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More probably in a week or two.

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I wouldn't call it very bad. It's not exceptional, but it's not bad either. I'd call it average with some good ideas that certainly can make it fun for certain people (whch probably came from Armature Studio).

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You named at least two games that are definitely ecchi... Just saying.

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@bunt-custardly: if you had read the article, you'd have been able to understand which audience the headline refers to, not that it's that hard to understand without reading.

All those "wwwwww" "888888" and so forth are a ton of people commenting at the same time with the equivalent of "LOOOOOOL" or "applause" and similar things. On Nico Nico getting that many in a short time frame is very rare, and it's very much equivale...

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I had zero problems staying off the walls, and even with higher powered cars like the Veyron. The two hosts are just inept, and I'm guessing actual racing driver is being thrown off by the external camera.

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and it's owned by konami. Yeah... No.

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That's what the article is for.

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Looks like you didn't bother to read the article. There's no "bull***t" here. I don't think I have seen that kind of comment bomb on Nico Nico for a long time.

And I watch Nico Nico a lot.

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It certainly lookd super pretty in person.

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It's ok to disagree. Tastes are tastes :D

FFXV won the readers' choice award by quite a landslide, tho :D

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Have you tried it?

Incidentally, that kind of steering behavior at top speed is entirely realistic.

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I don't think you got a very clear idea of the definition of "simulator" or "pristine." :D

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I envy Toyama for playing the full game in front of my eyes, without letting me touch it. That was cruel.

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Probably, even if probably only in Asia. But you can always import :D

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same. Love how they're fishing among historical characters too.

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@SilverClock: no idea honestly, probably very in October in Korea, but it'll take a bit longer for the west.

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Looks like your wish might be granted. Look at the end of this video.

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Possibly. It's a price drop, after all. We'll know next Wednesday.

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Or maybe he just knows his stuff, which he does.

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It's not Nyx. Comes out in Japan on the 15th like everywhere else. It came out on the 9th in Hong Kong, Singapore and a couple other Asian countries.

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