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"Tired... as usual"


Real life is overrated :D #1.2
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For me. the Final Fantasy X theme was totally worth it. It was pricey as heck, but having "To zanarkand" playing from my PS4 is just priceless. #1.1
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Definitely a good number. Italy has always pretty much been a Sony country even when PS3 struggled. #1.1
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I agree, I would actually love to hear how many people are working on it. Gonna ask it at the first chance. #1.1
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Downgrade buzz is most of the times misleading and pretty dishonest, unless someone can magically gauge every single element in a scene. All the effects, all the textures, count the polygons, the shaders and so forth.

Game development is constantly in flux. An effect that can be chosen 6 months ago, then it can be judged too costly compared to the gain it offers and replaced with another, and the saved resources can be used in something else. That's not a downgrade, but a... #4.1
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Can't blame you. This is actually one of the parts I played on Xbox One a month ago, so it was already spoiled for me (even if they're really mild, I guess). At least I can say that both versions look great. #1.1
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You must have 20/10 per eye.

Or... not.

I saw the game running on Xbox One, and it looks even better, by the way. Game DVR is crappy. #1.2.1
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They're pretty much equivalents, but "great" was the only one that fit the 100 character limit lol.

By the way, I was one of the first to advocate that the Xbox One version looks great :D #1.1
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Yeah Famitsu readers are also much more inclined towards core games and home console games than casual games and portable consoles.

Famitsu itself pretty much always hypes home console games a lot more than portables. #2.1
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Gotta consider that Pazudora is massively popular in Japan. I was actually very surprised it didn't sell more. #1.1
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It always happens. The reason, as far as I know it, is in the middle east games get sent earlier to retailers because the distribution channels are bad, and some of those shops simply care a lot less about breaking street date.

I can't remember many games that didn't break the street date somewhere there. #1.1
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It's always a pleasure to interview Jose, he's probably the most enthusiastic dude I ever met in the gaming industry :D

It really shows that he loves his job. #2.1
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I was a tad older, but boy... time flies. #1.1
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You can't tell the difference because the biggest difference is in minute details, like aliasing, which are hidden by even the slightest compression.

Frame rate is also another big difference. By having to push only 30 frames you save a LOT of hardware resources. #7.2
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Having played the first two games entirely, I can easily tell you'd be fine just reading a synopsis. The third game is very self-contained. It has references, but not that much, from what I saw so far.

Of course, I'll always advise everyone to play the first two games, because they're awesome. #2.2
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So am I. Unfortunately it'll be a little longer. #1.1
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Nah, that's an average number for a very long game that has been on sale for dirt cheap a ton of times.

Lots of people just buy it cheap, then leave it in their library until their queue shortens. Of course it never does. #2.1
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Maybe that's why it's "working for you." #1.1
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I can't give you actual firm data, but whenever I go to Japan, I see mostly Windows PCs. Even at tech retailers you normally see big Windows areas.

Tho, this is just what I could personally see, even if I've been there a lot, so don't take it as gold :D #1.1
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