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@thisismyaccount: I did. It was fun. Of course it was rather early. Many liken it to the Souls series, but that's just because of the aesthetics. It really played nothing like that. Combat was a lot less brutal, and more action-adventure-ish.

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Deep down I agree, but I always keep a glimmer of hope. I really enjoyed the demo at TGS 2013.

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The word development is explicitly mentioned in the document. It's an implication, no one mentioned it as a fact. Again, you're reaching, for reasons unknown.

As a compromise, since it really seems to bother you, I'll change it to conditional. Happy?

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There's no "conjecture."

A Capcom representative quite explicitly wrote in a legal document (which is by trademark law a sworn statement) that development is ongoing.

You can make of that what you will, but the implication of ongoing development is objectively there. Sorry, but you're reaching, and there is nothing wrong with the headline.

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And that alpha offers more content and fun than a lot of released games nowadays.

Funny how it works out.

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LOL. Nope.

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@blitzburns4: I'm sorry, but the PS2 didn't come even close to render something like this in real time.

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No. This is by the same team, but that one had Kaiju, this one is made to be realistic, with real disaster prevention consultants, set after a massive earthquake.

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You certainly have distorted memories of 1994.

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To be fair, they promised this one on Kickstarter ages ago, so they had to :D

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They can in Metro City.

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@j-blaze: you're wrong. Do some studying. https://en.wikipedia.org/wi...

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Can't understand a problem that does not exist. What you THINK this or that developer is backing does not matter. It's their game and their creative freedom is all that matters.

If they want to put in women in world war II (which is far from historically inaccurate mind you), battleships in the shape of cute girls, flying cows, or pink aliens from Mars, they can and they should. That's what creative freedom is all about.

Yoko Taro is 100% rig...

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Yoko Taro probably understands better than you do. Incidentally, Japanese games have a million of different themes, including what many would define "SJW" People just don't get up in arms about them, because they're games.

People got "disappointed" because they're dreadfully ignorant about history and hypocritical about politics. When those you call "SJW" whine about this or that "issue" in games conflicting with their age...

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Indeed. That's pretty obvious for me, but apparently not for others.

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@Geobros: I'm not sure where you'd get that conclusion. Most games sell better on the console with the largest installed base, and the PS4's installed base advantage is absolutely overwhelming. We're not even in a similar order of magnitude.

As a matter of fact, Sony hurrying to the next generation would gift Nintendo the installed base advantage.

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The Switch won't even come close to compete with the PS4's worldwide numbers before 2020. The only way it'll ever get close is when the PS4 will literally stop selling. There's no reason for Sony to hurry and reset its installed base advantage to zero.

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darthv72: That's incorrect from a second-hand source google translated from Japanese. Really shouldn't base your perception on that kind of stuff. I listened to the conference and saw the slides (even wrote an article about it). It just means that it's entering the final phase of its life cycle, not that it's NOW at the end of its life.

In fact, during the presentation, they said clearly that PS4 will be the core of the PlayStation Business until the end of ...

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Same here. I certainly hope we don't get more than one a generation. I've got enough to upgrade with my PC.

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BF1 has a modern looking hud.

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