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I'm definitely glad I pre-ordered mine on Amazon when they first came out because they've been sold out for about a week or two on the site...and most of all, I'm glad I used Amazon b/c they had the cheapest price ($89.99).

Last time I checked someone on Amazon (a 3rd party seller) had a selling price of over $200 bucks for this Ultimate Edition...even though I won't be ever selling mine, it's nice to see that it will probably have a pretty high resale value before it's even rel...

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@Voozi and ChrisNick,

I'm not sure what it's made of, but here is what one of the God of War 3 developers said about it:

"I’ve seen the final Pandora’s box, actually I’ve held it. No assembly will be required. It feels heavy and really well sculped, this is no Happy meal, cheap plastic box by any means."

Here's the link for reference:

The God of War 3 demo file size from the PSN in comparison to the one that came with District 9 on Blu. is a little interesting. The demo that came with D9 was a little over 3GB in size (I think it was 3.2)... I'm guessing the additional 600MB+ was uncompressed sound or something...

I can't wait to download the Darksiders demo though. The game was never on my radar when it came out, but it seems like a pretty good game based on some of the User Reviews and Comments I've read abou...

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I think I have to mentally prepare myself to go through God of War 3 on Titan Mode to get that Trophy... God of War 2 on Titan Mode sucked around 34 hours of gameplay from me until I finally beat it and took me several hours less in the first God of War.

I've beaten the Challenge of the Gods in previous God of War games, so that doesn't worry me in GOW3....I just hope there's an option to SAVE your progress after completing a challenge like in GOW2, because in GOW1 you couldn't. ...

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Indigo Prophecy's lowest score was a 33 and got a wide range of review scores (just like Heavy Rain), so a review like this isn't that surprising to me considering HR and Indigo are so similar in gameplay.

I was expecting Heavy Rain to get mostly positive reviews just like Indigo(and it has), but I was also already prepared to see some extremely lower than average reviews.

However, after looking at some of their other reviews (Killzone 2: 7, inFamous: 6, Ratchet A Cr...

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"Sean Eyestone believes the western Metal Gear Solid fans that haven’t purchased a PSP yet will do so once Peace Walker is released"

^^^Yep. I don't have a PSP yet, and Peace Walker is the game that's really push me overboard. I wanted to get one for Chains of Olympus, and I never got around to buying one... but I am now.

I'm probably going to wait until E3 before I make the decision to buy a PSP, because if a PSP2 is announced and it's backwards compatible w...

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Trailer was short, but DAMN, the scale if this game in the action genre is on a whole new level. Kratos is like a tiny speck on Gaia, my god.

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1. The PSP Go needs a $50+ buck price cut
2. All other PSP models should be dropped to $149 minimum.

I'm a huge Playstation guy but I don't even have a PSP yet, mainly because of the lack of games I was interested in and the fact that I'm not much of a Handheld gamer, but MGS: Peace Walker will be the game that pushes me over the edge in 2010... I wanted to get one when GOW: Chains of Olympus came out, but just decided to hold off.

I'm still torn between whethe...

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The thing I want the most in InFamous 2 is Destructible Environments similar to the way they were done in Red Faction: Guerrilla... it would be just so awesome to be able to charge up one of Cole's Stronger Electric blasts and just level entire buildings with enemies still on rooftops, blow holes through building walls (no place to hide) and having the ability to pick apart a structure by exploiting it's support beams, etc...

As long as Infamous 2 comes out and is more polished w...

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Yeah, MGS3 is one of my personal favorite Top 10 games and it's by far my favorite MGS game. As much as I enjoyed MGS4, I think MGS3 had some of the best Boss Battles (The End FTW!!), and I loved the Outdoor Survival aspect of it.

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Before I even looked at this list I just knew there had to be a Team ICO developed game up there... SoTC is one of my all time favorites in as well as ICO. Another Team ICO masterpiece incoming 2010/2011 with The Last Guardian, damn I can't wait :)

San Andreas is my personal favorite GTA game, but I can see why they would pick GTA3 since it's the game that really put the GTA series on the map. And of course, kudos to ND for Uncharted 2.... I have no idea how in the world they are...

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I was rooting for the Colts the entire time, but honestly this is one of the first Superbowls in several years where I was would've been happy to see either team win. With everything the city of New Orleans has been through with Hurricane Katrina, it was well deserved...Congrats Saints!

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Let me guess.... they are putting more Action in it so it'll be more appealing to the masses? I thought the first Dead Space had more than enough Gun-Play/Action, the last thing I want to see is more Action and less Survival Horror.

The incredible amount of tension in the first is what I loved about Dead Space and it seems like most (if not all) of that will be gone if they turn DS2 into more of a Third Person Shooter... my level of anticipation for DS2 has dropped tremendously, ...

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Dang, the reviews for WKC are all over the place.... It's a real shame that all the time Level 5 spent on working on the Western version ended up being received like this though.

If WKC was released in the West during Fall 2009 I think it might have fared a little better review wise... the soon release of a JRPG like FFXIII with higher production values (just being honest) isn't in WKC's favor review wise.

These days it almost seems like if a JRPG isn't of Final Fan...

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I could understand with what Gregg Miller is saying....RPG's like Mass Effect is a much more "engrossing" kind of experience because the way you build your character and the connection to the character and story itself is probably greater because of that.

But I still don't think it's right to compare both games like this though because they both offer different experiences and both serve different purposes gaming wise... I mean, RPG's are meant to have more depth, conte...

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I can't believe IGN UK gave this a 7.... I thought the demo was a solid 8 or 8.5 at least and I enjoyed the demo more than I thought I would. Dante's Inferno may not be up to par with GOW3, but I'm probably still going to buy this game.

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I just love how Mandatory PS3 installation sizes are always submitted as news, but the Optional installation size for 360 games aren't ever detailed (which in most cases is larger than a Mandatory PS3 install for the same game.)

There's probably a lot of people who install some of their 360 games to the hard drive, so I don't see why Optional 360 game installation sizes are hardly ever submitted because that's just as newsworthy as any Mandatory PS3 installation to me.

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Like Jamie said, Regardless of all this Bioware still won't deny that anything Mass Effect related isn't coming to the PS3.

Whenever Konami was asked about MGS4's exclusivity they responded with: "For the record, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is a PlayStation 3 exclusive and there are no plans to develop an Xbox 360 version of the game."

I've already had the Ultimate Edition of GOW3 on pre-order on Amazon since the day it was first announced. I'm glad I was able to sell one of my Text Books from last semester to knock off $33 dollars from the $89.99 price though.

There's a $10 dollar credit for pre-ordering Dante's Inferno, and I'm thinking about doing that since I already had plans to get it, and I'll just use that $10 credit to knock off another $10 bucks off my Ultimate Edition order.

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Even after FF14 was first announced at E3 Square was already considering more platforms so a 360 version has always been expected.

It just seems like FF14 will launch first on the PS3/PC in Late 2010 with the 360 version following in 2011... unless Square delays it so that all versions can have a simultaneous launch in 2011.

And seriously, if Versus XII...

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