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Nope, this one is a Yakuza from Hiroshima.

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I'm mostly concerned if the report that it doesn't use X86 architecture is true. It'd be just another Nintendo console that third parties ignore.

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It was all going so well, until they pulled out the trading cards >_>

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No. Their PR said he was looking at it as a DLC but it was "difficult."

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Sean didn't say that it was part of the game in the interview, nor the interviewer said that it was.

The wording of the interview seems to indicate that it was used as a placeholder plugin. It does not say in any shape or form that it made it into the final game.

While I personally don't appreciate interviews written in narrative form, as they add interpretation issues, the conclusion that the game included the formula is entirely in the heads o...

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The fact that it might have been used during development (it appears as a placeholder plugin until they found something better) does not mean that it's used in the game, which is the only relevant thing to this issue.

Many took as a fact that it was used in the game, which is quite evidently not the case.

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Funnily, my peeves with this game are not in its system, but in its story. It felt quite inferior to me compared to its predecessors. Couldn't connect with basically any of the characters, and the romance parts were sub-par.

Still a good game, but one of the Final Fantasy games I liked the least. I'm actually eager to replay it to see if I feel differently now that so many years have passed.

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It kinda is my mistake and kinda isn't.

The system at the moment has a bug, that prevents all the tags about games revealed after the new site to appear on their own in the suggested tags list.

Every time you have to use the create new tag feature to manually insert the name of the game, and when you do that, it will automatically pick up all the platforms that have been used in the past for that game, so if there are spurious ones that someone insert...

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He actually said nothing of the sort. While quite a few sites misinterpreted that interview, it only says that it was used to test the game, not that it's included in the code.

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I can see how not completely interrupting the pace of a match might be a bummer.

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I'm not sure Yosp is into shooters tho, lol :D

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there will be another announcement later, so there might be a hope for that too.

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in 44 theaters it's great. You may want to read an article before you comment.

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They're probably gonna release it online before then.

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The XBox 360 one is a typo. It's 3%, as shown in the third column.

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You're really saying this just as they're releasing I am Setsuna? Lol.

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I am crazy tempted, but I that can be said about basically every controller that comes out besides the most gaudy. Then I remember that I really can't use more than one. It's still hard to resist, tho.

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I seriously doubt Koei Tecmo is "jaelous" of Capcom.

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I'm guessing he's alive this time around since this is just a skin lol.

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Umh, not sure I'd call that the order, since all anime episodes are flashbacks from several years before the movie.

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