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You mean quality games like Gravity Rush 2 or The Last Guardian?

Sorry, you're full of it. Having an executive and six random employees mostly from localization and QA work a livestream for 2 hours outside working hours to publicize call of duty won't impact development of anything whatsoever.

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@WoshJills: good job not reading the article. The matches in the video are just highlights, the ones played by the executives.

Square Enix won 5 matches, tied one. Sony won zero.

Yes. "obliteration" is appropriate, and you're nitpicking over nothing.

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I wouldn't call it more a huge blow than selling like 400 units a week :D

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From how they Sakaguchi described it, Terra Battle World is a completely different game from Terra Battle.

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Not sure if I call it heavy handed. They won 5 matches and tied one.

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The salt is strong with this man.

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He isn't the best player on the field, but it shows that he plays.

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At least in Call of Duty. I finally found someone that plays worse than me (Sony's President, Square Enix's CEO is actually way better lol).

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I've actually been wondering on what Mikami-san is doing. He's been reeeally silent lately.

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Indeed. I wonder why it was posted in English. That's pretty rare on Famitsu.

It's almost like someone wanted to send a message :D

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It's turn based, but apparently with seamless transition from walking around. I'm not yet sure how it'll work exactly.

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In fact, they weren't at Gamescom last year, because they didn't have anything big to show.

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That's exactly what I thought. Blood and Wine should be out by then, and CDP doesn't go to events when they don't have anything relevant to show.

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Now, if only this came west. Just to spite the pundits (I'm gonna get the Asian version anyway, and review it too lol).

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This one maybe, but I'm not sure why you mention The Tomorrow Children, since it's just been in beta, and it's prominently showcased with very nice progress in just about every event Sony sets foot on.

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Not even close.

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I suggest checking those ears mate. hearing problems are better taken early.

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You know, providing news is kind of our job :D

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Lol. If only we had all the money they have.

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Aside from the fact that the second part of your comment is very subjective, I doubt a few tweets a day qualify as "talking too much" by any standard.

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