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I'm SO hoping they deliver. For me the first was already very good, just needed a better narrative.

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Lol. I seriously doubt that possibility is even close to realistic.

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Basically, online features with microtransactions involved.

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I don't think they announced English subtitles. The trailers are often subtitled because that's just something D3Publisher likes to do with most of it games.

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@mikeslemonade: you're the only one busting here.

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I can second that, twice.

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Dark Tokyo Ghoul Souls

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Why can't I upvote you twice?

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Yep, can't wait. I hate vampires, but I'll make an exception here.

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It dropped compared to the holiday season, which is very normal. It increased by 13% year-on-year.

And 4% when you're talking billions? Yes, it's quite relevant.

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Someone did point it out, right there in the article :P

" (and if you played the beta, you know that this time around it’s really scary, with every bump on the asphalt sending your traction all over the place)"

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Funnily, the man who designed Groot for the GotG movie now works on Star Citizen so... Kinda?

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so Haru fans DO exist :D

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Not all "JRPG fans" want to play with exactly the same mechanics in every single game.

Might want to talk for yourself, and not for the entire fanbase of a genre.

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False. First of all, this is old, the document is from February, and there is absolutely nothing new here.

Secondly, the author of this article needs to do better research. Fiscal year and calendar year are different. For Square Enix, fiscal year 2018 starts on March 31st, 2017.

For what they are concerned we are ALREADY in FY2018.

Of course, games with unannounced release dates back in February don't have one marked there, but tha...

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After 9 years since the last WW2 COD, i don't think it's unrealistic to believe that Activision thought on its own that it was about time they went back.

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Sounds like speculation. Considering themes and visuals, Switch is the one most in doubt for what I'm concerned. Given BN's track record, PS4 and Xbox One are much more probable.

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Press release from Bandai Namco Entertainment America.

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