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"Cross-platform development experience is also beneficial, including development on Windows."

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Godmars290: final fantasy XV's demo says you're wrong. Sorry.

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Graphics and gameplay aren't exactly mutually exclusive.

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I would not even consider that "beefy." It's a monster.

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Are you in Europe?

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Nope. That one's model number is CUHJ-10009, and it's a 500 GB

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Quite possible.

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I felt I had to at least try one and see if it really offered nothing more than a background (since the store really isn't helpful there), before I could fairly criticize it.

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No action. It's turn based strategy

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We don't know. For now it's only announced for PC with a port for Linux and Max developer by another studio. No console announced, which doesn't mean it'll never come.

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When I saw the press release about that I was really surprised. With Civilization and this, 2K still loves PC exclusives it seems.

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I'm actually pretty confident that it will.

But again, so I was last year... and at Gamescom... and at TGS...

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I'd say a great job, especially if he's hands-on as it seems.

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I'm more thinking Paris Games Week than E3.

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I'm not sure how someone considered it credible, especially since they mentioned it was being sold for "billions." I love SH like the next guy, and I truly enjoyed PT, but Silent Hill isn't that big anymore.

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You should, and if you have a chance, you should really play Xcom: Enemy unknown. It's one of the best games of the past few years.

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looks more like Apocalypse to me.

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I'm betting on another full round of season pass.

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I guess for me it's mostly a matter of being very attached to the Xcom franchise.

I literally grew up with the first three games back in the day :D

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