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Possibly because you said it looks cool, many here hate games that aren't on the bleeding edge of tech. Oh well.

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mmmh I wouldn't call it similar to be honest. It has some points in common, but it's closer to the usual compile heart style.

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@Christopher: I interpret is as "nothing we can have ready for launch is being held back and put in a DLC instead."

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I'm very willing to give them the benefit of doubt, to be honest.

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considering that there are 53 weekends in a year, I would say 4-5 fits the definition of "rarely"

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@darthv72: yeah well, by that logic we give "free advertisement" to a ton of developers, publishers, stores and what not every time we post about a game, deal, or basically anything else. And yeah, they give us nothing in return. It would be a problem if they did.

We post to inform, and deals are information. I appreciate that you aren't sitting on the edge of your seat. Not every piece of news can be like that.

Do you post this kind of comment ...

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I think you're being paranoid. We had an article about a PS4 weekend as well when we caught wind of it a while ago. That link you posted says nowhere it's a PS4 weekend. Just a trade-in offer.

This one is called *by gamestop* Xbox One weekend, and it happens pretty rarely.

Anyone can figure out from miles away that you're getting upset about nothing.

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@Rookie_Monster: because it's called BY GAMESTOP "Xbox One Weekend"

Look at the top of the ad, instead of putting up a tinfoil hat.

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Sorry mates. That's just a trademark of the basic design of the PS Vita 2000. It's not a new PS Vita. At the same time they trademarked the basic DualShock 3 design.

Here's the PS Vita 2000. Identical.

No, just with several developers. It happens to be my job.

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Sure mate. I talked with a Bandai Namco Producer just last week and I told him that I was of the impression that the PC gaming market was expanding in Japan.

He laughed in my face. I'm not even kidding or exaggerating.

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No. I'm saying that a lot of people that work in the game industry coming from the press tend to be less filtered than the usual producer that was PR-trained from the ground up.

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Haha, it's not exactly an interview, but yeah, Nielsen is often bluntly honest on reddit and neogaf, and I like that.

It probably comes from the fact that he used to be a game journo before. He wrote for Gamereactor if I'm not mistaken.

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It's both first and third person. Vehicles seem to be in first person only tho.

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I know I was. We'll see how the game will hold up. Lack of single player campaign is a slight bummer (but SWBF has never been about that), so I'm very hopeful :D

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Yeah, when I'm first on my leaderboard, it means there's a problem :P

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Honestly I'd rather them go to the old republic than to the new trilogy...

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well, we're KINDA getting one :D Amy Hennig is doing it. It's not Naughty Dog, but it's a fair bit of ucnharted going into that game.

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Indeed they do.

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It indeed is. Most devs are abandoning the PS3 in the west, unlike Japan.

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