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I'm pretty sure I have one, and you don't. There is nothing in the Steam version of any of those games that displays anything more than breasts. There is zero graphic sex, nor any full frontal nudity. It's milder than what you see in The Witcher 3 or Mass Effect Andromeda, let alone things like Conan Exiles.

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Actually Xbox One is second, at least for Ubisoft game sales.

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They're making way too much money with GTA Online, and will probably make too much money with RDR2 online going forward.

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At least 4 by my count.

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Well, he *is* the protagonist.

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It's a traditional series that Japanese gamers have loved for a very, very long time. It started before the PS1, in the Super NES era. It actually did not land on PlayStation until the 7th game on PS2. Before it was on Nintendo consoles (SNES and N64).

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it's not just for Switch, it'll also be on PS4 and PC.

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He's not working for Square Enix, so neither is the case. He works for his own company, which means that it'll be a new game.

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No, it's actually pretty correct. It's a follow up to Monster Hunter Generations. This is XX, which is an enhanced follow up to X (Generations), pretty much like Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate was an enhanced follow up to Monster Hunter 4.

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You could say two generations ago, since it's basically a port of a 3DS game, but I'm still gonna get it for my flights in September.

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So do I. And it's coming west, which is even better news.

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Given the way they schematize releases, listing new games and remakes/remasters separately, it's very unlikely that they consider remasters and remakes "major."

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If EA's estimate is correct, Xbox One sold 29.4 million units by December 31st, 2017.

103 million total, minus 73.6 million PS4.

Seems a bit low to me, but EA probably knows better than I do.

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The fact that games do release, sooner or later.

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There are plenty Japanese developers that are a bit quirky. Besides, if Microsoft pays for it, I bet there might be one that bites. Platinum did, even if it didn't end well.

If there's one thing the game development scene never lacks, is people who need money :D

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A new console on its second year is expected to sell better than a much older console in its fifth that has already shipped 79 million units?

You don't say.

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The "overpriced cardboard rubbish" part is irrelevant. Nintendo and those who want to purchase it certainly don't see it that way.

120,000 units on day one plus first weekend in Japan, where the Switch is a hot commodity now, for a Nintendo first party release is sluggish, no matter how you slice it. Even more so considered that it didn't give any additional traction to the console, meaning that mostly existing Nintendo fans bought it (and not even that ma...

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The point of this article is reporting what Media Create, which is the most relevant game statistics firm in Japan, analyzed, which incidentally we do every week, regardless of what they say. I'll go ahead and assume that they know better than you do about their own market they reported on and analyzed for a decade.

I seriously doubt that Media Create has any interest in "pure shade" towards anyone. Their analysis is factual. The only issue is that you persona...

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In Japan the largest majority of week one sales are done on day one and on the first weekend. Both of which are included in the count here. That's exactly why Media Create reports up to Sunday.

Those three (not two) days are the most relevant for Labo's launch, and for a Nintendo first party property on their hot new console, it's certainly not "awesome."

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Oh, didn't know that Media Create was a "Sony website."

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