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Bring on the expensive horse DLC once again! #1
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Posting my entire comment I left on the story above would take up to much space, but many are counting the Xbox One out way to soon. The approach Microsoft took with their Xbox Reveal was the right choice, many just aren't ready to accept that consoles aren't just consoles anymore. #2
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With the team of developers EA has at their disposal, I expect to see some good things come from this arrangement. #1
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Couldn't get into the last GTA, and unless this one really mixes things up, I'll pass on it. The formula this series takes has started to grow stale, and has left the open-world innovation to Saints Row. #1
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E3 is on it's way out, and has been losing its place in the gaming industry for the last couple years to events such as PAX. Being closed to the public limits the core audience, the ones who buy the games, from being able to go hands on. At the end of the day it's not the industry folks who are buying the bulk of the games, whiich are why events like PAX are overshadowing E3. So why should Nintendo bother with E3 anymore if it's no longer working for them?

If E3 o... #3
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Always enjoyed the franchise. It holds a great deal of potential, I just wish NIS would really step up the quality of their games and take them to the next level. Maybe with the PS4, NIS will make their games at a level of similar PS3 titles and leave behind the PS2 quality graphics many of their titles have. #1
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With as much as I keep hearing about this game, I'm going to have to try it out. #1
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Still can't read this! Soon I will have the game finished! #1
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I think as the industry matures more studios will close or be repositioned. Sadly I see what has happened with Lucasarts and many others as only the start of things to come. #1.1
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In the future I'd really like to see games take an approach to multiplayer similar to what Dark Souls has where the effects of other players can be seen in the signs they leave behind, but I want it to be taken a step further where others players actions can be seen in your world, but the players themselves can't. #1
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I think ending are hugely important in storytelling of an kind. Becoming emotionally invested in the characters and then reaching the games end only to be given a half-assed tied together ending ruins the whole experience. #1
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I think the term "mmo" has changed and as online in games becomes more dominate we will see more and more games that blur the line of what we once defined as an MMO. Bungi's next game I think will be a good example of this. #1
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I think there is still a wealth of possibilities within the WW2 genre. Granted they did get a little carried away there for a time, but they have since gone on to do the same thing with shooters set in the future. Maybe it's time they take a step back? #3
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How can anyone disagree with this? They must not have a PlayStation, or haven't subscribed to PS+ yet. Once they do, then they'll understand what is so great about PS+. #2.1.1
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Nice to seem them support their loyal customers, but overall I'm not impressed with the offerings. It has a long way to go before it rivals what PS+ gives their gamers. #2
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Of course with today being the day that it is, has anyone else come across this Easter egg while playing the game? #3
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Well now I have another reason to go through the game again! #1
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Most curious to see what the final designs for the Next Xbox and the PS4 take. #1
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Yes! We must hear them rap. #1.2
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The onslaught of high quality PC games makes me sad to have a sub-par laptop. Come on Steambox, arrive already!!! #2
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