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But it was ok when Valve strapped it into Steam DRM?

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The demo is not part of the full game. it's a prequel.

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Nah. The big sites almost never have to suffer consequences from this kind of mistakes, just because they're big. They'll probably get a shouting, and that's it.

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I'll give you nice weather. Give me fast Internet :D

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It's more like skin. There isn't any sex in the game.

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I've heard of Lithuania. And as an Italian that lives 15 Km out of a massive city like Milan, and is stuck with 1 mb/s upload bandwidth, i'm extremely Jaelous >_>

We're like in the stone age here.

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Umh, controllers work on PC nowadays :D

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We probably will.

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@mikeslemonade: it's been recorded on a 970

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Yep, and they also include some nice themed game art.

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It really does feel great :D

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@Rainslacker: thanks :D

It's not more luck based than in real life. It's just vry much luck based (both in the game and in real life) so I don't consider it a consistent money maker in the game.

It wasn't criticism of the implementation.

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Ew, wow, really? Can't imagine a more stale alternative, honestly...

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It's certainly nice, even if I wish it worked better with hair collisions. Nyotengu is my favorite, and her hair clips a lot with her shoulders >_>

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The more games get localized, the better.

But it got localized anyway, so yeah, from that point of view, it's not a big deal.

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Or if you want to provide meaningful information to your readers.

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The fact that it took a lot longer to sell out obviously means that offer is starting to match demand, and there are almost enough launch bundles to cover those who want that kind of offer.

That's obviously quite meaningful.

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It's awesome. Too bad that it won't have mods, that really make it shine.

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It's very touchy-feely, lol.

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Because 15 year olds can't wear a two pieces costume? When was the last time you visited a beach?

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