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which one of the two? The ps4 pro patch is already being worked on, so that's pretty much confirmed.

For the Nintendo switch part, I would hold the excitement, mostly because of the comparison with Xbox One, that never came.

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@Shin-Zantetsuken: i'm pretty sure they're well past that. One thing is what they have worked on, one is what they're gonna show before e3.

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They definitely do.

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It was initially for PS Vita only like 2 years ago, and they moved to PS4 dropping Vita a year ago.

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@opinionated: actually, the free nioh theme has custom music.

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Eh, NIntendo consoles have been surviving without Final Fantasy since the SNES.

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@-Foxtrot: you should learn to distinguish between "I would have liked it to be in the game to begin with" and "IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE IN THE GAME TO BEGIN WITH"

They're most certainly two different things.

As a matter of fact, you don't have the slightest idea of what was supposed to be in the game to begin with. The game is packed full with content, so all caps and swearing don't really add any solidity to your baseless gu...

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"It's just not being blind and knowing how a good, well structured finished game should look like."

Spoken like a true armchair developer. Truth is, you don't. You're simply confusing your personal taste with "how a good, well structured finished game should look like."

Common mistake, but a mistake none-the-less. Being opinionated and being knowledgeable are two entirely different beasts.

You've been...

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It' s always hilarious to see someone calling unfinished a game that offers easily over 100 hours of gameplay.

The false entitlement keeps being strong with this one.

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I would say yes. The time of day is awesome.

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@Summons75: I did. It doesn't feel like RE at all to me. This doesn't make it a bad game. It's a VERY good game. Probably BETTER than most RE games, but this doesn't mean it feels like RE:

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The difference is that RE6 was kinda Resident Evil. This isn't. Which isn't good or bad per-se, but revolutioning a franchise this much naturally loses fans, and that adds to the fact that a bad precedent also lowers the popularity of the franchise as a whole.

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Where does it say that's a flaw exactly?

It'a death penalty. It's not inherently positive or negative. It depends on what you like.

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@naruga: That's complete nonsense. A game that can very easily offer over 100 hours of gameplay "feels very chopped off for DLC?"

Please. That's just facepalm-worthy. The sense of false entitlement here is stifling.

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"such a small thing"

Again the usual attitude that what seems to be simple to an armchair developer is a "small thing."

It's not in any shape or form a "small thing." which is why the car got stuck at the end due to a collision bug. Offroading is a TON more challenging to implement correctly than just traveling on a flat road. There are a myriad of items in which the car can get stuck, which requires a ton of work and adj...

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That's what happens when you have a product that sells quickly. The distribution channel is far from saturated, that's for sure.

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And the best possible representation, I'd say.

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I'm hoping Final Fantasy XIV.

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You do understand that William is British and not American, right?

And you do get that both him and Kelley are historical characters, right?

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Not sure if they're gonna be very strong, because they appear to have long cooldowns. I'm gonna try the game on the 10th and see how it works.

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