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They didn't. They said they'd leave the decision to the devs.

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Midgard is actually the realm inhabited by humans in Norse cosmology. As it's in the middle of the nine worlds that go from Asgard (top) to Hel (bottom).


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@-Foxtrot: the breakdown for votes for platforms shows that old games weren't forgotten at all. There were more votes for PS2 and PS1 games than PS4, but they were spread among more games.

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"Bit strange how the best game of all time just happens to be the most recent one"

It''s not the most recent one at all?

In a few days it'll be a year old in Japan.

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It is tagged appropriately. The game is on PS4 and Xbox One, and this specific mission appears on PS4 and Xbox One as well.

Do learn the rules.

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Oh my god, he saw a video with a multiplatform game running on PC! The travesty! The BS trolling!


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I will be in the audience, waving :D

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This isn't about game makers. It's about an *actor*

It's no more gaming news than their articles about Japanese toilets.

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They just purchased the Gears franchise, so giving it a rest after one game doesn't seem very realistic, to be honest.

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Well, IMHO they are. They've been trying to add more diversity in their line up, they got a MMORPG from Korea, lots of stuff from smaller European countries, quite a bit of Japanese games.

Of course, they still have less than Sony (I believe they have more diversity than Nintendo, tho) , but Rome wasn't built in a day and you gotta start somewhere. It's already good that they recognized that they needed work on that.

Of course, they need to ...

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Isn't that exactly the point?

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You can guarantee whatever you like mate. But I played it, you didn't.

Making a comparison between the two is simply improper.

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It's also a completely different game, without a shred of a story, while Ace Combat is a narrative-driven game.

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i don't think too, and so does anyone who has eyes and has played the game.

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Not sure how you know that. I played it, and it compares, favorably, at least for now.

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"Also Playstation unites hot chicks too! :D"

only in Asia :P

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That's not what this "loot crate" is.

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It's actually a pretty good game. I enjoy its PvE modes a lot more than world of tanks to be honest, even if gotta give credit where due, it's obvious that they took a lot from WoT.

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Second half of 2018. They delayed it back in June.

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@GordonKnight: no thanks. We really don't need another studio having to suffer from Nintendo's "localization" by default.

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