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Yep, exactly. When there's not much software to choose from near launch and there's not as much competition, software prices aren't going to deter far from the launch prices for a while. #6.2
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As far as game pricing, it seems to be pretty common for the price of games to stay at or near the full price point early in the lifecycle of a new piece of console hardware.

Just an example: The price of games nowadays on 360/PS3 tend to drop really quick and it's not uncommon for a game that came out a month prior to be on sale for $20 bucks cheaper. But early in the PS3/360's lifecycle game prices didn't drop anywhere near as fast as they do now. #6.1
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Sales might be down, but the 360 (and PS3) have both still been selling pretty well as of late. Kinda surprising to me considering there hasn't been that many big hits released in 2012 so far other than Mass Effect.

Even with 360 sales being down 50% Year-Over-Year, it's been the top selling console in the U.S. every month for over a year...and it's entering it's 7th year on the market. That's still pretty darn good to me. #10
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"So that begs the question, what is he doing? Could Sony Santa Monica be doing what Naughty Dog are doing and splitting up to work on two high profile games at the same time?"

Around the time when God of War 3 first came out (or shortly just before), in an interview Jon Hight confirmed that they had 2 new projects in the works. So YES, they've been working on 2 games for quite a while now.

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I never expected the Fall 2012 release for N.A. to hold up. Fall 2012 is just packed with so many big name blockbusters that Ni No Kuni would more than likely get overshadowed. Q1 2013 is a much better time frame to release the game. #5
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If this holds up true, I imagine it's going to have a huge impact on the big 3rd party releases for the WiiU in the long run.

Early on in the WiiU's lifecycle, the only way I think big 3rd party releases on WiiU like Assassin's Creed 3 and Darksiders 2 would do really well is if they are slightly better than the PS3/360 versions in graphics and performance because it might encourage core gamers to either just buy the WiiU version or buy a WiiU version along with... #18
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I haven't purchased from Gamestop in years. I usually purchase most of my games from Amazon, but Best Buy had a REALLY great Black Friday lineup for video games last November (arguably the best Black Friday line-up for video games last year IMO) and picked up a few games from Best Buy then.

I haven't heard of the @gamer thing though, I'll have to look into that. The only downside for me regarding Best Buy is that the nearest Best Buy from where I live is about a 3... #14
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I really like the overgrown vegetation approach with the game, it reminds me of the I Am Legend movie a lot and I kinda wish more Post Apocalyptic games went this route because usually it's tons of Grey's and Browns and not much color.

Since this game wont be Open World and it's supposed to be less linear than Uncharted, I'm really interested in seeing out how Open the areas will actually be. #10
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Since pretty much every other major Sony studio has released a game in 2011, I'm thinking maybe a teaser for a new game from Sony Santa Monica or Quantic Dream since it's been nearly 2 years since they last released a game.

And then again, Geoff could just be bluffing trying to make it seem like it's not the Sony Super Smash Bros. game when it is.

Even though the Sony Super Smash Bros. game has already been very hotly rumored and quite a bit of pe... #15
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It was a little disappointing to see the lower review scores than what I'm used to seeing for an Assassin's Creed title, but I'm still going to pick up Revelations (waiting to get it cheaper during the Black Friday sales) for the simple fact that I like almost everything about the Assassin's Creed titles, and I think I'll probably enjoy Revelations a lot regardless of the reviews.

The stealth gameplay (although AC is more action oriented) is one of many th... #5
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If the next GTA is set in L.A., I'd place my bets of CJ making a return. San Andreas was set in a fictional California, and San Andreas was one of the highest selling GTA titles with CJ at the helm, so I think there's a pretty good chance of him making a return in some fashion if L.A. turns out be the location....I doubt he'd be the main character, but I could totally see him playing a Secondary role (like Lance Vance in Vice City)

I think it would be pretty cool... #9
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"I am not sure the PS3 has ever out sold the 360 in america. The world is a different matter but in America I swear it never has."

I remember the PS3 did outsell the 360 in June 2008 (the month MGS4 came out) in the U.S. and the PS3 also sold more during December 2009 NPD 1415d ago by Aclay | View comment
I think the 2 Hour Speed Run Trophy for Ico might just be the only thing that'll keep me from getting a platinum trophy in the game. The 4 hour Trophy is definitely do-able, but 2 hours is a stretch!

If you got the Big Boss emblem in MGS4, you probably could get the 2 hour trophy in Ico, but I can just imagine it'll be a pain in the rear trying to complete because there's several times where you have to leave Yorda behind and if you're away for too long, thos... #4.2
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Nice write up. I've owned both of these gems for many years now, but I have to get this HD Collection. As long as it doesn't cost too much (hopefully not too much over $100), I'm planning on importing the Limited Edition HD Collection from Play-Asia....I just gotta have it.

The one and only thing about SoTC that I would change if I could, would've been to integrate the bonus items you get in the Time Attack Mode into the Main Story from the start, or at least... #5
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Just based off the fact that this is Insomniac's first venture outside of Playstation, I wouldn't be surprised at all if MS took it as an opportunity for some Timed Exclusive Content deals and such for Insomniac's Multiplat. Title....IF Microsoft does have some kind of Timed Exclusive Content deal, I think we'll probably see Ted Price coming out on stage during Microsoft's Press Conference for the announcement.

I'm actually kind of surprised that Insom... #13
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I think I might just buy this Collectors Edition depending on the price and what's included.

In the Collectors Edition, I'd love to see the game come packaged in a Leather Bound Book case that mimics the look Drake's Journal or something like that. #9
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No, I'm not hating, just stating my own personal analysis.

In comparison to previous generations, there hasn't been as many Japanese developers making JRPG games on console (PS3/360) and a lot seem to have gone the Portable (PSP/DS) route...that's why I said the JRPG market on console doesn't seem to be what it once was outside of Japan.

Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Kingdom Hearts have a good following outside of Japan, but I really don... #9.1.1
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Completely agree... the decline in the console Japanese market has been quite apparent this gen., and that alone is probably want contributed to Square going for a Western dev. like Eidos and trying to appeal more to the Western market in general.

The market for JRPG's on consoles outside of Japan doesn't seem to be want it once was, and the Western console market and Western games has largely taken over.

If Square would actually focus on finishing ga... #9
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I already planned on buying Battle Lost Angeles on Blu-ray anyway...saw it in theaters and while the action sequences and firefights were pretty cool, as a whole it didn't quite live up to my expectations... but getting the R3 demo that far in advance (almost 3 months before the game comes out), plus the movie sounds great.

I guess Sony will put the demo up on PSN eventually, but probably closer to the game's official release date. #11
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I agree with the analysts on this one...I think it'll do around 2 million on both PS3 and 360.

Even though there's some action in L.A. Noire, the majority of it's gameplay (Crime Solving and Interrogation) seems to be a bit more niche in comparison to most big games this year and there's No Multiplayer.

I watch quite a bit reality crime shows like "The First 48" on A&E so I'm looking forward to getting L.A. Noire and playing... #9
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