Tired... as usual


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I've lost hope ages ago.

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Yep, that was pretty much a quick turnaround.

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@never4get: uh? Pal, what did you smoke? This generation is awesome.

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It will also probably sell at least 1,000 Japanese Xbox Ones.

Sorry. I couldn't resist :P

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It is pretty fun. Too bad I'm not too much into mobas.

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I think it was actually whistling. Probably synth, but that's what it aimed to reproduce :D

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I'm a fan of all of them. One of my most beloved memories with the first playstation was the first time I watched the opening of the furst Wild Arms. It was just SO good with that western vibe.

At times, even today, I find myself humming that tune :D

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They do know how to advertise stuff :D

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Yeah. I'd be happy with the genre for now. Many seem to think he's ready to do Silent Hills with another name. But I'm pretty sure he'll go with something more mainstream to begin with in order to establish the studio. I'm hoping on sci-fi/mecha.

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Same. I'm afraid it'll be a long wait tho. They can't have gone past the early concept stage by now.

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@Bansai: I wonder what you'd consider a good awards show. Considering that this one is peer-voted, it's certainly better than most that get their votes from opinionated journos.

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"true fans of the series" way too often want it to never evolve. Creators have the right to evolve their creations, especially after four and a half games.

Bottomline, your personal taste, or that of the self-proclaimed "trues fans of the series" isn't the absolute indicator of a game's quality.

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Konami prevented a relevant game developer from receiving an award he received. That's all there's to it.

The rest you list is very debatable, and your personal perspective, which seems flavored by salt.

Quite evidently there are a ton of people that consider MGS5 an awesome game.

Saying that "facts are facts" doesn't make what you say actually a fact.

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Most epic Karma moment ever.

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I've seen it, and I didn't like it very much, bit I guess it's just a matter of genre. I'm more into (much) simpler movies.

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Apparently, it won't be a VR game, so we're safe.

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Yep, the talk was quite awesome. I expected something less relaxed, but I really liked it.

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Seems a little early for that, since he said they'll talk about that at a "much future date," E3 is 4 months away.

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Perfect Square Enix trolling lol.

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Never gonna happen *chants with*

(I hope that it will)

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