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Press release from Bandai Namco Entertainment America.

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about $600 if you buy all the season passes.

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Bits of em :D Same for underboob.

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Playasia might get it, but if the game gets released in the west, I wouldn't be surprised if Hori released the controller in the west as well.

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Look at the video. Nothing else is needed to understand :D

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Took you one screenshot, lol.

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As a PC gamer primarily, I'm starting to get used to getting what I can >_>

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That's not surprising. Dragon Quest Heroes II needed to be 60 FPS due to the kind of game it is. I'm reasonably guessing that this runs at 30 on PS4.

It does look really great, though. Dragon Quest never looked this good.

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report for great justice.

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yes but we don't know basically anything else about it. Yet.

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@NewMonday: nah, it isn't.

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I wish.

But no. This is real.

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Considering the content they churned out for the first in one year, lots of which free, that estimate appears to be very premature.

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Well, too bad for you. Two more are coming.

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And they also gave us a full race for free, on top of a bunch of other content.

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and it's worth every single buck. Besides, it's been heavily discounted a gazillion times.

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That isn't photo realism. She's very obviously and intentionally stylized, and she looks a lot more natural in her expressions for that.

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With the movie coming out and a $1 price? There's absolutely nothing "nuts" or even remotely surprising about it.

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Reading is hard.

The first three games were all priced literally $1.

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@TheUndertaker85: the Switch is labeled as a home console by Nintendo.

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