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And I'm playing it right now. Boy it's good (the first six chapters. I can't talk about the rest of the game, yet :P)

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or "Kid" :D

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All purchases in Japan are subject to consumption tax.

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I think Nagoshi is a bit tired of Yakuza by now. He probably wants to move to something else himself, maybe leave the Yakuza series to Yokoyama.

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They tried with the Wii U remember? it flopped terribly.

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Next on Scorpio.

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eh, I like the music, so I'll take it :D

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Minecraft is actually very popular in Japan. For reasons that remain a mystery to me. It sold quite well even on Wii U despite launching when the console was basically already dead. It's on 250,00 copies on it and keeps on trucking. Over a million on Vita.

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Only it's not. This isn't published as a rumor. There is no "according to people close to Nintendo." What this is is a simple speculation piece based on what the sweet spot price should be for the Switch to be successful according to the writer. In fact the article says that this is the price investors interested in Nintendo stocks should be looking for.

This is what happens when people who don't read Japanese use google translator for news.

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@The 10th Rider: I think it's rated T, but I think it'll remain a dream. Can still hope, tho.

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No season pass doesn't mean no DLC.

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All I know is that Horizon's machines would be perfect for an official lego set.

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Yep, Mathijs de Jonge has been posting small excerpts of old trailers for months.

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Persona 5 delayed to 2018 to add voice acting in French, German, Italian and Spanish. You heard it here first :P

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If you follow EA's investor conferences, they're all about continued engagement nowadays, so don't expect them to release *anything* without multiplayer, or almost.

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looked turn-based combat with the UI removed to me. Too scripted too be real time.

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@notachance: they didn't want to show the gameplay.

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Spring is a VERY optimistic prediction for Japan. This is unlikely in the west before the fall, if we're lucky.

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Haha, that's the one I'm waiting for as well :D

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It does look better with every showing, doesn't it?

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