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Yep, that definitely reminded me of that as well. Not identical, tho.

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It's gonna be fun with Treehouse localization and Japanese voices. I expect unprecedented levels of audio/subtitle dissonance.

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@Pandamobile: a game's price should be determined by its content, not by whether it's "indie" or not.


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Because it's an enormous game that has been in development for years?

I don't think it being "indie" automatically lowers its value.

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Unlikely, since Konami has the IP, but they might collaborate again in the future, who knows.

I mean, PlatinumGames collaborates with EVERYONE :D

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@Eidolon: the big deal is for the goons like me that never noticed because it was on by default.

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"Notification messages are no longer displayed when Friends join parties."

This is the best thing since the invention of bread.

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Indeed, but I'll take it.

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The Gears 4 part is false. We were there and I have the full recording of the event. What isn't in my articles hasn't been said. Gears of War 4 was never once mentioned, so this is IGN's derp.

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That didn't last long anyway.

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It looks a lot like Persona 4 from what I've seen so far.

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well, it seems to be not excessively demanding graphically, so I doubt there'll be much of a problem.

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I was surprised too. I can't even fathom why they're trying to trademark it.

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I'm not sure ESO dominates anything, to be honest.

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You mean quality games like Gravity Rush 2 or The Last Guardian?

Sorry, you're full of it. Having an executive and six random employees mostly from localization and QA work a livestream for 2 hours outside working hours to publicize call of duty won't impact development of anything whatsoever.

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@WoshJills: good job not reading the article. The matches in the video are just highlights, the ones played by the executives.

Square Enix won 5 matches, tied one. Sony won zero.

Yes. "obliteration" is appropriate, and you're nitpicking over nothing.

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I wouldn't call it more a huge blow than selling like 400 units a week :D

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From how they Sakaguchi described it, Terra Battle World is a completely different game from Terra Battle.

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Not sure if I call it heavy handed. They won 5 matches and tied one.

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The salt is strong with this man.

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