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Can't wait to play the new Uncharted!!

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Looks like the challenge is definitely there...

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Would be crazy if it wasn't, to be honest.

Can't expect gamers to shell out $500 every year just to stay up to date.

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That makes two of us!

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Agreed. Plenty of technical power for developers to work with.

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Agreed. Taking advantage of each piece of hardware is key. Don't just develop for the lowest common denominator, please!

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They certainly have the skills to make pretty, technically impressive game experiences.

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It's all a matter of semantics...:)

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The game looks great. I really hope it does help the console.

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Absolutely. If they released a $250 bundle with MK8, that would do wonders.

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I sure hope so too.

Whether or not that will prove to be the case is a whole other story...

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Yup. But Mario Kart is the company's biggest seller, so that one will be the most telling, I think.

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I agree.

Mario Kart 8 will definitely cause a spike. But it likely won't be enough to overcome the console's marketing issues, consumer confusion, price, etc.

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It's a high powered machine that can offer AAA experiences on the go.

Sadly, the mass market consumer doesn't really want that...

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Very true.

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What kind of game would get you to buy one?

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Yep. Pretty much.

Think that will help its chances at all?

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At least those who have purchased the console have been quite satisfied.

We probably won't see a successor, though. Sony will likely just push smartphones after the Vita is dead.

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Haha touche

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Yeah, that is a little crazy,,,

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