Tired... as usual


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Well, then it's good that this one is free and good.

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I am trying! >_>

For some reason, I had a LOT less problems with Bloodborne.

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All I know is that I had to delay my Dark Souls III review because the game's kicking my ass too hard.

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That's ok. I'm ok with being a fangirl when a game is great.

And at least the level I played, oh boy.

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That was pretty much my reaction. I guess some was also due to the fact that Sony strapped a bicycle helmet on my head with a gopro. No. I'm not Joking. Wish I knew where that footage ended.

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Haters gonna hate, as usual.

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@VenomUK: I'm old, at my age you get sentimental.

But honestly, I'm just a wuss. And yes, I did cry. :D

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He doesn't need to abandon his team. Square Enix does work with directors as external contractors. They're doing it with Yoko Taro.

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He already is.

The announcement of his collaboration with silicon studio stressed that he's working with their tech, which is mostly high end console/PC related (I saw their rendering engine run on a PS4 myself, and boy, it's good).

That said, people working on two games at the same time is hardly unheard of, especially if he shared direction with Tabata.

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It's certainly improving.

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I like it. Wish it had the original sound, but that'd probably lead to lawsuits.

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Sorry, meant Sub Full-HD, fixed.

I'm running on 2 hours of sleep and had an uncharted 4 event in the morning. Kind of trying to hold my neurons together lol.

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Maybe you should. One would think that if they had a PC version currently in the works, they'd talk about it in the massive two-hour event they had, where they delivered a gazillion of news.

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Graphics have very little to do with the cloud implementation. It looks mediocre because it's a browser game.

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I love both Shimomura and Uematsu. Can't wait to get the soundtrack. I don't buy many, but this one I will.

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Lol, touche.

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It's a tech demo, not a gameplay demo. It's designed to showcase things like day/night cycle, physics and weather, not the gameplay, which is intentionally barebones.

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But it was ok when Valve strapped it into Steam DRM?

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The demo is not part of the full game. it's a prequel.

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Nah. The big sites almost never have to suffer consequences from this kind of mistakes, just because they're big. They'll probably get a shouting, and that's it.

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