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He is. To be fair, I don't know many that wouldn't be passionate about THAT job :D

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I wish they'd wake me up with an announcement that they changed their mind about a wastern release.

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There's absolutely nothing about it in the schedule. That's probably gonna be at PGW only.

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Same. I'll replay the hell out of it.

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Haha, Kakugo! :D

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Wait... lemme search for where it says "exclusive..."

Searching... searching...

Oh. It's not there. Figures.

They're games for PlayStatiion consoles, purchased on PlayStation consoles, which is all that matters.

Simple as that.

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I think you need to go check the meaning of "cinematic," because it doesn't mean what you think it means.

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"Do you think it will run on 980m SLI with 1080p in 60fps?"

It'll run for sure. How well, I don't know, because "m" cards are really unpredictable for me.

Which is why I never game on laptops.

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So far, whatever was released runs very well on my rig with an i7 and a single GTX 970.

It's not an underpowered PC, but it isn't a starship.

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@_-EDMIX-_: have you ever tried PlayStation VR?

I did.

For the moment, the games are visually underwhelming or feature very, very limited features and smallish worlds.

A MMORPG has enormous world and tens of visible characters. There has been nothing of the sort showcased so far, either for PlayStation VR or Oculus.

It's nice tech, and it's fun to try, but it's not something that can support an experience like Swo...

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I just want that preview invite >_>

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I really can't wait to play the demo at the very least. I bet it feels great.

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Probably when VR will be much more advance that it is now.

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Nothing was lost in translation. A ball is extremely responsive. You touch it, it moves instantly and smoothly.

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@XBLSkull: The article explains that.

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I'm wondring if that's where the game will finally be playable for the first time. I see it as probable.

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The funny (or tragic) thing, is that it's basically our money.

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I thought that the fact that FOB invasion could happen at any time, including when you're offline, was pretty much the point of building a FOB to begin with.

Don't get me wrong, I dislike the idea of paid (or even free) insurance, but exactly because it negates the point of building defenses to begin with.

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I liked it, besides "Press fire to win fight" Lol. That was pretty funny.

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Actually, the 3DS's games sell more due to the higher installed base, but especially if one likes JRPG, the Vita's library absolutely obliterates the 3DS.

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