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..... O.k... I didn't need that guy to tell me that Gears 2 was the biggest 360 game for 2008 because it's pretty obvious that it's the only anticipated 360 game for the entire year. #12
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I was a big fan of the Zoids anime series when it was on Cartoon Network and really loved it, but I definantly don't see this game being any good.

Plus, Strategy games just aren't my thing anyways. I prefer real time Action games. This Zoids game would have been WAY better if it was something like Armored Core where it was an actual Action game.

This game will probably eventually be released on the PS3 as well, but even if it doesn't get released on the PS3 I don... #3
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Those were some AWESOME screenshots. The screenshot of VAMP was definanty the coolest.

There's just nothing like a PS3 exclusive graphics. Move out of the way Ninja Gaiden 2, June belongs to Metal Gear Solid 4 and the PS3.

Kojima looks a little tired in that photo or something, but he's been working on Metal Gear Solid 4 for 4 years, so I can understand. He's put so much effort into MGS4 and it's all finally about to pay off. Now-a-days it's pretty rare for a ga... #15
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It's good to know that Kojima has other projects in store for the PS3. I think that Kojima is working on Coded Arms Assualt for the PS3 too and that game looks pretty hot from the E3 trailer years ago.

But, to be honest, Kojima can only achieve the games he wants to develop ONLY on the Playstation 3 because of the superior hardware and Blu-ray, and that's the reason why Metal Gear Solid 4 wasn't made for the 360 and never will be released on the 360.

I think tha... #18
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No Problems Here
I haven't had any issues with GTA4 at all. It was said that most of the issues were with the 60GB models, and I have a 60GB model with no problems while playing GTA4. #7
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I pretty much already knew Alan Wake wasn't coming out in 2008.

There's been more info and trailers about Killzone 2 and it's coming Februrary 2009, but there's been nothing shown about Alan Wake. Alan Wake is probably at least another year away. #34
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I have to admit that Xbox 360 Exclusives do tend to get Overhyped.... way too much.

Gears of War 2 will be a hit, but the story will most likely be the biggest difference in the game.

The graphics in Gears of War 2 shouldn't have gotten that much better because the Xbox 360 is pretty much near it's limit or at it's limit when it comes to game graphics, but I'm sure that the graphics may be just a tad bit better. #16
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Well, it looks like the PS3 has indeed taken over Europe from the 360.

However, Australia isn't really the biggest gaming market in the world either. The Playstation 3 has sold more than double of the amount PS3 consoles in Japan than in Australia for gods sake, but it's just good to see that the PS3 is doing good on a Worldwide basis.

Yes, the Xbox 360 has more console units sold in total, but the PS3 has been the system that has been selling better worldwide th... #9
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I'm looking forward to Resistance 2 somewhat, but my mouth is just watering for Killzone 2. I mean, we've already seen Resistance on the PS3 and pretty much know what to expect in terms of gameplay, but there's just a lot more about Killzone 2 that's just so much more exciting and get's your heart pumping even faster.

I like the fact that the graphics in Resistance 2 have greatly improved since the first game, but I'm looking forward to the story more than anything else. #5
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I think that 2012 is the perfect time for a new console for Sony. Plus Sony has released each of it's new consoles in 6 year cycles, so 2012 would obviously make sense. By the time the PS4 comes out, the new Xbox will be considered outdated anyways, just like when the PS3 came out, the Xbox 360 seemed outdated compared to the PS3's hardware, so it all works out for the best.

I just think it's funny how Microsoft keeps coming out with all of these short-lived consoles in an effo... #28
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Not enough
I'm sorry, but I still don't trust Gametrailers 100% anymore.

Gametrailers had even admitted in the past that they were using HDMI cables with the 360 and Component Cables with the PS3 to make comparisions.... but obviously they aren't doing that now.

I still think that some of the Gametraiers staff that work on these game comparisons are baised towards the Xbox 360 though and they knew what they were doing. Gametrailers has had numerous video game comparisons on... #21
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PS3 v.s. Xbox 360
That article brought out some very truthful things. Sony has more development studios and there's more PS3 exclusives on the way. And there are just a FEW games published by Microsoft Game Studios that come out each year, and then most of the 360's games are released on the PC for gods sake!

The PS3 outselling the 360 in Europe even after the 360 had a year's head start is a sign for what's to come.

Microsoft just wont be able to compete with Sony's upcoming excl... #23
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That title is misleading as HELL, and why in the world would a redesigned 360 be called a Xbox 540? That's just STUPID. If the Xbox doesn't have built in Blu-Ray ( it won't have it) then there is no need for a new name.

The Xbox 360 Blu-ray rumors are just funny because there is no way Microsoft is going to start using Blu-Ray DVD discs for Xbox games because it's too late for that. Unless Microsoft plans on shipping out Free 360's with built in Blu-Ray, there's no way that a... #20
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Well, it seems as though EA have got up off of their LAZY fat A**es and are giving the PS3 version the attention it deserves.

I don't give a CRAP about Madden, but I'm glad to hear that it will be 60FPS for the PS3 because the only reason why it wasn't 60FPS previously for the PS3 is because EA was too lazy to do it or because their dumb developers couldn't even figure it out. I'm just glad Sony's first party game titles set the bar for next-gen gaming. #7
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Not sure
I'm not sure if God of War 3 will be released March 2009, but every other God of War game ( including the PSP God of War game) has been released in March, so I'm thinking that the developers are aiming for a same release time frame, but I think that God of War 3 wont come out until late 2009 at least.

God of War 2 came out in March 2007 and I really don't think that the developers can finish God of War 3 in exactly 2 years so that it can be released in March 2009 because it wil... #21
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Yes, I have read that article and another article similiar too it and basically Kojima said that it was taken out of context by "Westerners" that he was trying to be humble, but Westerners don't really understand what it means to be humble. He said next time he'll just come out and say, "Metal Gear Solid 4 will be the best".

Anyways, MGS4 is going to be a system seller, it's going to be in the running for Game of the Year and it's the game that will turn the... #25
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That's really not surprising to hear because in the first Killzone game, every Level would take you at least an 40 minutes to 1 hour to complete and every level is broken down into different parts.

The first Killzone game had 11 levels, so if every level takes around 45 min- 50 min to complete in Killzone 2 and if they are aiming for about the same amount of levels, it will be at least a 11-12 hour game, and that's pretty long for a First Person Shooter.

The firs... #34
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PS3 outselling 360 in Europe is expected
It's very simple really. The Playstation brand as a whole has a huge following, and has more established game franchises that people know and love. Plus you can't forget that Sony has already introduced numerous of new IP's on the PS3( Uncharted, Motorstorm, Heavenly Sword, etc...) Both the PS1 and PS2 sold over 100 million units, so it's only natural that people are going to buy PS3's regardless if the PS3 has better games out or not because people know that Sony ALWAYS delivers when it come... #16
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After seeing how GTA4 spurred PS3 sales so much, I thinking that the PS3 outsold the Xbox 360 in April worldwide and probably outsold the 360 in the U.S. as well. The PS3 sure is catching up with the 360, that's for sure.

The PS3 sales for June should take a jump because of Metal Gear Solid 4 and that game is guaranteed to be a system seller. The 80GB PS3 MGS4 bundle just makes the deal even sweeter and is must buy for anyone that's been on the fence about buying a PS3... I wou... #4
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