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Ninja -> Lacks commercial appeal.

That's when you know someone's drunk. Amazed that someone put this in a headline like it had any credence.

Actually, not amazed at all.

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the character designer is well known for sexy stuff :D You can google "Oda Non" (NSFW)

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It's Kadokawa, so that's more a matter of when than if.

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It looks basically like the first game, with elements added. Which is great.

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He's in his twenties.

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It certainly seems a lot of effort to stay limited to the special edition.

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The mobile game is.

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@Lon3wolf: that doesn't really make much sense. That way instead of having one potentially wrong option, you have many, that normally never get removed and lead people into submission mistakes.

At least IMHO (and what I have seen mostly done) it's better to just use the most likely platform.

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Not announced yet.

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Because when you submit the title of a game, you need to put at least one platform tag.

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Time flies way too much. Feels like yesterday.

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Haters gonna hate.

Having played it extensively, the game is awesome.

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I don't expect that before the summer, honestly.

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The co-op mode is exclusive.

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I'm pretty sure they'd be capable if they wanted to. They probably just don't :D

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Learning something new isn't a bad thing, yanno.

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"added focus" =/= "heavily investing."

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Thanks for actually reading :D

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It's a different game. This one has optional microtransactions, but no DLC, being a free to play game. Don't need to pay for anything unless you want to. I didn't pay a dime.

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You know that you don't actually need to pay a dime? Just making sure.

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