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It isn't as simple as selecting an action and watching it happen.

Mind you, the demo wasn't intended to showcase combat. It's a tech demo.

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I still can't wait to see if my calculations for the game's size are close to right :D

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Thanks :D Was fun. Cambier is awesome.

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The article assumes nothing. It reports figures Wargaming got from professional firms specialized in this kind of data.

Also, math disagrees with your assessment that the report implies that the gap "never widens." It's clearly portrayed as widening in every single year examined.

Did you just look at the bars without reading the numbers?

I'm not exactly sure where did you see "9m in 2 years" there too.

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They already said it will. You can even see it in the trailer.

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Mmmh doubt it. Pax east panels are normally game specific unless they're dedicated to a publisher/developer in general.

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Know many other recent games that run at 1080p/60 FPS, and that also play by themselves letting you focus on matching recording?

Also, got any problem with tits?

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But it is. That's what "free" in the headline and on the PlayStation store means.

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Well, then it's good that this one is free and good.

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I am trying! >_>

For some reason, I had a LOT less problems with Bloodborne.

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All I know is that I had to delay my Dark Souls III review because the game's kicking my ass too hard.

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That's ok. I'm ok with being a fangirl when a game is great.

And at least the level I played, oh boy.

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That was pretty much my reaction. I guess some was also due to the fact that Sony strapped a bicycle helmet on my head with a gopro. No. I'm not Joking. Wish I knew where that footage ended.

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Haters gonna hate, as usual.

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@VenomUK: I'm old, at my age you get sentimental.

But honestly, I'm just a wuss. And yes, I did cry. :D

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He doesn't need to abandon his team. Square Enix does work with directors as external contractors. They're doing it with Yoko Taro.

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He already is.

The announcement of his collaboration with silicon studio stressed that he's working with their tech, which is mostly high end console/PC related (I saw their rendering engine run on a PS4 myself, and boy, it's good).

That said, people working on two games at the same time is hardly unheard of, especially if he shared direction with Tabata.

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It's certainly improving.

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I like it. Wish it had the original sound, but that'd probably lead to lawsuits.

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Sorry, meant Sub Full-HD, fixed.

I'm running on 2 hours of sleep and had an uncharted 4 event in the morning. Kind of trying to hold my neurons together lol.

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