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They? A large part of the team is new.

They haven't.

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Oh come on. That sounds more like a slogan than an argument.

I'm not a big fan of activision, but shooting down a game and a team before they even have the chance to prove themselves is just low brow.

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Lol. Your ignorance keeps showing. You're going rabid.

1) they have more content because they were launched earlier. No more. No less.

2) nothing was left out. I provided a perfectly valid answer that shown how little you know, and to which you have no counter. Your attempt to dismiss it and personal attack against other people's hard work shows that you're being maliciously disingenuous.

3) you have absolutely no evidence ...

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You may want to get your facts straight, because you're dreadfully ignorant.

1: russian servers are not at the same content stage as the Korean servers, which are not at the same stage of content as the Japanese servers. They all have different stages of content depending on when they were opened.
2: korean and russian servers are full of pay to win elements like the ability to trade cash shop items for in game money (which results into basically being able to ...

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Oh yeah!

I'll play this to death. I am happy that Total War: Warhammer is coming, but Warhammer 40,000 is where my heart really is.

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Lol funny how you troll every article about this game with exactly the same stuff. Quite obviously, you have a personal grudge.

Fact is that the game offers a crapton of content without the need to touch the cash shop at all. And that's more content than 99% of AAA games out there that cost twice as much.

Where the game is free to play, it's also pay to win. In Europe and US it isn't, so it isn't free to play. If you're cheap, there ar...

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@SolidGear3: I can only say what is on the FAQ unfortunately. Maybe that's a thing, and they means that Infinite warfare is the only way you can get it without the other two Modern Warfare games, who knows.

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There's absolutely no info on that yet. I checked all the press releases, and there's nothing in pre-order pages too.

Edit: Specified in the FAQ. Won't be available separately.

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You never know. They hired some interesting people from this one, especially from Naughty Dog. That's good people to have if you want to turn the storytelling of a franchise around.

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Me too, especially since the setting pretty much sounds like Gundam :D

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Nope, but we already knew that.

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having played the latest demo (with a gopro strapped on my head, damn you Sony), I can tell that they're definitely real.

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Oh, are they? >_>

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uh? The gameplay has absolutely nothing to do with Onimusha.

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Didn't know there were only 40 million people in the world :D Still a long way to total domination :D

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I know that predictions can be surpassed for the right price, but with their forecast they're giving information to investors telling them "this is what we think we'll sell."

That means that they don't think that they'll surpass that prediction, and that they most probably don't intend to drop the price.

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I actually doubt it. reason for that is that they predict to sell only 800,000 units in the full fiscal year.

That's very low for a console receiving a price drop.

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That's all right. Sanity is overrated nowadays :D

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@monkeyDzoro: That might be how it sounds, but that's not really how it plays. It plays very similar to a souls game.

The way you fight, character stat progression, the way you pull enemies with stones, the way you loose currency when you die, you can recover it, but you loose it permanently if you die again before you don't, shrines that work basically like bonfires, hell, even the shortcut system is the same.

If this game had "from software...

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It's basically Dark Souls in Japan. The similarities are really uncanny. It has a few interesting twists of its own tho.

For instance, the markers that in Dark Souls let you see the shadow of the enemy? Here you can actually fight them for loot.

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