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Unfortunately, we won't know for sure until mid-December, unless Microsoft makes an announcement.

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It's not totally surprising. I did write it in an article a while ago, but Microsoft made less compromises in the price/power ratio, which means that the Xbox One X has a clearer target and position on the market.

Low price is good for the base model, but for an "elite" model, higher power is probably more advisable than a lower price point.

Incidentally, the wording is a bit weird, but what it means is that PS4 Pro did 50K in a week, and 8...

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It's a worldwide reveal since it has an English website, and due to that I doubt it's mobile either.

Sega, you have one job: don't screw this up.

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Thought it was from Dead or Alive the game, came back disappointed.

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It's not just misleading. It's plainly false. Microsoft hinted nothing of the sort.

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Indeed they mostly are.

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The statement is influenced by Japan, it's not only about Japan.

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Saying that Microsoft doesn't take risks is ridiculous. The whole Xbox One X is a giant risk.

You can think logically and still take risks.

But keep playing the world's smallest violin.

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@UCForce: "Using Logic" is an executive's job.

That's how you keep a company running.

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Single player economics ARE complicated nowadays.

He said nothing strange or wrong. Whether single player games are gonna be made is a completely different issue.

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LOL. "crash the gaming industry."

Every single one of the major publishing players is posting increasingly positive results. If anything, we've never been so far from the possibility of a "crash."

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How is having the option for one more service possibly bad?

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IMHO, Bloodborne 2 is the one thing that will never happen.

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And has things that they don't have, soo...

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"Would Sony?"

Sony is not involved with the deal. PUBG Corp decides what service provider to use.

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I don't think you're very familiar with what Azure is.

Azure is a service independent from Xbox. Pubg pays for it, and it'll run on PS4 if Pubg keeps paying for it.

Hilarious that you think it would be a "problem" for anyone.

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You compare financial results year-on-year, not with "6 months ago"

What is disingenuous (even if I guess it's involuntary in your case) is comparing the summer period with the Holidays, as you did.

It's painted as a positive (at least on the software side) because it is.

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Bingo. At least he doesn't claim to be an analyst.

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"for home consoles."

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Worse, you have a minute timer, so you can't finish the level.

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