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We're basically saying the same thing lol.

That said, it was mentioned at multiple points during the livestream, and AFAIK it was told to the press several times. Of course this doesn't mean that they listened. It really does sound ludicrous to me to read a 800 word preview of a game in which 5 are about the gameplay.

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"All previews focused on the visuals."

That's not necessarily because the event focused on visuals, as IMHO The event was quite evidently focused on racing and on the competitive aspect of the game.

They had a 4 minutes of beauty footage and close to two hours of racing and competition, plus all the stuff that wasn't broadcasted.

The previews focused on visuals because those writers know squat of racing simulation. Gue...

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And they weren't. The racing and competition were.

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Hard to compare the two. One is running as twice the frame rate as the second.

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It was running on normal PS4s as full 60 FPS:

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Close. November 15th, 2016.

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It looks quite amazing for the number of cars on track.

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It kinda was...

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Actually they are, even if their availability is a bit in the air. I know they're inlcuded as pre-order bonuses in Europe.

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It's a question from an investor. The reason they asked is pretty simple: "hey, PS4 is selling more, are you sure that we aren't gonna get less money?"

From someone that's there for the money, I guess it's a legit question.

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To be fair, Pachter isn't a journalist. he's an analyst from an enormous multinational representing a ton of investors, so he can afford being savage. He kinds of holds the knife from the handle.

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Lol that question was savage. I laughed for 10 minutes.

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He means the total shooter marketshare, basically pushing aside other shooters from other companies.

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It's almost a given, I think.

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That's one of the things I loved most in the game. Often even when you do some silly stuff, the developers actually thought you'd do it, and added comments about it.

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Yeah, that's a misconception. Some think that the Comic Riff's reviews are satire because it's called "comic riff," but that's not the case.

Most of the Washington Post's game reviews come from the Comic Riff, which is simply the site's section for comics, games, TV series and such. They're all "serious" reviews, and if you read most of the production of this specific writer, you'll notice that, unfortunately, he's act...

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It almost seems that since a review is someone's opinion, that opinion should be immune from criticism and that person should not be held to any responsibility for what he writes.

That seems to be very convenient. But just as a review is entitled to express his opinion, readers are fully entitled to judge it to be bullshit.

Being a reviewer shouldn't be an insurance against criticism, and many reviewers should learn to take it as much as they dish...

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We'll probably know everything about the western release at E3.

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That's your opinion, and that's fine.

For what I'm concerned, there has been a patch that fixes and improves stuff in the most relevant game of the year so far. That's newsworthy under any possible point of view.

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Not everyone has access to his PS4 right this moment. Those are the patch notes.

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