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To be honest, I'm more interested in the next logo they'll have for Resident Evil 7 than I am for the next game. Those Japanese be crazy with them logos. =P #1.1
@PostMesmeric and @Sam_job

You said it best. There is no reason for this excuse about "not enough resources" if it was actually a creative point of view. Now instead it sounds like, "in the beginning would have chose a female assassin but we didnt believe that female assassins deserve the resources we have, so we'll use everything on male only assassins".

Stupid, it's not like having a female character would mean THAT much more re... #1.1.4
I enjoy my PS4 quite alot, but the minute you forget that Sony is actually a company before anything else, that's when you lost your grip on reality.

Ofcourse they're gonna try and milk as much money as possible. Playstation Now, is the first true renting library that has all last gen games(will have) on consoles. There is no standard, so they can charge however they like or see it being worth.

It's freaking insane prices though, absolutely mind... #1.1.14
Memo to devs and publishers... don't reveal your games running on your ultra-high-uber-maximum-lord-o f-the-universe-breaker-of-black -holes-super-charged-machines if you intend to release them on consoles. Yes, i'm not saying PC gamers can't enjoy games on higher fidelity, i'm just saying leave that info and gameplay to later on during the PR campaign of the games. PC gamers already know that pretty much every cross platform game is best on PC, no need to make it obvious duri... #1.1.17
Apart from a port to Wii and PS3, this is Ready at Dawns first true console title they build up from ground up and specifically for an exclusive platform.

So in that sense, this looks to be a pretty great first try. It's easy to expect alot from every studio that has ambitious goals, but keep in mind they are going for a cinematic storytelling blockbuster title. This means this will pretty much be linear in execution and as long as the story has alot to offer, i'm fi... #1.1.2
It's about time you change your phone, cause that camera made me dizzy with that wobbly effect. #1.1.5
Two of my favorite IP's from japanese developers, Resident Evil and Devil May Cry, are in threat of creative shift.... in other words, i'm positive about these news.

Capcom has destroyed both RE franchise and DMC at the same time.

Hopefully someone buys Capcom and puts a cork in whomever was responsible for the creative shifts in RE and DMC. #1.1.6
IMO Uncharted 4 had the best trailer of all of E3 and is probably my most anticipated game of all of 2015 titles...


..WHAT ABOUT 2014???!!!

I've never seen so many games on E3 before where the release date is at least a year away. #1.1.6
I would've paid, if it weren't for the fact that it doesn't have splitscreen. That is absolutely BS. How can you call your self a developer and not include splitscreen in a racing game that supposed to be more "fun" than a simulator?

Sure, would be impossible to have 1080p 30fps on two screens at the same time with all that detail and dynamic weather, but they don't have to put in all that on splitscreen mode. I would've loved a slightly less de... #1.1.6
"Your Notoriety will be reset to 0 and any Notoriety Skills you have unlocked will be lost.

Do you want to disable Online Invasions?"

This is the most disturbing part i'd guess. If i have gathered points, why do they have to reset the points if i no longer want to be disturbed by online players in my single player campaign? #1.1.6
This looks... NEXTGEN!

Finally. A game we at last can truly say, uses the hardware of PS4 and Xbox One (and PC ofcourse) to the fullest. long as they don't dumb it down last second like Ubisoft. #1.2
This is the beauty of the embargo system, we won't know for sure before the rest of the lot reviews the game. When i go to metacritic i can get a better overall picture of how good the game is. #1.1.3
They will claim it's ingame until the last week before launch when they downgrade it. False advertisement has happened way too many times in this industry and i doubt Activision won't use this tactic, however idiotic. #1.1.19
I'm sick of "the next year" game rumors.

Just shut up until you are half a year from releasing your game.

How come there isn't more outrage at the publishers for not releasing any true nextgen games this year?

We've had maybe 5 games that are truly made for nextgen consoles. The consoles have been out for almost 6 months.

This is just so stupid, that we're going in to the end of this year with no maj... #1.1.10
I never really understood why Cole couldn't be in water. We today have electric eels capable of shocking preys in water and they cope with it just fine.

I never got why Cole, a superhuman with magical electric powers, couldn't cope the way an electric eel copes with it.

If it's in his cells the way it's in an electric eels cells, then it shouldn't be a problem for him to be in water. The only difference from water and air is the amount of... #3.1
I know that i will be very disappointed if they don't announce alot of exclusives for fall 2014.

Not that i'm against Sony or Microsoft.. but i like to think that a made a good investment buying a new console for 400+ $. I don't want a dry season of games for... months. I'd like publishers and developers to take us nextgen gamers seriously and not just wait for the sales of the consoles to go up before releasing their games. #1.1.13
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I'm sure they will. Finally a reason to buy Simcity. I've been waiting for quite som time for an offline and moddable Simcity. #1.1
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Am i the only one expecting atleast 32 players ?

Resistance: Fall of man had 40 players matches... THAT WAS BACK IN 2006!

AND.. this is new hardware for next generation of gaming and high end PC's we're talking about.

I'm going to emphasize over the fact that we are in 2014 now.

This is a joke. #1.1.2
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"Katsuhiro Harada is looking at the next generation already"

We're already in the next generation, it's current gen. If you ask me it's pretty late to "look at the next gen" if you haven't already looked in to it years ago. All the major studios are well in to development for the current gen consoles. If you think about it, "looking at the next generation" probably means that Tekken won't come out for PS4/XONE until two years... #1.1.1
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Storywise and the way the story was told, Resident Evil 1 is the best Resident Evil game of all time. Without a doubt the best horror game.

I had chills down my spine during the whole playthrough. Even the most subtle thing, the sound of the footsteps scared the living crap out of me. And entering a new room and hearing the rotting flesh of their mouths moan like never-tiring beasts while you couldn't see them yet you knew they were getting closer, goddamnit that was sca... #1.1
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