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It's quite similar, especially if you don't have a 4K TV; so you really can't go wrong either way.

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@NapalmSanctuary: that's not how it works. In this industry there are no returns from retailers unless the product is defective or recalled.

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It already did. For what Koei tecmo is concerned, shipments and sales are exactly the same thing.

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Overrated game of the year (IMHO).

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It was, but Sony still decided to do it.

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Killzone 2 was Great. Killzone 3 was very good. Neither were masterpieces. The title suggests that (IMHO) they hadn't done a true masterpiece yet, not that they never made great games.

In fact the first line says "Guerrilla Games has a history of games that range from pretty decent to great, "

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Eh, I doubt it, maybe Steam like Mobius... but who knows.

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Actually, looks like my writer did not notice that part in the press release (it's fixed now), but Studio Istolia is indeed a wholly owned subsidiary of Square Enix.

This doesn't fully clarify Baba's employment situation (even if the studio is mostly formed by devs who joined SE recently, so he probably is among them), but the studio is not independent.

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I couldn't find any info on Baba's current situation. He kind of completely disappeared after Zestiria. I haven't seen him at any event related to Berseria.

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Here we go!

Funny thing is that a lot of characters in NiOh already speak Engrish :D

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yeah, that's understandable. I don't think Nintendo talked at all about cross-platform gameplay for now, right?

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which one of the two? The ps4 pro patch is already being worked on, so that's pretty much confirmed.

For the Nintendo switch part, I would hold the excitement, mostly because of the comparison with Xbox One, that never came.

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@Shin-Zantetsuken: i'm pretty sure they're well past that. One thing is what they have worked on, one is what they're gonna show before e3.

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They definitely do.

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It was initially for PS Vita only like 2 years ago, and they moved to PS4 dropping Vita a year ago.

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@opinionated: actually, the free nioh theme has custom music.

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Eh, NIntendo consoles have been surviving without Final Fantasy since the SNES.

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@-Foxtrot: you should learn to distinguish between "I would have liked it to be in the game to begin with" and "IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE IN THE GAME TO BEGIN WITH"

They're most certainly two different things.

As a matter of fact, you don't have the slightest idea of what was supposed to be in the game to begin with. The game is packed full with content, so all caps and swearing don't really add any solidity to your baseless gu...

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"It's just not being blind and knowing how a good, well structured finished game should look like."

Spoken like a true armchair developer. Truth is, you don't. You're simply confusing your personal taste with "how a good, well structured finished game should look like."

Common mistake, but a mistake none-the-less. Being opinionated and being knowledgeable are two entirely different beasts.

You've been...

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It' s always hilarious to see someone calling unfinished a game that offers easily over 100 hours of gameplay.

The false entitlement keeps being strong with this one.

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