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It's pretty much Gust's own unique style, which I really like. Lately it has evolved a bit from the earlier Atelier games, and I like it even more.

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Koei Tecmo (that owns gust) localizes basically everything they do nowadays, so I would say it's extremely likely.

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Look at it this way. Platinum Games is a small studio, all things considered. Activision's money can only do them good.

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Well, I guess it might make old-style transformers fans cry?

I like the idea of getting back to that style, to be honest, but I ain't crying just yet.

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I wouldn't be so sure about Chrono Trigger, the music in the trailer might have been a hint, but it might have been simply a callback to their history, really.

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That'd described in 1200 word of review.

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I'm pretty sure one will be Star Ocean 5. And that alone shall make my day.

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I didn't manage to persuade myself to splurge for a 980 with the 980 TI coming, so I got a 970. I'll get a 980 ti as soon as this one starts to choke. I went overkill with the CPU, so I'm set there.

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It's not my fault lol. Blame Sega West.

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Well, it could persuade them that a decent western release is in order...

...who am I kidding.

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Yeah, the effects look great too. I'm so happy I upgraded my PC for The Witcher now :D

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Congrats Geobros :D Hope you'll do great :D

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oh my god. Auto Modellista... the memories.

I had to write a guide for that game for a magazine back in 2002, before guide magazines were killed by the internet.

I Loved it just as much as the rest of the press hated it.

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You're reading right.

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I doubt there'll be problems there. Unreal Engine is probably the most widespread and overused engine out there. I'd be surprised if they didn't manage to use it decently.

Unpleasantly surprised.

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If there's no Final Fantasy XV, I'd say it's a possibility. At least another teaser.

Tho, they promised a new reveal at the upcoming Disney festival in Japan, so we might have to wait for then.

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@Trenso: thanks, updated :D

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Yeah, I sure wouldn't use it as a farming method (even because I'm not sure if it respawns). It's still nice for bragging rights, tho.

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Well, Personally, I think Type-0 is one of the best FInal Fantasy games out there, so it's worth a purchase.

That said, you're free to sit out of it.

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Spike Chunsoft is mostly a publisher anyway. What counts are the developers.

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