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It are, aren't it? #1.1
See you guys in 2022. #1.1.11
"full 8 mins"

...1 min for each year it has been in development. #1.1.1
Gonna be honest. I hope it's multiplat. More people will enjoy it then.

My only fear is, this goes to all future multiplats, the quality might be less than that of an exclusive PS4 title.

But if they manage to still keep the PS4 title intact interms of fully utilizing the hardware.. then i'm all for multiplat. #1.1.5
Funny how one of the biggest publishers/devs in Japan still are struggling thanks to their "westernized" philosophy for the future of their franchises. I'm ofcourse talking about Capcom. Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is a start in the right direction, but from what has been shown it's apparently a babystep in the right direction. Meanwhile, other devs are going strong with their direction... FFXV, MGS5, PT, Bloodborne and Evil Within etc.

Ontopic... That foo... #1.1.1
Oh nice!

Thanks for letting me know. #1.1.2
Damn, i really wish this game came out on PS4. I do want to play this game, but i cant afford getting another nextgen console. Here's hoping they do release this on PS4 or PC. #1.1
Good list.. but i would just give God of War 3 to any Playstation doubter. IF you, by any chance, are still a doubter after the first level... then there's no hope for you. #1.1.1
Going to be honest. Was looking forward to this game so much. But that right there, is a lacking roster.

Can't believe with all that development time and delays... they still only managed to get 38 cars?!

wtf?! #1.1.22
With all the layoffs i'd expect them to quit this MS milking and just commit to multiplatform format. #1.1.3
I reaaally don't want this game to be episodic. We'll get those 1 hour experiences and then have to wait months before the next episode is out.

I just want to sit down and play this game over a weekend with my boys and turn them into tiny screaming school girls.

Can't they just make the whole experience? If Silent Hills is the franchise they chose... then you'd expect a fully outlined story from start to finish. Sure, leave some room for se... #1.1.3
Well, i don't think this game is bad. It's more of a survival horror and i'm glad Shinji Mikami is back in a genre he had part in creating.

I'm going to pick this up no doubt. But i'm looking more forward to Silent Hills. P.T. just blew me away. The visuals. The environment. The choice to keep it simple. It is a psychological ride down to horror hell in my opinion. The shivers it sent down my spine. Have never felt anything like that from watching any horr... #1.1.2
This is more of a survival horror game... while PT was a straight up horror game. #1.1
Video is really compressed. Is there a better video out?

Haven't played Demon Souls nor Dark Souls. But this title i'm going to pick up.

Is there anyway you can mess with camera settings to make it not as flickery when moving it around? #1.1.1
That would send shivers down my spine. If they did that, i might not buy another NBA game for the rest of my life. #1.1

Can i be more excited for a game?!

SPOILER: No. #1.1.5
Amazing... but i'm so disappointed they didn't announce a release date. Just give us 2015 and i'll be pleased... Not "in development". Oh well, lets hope it won't be another eight years of waiting. #1.2.8
Jesus fucking christ!!!

(not religious in any way so that goes to show how jawdropping this game is going to be... I'M A BELIVER NOW!!!! JESUS HAS TO EXIST!!!) #1.1.2
Yet, Anita Sarkeesian gets awarded for her biased views and "studies". #2.1
I agree as well. There are very few franchises out there that manages to bring new and compelling stories every single year with great free roaming gameplay.

The story is so deep you'll never have a boring moment in any of the AC games.

I thought AC Black Flag was going to be an afterthought but they put so many new elements to the gameplay and storyline that it felt like the next stage of the franchise. I only hope this new "nextgen only" titl... #1.1.3
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