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He's trying something new, presumably. That's not a bad thing.

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199 bucks. It's a honest price for what it is, screen and all, I guess, but it's just more than I'm willing to pay.

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"All NPCs and their behavior could be processed by the cloud."

Their behavior only. That's what AI is. The NPC themselves (IE their rendering) has to be done locally with today's internet speeds.

The cloud could theoretically process anything and everything. The problem isn't processing. It's sending the data at a reliable rate to the client console.

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I can see many prop makers getting a field day with her bow and bracers. They look amazing.

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It's just slightly too pricey for my taste, I guess. I'll be in Japan when it launches, and honestly I've been tempted for a moment, but the pricetag is pretty high.

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I guess some people like it big. I wouldn't buy it, but I'm sure there's a market for it in Japan.

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@DarkOcelet: from what we know so far, it's much easier to use on numerical data, IE, which is why it works on physics. That's why it's data that requires high resources to compute, but low bandwidth to share.

I don't see use in environments, unless you mean their destruction, and for Crowds, the current tech would work only on their AI.

It's not used for rendering, at least for the moment. To do so would require a lot more bandwidth.

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Umh, not sure if that's what the cloud can be used for at this stage. Crackdown 3's uses mostly for iterations of physics, and there really isn't much physics in AC:U

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It's definitely a looker. Even more than the graphics, the art style is great.

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Could be the surprise. I don't know, mind you, but I hope :D

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Yeah. They keep calling it a remaster, but I'd call it a full remake, no doubt.

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I'd have to ask what pixel of this actually looks rubbish. Looks fantastic to me.

Now, come on Microsoft, release the Scalebound demo. You know you wanna...

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feels kinda strange without now that you tell me.

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I agree with huge franchises. It's hard to ask the same with new IPs and smaller ones tho.

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i'm fairly sure it will. They deserve it.

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I hope so too. I like fallout, bout for me The Elder Scrolls is where it's at. Fantasy >>>> Post apoc.

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@Bigpappy: They were. I asked to a Turn 10 rep there, and he told me that the damage settings were being fine tuned still, but what's in the demo was close to final. He also told me that it depends a lot on car, because different manufacturers give you more or less leeway on how much you can wreck their cars.

Incidentally, the demo also allowed you to set functional damage on and off. The filmed run was with with functional damage off (I actually set it on, but the demo r...

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And I was driving with one hand and filming with the other :P

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You really gotta see it played to understand its potential. The trailer did not truly express it. I went into the gameplay presentation with high expectations already, and the game blew them away. The dragon is definitely devastating by the way.

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