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True, there's so much content that it seems that they really went out of their way to provide something worth the price, and the wait.

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No. Scorpio has already been announced for the holidays.

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Same here. This is exactly the Ace Combat I wanted :D

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@meatnormous: no, it's an optional mode.

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it was 50%

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This is my personal favorite game today. I actually was given the trailer by Bandai Namco yesterday night under embargo, and I spent like half a hour watching it over and over, giggling like a schoolgirl lol.

It's just... classic Ace Combat is back after that Assault Horizon >_> I'm so happy.

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Nope. It's no duplicate. That post was posted unfinished and with no trailer. Here is the evidence. That's a placeholder.

This is an entirely valid submission.

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It probably did, but COD launched this month, both BF and TF2 launched last month, and BF already topped the chart.

Hard to compare a game launched this month with two that did a lot of their sales last month already.

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That's what publishers do. What they never, ever, ever discount is where the money is lol.

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@PhoenixUp: always asked myself the same question.

Once upon a time, pre-orders and pre-downloads used to go up at the same time on XBL, now they're often separate.

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Because we have known for months that it won't be in the game?

And the game plays great without it.

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I believe they counted the download code cards that you buy at convenience stores. MC doesn't count those.

Edit: That too. I didn't think about it. Makes sense.

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The console was in shortage, so yeah. Can't sell what's not on the shelves.

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Don't see any trailers there. Because it isn't.

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The fact that the demo of Yakuza 6 comes out the same day as FFXV will boost that week as well for sure.

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@Warnut: Xbox One started more costly, and that sucked up its momentum. If anything, that proves the point.

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People like a cheap console.

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I'm more leaning towards the Sims, personally. It's certainly a game that would be more portable-friendly.

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They haven't given precise information on how close to the final game the demo was, so I guess they were guesstimating.

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You're just assuming, and assuming is never a good idea.

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