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I would say because it's extremely easy to remaster.

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That being said, I haven't heard them say even once that you can play offline. I'm guessing it could be solo, but still online. Not that I care ALL that much, but I know some will.

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They didn't quite count to 3 yet. While I have no doubt that they will, since Valve will never make half life 3.

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I'll wait. I waited 10 years for the series to go back to Strangereal.

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Indeed, I don't know anyone who really expected it this year.

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Same here. My social life ends when this releases.

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In the game :D

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Because they want this kind of game, and they want it to be successful. Pretty straightforward.

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Only one of the best MMOs on the market nowadays. Guess you just have bad taste.

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the genkai tokki series is JRPG.

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No they have not. And that's the whole point.

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My articles don't include false information, and your idea of "Most" is a bit elastic.

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Not necessarily. It can easily simply mean that they want to either increase quality or speed up development, or simply that they want tighter control.

Reading too much into vague statements is always fallacious.

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@Darkfist_Flames: that looks like side-scrolling action to me

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there is no mention of "RPG"

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Haha, it's just a not-so-subtle way to say that there are politics in place, probably either with Sony or Nintendo.

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oh you can.

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I'm SO hoping they deliver. For me the first was already very good, just needed a better narrative.

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Lol. I seriously doubt that possibility is even close to realistic.

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Basically, online features with microtransactions involved.

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