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"the world needs more squirrels"


This is disappointing news. Amy's work has been some of the most captivating in video games since I can remember. When I found out that she had written the Legacy of Kain series (after playing the Jak & Daxter series, and the first Uncharted) I finally bould piece together why I love all of these series.

Honestly, it's more of a loss for Naughty Dog. Best case scenario she gets picked up and helps start up a new IP. (Best case scenario for my wants: she goes back... #65
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seems like it may be a store created advertisement so people know to pre-order. probably created with that on there by mistake. none of the online retailers have that box art. #1.3
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not sure. i guess i'm saving a lot of them for a rainy day, so might as well get a sweet deal on them. #13
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people see what they want to see.

i think it looks fine, but it's hard to tell with those camera angles. i'm excited regardless. #3
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@lalanana he has tobacco chew in, that's why he keeps spitting

ot: i hope he realizes that titanfall will still come out regardless of it he has a code or not. i'd be upset knowing someone else that got a code replied to the email way after i did -- but not this upset. #1.3
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wish they offered the EU dracula's tomb edition in the US. :( #4
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that's the problem. publishers are releasing games that are broken and you can't even play. we ARE entitled to a playable game if we are spending money on them.

people are getting tired of this crap, and i'm one of them. i love playing battlefield when it works, but i'm so tired of the crashes. #1.2.2
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thanks man it feels nice #1.27
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lmao i really thought it was an ad somehow. then i looked at the uploader name. gave me a good laugh though. #2.4
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i see what u did there. #7.1.1
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i think he means gameplay-wise.
the console version has a much greater focus on finding and earning loot which is much more in line with the classic formula than the auction house focused pc version. once the auction house is removed, and the loot 2.0 patch is released on PC, i think PC will be the definitive version.

the game itself won't look better than the pc version, it's the altered critical components that matter here.

i thought everyo... #1.2.2
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so 16 AA batteries. SOB. #1.10
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really hoping for an xbox one without kinect for 100 bucks less. my ps4 has been preordered since the beginning of the year, but i've procrastinated preordering an xbox one because of kinect..glad it's no longer required, now lets not require it in the price too. #7
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played diablo 3 a bunch on pc with random people, cant wait to play it with the gf on the same couch. #4
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hype. #1.14
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i searched anal.

i did not find myself. #2.1
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luckily gmg gave me a code to redeem on steam, win-win :P #1.1.1
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I bought Krater from this promotion. I was interested in the game when it first came out, but it got a lot of hate so I decided to wait on it. GMG is selling it for $3.74, and if you're a real cheap skate (like me :P) you can use another coupon code for an additional 20% off (a huge savings of: $0.74).

Edit: And damn, Steam Summer Sale hasn't even started, but I've already spent a ton of money on GMG, PSN, XBL, oh and a Steam Daily Sale. I have a feeling I may be... #1
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i hope it's something coop. i was stoked for multiplayer, but these zombie/survivor games just scream coop most of the time. was a little confused why it was not a multiplayer mode at launch, but i'm sure they'll figure something out. #6
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i was actually pretty excited to get halo 3 for free, i've been itching to play it again. edit: guess i'll have to wait a few more months?

bummer #1.4
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