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It is.

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And might as well be the developers of Onechanbara :D

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Yep, it's on N4G's side (or better, on google's side, probably linked to some ad on N4G). Hopefully, they'll fix it ASAP.

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"to omoimasu" (I Think) is something Japanese developers will NEVER omit when they say something like this. There's nothing not reassuring in it. It's simply cultural.

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They weren't false. That's how the game was at that point in development. They simply got feedback from the demo, and changed the battle system according to that feedback.

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"Yes, people criticized the original action system as well. Key words there: "as well". "

it's a fact that there's feedback that goes both ways.

"I don't think you understand what facts are. You are literally claiming that I'm the only person that wants a Valkyria game to have the Valkyria battle "

No. i'm literally claiming that you represent only yourself, and not any k...

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Looks like you haven't ever played a Yakuza game.

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The difference between me and you is that I apply common sense. You apply your bias.

Incidentally, the link you bring is a *very* partial translation, and very much paraphrased. I present you with the actual data, because might as well do the job right instead of throwing around a 10 line summary.

Lol you're a riot.

It was "clearly revealed" where? By who? The published results of the survey weren't nearly as clear cut as you pretend they are (I know, because I translated them), and you haven't seen the detailed ones, which obviously only Sega has.

Conclusion, you're just doing some big, fat assumptions based on your insane belief that if you like something, the majority does as well.

"You just like...

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Yep. DualShockers should be so ashamed because its editor-in-chief doesn't bow to the turn-based god. I got my job with 18 years of hard work. What about you?

You haven't read the detailed results of the survey. The development team did. You don't know what the fans want. You're just assuming that "the fans" want what you want, which is as ludicrous an assumption as it comes.

But do keep raging and foaming at the mouth. I'll ...

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The only delusion I see, is someone thinking he "clearly speaks for most."

Here's the deal. You don't.

Sega indeed polled the game's Japanese fans, and that survey led them to create THIS system, not a fully turn-based system that lets you control all characters at the same time, so quite obviously don't speak for the respondents or the survey, or anyone else than yourself.

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Have you polled "most fans of this particular series?"

Something tells me that you have not.

Speak for yourself, because you certainly can't speak for me, everyone or most.

I like games. I don't fossilize on a particular genre with the silly preconception that it must be automatically superior to any other.

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Nope. But if you wanna hear my prediction, it won't be there at all.

I'll be happy to be proven wrong, tho.

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Haha, boy I do remember Bolt Thrower :D They were awful, but the art was nice.

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You seem to have the habit to confuse what you personally want with what everyone wants, and what you personally like with what developers should do.

This system certainly sounds solid to me. Maybe it won't satisfy the most radical turn-based fanatics still living in the eighties, but identifying them with any sort of majority is quite fallacious.

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the multiplayer really isn't the core of the experience, IMHO. No need for PS plus to enjoy the game.

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Exactly. It happens. Hopefully we'll still get to see that art though, one way or another.

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Yep. Paying homage to the history of a series is so terrible.

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I know how you feel. Until the last screen I hoped it was for 3DS or Vita..

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48 hours with no sleep will do that to you too.I could hardly focus on the crosshairs.

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