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@ninsigma: Dragon Quest XI is developed internally at SE AFAIK, only the 3DS version uses an external partner (which isn't level 5).

The PS4 game (Didn't say exclusive) is not a rumor, per se. Hino himself told it to Famitsu in an interview.

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@jon_snow: that's extremely unlikely. That's a business keynote, it won't have announcements AFAIK.

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None so far

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I'm actually still wondering where the heck did that PS4 game by Level 5 go.

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Yeah, the gameplay is interesting too.

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"hold to standards"?

I think you're reading too much into things, and taking yourself way too seriously.

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Lol, they don't :D

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I suspect it'll be the same demo they showcased at E3, just played live :(

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That's nothing. They always have a stage show with the latest GT. It's just a competition. Happens every year. There are no announcement there, or even developers.

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That's normally the first thing i ask during interviews.

And normally the answer is: "we have nothing to announce at the moment, but stay tuned" >_>

This one should come to the west though. I believe they already said it.

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They announced it a couple months back.

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Coming right up :D

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Weactually had an earpiece with the simultaneous translation :D Handy :D

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Yeah, that's the same I want. Too bad I won't be in Tokyo anymore when it comes out >_>

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Yep, I really loved it

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Sitting in the audience right now :D Have fun everyone :D

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Options are a good thing, I would say.

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It is archived. Just click on "Naughty dog" and then on "Past broadcasts"

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Yeah. I paid full price for the season pass (had a review copy for the game, so I didn't need to pay for that, but I would have without batting an eyelid), and it's one of the best purchases of last year.

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I'm just hoping for a happy ending.

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