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It always sold at the very least decently.

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Different apparently. You get it by the 17th.

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No probs. Hope you're not in Europe.

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Zero news about other regions.

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That was 2013. Things change with years. Yoshida said last summer that they were ready to make an Xbox One version as soon as Microsoft allowed cross-play.

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Choppers are already in, Unless you actually mean attack choppers.

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They'd be able to play at the very least with other PC players. And the game runs on PS3, FFS...

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Yep, it was announced a while ago. It's even in some of the trailers. It looks awesome.

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Following the whole story, looks like they have a much bigger reservoir, from which they pick up the water with the vial. So they didn't waste it.

It also seems that the amount in the original vessel is somewhat infinite.

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A friend of mine has a compound crossbow kind of like that one. It's a beast, and it's much smaller/fires lighter bolts. That thing will become my favorite weapon in the game. I know.

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Just to clarify, the dog cam and the cat cam aren't "in the game." they just use them to demo the levels.

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God, I hope not.

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That's the final fantasy XV part. The environment they're showing with the cat is a WIP station in FFXV

Edit: There you go :D

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You're not the only one :D

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That's because it's three screens side by side. What you see is just the portrait on the other side of the next screen :D

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@pelida: that's probably because I'm "the guy from the article?" :D

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Yeah, Had a brain fart. Fixed.

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to be fair, Square Enix opens teaser websites even for the crappiest smartphone games.

People got excited because they thought that since this was on PS4, it was automatically a big game.

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Yeah I was kind of wondering when he'd show up. He was a given :D

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Sony's Japanese voice acting is always quite good.

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