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It's not online only, it can be played offline, but that doesn't mean having a full campaign. So far they haven't show a pip. I guess we'll see.

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I really hope there *is* a campaign.

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The only way they can dig that hole digger is announcing a mobile game.

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Not sure about the mechanics, but let's be honest, we get plenty non-traditional aesthetics on other consoles too. Just look at cuphead.

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Because Sony posted it alongside the other, which is not pointless, and "as journalist" we report it. Incidentally, the one that looks clueless here isn't me.

Sony Computer Entertainment *Europe* didn't change its name yet. It's still SCEE as it's taking them longer to prepare for the change of name and logo. it'll probably change some time in the Summer.

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I can have a simple T-shirt printed in an hour too at the shop down the block lol.

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Or it just suggests that they added some fanservice to the game for those who like it. Simple solutions are normally the best.

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As a healthy non-prude man I have no problem with seeing some skin. Good or bad games are made by other things.

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Yep, some ripped clothes and a glimpse of lingerie *totally* make it a bad game.

Let's censor it! /s

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I would say this crosses the uncanny valley quite well.

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@kraenk12: your point? You don't have your ear in the exhaust pipe even when you drive the car.

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Oh goodness, don't tell me. I already have Total War Warhammer eating up my life, that one will be worse.

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There are plenty of videos online showing exactly what they sound like.

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Love how people online abuse the word "unacceptable."

Incientally, this isn't even close to be the worst looking driving game this generation. The cars look better than in most (Driveclub aside, for obvious reasons), and the environments are clearly unfinished.

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We're basically saying the same thing lol.

That said, it was mentioned at multiple points during the livestream, and AFAIK it was told to the press several times. Of course this doesn't mean that they listened. It really does sound ludicrous to me to read a 800 word preview of a game in which 5 are about the gameplay.

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"All previews focused on the visuals."

That's not necessarily because the event focused on visuals, as IMHO The event was quite evidently focused on racing and on the competitive aspect of the game.

They had a 4 minutes of beauty footage and close to two hours of racing and competition, plus all the stuff that wasn't broadcasted.

The previews focused on visuals because those writers know squat of racing simulation. Gue...

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And they weren't. The racing and competition were.

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Hard to compare the two. One is running as twice the frame rate as the second.

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It was running on normal PS4s as full 60 FPS:

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Close. November 15th, 2016.

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