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The PS4 version COULD come, you never know. Many fighting games start arcade and then go to consoles.

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"M$ went another who generation not thinking about Voodoo Vince"

Really now.

"Why is this news?"

Because it's something that happened, which happens to be the definition of "news."

Whether a piece of news pleases you or not is really inconsequential to i...

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@extravalue: lol. Stating a fact and bashing are two entirely different things.

By the way, I'll say whatever I like. I have the right to express my opinion as much as you do. I'll "STFU" when I'll be dead :D

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It still has way better colors than IGN's washed out videos tho :D

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If you mean Final Fantasy XV, no, that's not Yoshida's plate. If you mean Heavensward, he's probably gonna announce the release date. It's March and the release window is "spring," so it's definitely time to get a firm release date for that.

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@Christopher: the concept IS relatively simple, but the whole weapon was, during my early gameplay, extremely imprecise.

I sprayed the thermite, then centered the grendade perfectly in the middle of the cloud, and for some reason it didn't hit or ignite at times, while other times it worked well. Whether the enemies were actually ignited by the fiery cloud, killed or even wounded at all was also quite hit and miss. Kind of felt like a lottery.

I'm hop...

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New tech on new consoles is always a challenge. Ubisoft has caught a lot of flak, but the problem was widespread.

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Personally, I really hope they improved the thermite rifle. In the demos I played it really was a bit too convoluted. let alone that people did not understand how it worked, but it really felt too "spray and pray" for my taste even when you did know the mechanics.

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For a moment I thought "1 month 6 days? it's gonna be at least another year." then I remembered that the demo's coming. lol.

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That sounds a reasonable prediction, I'd say.

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You and me as well. Review copy's not here yet :(

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No flipping idea.

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You mean that they should limit creativity for the benefit of antialiasing?

No, sorry, can't agree with that.

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I believe it's impossible with today's hardware to have absolutely no aliasing in the hair, especially at that level of detail.

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It's the last you mentioned :D 99% sure.

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I don't think I ever saw anyone saying that Bloodborne is a linear on rails QTE fest?

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The headline is partly right. The Order: 1886 does represent one thing wrong with gaming. And that's two-bit "writers" spamming articles bashing it without having played it, because they know that bashing hyped games equals clicks.

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Depends on whether RAD wants to be bought. Ru Weerasurya just had a talk titled "The last of the independent." Looks like they wanna stay like that.

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It really does. Pull out gun, shoot from the hip, BOOM.

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You never know what goes behind firmware decisions. Mind you, it could very well be a business decision to sell more themes.

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