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Extremely disappointing to hear. I only had recently bought the game a couple of weeks ago, and I've been having an absolute blast with it-- been playing online almost every day since I've got it and I bought a couple DLC packs. Now I just wonder how much longer will they keep the servers on...

Although I do like and enjoy racers, I don't buy many of them, and DC is probably the most fun I've had with a racing game since Burnout 3. The sense of speed in the ga...

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Seems as though this game is pretty far off from release. Very small dev. team, only in development for a few months... there's no telling how long it'll be until there's gameplay, hopefully they'll have something significant to show in at least a year.

Also hoping they go for multiple weapons to add a little more variety in combat and not just stick to just one weapon.

Didn't play DmC so I can't speak on that, but I enjoyed both Heavenl...

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The news of the game being Xbox exclusive doesn't really phase me, as I've had very little experience with the franchise with the exception of playing a demo of one of the PS1 versions a very long time ago and I haven't played the 2013 Reboot yet. However I still plan to get the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot later this year on PS4.

I just find it interesting that the game wasn't announced as Xbox exclusive when it was first announced at this years E3. I mean, you wo...

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This is my first time seeing him as an adult. I literally have not seen him period since seeing the Sixth Sense all those years ago when it first came out. Kinda bizarre seeing him with that beard and all grown up. Didn't know he was doing so much voice over work, guess that explains why I haven't seen him in 15 years.

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So glad I waited to buy GTA5, always thought it was going to come to the New Gen to coincide with the inevitable PC version. Can't wait to finally play this.

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If this info holds up, it would definitely be like a breath of fresh air coming from GG, as they've been doing Killzone for about the last decade. Glad to see them doing something different, especially something Open World.

The first thing that actually came to my mind when reading the description was had lush environments, robot enemies (including a robot dino looking one), and the red-headed woman (Trip) that accompanies you throughout the game...just a th...

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There's not a theater close enough for me...Charlotte, N.C. is a 3+ hour drive from where I live. Really wish they could've got Raleigh or Durham-- I wouldn't have minded driving a little over an hour for those locations, but 3 hours for Charlotte is a bit much. Hope those that do attend have a good time.

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Nintendo's handhelds are still doing well, so apparently the appeal is still there, it's the WiiU and Nintendo consoles in general that seem to be the question.

With the exception of the runaway success of the Wii, the reception to other Nintendo consoles around the world has been rather lukewarm in comparison to NES & SNES days. I think a lot of it has to do with the bulk of the core console gamer/'Modern Gamer' migrating to Playstation & Xbox -- thi...

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I'd say 3rd party exclusives/timed exclusives was pretty big factor too. A decent amount of big titles from 3rd parties were either only on PS2 and/or came out on PS2 first before they landed on another console: MGS2, MGS3, Final Fantasy's, Devil May Cry's, Grand Theft Auto, Tekken, etc... The PS2 was just the go to place for virtually everything when it came to software.

A lot of Japanese developers were just pouring out quality games back then on console too (m...

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Watchdogs doesn't really look like it's a kind of game like Assassin's Creed where a pretty big foundation of the gameplay is around climbing and platforming, so for me the lack of a jump button is a little forgivable.

But it's kinda strange they left it out considering AC started out with no jump button and they added the jump button in later AC games. I just figured they'd continue the trend with WatchDogs and have the jump button already there since it&...

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I haven't bought GTA5 yet, but I already know that I wouldn't be buying it again for the new gen if I had already bought it. For me to rebuy a Remastered Last Gen game for the New Gen it would need to have something new in the game as an extra incentive to rebuy and not just 1080p 60fps.

I intentionally passed on the last gen version of GTA5 because I thought it would eventually make it to PS4/XB1/PC in 2014, so I do hope the port is out sometime this year so I can f...

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With all the cuts Sony's been making within their internal studios it's almost surprising Sony hasn't scrapped The Last Guardian after being in development limbo for ages and nothing new being shown since the initial reveal in 2009.

I reckon they've remained committed to the game because there's not a huge team working on it and the dev. budget probably isn't out of this world, and because Sony knows there's still a lot of interest in the title bec...

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I've felt the same way about the downsizing making sense for Sony, but for different reasons. With Sony's recent financial woes I just don't think Sony can afford a big 1st party right now.

It costs a lot of money to maintain all those studios at the same time. To be honest a lot of times I've wondered how Sony afforded to have the amount of 1st party studios they did for so long, because despite all the exclusives only a select number of them sold really well...

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Except for Jak X Racing I haven't missed out on a Naughty Dog title on Playstation, just haven't gotten around to buying Last of Us yet. A signed copy would be nice :)

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I like new IP's as much as the next guy, but I also want to see some follow-ups to some of my favorite franchises from the past console gen. as well: RDR, Fallout, and GOW just as a few personal examples. I don't want to see those kinds of impactful franchises to be tossed to the side just because it's a new gen. I'd like to see a nice balance of revisiting some of the past greats (but not over doing it), while also making new IP's as well.

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I think another GOW definitely will happen, there was the Easter Egg messages in GOW Ascension that seemed to point to more in the series, plus with the way GOW3 ended, I think for sure that Kratos will be seen again eventually.

Plus, the fact that Cory Barlog is back pretty much confirms to me that another GOW will be made. GOW2 was my personal favorite in the series, so I have confidence in him at the helm. Don't know what happened with Ascension. I thought it was a ver...

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I already thought Uncharted for PS4 probably wasn't coming out in 2014 because of the short and vague teaser trailer-- which is usually an indicator that the project being teased is still a ways off.

I sure hope 'The Order' doesn't slip past 2014 because I don't know what other major title Sony might come out with in the Fall if it does slip because a lot of Sony's major teams recently released games in 2013 and it seems it may be a while before we...

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It's no wonder WiiU 3rd party support has been so dismal, not a single 3rd party title that sold a million, wow...I didn't know that, but not that surprised because it's usually the typical Nintendo properties that sell on Nintendo systems.

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If anything, I think it's important for Microsoft to sell the X1 in Japan to show Japanese developers & publishers that they at least acknowledge Japan's audience despite the fact that Xbox hasn't sold well over there.

I don't think Microsoft would be in good standing with some Japanese developers/publishers in the future if they didn't support to sell their own system over there.

I mean who knows, Microsoft pulling the plug on Japan a...

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I would be more than willing to buy a Next-Gen Re-Release of a game that I had never bought before on PS3, but I would not rebuy a Next-Gen Re-Release of a game I've already played before that came out this gen...although I do have one exception, and it would be Fallout 3/Fallout New Vegas because neither games had particularly great graphics and they both had their fair share of bugs and performance issues.

The whole appeal of the HD remasters on PS3/360 was because they...

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