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They sure did!

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I'm not apprehensive about eating breakfast in the morning...

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It's a little smaller and the sticks are a bit closer together, so those with larger hands may not like it as much. Otherwise, it is amazing. Sticks are great, D-pad is awesome, and triggers are fantastic.

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Good stuff right there

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I can see the appeal there, but wouldn't we be losing out on Nintendo's innovation in the hardware space?

We wouldn't have the Move if it wasn't for the Wii...

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Sure, Nintendo may not have the breadth of the library of Sony, but as far as sheer quality goes, no one can beat the Big N.

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Maybe it's time for Nintendo to focus solely on handheld consoles.

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Can't wait to play this game.

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It will reach GameCube sales... if it's lucky.

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True. Though this time it is worse than N64 and GameCube.

Not quite as bad as Virtual Boy, but still pretty dire.

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Fortunately for Sony, PS4 is doing really well thus far. If the rest of the company can get its act together, they'll be just fine.

Nintendo has loads of money in the bank. That'll buy them some time to flounder, but they can't continue in this way forever.

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Nintendo is okay as a company, but Wii U certainly is in some serious trouble.

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Very true.

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Poor Wii U. Why does no one want you?

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Agreed. The split between XB1 and PS4 will be like 47% vs 53% when it's all said and done.

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Halo 2's campaign was great. I think it was just the cliffhanger ending that rubbed people the wrong way. The intro of the Arbiter and all that was amazing.

And the multiplayer... well... just incredible.

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Especially if that means more Halo :)

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Genius. Release it in the summer and iron the kinks out for Halo 5's release in November.

I can see it happening. At least, I really hope it happens!

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Yeah... this is problematic

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