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I'm pretty interested in what the reviews will look like too, but I think most of them will be pretty good.

Indigo Prophecy got pretty decent reviews with the PC version ending up with the highest MetaScore of 85, and since Heavy Rain gameplay wise is nearly the same as Indigo Prophecy, I'm expecting a similar reception for Heavy Rain, so I'm not really worried about how it'll do review wise.

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In response to God of War 3 looking too dark... well, God of War 3's color pallet is nearly identical to previous God of War games to me, so I don't have a problem with it. God of War 3 isn't really much of a light-hearted game, and I think the color pallet fits well with the mood/tone of the game.

As far as God of War 3 pushing past Uncharted 2's Graphics, I think God of War 3 has better looking In-Game Cinematics than Uncharted 2, and that's just based off of the...

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As much as I loved Uncharted 2's Single Player, I have to say, it's VERY hard for me to decide between it and Assassin's Creed 2 for my personal favorite Single Player experience.... Assassin's Creed 2 was a much more vast "immersive" experience for me and for an open world game, it looks pretty darn good graphically (except for some of the cutscenes).

While Uncharted 2 wasn't as immersive as AC2 was to me, it's still one of the most cinematic games I've ever played nex...

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If you haven't watched a 3D movie before, right now has never been the better time, go see Avatar ASAP. Once you watch Avatar in 3D, I think you're mind will probably be changed regarding 3D.

I've watched one other movie in 3D before seeing Avatar, but the way 3D was presented in Avatar far exceeds anything else I've ever watched in 3D.... just completely AMAZING.

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Just Gameplay wise alone, MGS3 was my favorite. I never played Subsistence, only the Original MGS3 Snake Eater, so I don't know how much of an improvement it was to play the game without it's semi-top down camera.... the camera angle wasn't a big deal for me when playing MGS2, but because there was so many wide open spaces in MGS3, I wasn't a big fan of the camera angle, but I eventually got used to it.

The Octo-Camo in MGS4 was nice, but I really liked choosing my own Camouflage...

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Even Insomniac themselves have already come out and said: "Ratchet games are long burners... not chart toppers": and it was never even expected to be in NPD charts, especially not in holiday season sales charts.

A Crack in Time is the fastest Ratchet title according to Insomniac:

Ha ha! This holiday season I might need to go a little light on the spending, especially if I plan on buying all the games that are highest on my priority list in Q1 2010.

Already have my Ultimate Edition of GOW3 on lock, and I'm just waiting for Polyphony to announce a CE version of GT5 before pre-ordering. I'll also pick up either Bayonetta or Dante's Inferno as my "appetizer" to God of War 3, but I'm not getting both in Q1... one of them will just have to wait until...

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I don't think that MAG will be a "flop", because Zipper has a pretty good track record, and right now I think that most reviews from the bigger sites will fall into the Low-Mid 8's.

I don't really think that MAG will get nitpicked that much for it's graphics because it supports up to 256 Players, and a game with that many players on this generation of consoles isn't going to have very spectacular graphics and most will have already taken that into account before they re...

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Kind of surprising they left out Mass Effect 2. Not too surprised there were several PS3 exclusives to make an appearance because they've continued to push graphics forward on the PS3 year after year consistently.

I'm pretty sure that the PC versions of the Multiplatform games listed will be what gets the most attention as far as graphics goes because the console versions obviously won't look as good, but I'm still interested in seeing how they turn out in comparison.

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Even though there hasn't anything confirmed for Sony to premiere at the VGA's, I'm hoping that at least Jaffe's next game will be teased there, and then maybe at GDC there's like a Full Trailer. Jaffe mentioned several months back he was hoping for news on the game during the Dec./Jan./Feb. time frame, so it's possible.

My interpretation of this is a little different. Since this guy's profile hints at the possibility of a New IP he's working on possibly being distributed through PSN, I don't think that Sony Santa Monica will be working on just one game after GOW3, because Sony Santa Monica is a pretty good sized studio, and I doubt that the ENTIRE studio would be working on a game that would be small enough to be released on the PSN.

My guess is that this guy is collaborating with a small portio...

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In no particular order my Favorite 15:

Gran Turismo 3, ICO, SoTC, MGS3, GTA:San Andreas, Crash Bandicoot 3, Jak 2, Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon, Uncharted 2, MGS2, Twisted Metal Black, Ape Escape( PS1 version), MGS4, God of War 2, GTA: Vice City.

Kind of surprising to me that neither Crash Bandicoot or a Spyro game was listed though... those were pretty key franchises on the PS1 and I loved them both.

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"no killzone on that list btw"

Forza wasn't listed either, but "The Real Driving Simulator" Gran Turismo was :)

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Yeah I agree, Jak 2 was my favorite too... I can't even remember how many times I died in that game, and I think it was that much increased difficulty that made it my favorite out of Jak 1, 2, and 3.

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One thing that I do agree with in this list is that they didn't include games from this gen. in the Top 10... don't get me wrong, there's been some great game released this gen., but games from a console generation ago and more really set the groundwork for what we play today, and they really deserve to be in the Top 10.

Other thoughts:

- After taking the entire list into account, I was kind of surprised they listed God of War so high at #26.

- Definitel...

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The Teen rating for FFXIII isn't surprising, but it would be pretty cool if Versus XIII makes history as the first rated M Final Fantasy... and if it doesn't, judging by certain scenes in one of the trailers I'm pretty sure it'll be right on the borderline of being M.

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Even though I voted for Uncharted 2 as GOTY, I'm pretty sure Modern Warfare 2 is gonna win... and if it does, I won't really care because like I said in one of my other comments, I think these VGA's are just a popularity contest and the most popular games are probably going to win.

And if Modern Warfare sweeps every category that it's nominated for...gah... better not happen.

For the most part I'm just watching the VGA's to see New Video Game Trailer premiers... ther...

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To be honest, I wasn't that surprised that Killzone 2 didn't get nominated for Game of the Year, but I still think it should've been nominated over Left 4 Dead 2 though.

For GOTY I voted Uncharted 2, and every other category that had anything Naughty Dog or Uncharted related my vote went to it.

I'm pretty sure most of these VGA Award winners will be games that win the "Popularity Contest" here in the U.S., so I'm not really taking this this award show that ...

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I think FFXIII will do maybe 3-4 Million in Japan, and maybe another 2-3 million across BOTH the PS3 and 360 in the U.S. AND Europe. I know FF is a big JRPG franchise and all, but considering the sales of JRPG's on both the PS3 and 360 this gen., I'm not totally convinced that FF is going to be that big of a hit in the West like it was in previous gens.

And oh yeah... there's NO way FFXIII is selling more on the 360... heck, even Tekken 6 on the PS3 is selling more than than the ...

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It surprises me that people actually believed that other story "Confirming" God of War 3 was gonna have some sort of Online/Co-op... I never believed it for a second.

Having Online in God of War 3 just wouldn't realistically work in conjunction with the Story because it's not like Kratos has an alley with him in the Story Mode helping him in battle... God of War is ALL about Kratos and the Single Player experience and I'm glad it's staying that way.


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