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I would prefer to play the first Mass Effect first before playing Mass Effect 2 on PS3 since it's so story driven, but I'm still going to get ME2 on PS3 because it's the only Console Exclusive on 360 that I wanted on the long as the backstory is explained well in the PS3 version, I think it'll do fine.

If I wanted I COULD play the first game on the PC, but the only thing keeping me from doing so is using the mouse and keyboard to play because I'd pre...

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In addition to just the color blue I think it would've been pretty neat if they had the "GT" Gran Turismo logo on the top of the console or something....just looks kinda plain in comparison to other Limited Edition PS3 consoles I've seen, like the Yakuza 3 and FFXIII one.

I really wish Sony would start releasing some Limited Edition PS3's in the U.S. (and Europe) because Japan always gets the goodies, yet Japan is the smallest PS3 region.

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The title of the article says "Bulletstorm looks more impressive visually" but they don't even go into any real detail and explain why they think so. Bulletstorm has been announced now for a bit longer than KZ3, and Guerrilla has shown only but so much of the game, so I think it's best to wait until Guerrilla has a chance to at least show off more environments in the game before making such claims, especially the Jungle level.

I'm not even going to get i...

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I'm glad Sucker Punch stayed with this look of Cole...the other Cole they showed looked too similar to Nathan Drake IMO...I think they might've initially thought: "Considering Uncharted 2's success, if we make Cole look more like Nathan, maybe Cole's new look will be able to connect more with fans of Drake (more sales)".

The other look they showed was just way too different from how he looked in the first game and the drastic overhaul in appearance ...

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The name of the game itself (All 4 One) to me sounds like it might be an Online Only title centered around Multiplayer...I hope that it at least has some sort of Single Player component. Also, since this is from the new North Carolina studio, I could definitely see it being a downloadable title too... guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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They've been making Halo games for nearly a decade, so I could definitely understand them wanting to move onto something else...I'd really like to see what Bungie could do OUTSIDE of the FPS genre though.

Metal Gear Solid 3 was supposed to be Kojima's last Metal Gear, then he went on to make both MGS4 and Peace Walker, so it wouldn't surprise me if Bungie did something else Halo related sometime after the 10 year Activision deal ends.

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I already saw this commercial last night while watching one of the NBA Playoff games on TNT... I was quite surprised to see Modnation Racers having TV Ad's so early. Sony should really start advertising their games earlier like this, especially for new IP's like ModNation.

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7 PS3 titles in the NPD Top 20...this has to be one of the best showing's the PS3 has had for a Single month Software wise in the U.S. for quite a while (if not one of the best showing's period).

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Damn...$129 isn't that cheap, but I gotta have the Special Edition Art Book, looks really nice. I love to Draw and love Art, so I'm always a sucker for these types of things, especially when it goes hand in hand with with some of my favorite video games.

It's listed on Amazon as well, so I might wait and see if they discount it(probably will) before pre-ordering.

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I don't see what the big deal is, Metal Gear Solid 4 had Product placement in the game with the Regain Energy Drink and Apple Products like the Ipod and Otacon's Mac Laptop....

If it weren't for Konami using these American brand products that are typically associated with/used for promoting video related stuff in the U.S. (Halo Mountain Dew, World of War Craft Mountain Dew, M...

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Nah, I really don't care for Gears on PS3.... I wish Gears on PS3 would stop being brought up because there's no doubt that M$ would shell out god knows how much money to keep it Exclusive, regardless of that 2 game contract deal for Gears that I see mentioned from time to time.

There may not be a 3rd person exclusive shooter on the PS3 like Gears with all the gore, but Uncharted completely satisfies my 3rd person Action Adventure shooter fix.

Alan Wake and Mass Effe...

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Before I read it, I already had suspected that Stig wouldn't either confirm or deny what really happened to Kratos because the very end was the "loophole" he was talking about several weeks ago in an interview.

I'm pretty confident that Kratos will return and I hope he does...I wouldn't be surprised if the next God of War is something like Metal Gear Solid 2, where you play as the main character in the franchise while introducing a new playable character.


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Arghh... The Kratos Helios head rip print is all sold out on the site...I wanted to get that

One of these prints will also come with the Collectors Edition GOW3 Strategy Guide because I got the Three Judges print with mine. Another important thing to mention that I didn't see in the article is that these prints are each individually numbered on the back b/c my Three Judges Print was No. 7,965/10,700.

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It pretty nice to see that Killzone 2 and inFamous didn't take that long to become Greatest Hits Titles in comparison early PS3 exclusives like Uncharted: Drakes Fortune and Ratchet Future Tools of Destruction that took nearly 2 years to permanently drop to $29.99...

I already own all the games listed except for LBP and the UFC game, but UFC Undisputed doesn't interest me and I've been waiting to get LBP once it dropped in price, so I'll probably get it sometime this Summer...and...

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Pretty much everything Sony removed was due to a cost cutting measure, with the only exception probably being the Other OS feature.

If people were buying PS3's in it's early lifecycle at the rate that it's been selling for the last 1 and a half-2 years, Sony probably wouldn't have had to take away stuff like: Backwards Compatibility, 2 USB ports, Flash Card Readers etc...

Sony probably would've LOVED to keep the mentioned features in the PS3, but getting the PS3's price...

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I know I'm going against the grain, but I really didn't have that much of a problem with Raiden....He may not have been a "manly man", but I thought he was a pretty interesting character and after playing both MGS2 and MGS4, I still want to know more about him...and honestly that's the ONLY reason why I want to play Rising. However I'm not looking forward to the fact that the core MGS gameplay with Rising more than likely won't be intact.

I really wish that I didn't ha...

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I own both God of War 3 and Heavenly Sword, and like many other have said, HS is a gem in my collection too... however, I don't think it's better than God of War 3 though.

God of War 3's Opening sequence and the Opening level ranks high as one of my all time favorite gaming moments's just something that you HAVE to experience for yourself in person and on your TV screen.

IMO Heavenly Sword had some really stellar voice acting, really well told story and ...

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I wish there was some way to figure out that timer immediately because there's no telling how long this site has been up.

There's 3 more bars that have to be filled up, and E3 2010 is a just tad bit less than 3 months away...that's the only thing I could come up sounds possible though because with GDC over with, E3 is the next major gaming event, but there's really no telling.

Seems like the only way to have a real good idea when this timer will end is to s...

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"Uncharted 2: 10-12 hours" My first playthrough of UC2 was 13 hours

"Metal Gear Solid 4: 10-20 hours, depending on whether you watch the cutscenes". I clocked in at 24 hours in MGS4 for my first playthrough, including cutscenes.

Overall, I tend to complete games around the Average length that developers give out and sometimes a little over the Average. I always really take my time during the first playthroughs of any games I get, so I'm not worrie...

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I really don't understand why God of War 3 is being hyped up like this saleswise....the first God of War sold a little over 3 million and God of War 2 did over 2.5 million.

I think God of War 3 will sell somewhere around 3 million and honestly I think that it'll be mostly people who are fans of the God of War series and/or people that bought the previous installments that will actually be BUYING it (not renting) considering it's a Single Player action title.

God of W...

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