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What are they gonna censor? the Oppai Missiles?

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Grendizer used to be in SRW long ago, I believe.

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There's nothing here comparable to Senran Kagura, to be fair (not that I approve of that, quite the opposite). The ladies dressed sexy are all 25 or so, all underage characters are fully dressed.

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Yep. That's totally what matters.

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Censorship is always bad. There is no situation in which censorship is "understandable."

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to have Onimusha in that list, the HD remaster needs to sell well, which I hope it will, but I'm not sure.

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It's Lumberyard, which is a derivate of Cryengine.

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Switch version.

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No. That's not what the PlayStation Awards are about.

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Ace Combat is not a simulator.

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It's free.

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which generic corridor cover based third person shooter lets you stealth, craft and use traps,and various gadgets to outsmart opponents that outgun you? And that's just one part of the gameplay.

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He was on stage at the presentation of Final Fantasy XV, and there already was a Final Fantasy XV crossover in both Terra Battle and Tera Battle 2.

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It doesn't look AS impressive compared to Bayonetta. It actually looks five times better.

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I would be beyond surprised if that happened.

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I think we may have a pauldrongate here. Sora's new outfit has no pauldrons. It's an obvious downgrade!

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Nice try, but you should have researched a little harder.

The pictures here show exactly the store you mention (Yodobashi Akiba), with big "sold out" stickers. Asking the clerks on site of course confirmed it,


Akihabara has a MASSIVE pre-owned culture, from games to manga, anime, music CDs, DVDs, and even figures and electronics. Even PC Games, which in the west is pretty much unheard of (and by PC games, I mean THAT kind of PC games, because that's what most PC games are in Japan).

Trader (as the name implies), has two massive shops entirely dedicated to buying and selling pre-owned stuff, and then there's Mandarake and many more. There are plenty of stores that have a w...

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Didn't they already say that the future of the franchise is on Sony's consoles?

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They always are, they always wil be.

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