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Just imagine the first two without it then. #2.1.1
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I don't get what everybodies problem is with this. Gamers backed the project to help create the best possible space sim. That unfortunately needs PC hardware without a middleman. Yeah, I'd love to play it on PS4, but if I can't, I'll get it on PC, as it was funded for.

They aren't doing this for cash, they're doing it because they've always wanted to do this. Gamers have paid for the project, most of you haven't. Tough luck. #57
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Seriously! Where is Spec-ops: The Line?

Now that game changed me and how I think about shooters in general. Best game last gen for making you really rethink your actions. #6
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@a886afc That would depend on you. I've always had an issue remembering where I'm going, what I'm doing and exactly what is going on in the game if I have more than a week from the game. So I have to keep restarting some games several times until I get the time to just sit down and play. Typical with RPG's with deep stories really.

If that doesn't effect you, it should be a good buy right now. #4.1.2
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The beauty of Divinity Original Sin is the combat is anything but slow paced. It is as fast as you can think and react.

The game is much more like the original Dragon Age before they wreaked it with the sequel, so if you enjoyed the original, I'd give it ago. #1.4
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To be honest, if you don't have the time to play, leave it until you do or you can get it on offer. If you want to support the devs then absolutely pay full price but its up to you if you can make the most of it at some point in the future.

This is a time suck so beware. #4.1
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It can be done, Halo Wars proved that Strategy can be played on consoles and work well.

We're not talking about destroying anything, just giving the developer a bigger cash flow and a broader audience. #2.1.1
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Hey SteamPowered,

As I didn't give the game a 10/10, I found that I had to find something that could be improved that would be of significance. I also don't think a game could ever be a 10/10, as perfection is not something man/women is very good at, so something had to be a goal for improvement next time.

I understand that the game would have difficulties being as good as on the PC, but all I'm saying is the option would not only be good for game... #2.2
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Absolutely agree. It's shame as some of their IP's are good games and series. I love Battlefield but even I can see Hardline should have been DLC and not a full game.

I just hope people don't put up with this shit. #3.1
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@NewMonday Yeah that could be interesting as I think a lot of rentals should be based on actual play time than just days rented. You can't use a game while your asleep so why be charged for it.

Trouble is you have to get the balance right. #1.2.3
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I agree, it doesn't make any sense paying higher than the retail price of the game. This is more important when it comes to older games that can be had for a fraction of the cost in retail stores.

This could be a great service, just the pricing needs sorting out or a way of verifying your physical games onto the service needs to be put in. #1.2
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Am I the only one to find this funny as hell? LOL

Yep, that Kinect really is next gen when people can't even control it in their own living rooms! #12
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I know, saw this and got excited. Check my store and nothing going on. I wish offers were run at the same time, gets confusing otherwise for both sides of the world. #22.1
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Considering I'm an IT tech and have used computers since the early 90's, I would say I'm pretty good with them.

Emulation is a pain, always has been. Yes, once it's set up it usually works well but this hardware is coming out for the same reason modern consoles exists. Sometimes it's just easier and more comfortable to sit at a couch and enjoy games as they were with the original controls. No Windows getting in the way, just pl... #1.1.3
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People obviously don't remember what the PS2 graphics looked like. We have moved on considerably from then and even last gens worst graphics were still better quality than PS2 tech could handle. Just people forget as time goes by and they get used to the new shiny images on screen. #33
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Nah, emulation can be a pain and often doesn't led to the same experience. #1.1
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Looking forward to this but have been waiting ages. #2
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Possibly but i don't think MS have changed for better, just to survive and compete for longer before they run into their own real problems.

I do hope that things get better on all platform fronts but I fear MS won't listen and simply have to be pushed into the right decisions all the time. #1.1
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Possibly, though from someone who's played it, $20 is still too much.

If they had to charge, £5/$5 would have been the most I would expect to pay, content wise.

Otherwise, why not release it as a taster demo and have everybody enjoy it. Gets more people on board as fans for the free demo and allows people who've never played the game a chance to try before the biggy comes out. Would have sold them more copies. #2.1
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@Moujahed That is one problem with new consoles, all that raw power and not enough games to enjoy on them.

If Sutherlands was such a cost, why didn't they just stick with Hayter, he loved the roll yet the devs didn't want him for it any more?

I agree that it has been a long time coming and so I'm not surprised that you want to get everything out of GZ because of the lack of recent games in the series. I'm just saying that I don't like bein... #1.2.2
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