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Regarding - Djenge Frett - The guy giving you an offer at 2:40 in to the video, the voiceover really isn't believable. They should have cast someone with deeper voice than that.

Also, here's another video for you guys:

and a third one: #1.1.3

Hey, that's my experience with Resistance 2 and 3.

I regard Resistance: Fall of man to have the best multiplayer online mode to date, alongside Call of Duty 4: Modern warfare. The singleplayer was amazing, with just the right amount of mystique to the alien invaders. Resistance 2 was abysmal in comparison, that amount of downgrade was a big letdown for me.

They couldn't just stick with the classic multiplayer mode, they ha... #1.1.5
The first one was superb. Great singleplayer with splitscreen feature. Addicting and classic multiplayer online mode.

The other two were horrific. #1.1
God of war series #1.1.2

I did go into system storage, that's where the crash happened. PS4 rebooted and an error report popped up. Next time i tried to delete it, the system rebooted again.

Third time and every time since, the system acts as if it uninstalled it, but the game and filesize is still there on the list in system storage.

The logo on the XMB for Loadout was deleted, but it was only the logo. There is still an icon of a PS4 controller with... #1.1.9
Good for you.

I on the other hand have had many issues with the game. Both in game and then when i tried to uninstall it. #1.1.2
Don't download it.

I did. When i tried to uninstall it my PS4 crashed. Now, it doesn't matter how many times i try to uninstall it, it doesn't allow me. #1.1
I have extra pair of underwear ready when i'll play Silent Hills.

Really want to know if this is gonna be first person like PT or 3rd person. They have moddeled the character after Norman so it sould be waste if we didnt get a view of the character during gameplay. If it's really Silent Hill game it oughta be in. 3rd person. #1.1
Well, it's pretty clear that it's going to release fall of 2015. There is no doubt this will be the biggest year of games since.. well.. a long long time. #1.1.1
Aren't you supposed to say "Thank you Evolution Studios"? #1.1.1
E3 2015 they'll announce a pricecut if they choose to lower the price at all this year. #1.1.8
The most wanted games on PC are all coming out on consoles as well. That makes me grateful.

Also this means everyone gets to enjoy every game. If you're all about ease of use and quick gaming, consoles is the choice. If you're about top notch quality without any compromise than PC is your choice.

Something for everyone! #1.1.11
Actually, it's not that difficult to pick him out as you'd think.

I just don't think he adds anything new to the performances. #1.1.3
Can i borrow it when YOU are done?

Damn that wallet looks nice!! #1.1.1
Not quite for me, it seems like Troy Baker is in every video game out there... a bit tiresome that's all.

It's like Pacino or Deniro would be in the majority of movie releases. Just annoying if it's too much.

I'm sure there are plenty of talented voice over actors out there who would love to take on some of these roles. #1.1.1

Thx for the info..

Gonna try it out when it comes to Europe (free trial ofcourse).

Don't think i'll pay that much for the service, especially after already having to pay for PS+.

Will be interested though if they could offer cheaper deals. I do want to play some of the PS3 games i missed out on like God of war Ascension and Arkham Origins. #1.1.6
What speeds do you get on your PS4? #1.1.1
Well ofcourse there is a flaw with Last of Us...'s too god damn short! I want moooooooore!!!

...because it's so god damn good! #1.1.2

It baffles me why people disagreed with you.

It's a fixed camera game, nothing groundbreaking about the tech. AND this is from Gamecube era.

I love Capcom for making this happen but the execution is poor however you choose to look at it. The fact that it can't reach 60fps on PS4, a machine two generations after Gamecube... is mindbogglingly awful. #3.2
Well put. If any of you need any more in depth view on the debunking of Anita Sarkeesian's arguments, just look up factual feminist on this matter on the American Institute Enterprise official Youtube page. #1.2
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