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Keep up the improvised defense mate. I'm sure Nintendo is grateful. Lol.

And you mean localizing on Nintendo's platforms? lol. Because the games you mention (besides Dungeon Travelers, which has content that borders on the hentai, and is a completely different case, but the disingenuous comparison is notable) that's what they all have in common.

On the other hand, Atlus games don't get this kind of alterations on other platforms. Wonder w...

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"More than 75% of JRPGs get some kind of change like this"

I wouldn't make up statistics if I were you, because this one is ludicrous.

"I am considered one of the formost experts on JRPGs"

I'm sure you consider yourself one of the (what?) experts on JRPGs.

As for others, just lol. Considering your obvious brand affiliation, you really need to expand your horizons a bit. There are a ton of a...

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"All JRPGs get costume changes like this"

Utterly false.

There is a TON of JRPGs out there that don't get this kind of changes. If you think all JRPGs (or even the majority) get costume changes for the west, then you simply don't play many JRPGs.

"some worse than others, but who are we to judge."

The paying costumers.

And comparing changing Hitler ...

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From what I saw so far, it looks really good. I really dig the art style. And it's platinum so...

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Indeed. What I saw was really promising.

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Not saying that they're winning the console war. They aren't. But being second doesn't mean not being profitable. A company's first goal is to be profitable, and in that, the strategy doesn't seem to be working that badly.

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That's not entirely correct. The full revenue for games grew, which means that yes, they're taking a hit on hardware, but on the other hand they're increasing installed base and selling more games in turn.

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It's definitely promising, but I prefer the Japanese voices by a long shot.

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I'll take any Ace Combat, but 5 is definitely my favorite. 3 would be nice since it wasn't properly localized.

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I honestly can't wait to get my hands on a playable demo. What I saw so far was great.

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Me as well, especially since it wasn't released in Europe.

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They already mentioned that it'll have a single player campaign, AFAIK.

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Yeah, shinobi is the only "insider" i report from nowadays. All the other known ones have managed to burn themselves one way or the other.

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@kalkano: actually, there are a ton of turn-based games in the list in the article, so your point is false.

Secondly, you probably shouldn't call in the "millions." You speak for yourself, and no one else.

If you think there are "Millions" of people that think that JRPGs that aren't turn based are bad, I'm afraid there's quite a lot of delusion in there.

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Your very personal taste on turn-based vs action has absolutely no bearing on whether games qualify as JRPGs, or on their quality.

Your preconceptions mean only one thing, and that you're the one missing out on great games.

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Not one bit. OF course, you might need a clone to actually play them all lol.

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Yeah, too bad I doubt that it'll ever become a real game sold commercially.

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It's gonna dominate the #PS4Share hashtag for while for sure.

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This is a prediction for November 2016. Might want to actually read before spamming "LOLs" :D

The prediction is for the end of the fourth quarter of year 3 of both consoles, which is November 2016. They launched in November 2013.

It even says it clearly on the graph. "Y3 Q4 (projected)."

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I'd say EEDAR is just a little more credible than VGChartz, especially considering that they have access to actual NPD data, which VGChartz does not.

IMHO, there's absolutely nothing that's safe to assume using vgchartz as a base.

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