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Because NA is the only continent in the world right?

Of course this has been released in NA, so you're not making a lick of sense anyway.

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The code worked for me on the UK account, the US account unlocks tomorrow. Are you sure you did not try to insert the US one in your UK account?

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Might want to talk for yourself, Mr. hater.

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The only thing that has been killed are a few millions of my braincells when I read this headline.

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The chance is zero, since they already said explicitly it's not going to happen.

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Same here, unless they announce a Final Fantasy XV one that looks better in the meanwhile, but this one is hard to top.

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All I know is that I want it. Wether in the west or in Japan, I decided I'll get it, unless a better one is announced in the meanwhile.

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They actually said that they purposely made the demo not excessively challenging because they want people to enjoy exploring the world.

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You don't need to go through any Japanese article (actually, you don't need to even look at the Japanese article). My article tells you how to find it in English, on DS.

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The reason why the article makes you work a bit for the name is exactly to avoid accidentally spoilering people. I'd ask you to remove that rather blatant hint. It's very easy to just scroll down and see it.

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I swear it here and now. If it comes to the west, I'm buying it. I'm already tempted to import. If I can just walk to a store and get it, no way I'll hold back.

Edit: Now that I think of it, I might just get it anyway. when this coms out, I'll be in Japan for TGS. That'll basically demolish any resistance I might have, and will save me bringing my own PS4 with me, provided it doesn't sell out instantly.

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Probably. What we know certainly does sound like inFamous.

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There's a rather large difference between "criticism" and trolling, but feel free to hate.

Yet I'm quite interested in hearing where the "attack" is. I'm sure you'll explain that at length.

And no. It is not news. Which is why it's marked as "article."

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Or just something worth talking about?

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Yeah. This is the first time I'm really tempted to get a second PS4. Before the Final Fantasy Type-0 one got me close, but with this one I'm really on the edge of giving in.

I like my plain black one too, so then I'd have the dilemma of selling it or keeping both...

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I actually was hoping they'd just skip old gen..

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One is the US version, the other is th Euro version :D

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Yeah, considering it's a free promotional theme, I'm unsurprised. They just threw it there to promote the blu ray. at least it's different from the European one I guess.

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Nope. Some get a Z for 18+.

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Such a sin to strive to have better designed and more realistic costumes...

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