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I don't think you're very familiar with what Azure is.

Azure is a service independent from Xbox. Pubg pays for it, and it'll run on PS4 if Pubg keeps paying for it.

Hilarious that you think it would be a "problem" for anyone.

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You compare financial results year-on-year, not with "6 months ago"

What is disingenuous (even if I guess it's involuntary in your case) is comparing the summer period with the Holidays, as you did.

It's painted as a positive (at least on the software side) because it is.

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Bingo. At least he doesn't claim to be an analyst.

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"for home consoles."

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Worse, you have a minute timer, so you can't finish the level.

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No, because it's not about games. The articles about it have been failed by the mods.

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Yep, Studio Trigger is working on it, so that's not surprising that it looks so good. Wish Bandai Namco involved the anime designers more often like this.

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It's a trailer for TV, so it's not aimed just at core gamers. Makes sense they advertise its capabilities for movies and sport in 4K.

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This is massively mistranslated. The original interview on Famitsu doesn't say a "big announcement" but simply "many things," and doesn't even mention Final Fantasy VII remake, but only Nomura's projects.

Besides, it's two weeks old, and was already submitted on N4G back then.

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May sound crazy, but it reminds me of the Mass Effect trailers when the series was at its peak.

Now, if only we got a true blue squad shooter/RPG hybrid set in the Star Wars universe...

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No, we have not. We have known it'd come to the arcade version. Which is not the same thing.

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Not sure if you have noticed, but Amazon.com and Best Buy are not in Japan.

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It's still Zeku, dressed like Strider, it appears.

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Oh yeah, I had no doubt about that myself. Yet, GTSport is a very different game from its predecessors, so I'm still happy to hear it :D

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Previously they didn't mention anything specific on what kind of cars we'd get, and Super GT is certainly new (and good news), nor tracks.

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Can't be worse than Miki.

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It's not a browser game. It uses the DMM game client, which installs the game on your PC.

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pretty much lol.

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How about instead they keep working on the game until they have a finished product that those who actually supported the game can enjoy?

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