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Now, if only this came west. Just to spite the pundits (I'm gonna get the Asian version anyway, and review it too lol).

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This one maybe, but I'm not sure why you mention The Tomorrow Children, since it's just been in beta, and it's prominently showcased with very nice progress in just about every event Sony sets foot on.

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Not even close.

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I suggest checking those ears mate. hearing problems are better taken early.

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You know, providing news is kind of our job :D

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Lol. If only we had all the money they have.

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Aside from the fact that the second part of your comment is very subjective, I doubt a few tweets a day qualify as "talking too much" by any standard.

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That's not necessarily true. In this industry, IPs are often taken beyond their original developers. That's why ownership of a successful IP is basically the most important asset a company has.

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The funny thing is that they wouldn't need to. Xbox One was the original platform for the game in Japan.

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I've lost hope ages ago.

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Yep, that was pretty much a quick turnaround.

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@never4get: uh? Pal, what did you smoke? This generation is awesome.

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It will also probably sell at least 1,000 Japanese Xbox Ones.

Sorry. I couldn't resist :P

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It is pretty fun. Too bad I'm not too much into mobas.

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I think it was actually whistling. Probably synth, but that's what it aimed to reproduce :D

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I'm a fan of all of them. One of my most beloved memories with the first playstation was the first time I watched the opening of the furst Wild Arms. It was just SO good with that western vibe.

At times, even today, I find myself humming that tune :D

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They do know how to advertise stuff :D

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Yeah. I'd be happy with the genre for now. Many seem to think he's ready to do Silent Hills with another name. But I'm pretty sure he'll go with something more mainstream to begin with in order to establish the studio. I'm hoping on sci-fi/mecha.

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Same. I'm afraid it'll be a long wait tho. They can't have gone past the early concept stage by now.

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@Bansai: I wonder what you'd consider a good awards show. Considering that this one is peer-voted, it's certainly better than most that get their votes from opinionated journos.

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