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Really want some Killzone 3 Swag, especially the T-Shirt:) #82
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The new site update looks neat, but after getting used to the other site update in May, I didn't expect yet another re-haul this soon.

I think it's great that User Blogs and User Reviews on the Right Side of the Page are much more visible and people actually see it when they scroll down the page....but it kinda makes the Main Page look a little more cluttered than it used to be.

I like the new tabs at the top of the page like "Preview" and &... #40
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"I just feel that people won't see everything because of its amount of content which is sad because of how high quality the game is going to be."

Gran Turismo games have pretty much always been significantly large in scale and content in comparison to other Racing Sim's on the market, so I don't see why it concerns you that people won't see everything the game has to offer. Most of the people buying GT5 are likely going to want to experience as much... #2.1.2
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The return of the weapon wheel for R3 has been confirmed for a while now:

I'm really glad it's returning though. I was so used to it in R1 and it just felt like Insomniac was trying to conform to the "FPS norm" by limiting players to just 2 weapons in R2. #10.1
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With all the bugs, I'm kinda glad I haven't started playing New Vegas yet after buying it. I never would've thought it would've been THIS bug ridden...I know Fallout 3 had some bugs, but New Vegas just seems to be even worse based upon the articles I've seen. I'll probably just wait until after I get finished with the RDR Undead Nightmare DLC before starting New Vegas...hopefully by then some significant bug fixes will be out. #8
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I was always interested in seeing how much a particular game sold during the month through NPD tracking, but if there isn't any actual numbers attached to it, then I really don't care about these NPD lists's like releasing a list of the Top 10 performing movies at the Movie Box Office without the inclusion of how much money each movie made...just not as interesting IMO.

One thing for sure, the fanboy wars from the monthly NPD numbers won't be mis... #11
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I was pretty disappointed with the delay, but since it's just a small one and GT5 should be released by Christmas, it doesn't bother me a whole lot, but I STILL would've preferred to have it early November...what I hate the most is that after 5+ years and just about 2 and a half weeks away from being released, a delay.

I've seen a few people mention that maybe the minor tweaks should have been dealt with through a patch instead of delaying the game, but consid... #4
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"3 million seems low for this title."

The first God of War on PS2 sold a little over 3 million copies and the sales of GOW3 fall right in line with the sales of the previous titles on PS2, so it's not low to me.

3+ million copies for a non-RPG Single Player game on ONE system in this day age is very good IMO...heck, similar games in the same genre like Bayonetta and Darksiders were Multiplatform and haven't sold as much as GOW3. #2.3
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After taking a look at the site, I just think it's lame they reward people more points per dollar for buying Used Games...the used game business is probably where Gamestop makes most of it's revenue per year anyways, so it's nearly obvious why Gamestop set the Reward Program up this way, but I think people should get rewarded more points per dollar for buying games new

Looks like I'll just be sticking with Amazon though...the last game I bought from Gamestop w... #10
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Only games on this list I'm getting is Fallout New Vegas and AC:Brotherhood.... Black Ops and Medal of Honor don't interest me a bit, but to each his own I guess. The only game not on this list that's a must play for me is GT5 can't wait to FINALLY get my hands on it next month. #9
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I agree with the article that the main reason for Sony using Blu-ray in the PS3 was to push sales of the console, but I don't see why it should be called a "cheap trick" because that was a great selling point and it made the PS3 standout from the 360/Wii...there are plenty of products on the market that have had their own unique selling points, and the PS3 having Blu-ray to me is no different.

Does a Lamborghini need a V10/V12 engine? No, not really because even... #1.6
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I'm getting both KZ3 and R3, but right now I'm honestly looking forward to Resistance 3 a bit more than KZ3. When it came to KZ2 and R2, I bought both but my initial anticipation for KZ2 was far greater than R2... but this time around R3 just excites me more even though there hasn't been a lick of video in-game footage shown.

The possibility of R3 having some Survival Horror elements based upon the trailer, the extra year of development, and of course more crazy n... #4.3
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I didn't disagree, but I do agree with you on one point: that you don't have the time or patience to make tracks...honestly that's the main reason why I never got into LittleBigPlanet, because the major feature in the game: Building Levels is something that never really appealed to me.

Even though making tracks in Modnation is something that I wouldn't do in the game, I'd still buy it though because I've bought other Cart Racers similar too it in the p... #3.1.1
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I agree. I had some interest in Modnation Racers before it released, but just had a hard time justifying paying $60 bucks for it. If Modnation had came out at $39.99 at launch, I think it would've done much better.

Because Modnation was one of the "Play, Create, Share" games I think Sony was probably hoping that Modnation could replicate the kind of success that LittleBigPlanet had in a different genre, but unfortunately I guess not.

I liked th... #2.1
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I was never a huge fan of Axel (mainly because of his Special Attack) but I guess it's nice to see more returning characters. The Twisted Metal Black versions of Spectre, Sweet Tooth, Outlaw and Roadkill were my top favorites.

To be honest I wouldn't be surprised if Jaffe adds other characters from previous TM games as DLC later on, and I really hope so because as a long time Twisted Metal gamer, I'm starting to wonder how much variety this Twisted Metal will have... #12
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Well now this makes 2 different retailers that've listed this...seems to be all but confirmed for a TGS announcement :)

I've owned the Originals for Years now, but both of these games are my top 3 favorite PS2 titles along with MGS3, so whenever/if this turns out to be true I'm gonna get this no doubt. I'll be really interested to see what Trophies they can come up with in ICO, because other than just Story Based Trophies, I can't really think of that many... #14
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I completely agree with this guy for wanting Einhander on the U.S. PSN Store, and just like him I've only played the demo (and still have it, lol)...I literally played that demo to death countless times.

I wish Sony would bring back franchises like Tomba, Medievil, Blasto, and Jersey Devil from the PS1 era to the PS3 as full fledged sequels...I've always thought they were some pretty great platformers on the PS1, but I don't see them mentioned often. They would pr... #3
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While I don't expect every site to find everything about Infamous 2 flawless, the first Infamous was a very solid game to begin with and all I've seen thus far is improvements on top of improvements in Infamous 2. I'm pretty confident this sequel is going to top the first game in both critical reception and sales, regardless of any nitpicking from any other site. Really can't wait to get my hands on it next year. #4.2
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If something The Last Guardian related isn't shown at TGS, I'd be pretty disappointed...TLG is easily my most wanted upcoming game period. There probably isn't much of a of time table for it's release, but I'm just salivating to get more details about the game, or at least another new trailer

If TLG isn't mentioned or shown at the show, at the very least I'm hoping the France game listing of the Team ICO Collection back in June is offici... #1.3
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"Single player will always suffer when multiplayer is added"

In most cases I think the Single Player portion of a game is affected when Multiplayer is added, but I think there's a few games whose Single Player component wasn't affected by Multiplayer, like Uncharted 2 for instance... The Single Player in UC2 was longer than UC1 and had even bigger set pieces than the Original.

Even though DS2 is one of my most anticipated Multiplat's of... #1.1.3
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