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@kalkano: actually, there are a ton of turn-based games in the list in the article, so your point is false.

Secondly, you probably shouldn't call in the "millions." You speak for yourself, and no one else.

If you think there are "Millions" of people that think that JRPGs that aren't turn based are bad, I'm afraid there's quite a lot of delusion in there.

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Your very personal taste on turn-based vs action has absolutely no bearing on whether games qualify as JRPGs, or on their quality.

Your preconceptions mean only one thing, and that you're the one missing out on great games.

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Not one bit. OF course, you might need a clone to actually play them all lol.

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Yeah, too bad I doubt that it'll ever become a real game sold commercially.

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It's gonna dominate the #PS4Share hashtag for while for sure.

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This is a prediction for November 2016. Might want to actually read before spamming "LOLs" :D

The prediction is for the end of the fourth quarter of year 3 of both consoles, which is November 2016. They launched in November 2013.

It even says it clearly on the graph. "Y3 Q4 (projected)."

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I'd say EEDAR is just a little more credible than VGChartz, especially considering that they have access to actual NPD data, which VGChartz does not.

IMHO, there's absolutely nothing that's safe to assume using vgchartz as a base.

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Lol. That was clever Eonjay. +1 from me.

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I'd be happy with Ace 5 and RR T4 :D

And an Ace 3 actually localized without removing the whole story.

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I'm afraid that won't be the case. Still praying, but this smells mobile >_>

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You mean Evangelion? Maybe when City Shrouded in Shadow comes out :D

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The Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel. A classic.

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I loved it, but I love The Sound of Silence, so I might be biased here. It just feels perfect for it.

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I have a theory of the reason for that. Many games use a ton of normal maps to simulate rough surfaces. That's basically another texture for every object, and textures are heavy in file size.

In DS3 a lot of it is made with actual geometry, which is a lot lighter in file size.

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@Fries: it may sound crazy, but it might be right.

If I am, it would be close to 780 square miles, which is ginormous.

You can find the whole reasoning below.

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It isn't as simple as selecting an action and watching it happen.

Mind you, the demo wasn't intended to showcase combat. It's a tech demo.

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I still can't wait to see if my calculations for the game's size are close to right :D

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Thanks :D Was fun. Cambier is awesome.

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The article assumes nothing. It reports figures Wargaming got from professional firms specialized in this kind of data.

Also, math disagrees with your assessment that the report implies that the gap "never widens." It's clearly portrayed as widening in every single year examined.

Did you just look at the bars without reading the numbers?

I'm not exactly sure where did you see "9m in 2 years" there too.

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They already said it will. You can even see it in the trailer.

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