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Project Beast was not in any shape or form "Teased."

It was leaked, and it was just an internal demo that was never supposed to come out.

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The promotion ended :(

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I'm certainly not an "Xbox fan". I like and enjoy all platforms. And I have advocated for full cross play for yeaes. Hence yes, not just Xbox fans want it.

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Yeah. only Xbox fans want to play with their friends on other platforms, and not to have to pick and choose between them.

Not really.

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Dead Space is a survival horror.

That being said, I simply corrected the mention of it being a shooter, as it's not since it's an action-adventure. The rest, we don't know.

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The hunch is wrong at least in the genre. It's an action-adventure.

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and this one came straight from the left field.

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I was expecting a date at PSX, so it only makes sense that it'd leak now. Sony's PlayStation Store engineers are notorious for flipping switches they shouldn't :D

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It is. All you need is a Japanese account.

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No. It's made by the people who made Infinite Stratos and Rise of Incarnates.

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I have lost hope for Ishin looong ago. That was probably just a joke. I doubt it'll ever come.

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The author must have not played many games in 2017.

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One, we're not "comparing" anything." We're giving data for multiple games. Two. 200,000 in a week physical only is not in any shape or form the same thing to 185,000 in ten day physical + digital.

And no, no comment was deleted or changed.

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Maybe you should learn to read. It helps. No part of this is trying to make Mario seem like it didn't sell much.Get out of here with your silly conspiracy theories.

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Nothing existed in Versus 13 day one. Because Versus 13 never existed.

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Yes. We are. Since it was on sale like 90% off and Mario was on sale for 2 days in the period.

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