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"How much do you play per week?"

For me it varies, but usually about 10-15. During holidays or school breaks it'll be a bit more.

"What genre is your personal favorite?"

Action/Adventure genre is my favorite, with games like Assassin's Creed, Red Dead Redemption, Uncharted and Grand Theft Auto being just a few examples.

"What's your favorite game of all time?"


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Been waiting a long time for Hitman to finally hit the PS3.

And this just reminds me, I really should finish Blood Money...bought the PS2 version a few years ago, but for some reason I just couldn't get into it.

The Hitman series is probably my 2nd or 3rd favorite Stealth series...I just hope that the developers don't try to make it too shooter oriented just to appeal to the mainstream.

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Recently I changed my user name from AclayPS3 to just Aclay on N4G, that's all.

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I haven't played the full game yet (just played the Heavy Rain demo), but the main reasons why I'm interested in his lecture is this little tid bit (taken from the description/outline of the lecture):

"Through comparisons with traditional game design we will try to discover why video games in general struggle to tell compelling stories and what solutions can be found."

Based on some Heavy Rain reviews, it seemed like a Hate it or Love it typ...

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Hope you enjoy GDC.

I was just looking over at the GDC website and saw that David Cage from Quantic Dream was going to be doing a Lecture on Wednesday about "Creating an Emotional Rollercoaster Heavy Rain"...had no idea he was even going to be at GDC (didn't see anything on N4G about it). Really interested in hearing what he shared about the game, as well as Cliffy B's Lecture.

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Yeah, I think the same. I think Infamous 2 should do better than the first as well, especially in critical acclaim. Glad you brought up the advertising campaign, because I totally forgot about it.

To answer your question about Playfire, I've never used it before.

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I'd probably agree with what AlphaMale said above, I think inFamous 2 could in fact be the major "break out" game for Sucker Punch like how Uncharted 2 was for Naughty Dog. Honestly I don't really expect inFamous 2 to have the kind of impact that Uncharted 2 had, but that doesn't really matter to me.

inFamous 2 looks like a significant improvement over the first (better visuals, more powers, better animations, etc..) and I'm loving the way it's s...

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The 2011 Release date for at least Japan doesn't surprise me...I know I've mentioned on a few occasions in the past month or two that I thought the same thing would probably happen.

Releasing a game like TLG in the West during the extremely tough Fall/Holiday Season where it's been mostly sequels reigning supreme over the last couple of years wouldn't be all that great for the game in terms of breathing room:

Resistance 3, UC3, Mass Effect 3, El...

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I pre-ordered from Amazon too...I purchase nearly all my games exclusively from Amazon now. The Pre-order Credits for lots of big games are just awesome and saves me a decent amount money throughout the year.

I don't see how anyone could pass up a $20 Pre-order Credit unless they simply don't buy games online.

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The effects from that $20 Pre-order Credit from Amazon for both KZ3 and Bulletstorm might just been seen in this video...or maybe this particular Gamestop just didn't have that many Pre-orders for the Mid-night launch.

The Midnight launches are great and all, but I don't mind waiting a while later for my copy of KZ3 to come in the mail from Amazon later on today.

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Yeah, I know about the disc versions of Tomba being pretty Rare...that's the only reason why I haven't re-bought the game. On Ebay they can go for a pretty penny as well.

You were really fortunate to find the Instruction Booklet and the game for that cheap!

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I think the PS1 title might be Tomba/ Tombi. I know it's been a heavily requested title like the article mentions and I remember a few weeks ago a rep from the EU PS Blog mentioned that Tombi was coming to the PSN soon.

"We’ve just sent another round of first-party titles for clearance and emulation to fill in the gaps in the catalogue (yes, one of them is Tombi so stop asking!)"

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My first console was the SNES...however I got it pretty late in it's lifecycle though and didn't really get a chance to experience a lot of games on it because not that long after I was introduced to the Playstation.

My PS1, was purchased about 1 and a half years after it first came out.

Next, I got my PS2 about 2 or 3 months after it came out...I would've had it sooner, but while shopping for one during Christmas, everyplace my Dad and I checked ...

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I haven't played the Demo or the Beta either (I'm really thinking about trying the demo) but yeah, I hope it's as Epic as KZ2's Intro as well. Can't wait til' next week!

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Yep, Daves me too.

I think I ruined my initial KZ2 experience by watching too many gameplay vid's of the Single Player and watching the opening cinematic before the game came out, but I'm not making that mistake with KZ3 or any other game I'm looking forward too.

Very tempting to watch, but I'd rather experience it for the first time when I get the game like I did in previous Console Gaming Gen's.

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Yeah, I know that Rockstar makes them, but Rockstar's Studios are a Subsidiaries of Take-Two (Take-Two owns them).

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With the success of RDR, I guess Take-Two is in no real hurry to release Max Payne 3.

I don't know what's the deal with Take-Two, but I think they really need to get a clamp down on getting games out in more timely fashion and cut down on the really lengthy delays...just ridiculous. RDR went through a long and tumultuous development cycle and looks like Max Payne 3 is going through the same.

I'd love to see a new RDR game in the next 2-3 years or ...

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I actually liked the fact that some Necromorphs would come from behind, because it just always kept me on my toes.

A lot of the games that I've played with a relatively linear Single Player campaign, most of the enemies that you face are almost always from the front, and it just makes the game a little less predictable to me if they come from both front and behind at times.

I remember during my first playthrough it had got to the point where as soon as I...

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"Ninja Theory runs there mouth too much that is why. "
Completely agree

I remember seeing article like these:

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I've been looking forward to this game for a while...easily my most anticipated Multiplat. for the year. Just love the Driving/Car Combat mixed with with on foot FPS gameplay, and set in a Post-Apocalyptic World reminiscent to Fallout.

Not a PC Gamer, but RAGE is one of the very few games that I'll be envying them :)

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