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"wasd to walk in a circle"


youre probably right. too bad companies wont hire these problem solvers without a piece of paper saying theyre qualified.

sorry this is not the time or place for me to put this but i felt it wad necessary lol. but seriously youre probably right #6.1
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never heard of this extension or website, thanks. super useful tools. #4
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Interesting, had no idea this existed. Thanks for sharing. +Bub #2.1.1
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how the hell does he run so fast. #2
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I'm glad they decided to make a bundle without the kinect. I didn't want to pay an extra hundred dollars for something I'd never use. #51.2
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why does the chart show that the xbox 360 has Game DVR? can someone explain this? I feel like I am missing something. #54
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I like this game for the most part. The only thing that gets to me is the unnecessary swearing.

The story (in my opinion, obviously) is somewhat compelling. I didn't actually care too much until I started talking to the companions (Edwen, for example) who give you some insight into what's happening to your character and the world around them. It actually is pretty interesting, and I've found myself actually waiting through the dialog (that doesn't have swearin... #8
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a few people on neogaf said it was a fake twitter account. :| still hopeful tho. #9.1.1
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Demon Souls 2 pls.
From Software pls.
Sony pls.

...pls (another image with a fog wall?)

Miyazaki confirming it??? #9
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i beat this game on ps3 & 360, was quite surprised how silky smooth 60fps makes this game look. tbh the mouse and keyboard controls are growing on me too for this one... #8.1
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i have not experienced it have slowdown due to heat. its only ever kicked the fans up to 100% maybe once if that. ive monitored it using hwmonitor and the temps looks fine when gaming. i personally do not crank the graphics to high, but medium settings keep me and the laptop happy #2.2.3
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the bottom gets pretty hot and the vents on the sides send out quite a bit of heat.

i personally use a lapdesk n315 to keep it off of my legs if i'm not using it at a desk. it works great.

performance is amazing when the power supply is plugged in, but on battery power the results are less than satisfying.

overall very satisfied with the performance of this thin laptop. #2.2.1
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have the same laptop, played fine, even streamed over wifi to twitch with no problems. #2.1
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rip in peace.

had a lot of fun with borderlands on ps3 back in the day. #2
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This is disappointing news. Amy's work has been some of the most captivating in video games since I can remember. When I found out that she had written the Legacy of Kain series (after playing the Jak & Daxter series, and the first Uncharted) I finally bould piece together why I love all of these series.

Honestly, it's more of a loss for Naughty Dog. Best case scenario she gets picked up and helps start up a new IP. (Best case scenario for my wants: she goes back... #65
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seems like it may be a store created advertisement so people know to pre-order. probably created with that on there by mistake. none of the online retailers have that box art. #1.3
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not sure. i guess i'm saving a lot of them for a rainy day, so might as well get a sweet deal on them. #13
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people see what they want to see.

i think it looks fine, but it's hard to tell with those camera angles. i'm excited regardless. #3
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@lalanana he has tobacco chew in, that's why he keeps spitting

ot: i hope he realizes that titanfall will still come out regardless of it he has a code or not. i'd be upset knowing someone else that got a code replied to the email way after i did -- but not this upset. #1.3
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wish they offered the EU dracula's tomb edition in the US. :( #4
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