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Indeed, this one gave me the chills.

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Looks like the most powerful enemies are immune to the moogle, so really difficult battles probably won't be influenced.

And I wouldn't go as far as saying that there are absolutely no living moogles. For now, we know that there are moogle dolls, but no one *really* said that there are no living moogles at all.

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Same. It was the best of the series.

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Best *selling* indicates the present, grammatically, so it's technically not wrong. Technically.

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It's certainly an interesting exercise of skirting the limits of what you can and cannot say in advertisement. The difference with the English one is a good example of what isn't allowed outside of the US.

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@Kleptic: if you know nothing about something, instead of going on a tirade on your completely irrelevant perception of this trailer and the Japanese industry, just try google.

"Jap" is not just an abbreviation, is ethnic slur.

At times even jsut something as simple as google can help you making up for the massive gaps in your knowledge, and avoid posting something completely silly.

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What you don't seem to know is that "Jap" is a derogatory term that happens to be very disrespectful.

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That does seem a tad overpriced. I'd pay 10 tops.

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One: the game is coming in English. It takes only reading two lines to learn that. Two: not everyone is bad with languages. Three: the amount of Japanese in this trailer is ridiculously small.

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People ask him, so he says things. Interviews would be a tad boring if he said "No comment" at every question.

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That is an assumption. The main class being the monk is the warrior of light. The woman may very well be a dancer, she fights very differently compared to the dude.

Samurai, there is no hint (he probably got that from the design of the villain), dancer is a reasonable hypothesis.

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Sure didn't make me feel sick when I played it extensively at TGS. Maybe I'm just not a weakling.

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That is very unlikely. Sony doesn't certify adult only games.

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I don't think "pre-rendered" means what you think it means.

It was live, played on the floor by one of the developers.

Some parts of it were certainly scripted, but not a single pixel was pre-renderered there.

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You described something that has absolutely nothing to do with this.

Dynasty Warriors? You're not even on the same planet.

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oh, i'm a big fan of Raita too (I just came home from japan with the bikini Selvaria figure :P), but funnily, if you look at the new valkyria, she's more... umh... faithful to his design than Selvaria :P

Also, Raita's a dude :D

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Forza Horizon 4 in Japan is just the obvious choice :D

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To be fair, the previous games didn't really do justice to Raita's character design. His style is... well... more :P

Also, you don't get "GOOD" at a game the first time you play it with an entirely new system. The second mission is supposed to be played at a higher level than I did, after grinding the first more. The third mission is basically impossible until you get at a MUCH higher level.

Not everyone has the time and resources/bi...

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@G20WLY: Sorry not sorry :P

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I'm not sure why people are so into the idea that playing this game is embarrasing.

You're interacting with a fully dressed girl in an absolutely chaste way. No touching, no peeking at strange angles, no skimpy clothes of any sort.

It's very soft romance. There is heavier stuff in basically every anime series out there.

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