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I'd take Tifa, but realistically it's gonna be another villain.

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I meant no one from the audience :D

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It made you play the demo on a rotating platform, or one that blew air from under you (no, no one with a skirt tried that, to my knowledge lol).

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The Asian males (and females, actually) from Japan were too busy taking pictures.

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I wonder why people have been reacting so violently to it. It certainly isn't the beauty of the prom, but I didn't think it was that fugly either.

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They've as much to do with gaming as any of the tens of posts about cosplay we get every week. I don't see you protesting there. That's what the culture/offbeat category is for,

PS: Booth companions in Asian countries, and especially in Japan, are considered much more than "boobs and cleavage." Might want to learn a bit more about different gaming cultures. It's quite enriching

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I asked them, and they said they're not ready to talk about multiplayer,which kind of says they'll have some multiplayer, if you read between the line.

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And the great thing is that FFXV has both in spades.

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Looks great to me. What doesn't evolve withers.

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What some dudes on the internet says is really irrelevant. They certainly don't represent "xbox gamers."

And nowadays the resources used to port a game from PC to Xbox One are minimal. You don't need to sell hundreds of thousands of copies to make the money back, and you open up to potential new customers.

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Try to be better in a souls-like game with a completely different pace that you never tried before in 20 minutes. Always easy to bash people with your arms firmly glued to the armchairs.

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that's not the title. It's the name of the character.

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Not sure why would you hate to say it. It's just the truth (IMHO).

Part of that comes from DC running circles around Marvel (IMHO).

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This is Unreal Engine 4. None of the games you mentioned used Unreal Engine 4.

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daaaamn, I should have watermarked those images. You never know.

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Yeah, I really love the box art. Works well with both blue and green.

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Uh... Not sure what you'd define "old" in there.

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It's published by Square Enix, so Koei Tecmo doesn't really get to decide.

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I don't think that's Disney's decision at all. The game is published and fully funded by Capcom. Disney can't just snap fingers and end the license. There are contracts in place.

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2 was a massive improvement over 1, so I fully expect Kiwami 2 to be better than Kiwami.

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