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Because it's totally terrible to do something new unless it's "needed"

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Actually, for all of them. You need a japanese account only to download it.

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So am I. It'll be a long time,m but it's gonna be worth it.

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@il-JumperMT: I played since launch, and I know you're wrong, besides the usual bit of dropoff that is natural when a MMO matures.

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The nice and heavily populated servers prove you wrong. It sure has some vocal haters, whom have been proved to be irrelevant by results.

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That's completely false. You can pay for convenience. Definitely not to "win."

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You do know that you can play it in English, right?

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It's already out. Has been like 7 months. This is a new expansion tho.

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They said clearly it's a new IP.

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I seriously hope not. That's an absolutely anti-immersive choice to (badly) use a gimmick.

1: When you pilot a fighter, radio chatter comes from the headset in your helmet, not from between your hands.
2: the audio quality of the speaker in the DS4 is certainly not as good as that of your home theater/TV Speakers/Headset, and in Ace Combat radio chatter is an important part of storytelling, it should be well understandable.

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It was announced today :D

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That's what the stream was streamed at.

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I interviewed him at Gamescom for NieR: Automata together with the composer. Actually Saito is quite open and talkative normally, but I was so stoked for NieR that I didn't think about it until I was out of the room >_>

Incidentally, Saito is a Producer, not an exec :D

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The trailer is a cinematic, but there is plenty of gameplay from both platforms in the post as well. Might have missed that.

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Haha, indeed :D

Puff-Puff will never die :D

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I've been kicking myself since August for forgetting to ask Saito when I interviewed him about NieR >_>

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Plot twist: we actually get the costume without getting the game.

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Did someone seriously just post the same drivel 20 times?

To the point, I'm pretty sure Sega made the right move. The game might have sold a bit less, but developing for one platform means spending a lot less than having to support two, especially considering that developing for PS3 is complicated and expensive.

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We're getting it with subtitles. It'll just be on the Asian PSN, can be grabbed there with no issue.

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"Seems like stuff they cut so they could release it a few weeks after and claim it's free DLC"

You could say this of absolutely anything and everything that gets released after launch.

Of course, you'd have no evidence or event a hint in any of those cases, so it's a moot statement to make just for the sake of bashing a developer that already delivered a very meaty game without any reason besides trying to be negative.

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