 3, Gears 3, and Call of Duty next Fall.

I think Heavy Rain benefited greatly from being delayed from Q4 ...

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Initially I had planned on getting this in January, but I think I'll probably wait until the Spring or Summer to get it....I've bought 4 new games since October and haven't started playing any of those yet (FO:New Vegas, GT5, Enslaved(was on sale for cheap on Amazon, so I just scooped it up), and AC: Brotherhood, plus I want to get KZ3 and Dead Space 2 in Q1 2011.

Right now, brand new releases like Dead Space 2 and KZ3 are a little more attractive to me over re-re...

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I'd rather prefer Sony acquire Sucker Punch or Quantic Dream... While Bizzare Creations did well with the PGR franchise, in the Racing Game genre, I think both Polyphony Digital and Evolution Studios is more than enough for Sony.

If anything, I think Microsoft should seize the opportunity to get them back so that the Original devs of the PGR franchise can make a new one, instead of finding another studio to do it like recent reports were suggesting sometime over the last...

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"It won't sell like all you PS3 fanboys think. You guys will be disappointed.Its shooters this gneration.....NOT the racing genre."

Compared to other Racing games on the market, even in previous console gen's. GT was one of the few Racing Sim's on consoles (it was probably the only one) that could put up the kind of numbers it did on one console. This console generation might be "shooter happy", but it still doesn't change the fact that Gra...

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I buy 6-pack 16.9 oz Coca-Cola's every week, and I've yet to see any Coca-Cola PS Move Advertising...I was thinking Sony would've already started rolling out that campaign by now. Since Sony has waited this long to start the Coca-Cola Advertising, I think sometime early next year around the release of Killzone 3 and Sorcery would be a prime time for it.

And although I drink both Coke and Pepsi, I prefer Coke over Pepsi also DoctorStrange :)

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I agree, I liked John Marston's character tons more than Niko favorite character from GTA4(not including the DLC Expansions) was probably Brucie.

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"The Boss is there but Snake isn't?"

If you notice, all the characters listed were FIRST introduced within the last decade....Snake has been around in MGS games for more than 10 years, which is probably why he isn't listed.

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