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The name is really just an homage to a classic piece of gaming. We give awards (and coverage) to whoever is deserving, regardless of platforms :D

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the negativity about this game is simply the result of envy mixed with press jumping on a chance to grab clicks with some cheap controversy.

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To be fair, in Korea you can definitely do that :D

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that would be really nice, alongside a feature that tells you who visited the planets you discover,

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digital only.

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Nope, not one bit.

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Indeed. By now, I have lost all hope pretty much like for Phantasy Star Online 2.

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@jmc8888: games need to be able to run on both neo and Ps4, so they'd still need to tweak it.

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Possibly, but I think the issue is not waiting for something from Sony, as much as waiting the engine to be ready.

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Because that's such a terrible thing.

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still have a few here

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looks like it's character related episodes. That's pretty much a classic for Japanese games.

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Yeah, we should definitely trust "a podcast from somebody." :D

I played it. The graphics look nothing like "last gen."

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Only up to 150 for Xbox Ones, it seems.

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Lol. I've seen people theorize that it could be Dragon's Dogma 2 due to the palm, but I don't get that vibe.

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I'm gonna ask at Gamescom and let you know :D

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I'm more stoked that they used IK for eyelids :D

That's what you call attention to detail.

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@OtakuDJK1NG-Rory: It is mecha battling, but the protagonist appears to have to insert some trading card-like things in the control panel of the robot, which made me cringe SO much.

And unfortunately this is exactly the kind of commercial spin that I expect for Level-5 nowadays :(

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Nope, this one is a Yakuza from Hiroshima.

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I'm mostly concerned if the report that it doesn't use X86 architecture is true. It'd be just another Nintendo console that third parties ignore.

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