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Don't need to imagine. Backers have been seeing exactly that with Star Citizen.

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Mine too, this is some of the best gameplay I have seen in ages.

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Going to go out on a limb here and say that it'll definitely be lower than 20 bucks.

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@-Foxtrot: it's funny that some people like you keep confusing their hyperbole-filled opinion with "most of us."

You don't represent any measurable majority. As a matter of fact, you're most likely in a vastly overwhelmed minority. Keep hating. We'll keep enjoying one of the best and biggest RPGs of the last few years.

I'll let you guess who wins in the equation.

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I doubt they'll make another one. I don't think it sold well at all.

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Uh no. This is nothing like that rumor. Also, by the "what you should have gotten at launch" logic, all game expansions and DLC should always be there at launch, and games would never come out.

Final Fantasy XV was an extremely beefy game at launch. They're simply adding to it. It's hilarious that this game launched bigger than most, and still some people argue it should have included more.

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It's not included in the Season Pass. There is an update package that costs 20 bucks.

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@DarkOcelot: we know it's coming this year, but you're making assumptions we can't make. God of War was playable from start to finish in December 2016.

Playability in game development is much different from completion. Many games are playable in
greybox state (IE: with art and assets represented by grey polygons) years before release.

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That's not necessarily true. Sony accidentally revealed the final box art of Uncharted 4 in January 2015.

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So they have an office space. Whohooo.

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wow, they dare to have posters! where are the pitchforks!

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not happening.

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Doesn't look to me that he's describing it as a bad thing?

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Honestly, considering how Arc System Works handles updates to its games, this is hardly surprising. I mean, it always seemed to me that they sold what would normally qualify as a DLC or update as a full game. But I will admit that I am very ignorant about fighting games, so I don't really know what the community considers acceptable.

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@mercyblades: revamped Yakuza 0 engine with a new shader.

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Horizon certainly deserves it, but seeing only one nomination (and only for their specific genre) for Persona 5 and NieR: Automata makes me shake my head so hard.

Neither of them nominated for best music but COD gets a nod? Makes you wonder what those panelists actually played.

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These were the best spent 90 minutes of the last few months.

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There probably won't be new info, besides maybe things specific to Taiwan. They will probably show new gameplay of some of the games.

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It actually has pretty basic RTS mechanics. It isn't super-deep, mind you.At least the gameplay part. What's pretty deep is the combination of pilots and mecha which can change a lot depending on the buffs they provide to each other.

The story part is not interactive, unlocked by completing RTS missions.

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@ChrisW: they had a popularity vote back when DOAX3 was announced, and went with the results of that,

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