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Yes they do

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Don't u understand that can't tell u something is for sale until it's up for sale or preorder, I asked them about the Samsung 4k player 3 weeks before it went up for sale ,and they told me they have nothing on it , and what happened 4k player on sale 3 weeks after they said they have nothing on it , y because they can not confirm something that doesn't exist until it does

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OK this is a article that should not exist, y because amazon will not confirm something that is not for sale or preorder, so this is a story on false pretence.

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Well they are comparing oculus games which launch and vive which launches in a few weeks to psvr which launches in 7 months obviously optimization is not done on psvr compared to the other 2

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Sony is not being secretive about it , there is a thing called announcements and when there ready to announce it they will and next week it will happen, just like the other VR announced there's

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Ms spent billions on there cloud which is used for everything not just gaming xbox may not go anywhere cuz they will use xbox live for pc and phone games but everyone is missing the key here , is xbox consoles going to dissappear, the answer is yes , those that say ms has spent billions on gaming, yes but they lost more billions then there taking in , why cuz of xbox console giving away so many free games , controllers at 299$ and soon to be 250$ all that is at a lost and now sales are down...

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No steam is not working with ms ans oculus rift ,HTC vive is the name of steams vr coming this year

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This is for a slogan not for everything else like saying it on YouTube and get money for it. They did it with this is 4 the players

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If it's so big and some say ps4 is so called holding back x1 why isn't it being used on x1 1st party games oh yeah it is , but there is no leap to boast about . They used the cloud on titan fall and it didn't boost anything . And it is not locked to xbox , Phil spender himself said and platform including ps4 can use it. So at the end its nothing big to say ps4 is holding back x1 that statement is a joke.

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im thinking 2 models $50 difference for those who own ps4s with cameras

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And of course that's the game alone amazon doesn't count bundles which sold very well and sold better than the game itself add both together and it outsells x1

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i disagree , sony never hyped psx , what the problem is everyone who is disappointed in psx feed into hype and rumors that sony had no doing in . for those who expected what it is knows it was an ok show. this is more for the fans to get hands on like an e3 event , but the conference is what it is not an e3.

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He gave halo5 an 80 lmao really sad

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the halo bundle is released today that has been known since the announcement , the halo 5 codes are not able to be put in till nov 27th

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I cant wait for those games next year

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Actually thats false amazon yearly show ps4 ahead

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@doc really there 20$ a game while some remasters are full price for 1 game , if u want multiplayer go play uncharted 2 multiplayer on ps3 is still up.

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It has been stated over and over again by sony , the main reason for the remastered games are for the ones that switch to PlayStation from wiiu and Xbox 360 20$ a game is a good price , they do have to pay people,taxes,overhead to do this r u expecting them to give it away.

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Its already 299$ at amazon 349$ with 500$gift card .

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http://farm4.staticflickr.c... this one yes omg lmao, wow 360 did better

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