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He gave halo5 an 80 lmao really sad #1.1
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the halo bundle is released today that has been known since the announcement , the halo 5 codes are not able to be put in till nov 27th #1
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I cant wait for those games next year #1.1
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Actually thats false amazon yearly show ps4 ahead #6.2
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@doc really there 20$ a game while some remasters are full price for 1 game , if u want multiplayer go play uncharted 2 multiplayer on ps3 is still up. #4.3.3
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It has been stated over and over again by sony , the main reason for the remastered games are for the ones that switch to PlayStation from wiiu and Xbox 360 20$ a game is a good price , they do have to pay people,taxes,overhead to do this r u expecting them to give it away. #5.1
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Its already 299$ at amazon 349$ with 500$gift card . #1.1.4
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http://farm4.staticflickr.c... this one yes omg lmao, wow 360 did better #3.1
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Xbox1 launched 7 months before PS4 and the ps4 past x1 in a month. #3.1.2
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At septic ur comparing a Sony ad that's there's to paid off youtubers to lie about a product , completely different. #1.1.4
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@space its the ea vault play 1st not early access on Xbox . but its not play it 1st on Xbox CUZ they have the beta on both consoles ps4 and x1 , and pc and plus people have been playing it 1st on ps4 since games on. And it won't be on Xbox early access program CUZ there's a deal with Sony. #1.2.2
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@stray really ended the war he traded his ps4 for an Xbox so he can play 360games that doesn't even start yet. Y doesn't he get a 360. People get next gen systems for next gen not to play last gen it was done with the ps3 and 360 last gen and the support didn't last long.
And also there was not a spike on sales after the announcement, u say bc ended the console war as if x1 surpassed ps4 on sales it didn't #1.1.3
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um I think ur adding fuel to someone trolling with a trolling answer u can mark him for trolling but it will be the same for you. by adding a sony game into the mix with ur comment.

on topic it will be interesting to see if the 2 will blend together good . while the road with movies to game have a hard time making it,yet with this one being connected to a tv show,so in time we will see. #1.2.2
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Hey modlybread he compared European fashion to the USA and u came back with asian fashion. Y just y . well it is a matter of taste but it is true that Sony doesn't bring its best bundles to the USA. But u don't want to throw to much into it. What's the problem anyway there is plenty of places to get ur ps4 and x1 done the way u like it with decales or sending them in to do hard covers made custom. #2.2.14
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Omg this gives me goosebumps 😂 interesting , I'm sure it will I like these games #1.1
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I need one do u have a extra plz #1.3.4
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At krypt, read ,it states x1 preview 1st not xbox1, those that are in preview program get to try it out. No mans sky is not coming to x1 at all, ps4 console exclusive , going to PC later. #1.3.2
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It clearly states coming to xbox1 1st via Xbox preview program. Ps4 and Xbox release dates are the same the Morpheus version will be out.This is the qoute.
The title would be coming first to console on Xbox one via it's gaming preview programme fans should worry about vr enabled PlayStation4 version as it isnt delayed.
And then this
The developer hopes to release and work on the game preview version of the title at the beginning of next year leading up to a full co... #1.3
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Really , articles before gamescom spoke of this and now even after someone still is harping on it. All Sony did was push it to Paris week. All we no its part of songs plan to throw some curve balls at ms. Is this author going to write an article on ms not having a conference at Paris week or tgs. All I no is writing this article is a poor decision itself. It didn't hurt Sony at all the still had 8 large booths compared to ms 2 medium size booths. So Sony's presence at gamescom was hug... #1
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U r so right , and if this was such a big factor for ms u have to question y just y hasn't the cloud been used on all 1st party titles. #8.1
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