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HA! Was it worth it? :D

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I added a gallery of spoiler-free screen captures to ease the pain :D

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Not surprising that they have the same accent, they're both Finnish :D

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They don't, as far as I know, but hey, Media Molecule does :D

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You and me as well. That's one of the things I'd like to know. It has been asked tho.

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I hope it's not Winter, otherwise it's gonna be 2016 lol.

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You never played Persona 4 before? the shame!

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I've seen it with my very eyes. They had to point out the differences to me, and visually they're minimal. Besides the 30 FPS vs 60, it was basically the same thing. It had a bit of screen tearing back then, but it was rare and they were working to eliminate it.

Only funny thing? Being a rendering engine, and not a full game engine, it has no physics or collisions, so I could pass through walls and clip into the bookcases.

I told em they should just r...

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Quite a few actually. I've seen it thrown around often.

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Well, that's part of the visuals :D

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The problem is mostly that the Japanese are VERY sensitive to marketing, and Xbox's marketing in Japan kind of lacks an identity.

It's kind of hovering in the middle between a foreign element and a console that wants to be Japanese-friendly, and pings pongs between the two a lot.

IMHO, if they marketed it boldly as an american product, offering big american experiences, it would actually be more successful.

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I'm not 100% sure about Scalebound. From what we've seen so far (which is little, so it's just a preliminary impression) it might do how many Platinum Games do, smash hit in the west, and largely ignored in Japan.

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You never know really. Sales are always a matter of marketing most of the times. Microsoft Japan obviously botched the marketing of the console. They might still find a way to sell better, even if I doubt it'll ever become a very successful product.

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"random person" who is playing the game, unlike almost everyone else.

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I'll review it, but the copy isn't here yet :D

Mind you, if even if I had it, I wouldn't be able to say a word about it :P

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I think only the uploader can access the detailed analytics.

If there's an external way, I don't know about it.

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Sounds like a lot of salt to me. Like a LOT of it.

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That award was for RPGs and MMOs, not for multiplayer :D

The BS part was that they bunched RPGs and MMos together, since they really are super-different genres, but oh well.

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Well, 2 hours isn't THAT fast, but better than a night, I guess.

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