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lol, sure ! come on the graphics are nothing special. it looks dated. not the cinematics but the in-game graphics.

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yeah thats true. especially when they want to proof their claim with a link, in which you can see that the game looks better then 95% of all games. then they have no point !

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looks really good. dont know what you are talking about. what are you smoking ?

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troll article. kz3 runs perfectly fine, and makes a lot of fun!

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logic ?

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yes they never learn. but they dont want to learn, this would mean they would admit that their beloved console is inferior.

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lol, you are out of your mind if you believe your own words.

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if you turn on full RGB, the colors will look very similar to the xbxo360 version. tried it in the demo. the problem is, some details get lost.

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dont know why you are lying ? perhaps you should make something better than trolling all the time.

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kz3 has the sharpest textures of any console game. you didnt even play it.

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lol. hahaa troll.

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no, kz3 has the graphic and gameplay crone. but crysis 2 is better than i thougt !

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lol ^^^ you cant be serious, come on.

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come on. KZ3 is an excellent game. but i think crysis 2 looks really good. Why cant you enjoy both games ?

what i really like about kz3 is the fluid animation and hit response. it feals a bit odd in crysis 2. but crysis 2 has really good water effects and lighting effects.

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and where are your proofs ? because everyone here can say what he wants.

for example: i have played the xbox360 version and was shocked how poor it looks compared to the ps3 (especially the water effects).

ok the example is true, but you get the idea.

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like i said. the ps3 version looks better than the xbox360 counterpart. ask my self where the trolls are now ?

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sorry but the ps3 version looks better !

and these are the reasons:

look at the comparison Pixel_Pusher posted. clearly the ps3 version has sharper textures! and not as much aliasing.

second, yes the background is not as much blurred on the xbox360 version versus ps3 version. but if you compare it with the pc version, it is blurred too! thats easy to explain, because it is an addiotion blur filter added to ps3 and pc versions, but absen...

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first troll, congratulation !

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sorry total BS. the picture in kz3 is far more clearer and there is far less aliasing in kz3 then kz2. i have tried for this purpose kz2 again. and its a day night difference. come on you can troll better!

kz3 has the clearest picture of all console games ! its really sharp and the textrures are brilliant. and this is clearly because of MLAA which is really an advancement to other games which dont use it.

and MP ist really good balanced. because every cla...

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yeah the hate is big on this one. we know why. because its an really awesome game. the online of kz3 is the best online ever! and no there is no lag. but it could be that ppl who use modems have lag xD

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