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Selvaria (and her bikini) comes with DLC 4.

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You haven't watched a single minute of the video or read a single word of the article, did you?

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Indeed there was :D It does look really good.

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As someone who speaks Japanese decently enough to get by, this is the silliest thing I hear rather often about this.

Learning to speak Japanese is hard enough. Learning to read Japanese well enough to enjoy a game that's not 100% voice acted is an incredibly time-consuming engagement that most definitely not everyone can afford.

A game like Yakuza requires at the *very* least university-level Japanese to be able to understand the variety of kanji, a...

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Next enemy is Gemini Saga from Saint Seiya. Hence the greek setting with the Sanctuary of Athena in the video lol.

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We all know that's not gonna happen. I'll be happy if they localize Hokuto Ga Gotoku already. I'm terrified by the idea that anime licensing issues could get in the way.

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Best day ever.

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Basically, Harmony Gold took three mecha series that have nothing to do with each other (Macross, Southern Cross, and Mospeada), and pieced them together, changing the story considerably at times in order to make them fit, and at times simply for arbitrary reasons.

Basically, Robotech is the Frankenstein of anime, and all the changes Harmony Gold made worsen the story and the depiction of the setting and characters by quite a bit.

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Replace that with "Macross" and I can agree.

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It was on sale.

Both SOTC and FighterZ did pretty bad digitally in Japan. No idea why.

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that's because it includes all the assets for Kamurocho and a ton of cutscenes. Like, the first 45 minutes are pretty much all cutscenes.

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If you want Shenmue without QTE, you don't want Shenmue.

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Those who decry this kind of thing are an overwhelmed minority basically represented only by segments of the press and their cronies, and hanging out in their limited nests like resetera. And even on resetera, reactions were mostly positive.

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Faith in humanity: restored.

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Like, literally, the only thing they have in common is the hair color.

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@deadfrag: same day as release of DCP in Japan. Not sure if it happened in the west too. I didn't check, but if it didn't yet, it'll most probably happen when DCP launches here.

Of course, the update doesn't include the new resolution.

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Dragon's Crown sold fairly well when it launched (almost 200,000 copies, and it nearly sold out). The problem here is IMHO that the Pro version really doesn't add much besides more pixels, and the PS3 and PS Vita versions got updated with all the (few) new tweaks.

Unless you really care about resolution, there's no reason to buy the new one.

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If it was released, they wouldn't need that many developers.

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I don't think many on Xbox One care all that much.

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I am as well. It looks like a souls game with an actual story to encourage you to persevere.

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