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yeah, hololens has the potential to do pretty much the same thing, probably a lot better.

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I guess it's a window :D

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Lol, someone did.

Personally, I fail to understand it, but I never managed to relate with the way collectors' think...

I love to have my game boxes and my consoles nicely lined up, but I play them, I don't leave them sealed hoping that they'll gain value.

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There are actually multiple bids over 10 million yen, and it has been up for quite a while (including one with a very high user rating), so it could be legit since Sony didn't remove it yet.

It's not farfetched, since one sold for 20,000 and it wasn't even the #1.

We'll have to see if it fluctuates back down later today. Hope not, because it's for a good cause.

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Because it's a ton of tweets and not just one or a single thread, all relevant to the story. There's no way to link to them all or even a relevant part of them other than the website. This is how it works on N4G. Simple.

I do find it interesting, though, how among all the stories following the same tried and true principle that there have been for ages, and even today, you picked just two of mine to attack on this.

Of course, considering your continui...

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Because it is.

You know you can click on every single one of those tweets and go straight to the source right?

Try it. You might be surprised.

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Yeah. They reset it now. That's unfortunate..

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Could it hit 100k?

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Found out anything interesting? I'm terrible with enigmas and my brain is too tired lol.

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And prices in pounds, which normally is a killer (even if better than Euros, I guess).

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Me too, but looks like it wasn't to be.

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Improvement is always welcome, I'd say.

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I didn't make them :D The direct feed ones come directly from the developer, the others, i found on Youtube :D

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That one is pretty decent. I got the turtles themes and it's very nice. Soothing music too.

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It's not sold separately from what I'm seeing :(

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@DarkOcelet: you really think the majority of Remote Play users uses it out of their home network?

It requires a rather powerful upstream bandwidth to do so effectively, and not many have that.

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You're not exactly correct Dark. Microsoft is putting it on Windows devices, which includes a ton of devices not directly produced by Microsoft. They run the operating system, but the reach is much wider.

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All DX11 cards will be DX12 compatible, so no, no need to upgrade.

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Yep. And "A million ways to die" is also about Until Dawn.

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DualWielding: It is a DLC available at launch in the west AFAIK.

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