Tired... as usual


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Just now? :D

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Indeed it does. I love the animations.

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Up again.

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Mostly because you have to be 21 to get a ticket :D

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@ninsigma: while I doubt the new game is gonna be a PS4 exclusive of sorts, even if it was true, it wouldn't hurt their relationship with microsoft. That's not how it works in this industry. Independent companies work for this or that publisher, and people don't exactly hold grudges.

Just look at insomniac. They worked for Sony for ages, then they did a multiplat for EA, then Sony again, then they did an Xbox One exclusive with Sunset Overdrive, next Ratchet on ...

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People will always find something to be outraged about, especially with some studios that get identified as target. Remedy is a good example, and we all know why.

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I can't say I'm too impressed myself, but I'll wait to see the full thing before judging.

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No. That's so not ok. >_>

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@The_Infected: unfortunately most of them are crap, like zero-effort static screens without even custom music, but this one is dynamic, so it might be better.

And yeah, that cover art is awesome.

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I'm waiting a big longer, even if the theme really is tempting. But I'm becoming slightly too addicted to themes (I literally have several tens, and even counting 5 different regional accounts, I'm using only five at a time) so I'm holding off for now.

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The press release mentions Only PS4, so at the moment is PS4 exclusive.

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Actually, the track looks par for the course with Forza 6's real tracks. It's less colorful than the fantasy tracks, but that's no surprise, because GT never went for the bombastic/overly colorful.

The comparison with PC is simply silly, because PC.

On the other hand, the cars look sensibly better than Forza 6's, so what's your point exactly?

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@Deadpooled that's not what I mean with full campaign. That's basically a series of challenges. Sure. It's a lot of challenges and lessons, but it doesn't look like any of those is a full race.

We'll see if there's more, but that's the only thing I'm Iffy about for now.

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It's not online only, it can be played offline, but that doesn't mean having a full campaign. So far they haven't show a pip. I guess we'll see.

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I really hope there *is* a campaign.

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The only way they can dig that hole digger is announcing a mobile game.

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Not sure about the mechanics, but let's be honest, we get plenty non-traditional aesthetics on other consoles too. Just look at cuphead.

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Because Sony posted it alongside the other, which is not pointless, and "as journalist" we report it. Incidentally, the one that looks clueless here isn't me.

Sony Computer Entertainment *Europe* didn't change its name yet. It's still SCEE as it's taking them longer to prepare for the change of name and logo. it'll probably change some time in the Summer.

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I can have a simple T-shirt printed in an hour too at the shop down the block lol.

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Or it just suggests that they added some fanservice to the game for those who like it. Simple solutions are normally the best.

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