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You can guarantee whatever you like mate. But I played it, you didn't.

Making a comparison between the two is simply improper.

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It's also a completely different game, without a shred of a story, while Ace Combat is a narrative-driven game.

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i don't think too, and so does anyone who has eyes and has played the game.

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Not sure how you know that. I played it, and it compares, favorably, at least for now.

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"Also Playstation unites hot chicks too! :D"

only in Asia :P

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That's not what this "loot crate" is.

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It's actually a pretty good game. I enjoy its PvE modes a lot more than world of tanks to be honest, even if gotta give credit where due, it's obvious that they took a lot from WoT.

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Second half of 2018. They delayed it back in June.

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@GordonKnight: no thanks. We really don't need another studio having to suffer from Nintendo's "localization" by default.

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That's already confirmed, don't worry :D

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I shall be there. And hopefully this year the wi-fi doesn't fail like last time ^_^;

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Basically what Eonjay said. Sony dabbled in free-to-play, but free-to-play is not something you just dabble in if you wanna be successful. You either go all out, or you crash and burn.

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Nice try for what?

I'm simply telling you, beyond any reasonable doubt, that you do not need to have the ending complete and available to finalize the ending theme song.

That's not how game development works, even more so in Japan. Quite often they finalize even the voice acting before scenes are actually complete, let alone the music.

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Uh.. who told you that?

I don't doubt that the game is close to completion, since it has to come out fully localized within four months, but that's simply not accurate.

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That's an oversimplification, and a preconception, but you're free to miss out on the few good games there are in that space. It's your problem, not mine.

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While I share the sentment about wanting them to make console games, there's absolutely nothing "terrible" about Terra Battle. Not even a wee bit.

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He already had his months ago. http://www.dualshockers.com...

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No one knows, and anyone saying one way or another is guessing.

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IMHO, will be TGS

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I'm set on the digital deluxe. I'm out of space :(

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