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Just one month for that. We've waited so long. I guess we can wait a bit longer. If this really comes by March 2017 I'll be surprised, anyway.

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I actually was surprised, since loading times are a bit more complicated that just RPM. They're a combination of asset size (which in this case appears identical), RPM, SATA port, memory bandwidth, and even HDD size has a small impact.

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Let's hope he didn't jinx it.

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When was the last time you polled "gamers?"

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As one of those that did not hate any of the past AC games, I'm really curious about this one. Hopefully it'll be as great as 2.

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Not surprisingly, it's designed by the same artist.

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Eh, I definitely see anomalies with reviews, personally. In a lot of places, reviews have become more about the reviewer that about the game.

That said, Mafia III is definitely not the example I would have used to make that point.

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Chrono trigger director. Doubt much of the team that made CT is involved.

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Lol, thank you. I've been struggling for half an hour to understand what that word was ^_^;;;

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Finally Final Fantasy? ^_^;

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many wants Lily Bergamo's art style back, it doesn't have to do with gameplay.

It was, at least for what I am concerned, definitely more appealing.

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Umh they're using completely different engines for FFXV and VII Remake.

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Wow, they've been fairly present lately. They own From Software too :D

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Indeed, this one gave me the chills.

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Looks like the most powerful enemies are immune to the moogle, so really difficult battles probably won't be influenced.

And I wouldn't go as far as saying that there are absolutely no living moogles. For now, we know that there are moogle dolls, but no one *really* said that there are no living moogles at all.

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Same. It was the best of the series.

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Best *selling* indicates the present, grammatically, so it's technically not wrong. Technically.

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It's certainly an interesting exercise of skirting the limits of what you can and cannot say in advertisement. The difference with the English one is a good example of what isn't allowed outside of the US.

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@Kleptic: if you know nothing about something, instead of going on a tirade on your completely irrelevant perception of this trailer and the Japanese industry, just try google.

"Jap" is not just an abbreviation, is ethnic slur.

At times even jsut something as simple as google can help you making up for the massive gaps in your knowledge, and avoid posting something completely silly.

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What you don't seem to know is that "Jap" is a derogatory term that happens to be very disrespectful.

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