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I agree we have to wait and see if people buy third party games on switch that's what happened on wiiu third party devs supported it at launch and there games sold really bad . on 1st party games sold well on wiiu . so we will see by January if switch will be switched on or off for games in the future .

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in all honesty until we hear something its not console exclusive , but to me this is a photoshop pic, anyone can do it . why because there has not been one game period that states 1 year exclusive on advertising at all . it usually just states the console itself. and everyone only knows its a timed exclusive when a dev, or publisher states so.

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It's digital download

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And as of right now it is not doing well on amazon it's in the 90s on top 100

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It is the same internally , just different outside. At PLAYSTATION has confirmed it

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Here u go ,like I said ur the one who went full retard , x1s 2tb not sold out, it's discontinued

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It's not sold out ,its discontinued, Ms will no longer make that model, there is a difference between sold out and discontinued.

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Looks like the person who has received this has a stolen demo , or stolen non final development copy .

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It didn't bother star wars battlefront both games did extremely well on ps4

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They have been doing it already, and ps4 still outsells x1 ea games by a large margin

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Rime has been canceled

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Do u know when this event will happen

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Yes they do

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Don't u understand that can't tell u something is for sale until it's up for sale or preorder, I asked them about the Samsung 4k player 3 weeks before it went up for sale ,and they told me they have nothing on it , and what happened 4k player on sale 3 weeks after they said they have nothing on it , y because they can not confirm something that doesn't exist until it does

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OK this is a article that should not exist, y because amazon will not confirm something that is not for sale or preorder, so this is a story on false pretence.

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Well they are comparing oculus games which launch and vive which launches in a few weeks to psvr which launches in 7 months obviously optimization is not done on psvr compared to the other 2

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Sony is not being secretive about it , there is a thing called announcements and when there ready to announce it they will and next week it will happen, just like the other VR announced there's

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Ms spent billions on there cloud which is used for everything not just gaming xbox may not go anywhere cuz they will use xbox live for pc and phone games but everyone is missing the key here , is xbox consoles going to dissappear, the answer is yes , those that say ms has spent billions on gaming, yes but they lost more billions then there taking in , why cuz of xbox console giving away so many free games , controllers at 299$ and soon to be 250$ all that is at a lost and now sales are down ...

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No steam is not working with ms ans oculus rift ,HTC vive is the name of steams vr coming this year

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