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Uh, not sure where you see it. It just looks more saturated, but everything else is clearly inferior.

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That's not "strange logic" that's how it works. The more new content a game gets, the more it stays in the media and social media, the more people that may not have had time, money, or interest to get it at launch, can be convinced to. Combined with people continuing to buy the console, given that the game has reached staple status, means that people will continue to buy the game over a long period.

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In what version of sci-fi math 10x3,640=18,729?

Incidentally, According to Famitsu's numbers, MHW has been outselling Splatoon 2 digitally by a similar margin.

But more importantly, how does another game having a longer tail negate Monster Hunter World having a long tail?

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Translation of the above: "Game development is easy, and if it was me everything would be so much better. Incidentally, since I don't care for something, "most of us" don't."

That's not how it works, you know?

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I'm pretty sure he was. I don't know many developers who don't want to make good games. Commitment does not guarantee success, so the snark isn't exactly justified.

Incidentally, he's been Sega Games CEO only since 2015 (way after Sonic Forces had entered development), and Sega Sammy's CEO only since last year. It takes time to make radical changes in the philosophy of a company with 7,000 employees, even if you're the boss.

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I wouldn't be surprised, it probably makes SE a lot of money.

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"Fall" is three months long, and Sega isn't known for simultaneous releases, so it could easily be at different points in the fall, even assuming the delay of the Japanese release doesn't cause a delay of the western release as well.

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That is unknown for now.

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Performance mode is not 60 FPS. It's nice if you *really* want over 30 FPS (in combat it averages around 45 at a glance), but it goes all over the place.

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They did not say. They said more info are coming at a later date.

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They are into most (good) open world games. The genre has become pretty popular since GTAV.

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May 22nd, they just announced that as well. We actually get it slightly earlier.

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I am already envisioning massive meltdowns over this. I can't wait. Only downer, 2019 is so far away.

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Exactly. This is not in any shape or form a new twitter member. It's an account owned by Activision that was renamed and protected.

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It's one of the best JRPG series out there.

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You mean what happened to a "game" that was little more than a collection of ideas most of which did not work with each other, and that Tabata and his team saved by turning into an actual game?

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I find that unsurprising. Cultural accuracy isn't exactly what I expect from Marvel.

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Selvaria (and her bikini) comes with DLC 4.

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You haven't watched a single minute of the video or read a single word of the article, did you?

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