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Forza 6 will have me set for several months if it's as good as I hope

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I'm just hoping for BN to speed up their localization processes. They're really almost as slow as Nintendo with some things.

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That is extremely unlikely, considering that it's a retrospective. It's more probable that Shu will tell some interesting anecdotes from behind the scenes.

I don't expect any announcement.

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whoops. thanks, fixed.

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The upgrade to the full version.

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Well, the PSP didn't sell well in the west as well. That didn't prevent it from having great games and a successor :D

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It would push the cost of the bundle way too high imho.

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Yeah I like that too. Funny that they said it's inspired to the new Ford GT, but it actually looks a lot closer to the color used on the old GT40 (which I like more)

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@pedrof93: true that, personally I did liked the glossy finish, though.

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Pretty sure it's to reduce production costs. Not needing to print the drive covers separately streamlines the production pipeline for sure.

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There's a very big difference between asking questions, and getting pissy if those questions aren't answered, or giving your own answers to create controversy.

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Announced with the same price.

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I don't dislike it. It might be an elven outfit, but it's a bit over the top.The tiara is what throws me off the most.

I definitely prefer Yennefer's.

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Yeah. I think The Witcher 3 is the only game ever in which I died in the tutorial lol.

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Or maybe he did.

"If the fans are not happy with 3 there will not be a 4. So I please hope we can together make this game the best it can be."

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Good call. Found and added. Thanks for the suggestion. It did indeed grab a lot.

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best game is a very hard one for me. Best "announcement" (because we didn't see the game) was final fantasy VII for me. Just too much emotion going on there, so I can't really look at it rationally.

There were just so many great games that it's very hard for me to decide. Horizon, Uncharted, Forza 6... List is long.

I can't wait for Gamescom to play some of them myself.

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Not sure that's the only reason.

Sony zoomed on the crowd during big announcements, they still seemed quite composed to me, and many were busy writing, taking pictures and such.

But yeah, now that I think about it, most of the announcements done during sony's press conference were within trailers, with the audio of the trailer on video.

The big announcements in Microsoft's press conference were made by Phil spencer.

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It probably depends on how the microphones of the cameras are set up.

Also, rememeber that Microsoft brought in 500 fans from the Xbox fanfest event, while (at least as far as I know) the crowd at Sony's event was mostly press.

Most of those journalists have been at a lot of those events, and are too busy writing to completely crack up.

Even I that was watching at home, couldn't really feel the full impact of each announcement because...

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