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I've been waiting for a Rumble Racing since PS2 days.... #1.1
Neither I or any other gamer should decide what should be in games, that's up to the creators of the games. If we find the material to be intriguing and we like the intent of the game, then we should buy it and play it.

I don't care for people who are trying to dictate what should or shouldn't be in games. #1.2
Was that Liam Neeson? #1.1.3
Think this is smart from Sony. Keep some announcements for Gamescom but save the best cards for the Playstation Experience Event in December. #1.1.17
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That's one odd looking Batman shot (catwoman and batman fighting off robots).

Looks like his femur is longer than his entire upper body. #1.1.1
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Why don't they just release the footage?

Morons #1.1.1
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Gameplay overviews are the best, agree with Genuine-User.

There's something untouchable by the truth of a gameplay overview, they're just simply showing off the game and letting us know the mechanics and what not of the game and what it's about.

The CGI teasers and other BS some developers choose to show their games through, doesn't appeal to me.

Day one purchase btw. #1.1.5
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I'm not. Whenever developers openly come out saying they haven't held anything from the game for their DLC plans... it's usually the opposite. #1.1.9
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First one on the sight looked really great. Like how the striped pattern follows PS4 longside. #1.3
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Hey, whether you like it or not Konami. He did create the characters and universe inwhich you are making a profit of. You are partnering with him when you assigned him and his team of developers to once again create and release an amazing game to the world. The gamers pay to play the game not because you are publishing it but because Hideo Kojima and his team of developers are creating it. I can see why you removed the name of the producer (although i don't agree with it) but i can't... #1.1.4
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agree with nucky64.

Some people don't find it to be a big of a deal that they change some aspects of visuals


I think games should be revealed when they are at most 6 months away from release. When they announce and reveal games years before release, the game is almost never the same as when they are released. The production of videogames are simply like that. The games go through lots of changes both in visuals and gameplay.
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It's going to be pretty tough to play this game when someone has Cassie against Sonya. Fatality against your own parents... Yeah, that's gonna be controversial in itself. I bet FOX or whatever backwards news channel you could come up with is going to eat this game up. #1.1.2
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Considering how deep the game is, 4 hour single player story is more than enough.

Best fighting game out there. #1.1.2
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Very well written article.

I agree 100%.

There really shouldn't be a competitive advantage if you choose to pay some extra cash. Breaks the balance of the game. #2.1.4
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Some day games will be 1TB in size.

I try to comfort myself by thinking like that when seeing these huge file sizes. #1.1.4
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David Jaffe: "It's so dumb what they're doing but it's within their rights"

Angry Joe: "It's within their legal rights but it's so dumb"

David Jaffe: "Angry Joe's arrogant."

David Jaffe basically agrees with Angry Joe that it's dumb, and they both agree that it's within their rights... so why call Angry Joe arrogant? #1.1.8
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This better be part of an Aprils fool joke, otherwise i'm about to burst into flames.

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Knowing your audience is key for a gaming company, this is why Sony have the loyalty of so many gamers out there. #1.1.4
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Couldn't have said it better myself. Honestly i don't think anyone would've said it better.

You sir... You're right on point!

Give us a new Motorstorm please! =) #1.1
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Can someone please tell me why Resume/play doesn't work for me?

I've done every setting correctly in "energy save settings" but it doesn't work.

It just turns off my PS4. and when i turn it back on it starts from the PS Logo and then boots the system and i have to login again. #1.1.5
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