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On fable 2 i slaughtered every person i came across that you were allowed to strike at.

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I miss the decoys. Loved when someone called a uav. Two people chuckjng 3 apiece made for alot of confusion

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I was stoked about this game until I read this review. The score doesn't bother me. Never really care about scores. But turn based battles are a killer for me. I just cant get into the turn based games. Never could.

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Never saw the teaser trailer. Have the game informer where patriots was the cover story though. Been chomping at the bit since then. While a good business decision to not release 2 tactical shooters to compete with each other, I really hope patriots isnt canceled. Rainbow six is my favorite shooterand I was really looking forward to it.

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@madpuppy. Everything in the game can be done without spending real money. You just have to grind. All weapons, warframes, mods and gear can be found in-game. While some people prefer to buy things with real money, you can still do everything without paying. I bought platinum to support the developers for making an outstanding game and to help build my clans dojo. Every weapon, piece of gear, mod and warframe I have was built by finding parts and grinding it out

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I would love to be able to play it but when it comes to turn-based I get turnedoff. Never could enjoy a turn-based rpg. As much as I love south park, I cant spend the money on something I know I wont finish. Ive tried many turn-based rpgs and always hated it. I just dont understand the appeal of taking turns in a fight. I need action.

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I wanted this game so bad. When I found out it was turn-based I was heartbroken. Finally a south park game that'll do the series justice and I wont get to play it. Not knocking it or people who like turn-based rpgs. I just cant stand turn-based rpgs. Action/rpg is probably my favorite genre. Taking turns wacking each other til somebody dies isnt exciting for me. Congrats to you turn-based fans. Screw you guys, im goin home

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Robot unicorn attack. Unicorns with flaming rainbow trails endless runner game. One of the better ones at that. And totally not gay

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Treyarch and infintyward were releasing their versions every 2 years staggered so theres a release every year. Now with sledgehammer in the mix they'll have a three year production time for each company. Im really hoping it'll make a difference in the game. I've been disappointed with IW game since mw3(worst cod ever) and ghosts is garbage imo. Treyarchs games are the only ones I even enjoy anymore.

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By bashing on every race, creed, sexual orientation, religion, nationality etc.

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I was so stoked when I first read about this game. Then I found out its turn based. I just cant get into turned based rpgs. Ive tried a few and just dont like it. Im more of an action/rpg player. Sucks too cuz I think south park fans are finally getting a good game.

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I liked ghosts right up until the bullshit ending. But this article had me laughing. Do more game reviews like this one please

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If they're gonna make a heavenly sword movie it should be live action. I already saw a CG version of it when I played the game. That being said, I really hope they don't bring Nariko back. She died a glorious and meaningful
death. I'm all for a sequel. Just not with Nariko as the main playable character.

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I think they'll do just fine. But I hope that controller isn't mandatory.

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Ps4 wiiu and now that ms has 180'd all the things that pissed everybody off I will be getting a ONE. It was out of the question before. Now I'm good. Sooo glad they changed their mind on everything because I can't stand not having every system. I've had every major system since atari 2600 and I'm glad my streak will continue. Game on!

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I don't understand why f2p couldn't be free on xbox. Sony is allowing f2p on psn but you'll have to pay for plus for online multiplayer. I'm not happy about paying on psn for multiplayer but I understand the need for it. But f2p is still free. MS locking everything behind the paywall is just wrong. Live is a great service for gamers who want to game online but to charge for access to services your already paying for or are free everywhere else is crazy. I pay for live for the ...

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I don't want kinect to be mandatory. I should be able to diskinect it. MS has said it can be turned off so you should be able to disconnect it. And I'm not worried about the whole guvment watchin me thing though I see why some people would be. What I'm concerned with is hackers. They WILL figure this thing out. A 17 year old has already hacked MS and sonys systems and stolen software dev kits for the ONE and the ps4. So the information is already out there. When someone figures ou...

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If he were to start his own gaming news site with like minded staff I'm sure they would do well. Its one of the reasons I like game informer so much. They can be pretty stoked on a game in development sometimes but if its garbage on release they're not afraid to say it. I wish every news site had such standards.

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Its the briefcase that brad tried to steal from marcellas wallace.

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The only problem with your idea is it promotes boosting. Lets say I have a full team for team deathmatch and you get put into my lobby but I'm hosting a boost match (which I don't ever do btw.boosting is for pussies)Now my full team votes you out of the lobby til another one of our boost buddies shows up by joinin lobby. Then another random player gets thrown in and we vote him out and so on and so on until the lobby is full of people who have no interest in th...

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