Tired... as usual


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It works pretty well. Only once it happened to me to go back to the home screen instead.

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Remember this:

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As usual Bloodworth and me are pretty much on the same page.

It was the same with Driveclub, and we got proven right.

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Some during the first, some going back for trophies. PS4 screenshots are 1080, of course.

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It's a screen showcasing the AI, so it's the opposite. It shows that prompto is controlled by the AI.

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No problem. IMHO this is the best one released by Sony since they added themes.

The music is one of the best The Order tracks.

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You're not the only one there.

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Umh, I doubt those people are playing it. Not saying that the rating is wrong but...

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My theory is simply that both Sony and Microsoft sold more consoles they thought they would.

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Can't be a placeholder, since it's already for sale, both on PSN and Xbox Live.

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That's the demo, which is out in Japan, but not the full game :D And AFAIK the demo doesn't.

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With Zooming in, I meant watching the screens at their original resolution. It's very noticeable, believe me :D

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Yeah. I HATE Pre-order DLCs, even more so when exclusive. It's a really horrible practice.

By the way, zoom on the screehsots. The film grain is definitely there. A lot of it, actually.

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It would indeed. It'd also add some more value to the game.

I know I'd spend several hours playing with it.

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@Farmassy: I ask questions for those interested about the game. Not for those interested about fanboy wars.

I'm pretty sure there's a fair amount of people interested in knowing how certain things are achieved.

If focusing on the game and not on the controversy makes it "softball," i'm proud of playing softball.

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@Clonetrooper1139: No whining was done. I and others noticed that the game felt really smooth, so I asked him what kind of techniques they used to achieve that.

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Since you're so positive on what questions need to be asked, and you think you can do so much better, maybe you should get a site, then get accreditated for an interview, and ask the questions you like.

Personally, I'll ask the questions *I* care about. And when I get an interview about a game, I ask about the game, not about "publicty," that interests just console warriors seeking controversy and negativity, and in any case is more a publisher question tha...

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What I did notice is that the order was never once promised or even mentioned being over 30 fps

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he talked because I asked. That's how interviews tend to work.

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What Fenome said. Early morning EST.

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