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I think I'll probably pick this up sometime later on. I bought the first Z.O.E. around the time when it first came out and enjoyed it, but never bought 2nd Runner. I've always heard good things about the 2nd game in comparison to the first, so I really want to get this HD Collection so I can finally have both.

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Reading this article and looking at the pic of those demo discs just reminded me of all the PS1 and PS2 demo discs I still have from over the years and how crucial demos were back then for me to determine whether or not to buy a game.

Almost all of my PS1 and PS2 game purchases came after I first played the demos to those games-- GTA3, Vice City, and San Andreas are the top 3 that I never played demos of but still bought, because I don't ever recall one being made available ...

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A shame he had to die at just 54...he had so many more good years ahead of him if he was he was in good health. He did some great voice work though--That deep voice of his was always unmistakeable.

It was only just several months ago that I just saw The Green Mile for the first time, what a performance that was! Rest in Peace big guy.

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Yeah, I think the Ad sounds like a good idea too. Never thought of that. I've seen Ad's for other things on the site on the Main Page and in Pending and I think it sounds like a great idea for Advertising the N4G Contest Details.

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"Hey! You're here! Since you found this blog post, tell me how you think we can help other users find it, too!"

One of my recommendations is for the N4G Contest Details to be posted on the Main Page in the News section. There's times when I've seen N4G Beta Key give-a-ways posted in the News Section AND in the Blog Section, so why not do the same for N4G Contests?

When the N4G Contest Details are only posted in the User Blog section, it&...

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One thing I've been noticing for a while now is that for some games, Europe has been getting the better Limited Edition versions of games for whatever reason. I guess the Limited Edition versions of games sell better in Europe or something.

The Limited Edition version of GOW: Ascension in the U.S. IMO is very average with a bunch of Digital Content that I'm not really interested in. When I buy Special Edition versions of games I want some kind of Physical Content too...

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I've actually had similar thoughts myself. Both the cheapest PS3 and Vita are virtually the same price, and the Vita may look a little expensive to consumers when someone could get a full current gen. console experience for around the same price.

But when Next-Gen consoles are out, the Vita may appear to be more of a deal to consumers because it's not costing them as much as a PS4/Next Xbox, so I could see the Vita possibly benefiting from new consoles.

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Yeah, selling 60 million units is great and all...but how well did the software sell? There were several stand out titles that sold pretty decently, but for a system with that many units sold, a lot of the software on PSP should've sold MUCH more than it did.

Even though it sold a lot, piracy really killed off a lot of it's potential and out of that 60+ million, I wonder what percentage of that were 'legitmate users' and didn't illegally download their PSP...

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I'm most interested in hearing whatever Guerrilla Games and Sucker Punch is developing next since they've been pretty quiet for a while.

Since E3 this year lacked lots of big surprise announcements, I'm going into this years GamesCom with very low expectations. But as long as there's at least 1 new major game announcement from one of Sony's flagship devs. I'll be pretty satisfied.

I also want Naughty Dog to detail more about the 'L...

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"I'm saying that there is a chance it'll release this year ."

Nah, I don't think there's any chance at all it's coming out this year and I've felt that way ever since E3 came and went without anything substantial related to GTA5.

The release date for San Andreas may have been announced just a few months before release, but that was Last Gen. Most big games this gen, especially the Blockbuster AAA type like GTA get release da...

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-Well, Halo isn't going anywhere. As long as there's an Xbox console on the market, there will always be Halo games.

-The current Uncharted formula is getting a little tired IMO, but I'd love to see more games from the franchise because there's still a lot more Naughty Dog can do to expand things: (Making it Less Linear, More Emphasis on Survival and Exploration, etc...)

-And I hope to see more of Assassin's Creed as well because it's ...

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I like both Uncharted and Assassin's Creed, but I would prefer the climbing in Assassin's Creed over Uncharted for the simple fact that it's not as restrictive and there a lot more freedom as to what you can climb on.

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The one thing I agree with most is the Linearity. Not that I have an issue with it, just that I would love to see future games in the series open the game up a bit more for more environmental interaction and exploration, and being able to climb almost anywhere, so that there's even more ways to play through the game.

As far as the Enemy Types, Uncharted is grounded in reality (for the most part) so I don't think that's going to change all that much in the future u...

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I don't know if would be possible with an Ipod Touch...maybe it would, but I'm assuiming the power of the handheld would probably come into question. I dunno if the current Ipod Touch's could run something like L4D this way. Still, pretty cool stuff what this guy was able to do with the Vita though.

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He used a Remote Desktop play application.

There's a little more about it on Joystiq: "The wizard digitalarts001 has made it possible to run Left 4 Dead with motion controls on the PS Vita, via remote desktop play and PlayStation Mobile (formerly "Suite"). The above video provides a magical demonstration of L4D on Vita, appearing to run smoothly even when motion controls are activated by the player pressing the left trigger and mumbling an incantation in br...

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Not all gamers are going to fall within a specific stereotype. Just because a lot of us here are core gamers I don't think someone should automatically assume that most of us are atheists and/or are science nerds because I'm neither.

I don't consider myself to be that much of a nerd to be honest. I know I have a little bit of nerdiness in me, but just not anywhere close to a being a stereotypical "gaming nerd".

As far as religion: Am I &...

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This article doesn't say anything different that what I've already read and what I've always thought to begin with: It most likely isn't coming out in 2012 because Rockstar has typically only released 1 major console title per year this gen.

Plus, Max Payne 3 has already gotten off to a great start sales wise and at the rate it's already sold, it'll probably sell a few more million copies before the end of this year, so I imagine Rockstar is in no hurr...

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Congrats. to all the other winners. I was away from N4G since last Thursday, so I couldn't vote in time for the User Review and Blogs unfortunately.

It's great to be a part of a site and you have the chance of being rewarded just for taking part. Gotta love it :)

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I never said God of War selling 3-4 million was 'average' as in 'not good'. I was simply saying I think this new God of War will sell around the same amount as previous God of Wars.

You must have assumed I thought God of War's sales were average just because I agreed with Pachter's opinion that adding multiplayer won't have a big impact on sales.

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I have to agree myself. For a Hack-and-Slash type of game like God of War, I think sales for the series is going to average somewhere around the amount that the previous God of War's sold in the 3-4 million range on console...which isn't a bad thing b/c there's few hack-and-slash games (if any at all) that sell as much as God of War does on one console.

Adding the Multiplayer to a game like Uncharted boosted sales because the 3rd person action adventure/shooter g...

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