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vishmarx: most probably that "50 gb" was a simple placeholder.

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Got it and updated, helpful bubble for you :D Thanks.

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The listing says 25.15 on both the web store and the xbox one, do you have a pic so I can update in case?

Edit: Thanks a lot :D

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Open world games actually tend to be pretty optimized for what asset size is concerned, often more than close level games.

That's because all those assets need to be streamed quicker than in closed level games between hard disk and memory, in order to keep up with your movement. You can't push them to memory with as much predictability as you can with other games.

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They just announced it for Japan like a month ago, give it time :D

Bandai Namco has been very good with localizations lately.

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I SO didn't have to.

I'm an expert :D

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rendered in game assets. This means that the model is the same. The textures are the same, but lighting, anti aliasing and other details will be different.

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Might be one or the other Yakuza 5 has a fall release date too.

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Haha true that. I often see this comparison made. And In remember PS2 graphics quite well. They looked nothing like anything that gets compared to PS2. Besides certain parts of Drakengard 3, I guess.

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Probably me too. I'm looking forward to it. Luckily there's the Japanese track tho. The english voice overs are nasty...

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I actually don't dislike that the monsters look a bit plastic-y. They kind of look like those lovely toys they sell in Japan.

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Looks like i was wrong. It's complete now. Nothing there.

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I am expecting some sort of message there though. It wouldn't make any sense to leave a mostly empty tile last otherwise.

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I thought about that possibility, but it would seem strange to reveal it before the trailer... we'll see.

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I don't think that's possible. We're already in April, and it's slated as TBA... probably 2016.

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Not really. It could be anything, including Star Ocean.

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It'd be kinda strange if Pacman wasn't there, considering the anniversary.

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We will :D

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That's pretty silly. You don't have any tactile feedback in a simple touch.

Buttons have tactile feedback given by their resistance to pressure. It's not a matter of control.

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@DarXyde: yeah, but that was really negligible.

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