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@Gaming_Cousin: I have no idea. He's been doing this for a while.

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@ItsJustDante: Thanks for the second insult. Just shows your true colors (not that it was needed).

If you bothered to use your dear google translate, you'd notice that that link gives basically no info on the game. It literally tells you at the bottom to go read the magazine if you want it.

"For details check the Weekly Famitsu 2016 December 29 issue (released on December 15, 2016)"

It also includes just a fraction of the ...

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Maybe because it's from the magazine. Last time I checked magazines can't be google translated. Thanks for the insult though. Keep going, since you've been at it for a while.

Luckily, for any hater like you, there are 100 who appreciate the info I translate for them.

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I know >_> Yesterday I was testing some new mods and I ended up this morning at 10 >_>

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They hired a porn star that stars in a game for a commercial of *that* game.

Not that I mind dancers at all, but it's quite different.

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Lol yeah, Prompto is way too smitten over Cidney to be even remotely gay :D

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I like Gladio a lot, but personally I prefer Ignis. Sad to see him come last lol.

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Considering all the fangirls he appears to have, I'm not really THAT surprising. Not that I can relate.

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You almost sound salty.

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Actually, they have two, not just one :D

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The game, having played the Japanese version, is actually very good.

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The game is perfectly finished. The fact that they are adding more due to user feedback has nothing to do with Final Fantasy XIV 1.0. The comparison is massively unfitting, and downright silly.

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Best thing is the tie-shaped collar in the uniforms lol.

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he said "on schedule" as far as I know. Not ahead.

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True, there's so much content that it seems that they really went out of their way to provide something worth the price, and the wait.

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No. Scorpio has already been announced for the holidays.

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Same here. This is exactly the Ace Combat I wanted :D

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@meatnormous: no, it's an optional mode.

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it was 50%

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This is my personal favorite game today. I actually was given the trailer by Bandai Namco yesterday night under embargo, and I spent like half a hour watching it over and over, giggling like a schoolgirl lol.

It's just... classic Ace Combat is back after that Assault Horizon >_> I'm so happy.

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