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I agree. FFXV 2016, KH3 2017

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By now i'm fully convinced that the western version is vaporware.

Maybe the PS4 version could push Sega to localize... nah... who am I kidding.

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Video is not mine :D Credit for that goes all to the folks from TIC, they do very nice podcasts.

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It's fun, even if it can take a bit to get used to all the mechanics :D Ultimately I like it tho.

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No idea. The "day one" pre-order things are normally made as a placeholders when pre-load isn't available yet.

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Haha. It's funny, but you're quite on point. Dan is great, but he's *extremely* intense in interviews.

He's almost a bit intimidating, but it's not bad, as he keeps you on your toes, and it shows how passionate he is :D

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It's not random that it's my favorite track ever.

I'm waiting eagerly for when console games will include actual 24 hours racing with driver change online like iRacing. That's just awesome for the Nürburgring.

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@Rimeskeem: unfortunately I'm already bad at aiming when stationary. If i was to run around like that, I wouldn't hit a thing :D

I'm just bad like that.

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I prefer to just skulk in the water and kill people that don't look around too much :P

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I hope. But I don't know really.

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Considering they mentioned it'll be bigger, that seems to be unlikely.

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@SoapShoes: oh crap, way to rain on my parade >_>

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He is. Him and Yoshida (FFXIV's director, not Sony's Yosp) were among the most open and fun devs I interviewed at Gamescom.

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I would LOVE the Acura NSX. Remember when Rushy tweeted its launch?

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He's trying something new, presumably. That's not a bad thing.

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199 bucks. It's a honest price for what it is, screen and all, I guess, but it's just more than I'm willing to pay.

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"All NPCs and their behavior could be processed by the cloud."

Their behavior only. That's what AI is. The NPC themselves (IE their rendering) has to be done locally with today's internet speeds.

The cloud could theoretically process anything and everything. The problem isn't processing. It's sending the data at a reliable rate to the client console.

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I can see many prop makers getting a field day with her bow and bracers. They look amazing.

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It's just slightly too pricey for my taste, I guess. I'll be in Japan when it launches, and honestly I've been tempted for a moment, but the pricetag is pretty high.

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I guess some people like it big. I wouldn't buy it, but I'm sure there's a market for it in Japan.

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