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Have never been disappointed by TGS once in my whole lifetime. And I've seen quite a few of them.

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That's a possibility.

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No, they're not downloaying them as a matter of fact, they said nothing but praise. The reason is that they recapped E3 for Japanese fans, and they did a segment on Xbox.

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I don't think it's that strange, actually. It might be if you consider them bitter enemies at each other's throat, but the truth is that they aren't.

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It surely comes with a baggage of flaws and weird design decisions, and the budget was evidently on the low side, but if you're a JRPG fan or Star Ocean fan you'll most probably like it.

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Calling other games (which are the fruit of a lot of effort of other developers) "garbage" surely doesn't help your argument.

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They already did.....

.. mobile.

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Incidentally, Joshikai in Japan have absolutely nothing to do with feminism. They're simply get-togethers among girls.

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We're posting what House shares. And this is what he shared.

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Playstation Big. PlayStation Strong. Pulling the whole company.

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We do, the screenshots in the press kit from E3 had the names of the machines portrayed in their file names. It's "Snapmaw."

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Considering how good Ratchet & Clank looked, that's not really too surprising :D

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I don't think Berserk's "real fans" base their appreciation of Berserk on nipple shots and stuff that can't be shown with a CERO D. The manga is so much more than that.

Also, Omega Force has done good Musou-like games. Dragon Quest Heroes II, for instance, is great.

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Indeed, I have no words for how hyped I am for this one.

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But did they cry like anime fans on prom night?

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He has worked in Japan for 26 years, after all. That said, he's not just quite fluent, his Japanese is really great. I was surprised when I first heard him.

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That's an older one. Have it in 4K :D

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the "drbua" part is correct. I'm not sure about the first two runes, though. They seem to be "en" but I'm not 100% sure due to the foliage.

I couldn't find any translation for it in old norse or any similar language like icelandic.

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Yeah that's insomnia, capital of lucis.

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It's a sequel, not a reboot.

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