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Indeed. I expected a bit more. The most impactful difference is actually ambient occlusion, which is unexpected.

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Eh, nudity is just the tip of the iceberg- Abuse, slavery, cannibalism... there's some for everyone :D Not that I mind, since it fits the setting to a T.

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When the Nintendo Switch version is officially revealed. For now it has only been announced and it isn't even sure that it'll come in 2017.

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Not sure about "male" opinion, but I know for a fact that many developers right now are secretly clapping.

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Should be fixed now :D

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Well, to be precise, it isn't up to the ESRB.

Both Microsoft and Sony COULD let games rated Adult Only on their platforms. It's not illegal and the ESRB has no actual legal value.

It's their decision not to. So yes, the ESRB will decide what to rate the game, but Microsoft is the one opting not to include AO games on Xbox One. Same as Sony.

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It does look pretty amazing. I'm curious to see how it feels though. My only doubt is the gameplay flow with all those cinematic moments.

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Hehe. Reminds me of the good times of Star Ocean 5.

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Which shows a newly announced feature and how it works.

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Sony never marketed the Pro as its primary console. It's pretty much their Elite Controller of consoles, and it's intended to satisfy a niche, pretty much like PS VR. This is not only for Japan, but worldwide.

It's probably selling pretty much in line with their expectations. When I go to Tokyo, I often see it sold out at major stores and available at smaller ones, which is normally a sign that the console is pretty much even between demand and shipments.

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"If someone has to explain how something enhances the story? It's highly likely, that it's not enhancing jack s**t. "

Only it does. The fact that it lets you see small but interesting off-camera moments is definitely additive to storytelling and to make the characters feel more lively.

Of course, your use of profanity and hyperbole already shows how weak your point is.

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It sure doesn't on mine. Maybe You should replace "all" with "my."

It's definitely one of the best, if not the best.

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Personally, I'm waiting for Xenoblade.

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I'm actually wondering the same.

Incidentally, DualShockers is named as it is just to honor a historical piece of gaming. It's a fully multiplatform site :D

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Nope, I know him, name's different :D

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You obviously haven't played a minute of it.

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That's not entirely correct. The whole cast is still semi-playable as support.

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Same here, and I'm not sure Flynn was THAT sarcastic about it :D

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I think you lost me at condoms... Are you sure you didn't mean tissues? Lol.

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What's running on my PC right now looks quite "made" to me.

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