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I don't know that I would say Xbox Live in 2005 > Nintendo Network in 2016. For starters, even in 2005, xbox live was a paid service. In 2005, the friends list feature wasn't that robust. A lot of people have fond memories, but Xbox Live got increasingly better throughout last generation.

Nintendo's got really two "flaws" with NN right now. It lacks universal account support (that's a biggie), and it doesn't support group voice chats that yo...

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You may want to read the editorial, as Pokemon Go is talked about, but specifically mentioned

"Most of the credit for the success of Pokémon go lies with Niantic themselves, as Pokémon is literally built upon the setup that Ingress created.

What I am trying to get at is that Pokémon Go is a success because Nintendo didn’t get in the way, as they easily could have given they do own the Pokémon trademark. Nintendo’s actual role in ...

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Staff changeover.

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That's only a discount on Amazon, actually. It's $60 everywhere else and that discount is only for a limited time. Nintendo still sells TWW HD for $50 on Amazon.

Amazon pricing is not Nintendo pricing in general, unfortunately. MK8 will still have a retail value of $60 for probably the next 3 years.

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My lone gripe with this is that if E3 is a show of lies, who do we believe? Do we believe Naughty Dog when they say that is what the game will look like? We believed it when ubisoft said as much. Is Eiji Aonuma correct or will there be a small downgrade at the end because they have to or the FPS is too inconsistent?

I'm not saying the PS4 can't do what happened with Uncharted 4, but there are some very PC specific games that can't even reach that sort of realism o...

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Interesting screenname for someone saying Sony doesn't make quality software. Nintendo has their quality stuff, but Sony does too. Almost everything out of Naughty Dog is amazing, as an example. Sure, Sony doesn't necessarily have "in house" teams like Nintendo, but they still have a lot of quality software. It's just for a different demographic most of the time.

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That's actually just the introduction. Click the link.

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This is part 1 of a 3 part series. Apparently, they have one for Microsoft and Nintendo coming later in the week.

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That's exactly the point. Companies are here to make money. Period. This works both ways. Why care about them being cocky or not if it doesn't really even matter? They provide the entertainment you want or are seeking, so be happy!

So much hate and "bitterness" over something you claim is not our friends. If Sony isn't our friends, why are so many acting like they are? I will enjoy my PS4, but this article merely serves to p...

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In the article it provides quotes from Sony in 2011 and 2012 that are just as bad as any quotes from 2005-2007. 2011 and 2012 isn't that long ago.

EDIT REPLY: Calling the 3DS a babysitting tool is just as insulting as what they said about the DS. Especially at the time that they said it in 2011, when the only people who owned the 3DS were young adults, the same market they target. The greatest core market for the DS was children, but it was s...

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You're missing the point. The article even admits that Microsoft and yes, even Nintendo, are also very arrogant companies. However, the focus of this piece is on Sony specifically because they are being praised right now as the "can't do wrong" company. Despite the fact they can, and have, and continue to do so.

The PlayStation 4 has many pluses and I have a day one verison, but they also have a lot of things going against them that has been slipping under t...

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It's not about what they said, but how they said it. Did they really need a video showing "this is how you share games on the PS4". The fact they support used games already implied. That video exists solely to mock the Xbox One at that time.

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Or because all launch consoles have problems and it's best to wait until things are fixed. Wait, that never happens right?

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Author speaking:

I have a day one Xbox One console pre-orderd. In fact, read the article, it states at the end I am getting a day one console. However, my reasons for it have to do with my work at the site versus my hobby as a video game enthusiast.

It's also not a negative article in the slightest. It's just giving reasons to not jump head first into next gen right now, but to wait a bit. That is all. You figure with all the hype going around this wo...

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Because consumers shouldn't buy consoles at launch. It's pretty simple. Previous launches should have proven this.

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I go to various entertainment mediums. Movies, TV, etc. Lots of different websites. Outside of "politics" - nothing else on the internet, especially in entertainment, sees as much flaming, angry outbursts.

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That's not even true. Gaming is way more varied today than it ever has been with a lot of different pricing options and ways to play. Gaming is the most diverse it's ever been.

That doesn't mean there aren't companies doing stupid things (DRM, micro-transactions), but the quality of the games really hasn't dropped. Where one franchise grows stale, another rises. You just can't pick one franchise and live with it forever. THat was true way back in the d...

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These boxes do far more than just play video games. If they can take the game I play and make it a more engaging experience with my friends through social means, that ultimately DOES make the game a better experience, because I can share that experience with my firends without them coming to my house. I can now play sessions with my best friend who is a hour and a half drive away and he can watch me play when he needs a break and give me tips, and vice versa.

Does that techni...

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did you miss the point where I said I'm not a Sony fanboy, I'm a Nintendo one... and I didn't even own a ps3... but I owned a gaming pc, a wii, and a 360?

Recording videos and uploading them, along with social features, do not improve a game. What they do do, however, is take something I ALREADY DO (as do many others), and make it much easier to get done, likely in HD, without needing to buy extra components and run it through the constant rendering it takes on a ...

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Interesting. Considering I am primarily a "Nintendo Fanboy", it was actually interesting to me that I could come up with such compelling reasons to own a console from a company I have been opposing for years.

The PlayStation 4 does look nice as is just from what we already know. How many people use YouTube? Consider this: It's the #3 most visited website in the entire world.