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I totally did not expect it. But I'm surprised it looks THIS close to Minecraft. It's like borderline plagiarism lol.

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Yeah. I'm a bit surprised to read a lot of comments in which people say that everything should have been there from the start, now they're done with the game, so it doesn't matter.

For me it matters. The original release had a tremendous amount of content. It's only great that developers care enough to keep polishing the game to diamond state.

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Yeah I think they shown quiet tranquillizing people at TGS for the first time.

By the way, I don't think it's just a matter of engine. The game looks great, but it shows that the number of objects on screen is lower than with most open world games. For instance, if you look at the Witcher 3, it's a lot more dense.

Neither is the best way IMHO, just two different approaches.

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Nope. They already announced the worldwide price. 399.

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I still have hope that from here to september they'll announce a settlement. Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but you never know.

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He's still in charge of the game. We don't know the full details, but he's supposed to leave after the game is shipped.

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I have. It doesn't even come close to Driveclub in terms of visuals (it's still a very good game). Resolution isn't the most important factor for visual fidelity. Lighting, physically based rendering, shading, those are WAY more important than having more pixels.

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That's not a leak. Someone saying it's gonna come happened every year since 2010. They didn't bring any evidence whatsoever and they even listed a game (Zelda) that everyone already knew wouldn't be there.

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And Crackdown, and Quantum Break... Those three titles alone make for a good show, especially if they'll have extensive demos.

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@DualWielding: yep, typo, fixed. Or maybe wishful thinking?

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Just PS Vita and 3DS, just got the press release.

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je comprends, mais mon français est rouillé.

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Oh come on ^_^;;;

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@PC_60: when "gameplay" doesn't simply depends on frame rate.

Physics, destruction and other elements are important to gameplay too, and for certain games, they're more relevant than 60 FPS:

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I do agree with what they said about locked 30 vs variable 60. At least in part.

Variable frame rate is ok for me when it doesn't spike TOO much. I'm a PC gamer first and foremost, so I'm used to it.

But in a scene like what we saw today, with a million things going on folllowed by brief periods of calm, that would go up and down like a rollercoaster on drugs.

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I wasn't too fond of UC2 either (for the MP). I actually liked TLOU more. I'd much rather them go with something entirely new than with what they did in the past for Uncharted.

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@-Foxtrot: gotcha. Sorry for misinterpretig. kind of seemed like you thought they'd just drop Sam there doing a semi-retcon, which I doubt will happen.

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"Oh yeah he's always had one...he's just popped up now"

I doubt it's gonna be like that. Come on. Naughty Dog has earned a bit of trust so far, at least for storytelling.

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I think there are many ways in which this could be explained in a satisfactory way. I'd say let's wait and see the story before judging.

I doubt Naughty Dog would do a semi-retcon.

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Eh, personally for a game like Uncharted, that has a mix of hectic and slow moments, I prefer better visuals than 60 FPS. But that's just me.

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