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Ok , I thinks it's time people stop complaining about the games they get from ps plus for 50$ a year Sony gave out 1,500$ worth of games just because it's not ur type of game it doesn't mean it isn't someone elses. Sony could have just charged 50$ a year to play online and give nothing like xbox live did , but they didn't . People said at the beginning that ps plus won't work for Sony , but they where wrong and even got ms to do a similar thing. I now it is a perk and... #1.16
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From the looks of it ps4 has been outselling x1 on amazon since Jan even with it at 350$ ps4 is still selling better. #2.2
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@gamer I play my ps4 from my vita while its not perfect all the time it does a great job. #1.2.2
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and he did state at home not from anywhere . #1.2
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it was announced but not clarified dx12 only being used on pc. not x1 #1
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Ms won't have to if u know what I mean , a few stores stop selling them and I am sure a lot more will follow soon.the 360 sold way better than x1 in Japan even though it did sell well itself.i think this will be the last Xbox brand sold there. And Japan numbers will not help China sell well. #4.2
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so what r the disagrees for because u think I wasn't at ps experience , well ok how about a pic with me and Andrew house.
and if u did disagree why.
and what u see in this vid is what its like bad controls is its biggest flaw and look at the speedometer #1.1.2
I played this at the ps experience and it sucked big time , there was really no one playing it, people looked and passed it , so I gave it a try and did not like at all. #1.1
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umm nope , the The AC bundle without Kinect is 350$ nice try thought . #7.1
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@marlinfan10 only in the us and only in the months of nov. and dec. otherwise world wide xbox1 is not selling well heck some stores in japan stop selling them , the 360 did not have that problem . everywhere else ms has to try and get things going usa is not the only place ms has to do well in order to make it. #1.1.6
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so the question is is xbox one going to be 350$ with a game , if not ps4 is 399$ with a game ,then it is like ps4 is 350$ and gives a game for 50$ #1.2
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These screenshots look horrendous as the same with the review , what is the deal u post this on n4g as a review a few months on but this review is from October, this review reflects from the launch of the game , this has nothing to do with months on cause the game is fine online and weather is added. #1
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I tell u what go and rent games , and tell me how much u spent to play 10 games at 2$ a day , the cost is just 5$ a week what the hell u want sony to just give it away , people complained that renting it on now for 5$ a day was a lot , and the same people im sure are saying 5$ a week is to much , gamefly is 20 plus a month. so if u don't like it don't get it . there are people who will. #1.2
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Um ps4 has sold 2.1 million in the USA alone last year in November . So ps4 holds the record , ps4 sold a staggering 1 million in 1 day. #1.1
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So garethvk,u r saying every time a website crashes because of traffic (ddos same thing but just got hit naturally)it's a hack. Hack and ddos have 2 different definitions period. #1.4
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this is one reason y I feel retail is better than digital #1.2
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it is very fun I played it at the psX I cant wait to play it at home . mmm that 1080p. looks crisp. #1.1
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@Pogmathoin see the thing is u saw ps4 bundles , but I mean big but , the difference is x1 bundles had 2-3 games with a price tag of 250-329$ with
50$ gift cards on top unlike ps4 it was 399$ period #1.1.6
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people are missing the point of px it is an event to celebrate 20 years and sony did it with the fans sony didn't say anything more to make it have huge announcements they said they will have some announcements and street f 5 was it. and other smaller ones . I went to the event and it was greeeeeeat. #1.1.4
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Says the author with Xbox advertising, the big announcement was street fighter 5 . And it was big uncharted game play was sweet. It was not all indie games he sure has no clue. And Capcom said it themselves it will only be on 1 console ps4 period. #1
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