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Back in 2005 there was an Indiana Jones game in the works but it was cancelled.
With Tomb Raider and the Uncharted spin offs now occupying the adventure market, maybe Disney thinks it a risk to make a Indy game especially since people haven’t forgotten about The Crystal Skull. Perhaps if the new Indiana Jones movie is a huge success then there will be interest in a new game.

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Very sorry to hear of your loss. Sounds like your dog and you were lucky to have one another.

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It has a few moments of surprises but the game is totally worth playing. You're going to love it.

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When the reveal trailer started, I thought that it was a sequel to The Last Of Us. Then I remembered that the Naughty Dog logo wasn't present in the beginning.
Nonetheless, this game looks interesting and I can't pass judgement yet but from what was shown, those 'zombies' move like the ones from World War Z or Dawn Of The Dead remake.

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When the frame rate started dropping since the patch, I initially thought that my character was too heavy and was rolling slowly. Not being able to connect online is a pain since I enjoy seeing messages and clues left behind by other players.

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And yet her husband, Kanye, has the audacity to be asking for money because he's $50 million in debt? He has a GoFundMe page set up for crying out loud, why doesn't she give him the money that he "needs"?
I wonder how much she has made to date with that 'game'.

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Oh man. I loved Secret Of Mana. Such a classic.

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Castlevania III
Zelda Link To The Past
Zelda Orcarnia Of Time
Batman Arkham Asylum

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You get a bubble for that. I actually laughed.

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It's message not massage. If you're going to attempt to rally support then spell correctly. Besides, they've made ammends with me with ODST and other in game items.

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Thank you. Seriously. :)

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Well said.

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Before Halo, they were known for making, Oni (PS2), Myth and Marathon (PC) which were critically acclaimed. Bungie gained their independence from Microsoft in 2007 and signed off the Halo series to Microsoft.
I'm a fan of Bungie and admire everything that they do.

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First off, I own both PS4 & Xbox One. Just have to put that disclaimer out there.
Anyway, why is it fine for the Call of Duty series commercials to have the "Get the ultimate experience on Xbox." but most of the Internet blows a gasket when Destiny has the PS4 logo followed by each commercial?
At the end of the day, it's business for each system. We don't see Sony making loophole ads telling gamers that Call of Duty is also playable on their system as ...

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I own both PS4 and Xbox One. From first hand experience, I can say, you're wrong. I owned Ghosts and Black Flag for both systems and I can say the PS4 looked better with better lighting and textures. Before you get all LOL at me owning two of the same games, I recieved both as gifts since the givers didn't know I already had them for PS4.
I'm not saying my X1 is garbage, I look forward to Halo and other exclusives but when it comes to multiplatform games, PS4 is my choice...

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Could you imagine a original Resident Evil remake for PS4 and X1 like the GameCube version? I loved that GameCube game. I would play that at 2am and panic if I didn't have enough kerosine to burn the dead zombie in fear that they would come back to "life". Such a good time.
Happy Gaming everyone. :-)

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I have PS4 and Xbox One since launch. I don't think you have both systems because if you did, you would redact that "faster UI" statement. It takes 5 seconds from the moment I hit the Home button to access anything on my X1 system whereas my PS4 is immediate.
I also played cod Ghosts and Destiny beta on BOTH my systems. Yes, there is an obvious difference in visuals.
I enjoy my Xbox One but my PS4 is my true gaming system. I look forward to Halo MCC and Advance...

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Agreed. I preordered mine as well. Talk about physical items! And what seems to be a very good game.

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Why do I have a feeling that this bonus map will be useless if other people in a lobby don't have it or it'll only be accessible in a separate playlist much like Nuketown was for Black Ops 2. They made a big deal about getting Nuketown via preorder but it was not playable except launch weekend and other Double XP weekends.
Does anyone know any solid information to this bonus map? I just don't want to pay extra for nothing.

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I've played countless hours with the beta. I can only imagine what the final product will be like. The online community in Destiny is great.

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