Tired... as usual


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@Bigpappy: no, this one doesn't even have the excuse of being drunk.

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I have to admit that I laughed for 15 minutes straight. Way too much. "hey, let's take the fastest car of the game to the Nürburgring! What can go wrong!"

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Same here. I'm a bit hurt by the lack of voice acting, but I should have expected it. Funny that they kept quiet until the very end about that.

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The truth is that they already announced that it's coming west.

And your opinion on what matters or not is pretty irrelevant, regardless of whether you write it in all caps.

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Uh, they do.

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They didn't mention it once

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It takes a special case to believe that this game is in any shape or form part of the Uncharted 4 package and it equates to "finishing the game."

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It's a bit rough around some edges, since it's in early access, but it has potential. Need to see when they really get into stuff like airliners to really judge tho.

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"gamers" >_>

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Especially for a game with no voices.

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A healthy obsession in the summer, I'd say.

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I believe the highlight of the streaming session was another tho: Drunk driving :D

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Nah, just a separate production.

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That's easily balanced out by nostalgia. The second ranked is from 1988.

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Sorry but in this case it doesn't really make sense. The Warhammer universe is gigantic, including everything in the original game would simply be prohibitive. As a fan of the IP, I'm only grateful that every race is getting the attention it deserves.

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it's fully turn-based

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I do. Got nothing but games to play in the meanwhile.

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Don't ask me :D I have no idea. Just hopes.

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Now, if only Square Enix took advantage of this and released Dragon Quest XI in the west in November...

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Realistically, never.

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