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True, I would guess it should be out sometime in November.

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My apologies for that. Looks like Mac, PS4 & Xbox One will get it later this year.

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The FPS game was better than people wanted to accept. Shame as the RPGS are great but that Shadowrun game was really unique.

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Agreed that sometimes gamers can be too volatile but if this guy and his company were more honest and respectful to the gaming community, a large majority of that hate would disappear. Colonial Marines is a perfect example of him and his team purposely misleading gamers and that is something that should be shoved in his face time and time again, until he learns the fucking lesson.

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He has publicly stated that he wants people to enjoy the game from release and not to boycott it. However I can't do that. Not when we already know he'll be out of a job, so will most of his staff, the MGS series will be run into the ground and probably go mobile while Konami will continue to run to the bank with shit loads of cash.

Sorry Kojima, I'll enjoy your last MGS creation but it will be from a second hand store with my middle finger pointing up towards Kon...

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No it won't.

Konami have already said they are moving into the mobile division because the profits are much higher. If MGS V sells well, Konami will simply be richer for it. They'll also know they can fuck any developer over as much as they like if the fans want something bad enough.

I want MGS V and I will be buying it second hand to make sure Konami don't get fuck all of me.

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The 360 had some pretty unique RPGS at the beginning of its life. Lost odyssey, Infinite Undiscovery and The last Remnant to name a few. All excellent games.

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Exactly. People need to see things from a community view point and whats best for everyone, not just for individuals.

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See MrSwankSinatra, if you own all the IGC games, does that mean every other gamer on the PSN does too?

Oh well, fuck them, I own everything. Let's get rid of IGC because who the fuck thinks about anybody else.

It's selfishness like that, that keeps everybody back in the dark ages.

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Indie Games = Shovelware? Have you not played some of the modern AAA games? On almost every indie game I've ever played on console, has had no bugs. Instead they've focused on making the game as polished and enjoyability as possible.

I don't see that happening from the big boys! All I see is cash cowing dead ip's and bug ridden bundles of shit from everyone else.

I agree, PS+ is fantastic and yes, some months don't have much that I'm i...

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I want to get excited for this but I keep thinking, Kinect! Kinect! Kinect!

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That by the way is three. Is there a fourth making sure you absolutely want to stop paying a subscription for old content that can be had for a fraction of the cost elsewhere?

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How about that infamous Zelda demo they showed off before the wii u launched? No word on that.

From what I heard of Nintendos E3 as I haven't had chance to watch it, most people seemed pretty disappointed at what they did announce and what seemed missing. Everyone else had big games in the works while Nintendo had Nintendo games in the works. You know, the ones that have so far not managed to save the wii u!

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Four steps! Surely it's yes or no?

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Yeah I know. I never really got into DOW2 because I missed the larger scaled battles.

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I've have loved PS+ for years now and still find something new every month to enjoy. Indie games are all bad, might want to try some occasionally.

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Love how you have a all disagrees and no agrees. Shows just as stupid this community is sometimes.

This is my last bubble so gotta make it count.

I agree and usually with scuff controllers, the amount actually out and about are quite small. However I really think this being a MS controller is going to drive sales far in excess of a scuff controller. Which, in my humble opinion will turn the tide in MP fairness.

That's why I wrote the arti...

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oh my god! LOL.

Yeah I had to waste an entire bubble responding to your ridiculous claim, but fuck it. It's worth it, lol.

Seriously! So Sony have magically contacted me and told be to write a down to earth, honest article on how the new controller could be bad for multiplayer and the first thing you come to is, he must be in Sony's pockets. WOW, if that's not stupidity at work I don't know what is.

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If either of you had read the article you'd know that, yes I know about Scuf controllers and no, talking about something should never be a mistake.

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At last, someone who speaks more sense then. God damn PS4 fanboy trashing my shit!

I'm sort of want this to be the next normal controller as not only does everyone get the benefit but the balancing of gameplay should be evened out as well.

It seems nobody however gives a fuck about that?

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