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I will be passing on Bioshock 2 in Feb., however I will buy once it drops to $30 or $40 bucks at least.... Dante's Inferno is what I'm getting in Feb.

I bought the first Bioshock on PS3 in Early 2009, but I only put in about 2 hours or so into the game, and just never got back into it...

It's a shame the first Bioshock didn't do well on the PS3, but whenever a game is released an entire year on another console after it Originally released, those kind of sales results on t... #21
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Unless there's some pretty good Pre-order incentives, I don't even get games from Gamestop, I get most of my electronics from Amazon nowadays.

Even with nice exclusive pre-order incentives, I think I'm almost finished with pre-ordering from Gamestop...I pre-ordered Assassin's Creed 2 from them, and there's this crap printed on the front cover of the box art:
... #11
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I'm glad I was able to sell one of my College Text Books from last Semester, because I've used it towards my already pre-ordered God of War 3 Ultimate Edition on Amazon... I've got it down to just $61 bucks from $90.

Getting that Pandora's Box makes the Ultimate Edition worth owning alone for me. The only other thing I need to buy to complete everything is the Blade: ... I j... #8
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When it comes to Sony and other big hardware electronic manufactures that are known for innovation, they can't just wait to "invest in the tech when it's flourishing" like Greenburg said... there's plenty of products and devices we have today that wouldn't even be here unless there was some risks taken, and you don't become a leader in Electronics like Sony has by just following everyone else.

I think there will be a place for 3D TV's in plenty of households just for Movie... #1.10
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"December 2010 will fit in with the typical two-year development time scale that Guerrilla Games is expected to fit into now that their PS3 engine is complete"

I still don't think KZ3 is going to come out in 2010, especially if R3 comes out this year because Sony isn't going to release both during Late 2010. Unless there's a pretty significant jump from KZ3 in comparison to KZ2 in terms of gameplay and features, 2010 would be too early IMO.

The over-abundan... #2.8
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"While God of War 3 will undoubtedly be a force to reckon with, based on the demo, is there much that it really does different or over-the-top that these new IPs don’t give people?"

Ummm.... yeah, God of War 3 will give people something that the competition doesn't provide, and it's Greek Mythology presented in one of the most Epic forms possible in gaming, and you can't get that anywhere else but God of War.

GOW3 will no doubt have greater visual fidelity... #1.5
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I'm still a little bummed out that this game isn't on the PS3... MGS3 was my favorite in the series and I would've loved to experience a MGS game as Big Boss on the PS3.

Sometimes I wish it was MGS: Rising getting the PSP treatment and Peace Walker getting the HD console treatment instead (regardless if it was Multiplatform or not) but I obviously would've preferred it to be only on PS3 if it was done. #4
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I kinda expected the Motion Controller to get pushed back to Fall 2010 too... Sony was relatively quiet about it going into the New Year and since TGS 2009, there really hadn't been much talk about it.

I think the controller probably could have been released this Spring, but if it did, I imagine the pickings Software wise wouldn't be that bountiful because I haven't heard about as much 3rd party support for it yet.

And yes, "Pope_John_Paul_II", I agree wit... #1.5
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I remember seeing a similiar pic as a "Place Holder" cover art for the U.S. version too... I'm just glad it wasn't used because it didn't quite continue the tradition of the other GOW box arts for me, such as like lots of detail and stuff in the background. I'm really loving the most recently revealed GOW3 U.S. box art though.

And it seems like there's even a few similarities between the E.U. God of War 3 and Heavy Rain box arts.... the E.U. Box arts look a bit more &qu... #5
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I don't know what difficulty you are playing God of War 2 on, however on my first playthrough on Titan Mode it took me at least 6 hours or more of trying that sequence over and over until I beat it. On Normal Difficulty I don't remember that portion of the game being that tough for me at all.

