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Given The Witcher, I have very few doubts on that.

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I don't mind. It's a small part. Sure, it may be a bit of a bummer, but the whole big deal never made sense to me.

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Because it pays their wages with minimal effort, I'd wager.

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I mean we ain't getting the PS3 version. We knew that it's coming west for PS4 since last year.

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In any case we ain't getting it.

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Yes, I do feel you're being a bit unreasonable, and I feel I said it pretty clearly, and being unreasonable about this is something rather common nowadays.

This article includes all the relevant information stated in that livestream, which includes that.

Naughty Dog has no problem sharing that kind of information on air in front of thousands of viewers, so I don't see why I should, or why you should consider it a spoiler, given that it's something...

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Because it's not a spoiler. It's part of the background of the game, not something you discover by playing.

Naughty Dog doesn't consider it a spoiler, and I don't as well.

At times people are WAY too oversensitive about this.

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glad to be of service :D

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The fun thing is that we don't know the extent of the changes. If there's one, it's pretty safe to assume that there will be more.

Considering Treehouse is doing the localization, and the voices will remain in Japanese, I fully expect unprecedented levels of voice/subtitles dissonance.

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And it'll be interesting to know what one magazine giving it an award in the face of a very mild reaction from actual gamers has anything to do with whether censorship is ok.

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You mean it won the "Debut with 23k copies on Christmas while the Wii U was selling like hotcakes" award?

According to your usual logic, if it sells all is ok, but this really did rather badly.

Of course, that logic is flawed to begin with, so...

Not surprised to see you spring to the defense of censorship as usual (as long as it's Nintendo doing it). Welcome back :D

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I'll buy it too, because I'm a sucker and the Wii U is region locked. But censoring this kind of stuff (while leaving exactly the same stuff in other parts of the game) is ludicrous.

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I honestly can't wait to get my hands on the beta.

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as an Italian, I hate that pun >_>

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Indeed >_>

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Yep, that definitely reminded me of that as well. Not identical, tho.

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It's gonna be fun with Treehouse localization and Japanese voices. I expect unprecedented levels of audio/subtitle dissonance.

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@Pandamobile: a game's price should be determined by its content, not by whether it's "indie" or not.


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Because it's an enormous game that has been in development for years?

I don't think it being "indie" automatically lowers its value.

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Unlikely, since Konami has the IP, but they might collaborate again in the future, who knows.

I mean, PlatinumGames collaborates with EVERYONE :D

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