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maybe preparing for some next gen classic return?
i haven't played Spyro since 98 i think. i'd love to give it a try

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i'm not gonna interpret it the way xbots are doing it with Sony's latest restructuring plans.

This restructuration is to lose some fat to be more fit to compete and this is the right time to do it cause the new fiscal year just started.

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on top of that they run a max resolution, which is scary for launch titles.
imagine what will happen later on

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a nice alternative to MH and Toukiden is starting to gain popularity in Japan..
good news for Vita owners.

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this game is one of the biggest titles of this year.
Hopefully Wii U sales take off to shut the mouths of the haters.

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i was very happy to play the HD remasters on PS3/Vita and i hope they keep'em coming on next gen.
It was amazing to play God of War in 3D or Sly Trilogy in HD. It really added value

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it's Sony's first party greatness.
SS is really beautiful, all you need is a good TV... those faces blow me away in every cut scene

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they already confirmed it some time ago.
PS4 lead platform it is!

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Lanning please stop talking and release that remake before it's too late.

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fanboyism put to the side as you said, i still don't know what you're talking about.

since e3? what games have been announced for x1?
isn't it only about resolution disasters everytime?
they have been making announcement after announcement? please help me refresh my memory cause i have trouble understanding what you're saying.

PS4 is controlling the market, and Sony might have been touched by layoffs recently ...

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large number of games?
how about showing some now? we don't know anything about SCEJ titles for PS4.

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the standard right now is to get clicks, and the only way to get clicks is to tell garbage.

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u can use guns in ME

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looks like garbage to me.
never been a fan of UE

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this game is amazing the way it is, and these enhancements will make it better for sure. I love the smoke power effects at night and i'm looking forward to this nice feature.
SP deserve my money.

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that frostbite is garbage EA.
if Naughty Dog said it about theirs i would understand but FrostBite? seriously??

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the only problem i see now is that there is no big release in the coming months.
after i am done with infamous it will be quiet all the way to at least may.
but great job PS4 that manages to smash the competition with almost no game. makes me wonder what will happen when the big stuff will start coming out.

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i wouldn't be this much optimistic if i were you.
Banjo game? Conker game? I think you should put that out of sight cause Rare is dead, and please tell me how many have bought the Banjo game on 360 or even knew it existed?

The guy was boss of Microsoft Game Studios and other than Kinect or Fable games we haven't seen much from xbox studios.
I prefer the 360 times under Peter Molyneux, the guy brought some good stuff at that time before spencer took ove...

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Story quality: Excellent
Like the website?: Yes.

everyone should do the same.
thanks for opening the eyes of many.
Nintendo are kings and an absolute reference in this field. Can't wait for the new Zelda Wii U.
make the use of the gamepad screen like on the DS and 3DS episodes will be genious. hope it's playable with stylus as well.

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Maybe a kind of a Tourist Trophy 2 teaser?
I would love that thing to happen!

First screen? how about those?
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