"aaronisbla" gave some VERY good advice though, because I was about to say the exact same thing that he mentioned. I would also say that if you're still having trouble getting past... #7
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One thing I noticed about Sony and their flagship Japanese devs. like Polyphony and Team ICO is that they always give them plenty of time to develop a title and I'm glad they get all that time.

As far as Turn 10 coming out with 3 Forza titles in about the time it's taken Polyphony to do GT5... I look at the bigger picture because by the time GT5 comes out, Content wise, it'll be equivalent of 2, if not ALL 3 Forza titles combined... no other Racing Sim is going for the Scale that... #9
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It's still January and God of War 3 doesn't come out til' March, so I can see why Sony would wait a bit longer... I mean there's still about another 2 months to go.

I think it's a good idea for Sony to just release some new screens from the new GOW3 build and just let it Simmer in the pot for a few weeks on the Internet, then closer to release drop the new trailer as the Megaton.... the new screens are just the teaser to whet our appetite until the main course :)

The ne... #13
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First off, to answer your questions:

-I'm a Single Player/Story Driven kinda gamer.
-The addition of Multiplayer in a game doesn't make me want to get it more.

-Story driven games I've enjoyed the most: Uncharted series, Metal Gear Solid series, Heavenly Sword, Jak and Daxter series, Fallout 3, ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, Dead Space, God of War series, GTA3, GTA:Vice City, GTA:San Andreas, Assassin's Creed 2 and many others.

-My thoughts on Assass... #3
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Even if a trailer isn't shown, as long as I get to see some of the same pics that were in those Japanese magazine scans of Poseidon, but just MUCH bigger and maybe a few other new pics, I'll be very satisfied.... the boss battle versus Poseidon just looks Epic as hell and I'm just dying to get a nice HD pic of him. #4
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I'm actually glad a list like this was made because most of the games coming out in 2010 with the most hype are sequels.

ModNation Racers reminds me lot of another Sony published arcade racer "Speed Punks" on the PS1 and I still have that game and enjoyed it a lot, so ModNation Racers is a definite buy for me.

RAGE is my second most anticipated Multiplat. of the year (Dead Space 2 being #1), I just hope it doesn't end up getting pushed back to 2011.
... #6
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Is GT still relavant? The 4+ Million people (including me) that bought the glorified GT5 demo, GT5P seems to think so. Hell, there probably isn't any other Racing Sim franchise on Consoles that can put up those kinds of numbers on a "Prologue" version of the full game.

"If GT5 is released in the coming months and doesn't offer a similar "accessiblilty" to a game like Forza Motorsport 3, will anybody outside of the hardcore simulation fans and Gran Turismo... #5
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The PS2 selling over 300K going into it's 10th year is just a testament to the impact it really had on the gaming industry, and Sony's commitment to long life cycles. As long as the PS2 is selling I think Sony should keep it on the market. #12.2
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I knew the PS3 was going to do well in December, but damn, it really surpassed my expectations.

And Kudos to Sony for one of the greatest Playstation advertising campaigns this holiday season too because I'm sure that played a vital part as well... every Sunday and Monday when I'd watch Football from September all the way well into December there was PS3 Ad's all over the commercial breaks. #16
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GT5 has been in development for 5 Years, not 6 Years, and the amount of development time for a game doesn't always directly correlate with how much power it'll use.

Naughty Dog was just building upon an already complete game engine with Uncharted 2, so a long development cycle to achieve even more wasn't needed. UC2's development cycle in comparison to GT5's and the power that both use can hardly be compared, especially considering that Polyphony started from SCRATCH with GT5's Game... #10.4
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I'd really love for the Special Edition to come in some sort of special packaging, something like to the God of War 3 Ultimate Edition or the Legendary Halo 3 Edition...

My idea for the Packaging would be a VERY detailed life sized (or near life sized version) of the Issac's helmet in Dead Space 2. In addition to that the eye areas of the Helmet are able to light up/glow brightly in the dark just like Issac's in the game... it would be one hell of a night light, that's for sure.... #3
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