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Well, too bad for you. Two more are coming.

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And they also gave us a full race for free, on top of a bunch of other content.

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and it's worth every single buck. Besides, it's been heavily discounted a gazillion times.

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That isn't photo realism. She's very obviously and intentionally stylized, and she looks a lot more natural in her expressions for that.

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With the movie coming out and a $1 price? There's absolutely nothing "nuts" or even remotely surprising about it.

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Reading is hard.

The first three games were all priced literally $1.

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@TheUndertaker85: the Switch is labeled as a home console by Nintendo.

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That's partly correct and partly incorrect. Wii U launched during the Japanese Holiday season. PS4 did not. Not even close.

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They'd have at the very least to completely redo the visuals. But the same goes (hopefully?) for Switch.

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Said the fox as it could not reach the grapes.

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It's not coming on PS4 until full release in Q1 2018 because the PS4 doesn't have an early access program. Steam and Xbox do.

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The Switch, like all consoles, needs all the games it can get, especially those that are already very good after only one month of early access.

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Indeed. I expected a bit more. The most impactful difference is actually ambient occlusion, which is unexpected.

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Eh, nudity is just the tip of the iceberg- Abuse, slavery, cannibalism... there's some for everyone :D Not that I mind, since it fits the setting to a T.

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When the Nintendo Switch version is officially revealed. For now it has only been announced and it isn't even sure that it'll come in 2017.

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Not sure about "male" opinion, but I know for a fact that many developers right now are secretly clapping.

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Should be fixed now :D

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Well, to be precise, it isn't up to the ESRB.

Both Microsoft and Sony COULD let games rated Adult Only on their platforms. It's not illegal and the ESRB has no actual legal value.

It's their decision not to. So yes, the ESRB will decide what to rate the game, but Microsoft is the one opting not to include AO games on Xbox One. Same as Sony.

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It does look pretty amazing. I'm curious to see how it feels though. My only doubt is the gameplay flow with all those cinematic moments.

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Hehe. Reminds me of the good times of Star Ocean 5.

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