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Agreed, even if it's still sad that they moved the franchise to mobile.

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That's because or all the discounts and sales, mostly. It's not so much the number of consoles sold that is down. It's the money they make with each.

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Not sure why. Both Eidos Montreal and Crystal Dynamics are great with action adventure games, which is pretty much the perfect genre for Marvel.

We're not talking about the Japanese studios of Square Enix, even if I won't lie, I'd love a Marvel game with Japanese character design based on Kotobukiya's bishojo figures.

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It's the studio that developed Tomb Raider AND the studio that developed Deus Ex, together. Basically it's nearly the whole power of the western arm of Square Enix (excluding IO Interactive) focused on one game :D

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@bluerupee: i'd give an arm for 5.

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What part of this is "to discredit the switch?"

If you bothered to look at the article, you would have notice that the same was done for the normal PS4 over a year ago, when the switch wasn't even a thing. This is just the same thing, experimenting with the bigger console.

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Not all countries and areas have fast upstream internet. When your upstream bandwidth is 700kbit/s remote play is simply not doable.

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There was never a grope feature. There was just a poke.

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haha I can't, but I'll let you guys know if they say anything relevant, promise :D

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Same here, would be bad if it didn't since it's the sequel of Celceta.

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Extra 400 dollars? Didn't know the PS4 Pro costed $650. The things you learn...

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I don't think you have a very clear idea of how games looked on PS3

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@Spenok: Asia with English subtitles, that for me is equivalent.

@Scatpants: her reactions and behaviors look very natural, so I find it enjoyable.

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Actually, I'll be there, can't wait :D

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I'd say the same if the Asian version of Summer Lesson wasn't coming earlier :D

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Probably the best genre to play on VR.

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As long as it makes them money, pretty much.

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Yep, my mistake. It's fixed now. And yes, it appears just to be New 3DS. The press release mentions only New 3DS and New 3DS XL.

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That just means that it's bigger than any one trailer from E3 or Gamescom, I doubt this will get as much attention as the WHOLE E3. Maybe Gamescom.

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well... I wouldn't go THAT far.

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