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Can't be worse than Miki.

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It's not a browser game. It uses the DMM game client, which installs the game on your PC.

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pretty much lol.

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How about instead they keep working on the game until they have a finished product that those who actually supported the game can enjoy?

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@Team_Litt: "Really? The very last thing?"

Really. The very last thing.

The best racing game on the market is iRacing, and it has less than 80 cars.

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The very last thing to determine the quality of a racing game is the number of cars.

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You do understand that Team Ninja has quite a lot of developers and that most of them probably aren't in any shape or form working on this, right?

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This is not streaming. It uses the DMM client, but it runs on local hardware.

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The PS4 version is on PSVR.

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Have you read the article?

Sony itself clarified tat no features or specs have been changed.

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There's no "better," just cheaper for Sony to make.

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Just for the rest of the fiscal year.

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They're not stuck, they're separate if you look at the picture with the content of the headset. If you want to use different earphones you just plug them in the back of the headset instead of the little box on the cable that has been removed.

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I honestly have no idea because I have not seen it (but there is an image in the article), but that's what Sony says :(

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You can't because the cabling is different.

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I'd take Tifa, but realistically it's gonna be another villain.

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I meant no one from the audience :D

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It made you play the demo on a rotating platform, or one that blew air from under you (no, no one with a skirt tried that, to my knowledge lol).

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The Asian males (and females, actually) from Japan were too busy taking pictures.

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I wonder why people have been reacting so violently to it. It certainly isn't the beauty of the prom, but I didn't think it was that fugly either.

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