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Mine went to Sora :D

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Vague = not clear.

A clear answer to a question that is answered with yes or no, is "yes" or "no."

Yoshida-san did not say "if certain conditions are met, we'll do it." he said "if certain conditions are met, we'll see."

It's funny that you're in full defense mode in an article that doesn't require any defense, because there's no attack.

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The answer is vague. It doesn't include a yes or no. That's the definition of vague. "vague" isn't necessarily positive or negative in this context. It just is.

The article states that the answers were "saw by some" as iffy. Not that they are iffy. The article actually criticizes those who interpreted the answer as iffy.

As for evasive. It's not mentioned even once.

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Correct and Precise are two very different things.

In no place the article mentions that what Yoshida-san said is incorrect. As a matter of fact, he said all he could given the circumstances.

It's vague because it does not effectively provide a yes or no response, which he couldn't, and that's exactly the point. We won't get a yes or no response any time soon.

"Every single thing he stated is factually correct. That is th...

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Flat, I'm guessing.

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Glad to be of service :D

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Unfortunately no. There's no firm that counts sales in East Asia markets as far as I'm aware.

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No way I'm gonna wait for that lol :D

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Nor did I, actually.

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@Rashid Sayed: "small portion."

Care to show your magic statistics that we don't have access to?

Also, small or big. This decision saves money for part of the user base, which would have to otherwise spend more for a device that they already have.

Hence, no matter how you try to spin it, it makes perfect sense from the standpoint of customers. Not having to spend money for something twice = good.

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What the price is for this or that percentage of the userbase is irrelevant. Sony informed the users that the camera is required, and people will make an informed decision, just as much as the PS4 is required as well.

The point, unless you titled your article in a quite misleading way, is whether the decision makes sense or not from a customer's standpoint, not how much the total expense is.

Saving a lot of people the cost of a device that they already h...

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So according to you, it would have made more sense to include something that a lot of people already have (and Sony knows how many better than you do), rising the price for everyone, instead of keeping it as an additional purchase, and saving money for a percentage of the customer base.

Also, my definition of "many" is definitely not wrong. I'm quite sure the number is in the millions, and that definitely fits the definition of "many." I never said &q...

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You mean that not including something many people already have to keep the price lower doesn't make sense from their standpoint?

The things you learn.

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Not so bad, actually.

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I don't know about call of duty, but it's definitely what sold me on PS VR.

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It's a "problem" how exactly?

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They didn't say this is gonna be released in 2016 in the west, mind you. We might get it next year.

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Considering how great the FFXV open world looks and feels, yes, he is.

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Must be because the game has just been announced.

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Hideo changed SO much since when he left Konami.

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