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Perfect Square Enix trolling lol.

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Never gonna happen *chants with*

(I hope that it will)

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And that correctly leaked the release date of at least two major PS4 firmware updates.

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@dragonddark: I cringe every time I remind myself, and I'm an enormous fan of both Total War and Warhammer, so I had to bite the bullet, VERY begrudgingly.

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Eh, I've gotten used to it. At least it isn't big stuff. I'm looking at you, Total War Warhammer....

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i REALLY can't wait to get it. I waited on a Japanese copy because there really isn't too much text to enjoy it in moon runes, but I can't wait for a western date.

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Actually, it just came out right now :D

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I'm 99% sure she wasn't. Maybe later today'

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I don't think it's MS's "fault." For some reason bullet hell shooter developers in Japan seem to be enamored with Xbox. It was like that for Cave, and it's the same for Mobius.

As crazy as it can sound, it seems that they go the Xbox way all on their own.

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Survival horror is pretty much a sub-genre. You can have horror in a ton of different genres, and not all of them are survival horror.

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I'm always a bit iffy on character votes. On one hand, it's nice for fans to be able to choose. On the other hand, it's probably better for developers to select what the game needs in terms of gameplay.

But I guess one isn't too much.

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That's just between readers. The most relevant part of the survey is among developers, and obviously, they did try it.

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"horror" isn't a game genre. It's a narrative genre. Horror can be Adventure or shooters normally. So it's right there on top.

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and happy "Single Awareness Day" :D

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Reading the article would have revealed that yes, it does.

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For now, I guess.

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I think Phil won't let anyone get in the way of his vision. It's pretty obvioius that he knows what he's doing, and he'll keep on that path.

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Why are you waiting? It's been out for two years.

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Definitely a grey area. You could say that it's possible sources of inspiration, but if you guys think it doesn't belong here, feel free to fail the post.

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I was surprised it wasn't there to begin with. Glad to see that they just needed more time :D

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