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Disappointing to hear of the delay, but at the same time not surprised...I know I've mentioned a few times in the past I thought TLG would get delayed to 2012.

Even if it was ready for the Holiday Season, there's just so many big games (new Call of Duty, Elder Scrolls, Mass Effect 3, Battlefield 3, Uncharted, etc...) coming out that would've probably over-shadow The Last Guardian's release, and a delay probably would've happened regardless.

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"Back when I was even more active in the pending section I did far more reporting than approving. I'm sure you can find some people around that will testify to that and still hate me for it lol"

LMAO. Yep, there was a few times I was thinking to myself, "come on gimme a break" when I first started to submit articles on FilmWatch.

I was just initially surprised at the amount of tags that needed to be added to certain stories (like the t... #2.2.1
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"Insomniac project (Their new multiplatform IP.)"

With both Resistance 3 and Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One coming later in the year, I'm not counting on any announcement of their multiplatform project until AFTER R3 and Ratchet are out...the announcement of their multiplat. project probably won't happen until sometime next year.

I haven't seen any previous info about AGENT being a confirmed game, so I'll just take it with a grain of s... #16
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I was starting to wonder why I wasn't seeing a lot of Nineball's Submissions in Pending lately, guess I know now, lol.

I've seen both Nineball and Cgoodno quite a lot on N4G since I've been here, and they are both very, very good choices for Mods IMO. Congrats to both of you! #12
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Tretton's recent comments does make it seem like the NGP may be priced a little high:

But then there's been other times when Sony have said that it will be "affordable"...but considering types of devices that Sony makes (usually more expensive than competitors), Sony's definition of "affordable" regarding NGP pr... #3
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Sequels nowadays seems to be all the rage, but notable games like: L.A. Noire, Brink, RAGE, and The Last Guardian aren't there's a little bit of new stuff that aren't sequels coming soon.

RAGE and Brink may not offer experiences that are vastly different in comparison to other shooters, but at they aren't sequels....and one thing I like about both of em' a LOT is that they aren't standard Military Modern Day Shooters.

Co... #7
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Whatever it is, I'm thinking it's probably for a game already announced because I just don't see how he could possibly reveal what game and character he has been working on without the Publisher/Developer first announcing the game itself.

I mean, unless the Developer/Publisher is about to let David Hayter announce a game before they do (which is very doubtful IMO), whatever he's referring too in that Twitter post just has to be for a game already be announced.... #11
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It would only make sense for there to be an Uncharted game next gen and/or more Uncharted games IMO... I think the days of Naughty Dog doing one particular IP and not returning to it for the next generation are pretty much over, especially if the IP had the kind of success that Uncharted had.

In the past, the Playstation platforms had a lot of 3rd party exclusives, but now with this gen, most 3rd party stuff is Multplat and it's become more crucial than ever IMO for Sony... #17
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I'm thinking those 2 excluded European projects that (supposedly) won't be at E3, but at a later European event is David Cage's next game, and maybe the "AAA" game Sony Cambridge is working on also.

The only thing I doubt is another game from Polyphony Digital before March 2012...unless it's a GT5 port for NGP or something. Other than that, everything else sounds pretty believable to me. #15
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In regards to Agent, since it's been so long since anything has been said or shown about it, I honestly don't know when to expect anything new from it, but I hope it's sometime this year.

From the last couple of E3's that I remember, Rockstar hasn't really had a big presence during the convention in regards to announcements and new game info, so I wouldn't be surprised if Agent is a no-show...but I hope not.

I fully expect to see anno... #10
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The silhouette really doesn't remind me of anything Metal Gear first I was thinking maybe Hitman, but maybe something GTA related also.

Also, judging by the outline of the silhouette from the head, it looks like the character might be wearing a hat (baseball cap)...with all of the GTA5 rumors flying around, I wouldn't be shocked if this was CJ from San Andreas because it's not hard to imagine him wearing a cap at all.

Whenever I read... #4
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"How much do you play per week?"

For me it varies, but usually about 10-15. During holidays or school breaks it'll be a bit more.

"What genre is your personal favorite?"

Action/Adventure genre is my favorite, with games like Assassin's Creed, Red Dead Redemption, Uncharted and Grand Theft Auto being just a few examples.

"What's your favorite game of all time?"

I'd... #19
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Been waiting a long time for Hitman to finally hit the PS3.

And this just reminds me, I really should finish Blood Money...bought the PS2 version a few years ago, but for some reason I just couldn't get into it.

The Hitman series is probably my 2nd or 3rd favorite Stealth series...I just hope that the developers don't try to make it too shooter oriented just to appeal to the mainstream. #7
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Recently I changed my user name from AclayPS3 to just Aclay on N4G, that's all. #13.2.1
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I haven't played the full game yet (just played the Heavy Rain demo), but the main reasons why I'm interested in his lecture is this little tid bit (taken from the description/outline of the lecture):

"Through comparisons with traditional game design we will try to discover why video games in general struggle to tell compelling stories and what solutions can be found."

Based on some Heavy Rain reviews, it seemed like a Hate it or Love it typ... #4.1.1
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Hope you enjoy GDC.

I was just looking over at the GDC website and saw that David Cage from Quantic Dream was going to be doing a Lecture on Wednesday about "Creating an Emotional Rollercoaster Heavy Rain"...had no idea he was even going to be at GDC (didn't see anything on N4G about it). Really interested in hearing what he shared about the game, as well as Cliffy B's Lecture. #4
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Yeah, I think the same. I think Infamous 2 should do better than the first as well, especially in critical acclaim. Glad you brought up the advertising campaign, because I totally forgot about it.

To answer your question about Playfire, I've never used it before. #13.1.1
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I'd probably agree with what AlphaMale said above, I think inFamous 2 could in fact be the major "break out" game for Sucker Punch like how Uncharted 2 was for Naughty Dog. Honestly I don't really expect inFamous 2 to have the kind of impact that Uncharted 2 had, but that doesn't really matter to me.

inFamous 2 looks like a significant improvement over the first (better visuals, more powers, better animations, etc..) and I'm loving the way it's s... #13
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The 2011 Release date for at least Japan doesn't surprise me...I know I've mentioned on a few occasions in the past month or two that I thought the same thing would probably happen.

Releasing a game like TLG in the West during the extremely tough Fall/Holiday Season where it's been mostly sequels reigning supreme over the last couple of years wouldn't be all that great for the game in terms of breathing room:

Resistance 3, UC3, Mass Effect 3, El... #15
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I pre-ordered from Amazon too...I purchase nearly all my games exclusively from Amazon now. The Pre-order Credits for lots of big games are just awesome and saves me a decent amount money throughout the year.

I don't see how anyone could pass up a $20 Pre-order Credit unless they simply don't buy games online. #5.2
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