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Max price $499. Anything higher and it's in trouble after the holiday season.

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Consoles don't need the most powerful CPUs, because most of their games target 30fps anyway, so the bottleneck isn't quite as apparent. The main consideration is that the CPU is not a heavy bottleneck to the GPU to the point the GPU performance suffers drastically because of it (which will take an ancient CPU to make that big of a bottleneck).

Games that have to worry about CPU's are those that are generally open-world, heavy in physics and effect algorithms, a...

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They are one of the few developers who push each platform as far as they can with their given engine. Dice will likely be another one with their upcoming games.

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This is nice to have especially as they said for gaming families. $10 gets you access to a collection of games for the entire family.

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MS has known about this for YEARS. My account was hacked in a similar way back on my 360 through a Fifa demo (I've never owned a Fifa game).

I called in and complained about it, and they treated me as if it was just a way to get out of paying for charges on my account, until I started providing them with all kinds of links to other people complaining about the same thing. I eventually ended up finding a blog about a gamer who had her account taken and auctioned on a f...

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The technology is there to produce a PS4 tablet device, it just can't run all PS4 games at the same settings. They would be dropped from normally 1080p @ 30fps medium / high settings (depending on the game), down to 720p @ 30fps low settings.

They can use a low powered 4 core version of the same Jaguar processor for architectural compatibility and making ports easier.

AMD has some fairly powerful mobile GPU, the best of which can achieve over 700 GFL...

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AND has the mobile components necessary (TDP, heating, etc...), it would just be expensive and need a good battery to run. We're talking at least $399 for a gaming tablet, but it would be a powerhouse.

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That's great, but surprisingly lower than I expected (I was thinking closer to 35m - 40m). 26.4m PS+ users, but there are nearly 60m PS4s out there. Goes to show single player games and gamers are still in abundance, and not everyone wants or needs multiplayer.

Based on an average sale price of $50 per year that's 1.32B in PS+ revenue annually. And that's why the AAA games keep coming.

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In PlayStation's defense they had Dragon Age free free a while back, and Assassin's Creed 3 for free years ago.

A good month for XBO, but if you had a PS3 then you've already played and probably beat these games.

Watch Dogs is decent as well, but can be bought for $10 or less and has been $5 on PSN flash sales.

Free is free, and PS+ is definitely not launching with waves of AAA games, but they're already released plenty ...

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Game performance.
For games running at 30fps this configuration is fine, since again most games can get away with being 720p @ 30fps, low settings. The problem would be AAA games that run at 60fps or that rely heavy on graphics / particle effects. Those 60fps games will average more around the 40fps mark, with ranges usually 30 - 50 fps, like Tomb Raider Remastered on PS4. Locking the games to 30fps is a quick fix, but it definitely defeats the purpose of online games like Call ...

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They need to completely rebrand their handheld market if they want to try again.

Coming with another Vita or PSP IMO is a waste of time, and will end up just like the Vita. They need to simply make a PlayStation Tablet, so it can have much better battery life and hardware.

The other problem is that mobile computing isn't quite there yet. It's still on the level of PS360Wii U. I mean Sony could use Tegra just like Nintendo. The P1 would give ...

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I'm all for it. Online multiplatform games should be cross platform to begin with especially since performance is almost always near parity on console.

This will also bring me closer to my 1 console (Playbox), 1 handheld future (Nintenstation).

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Doubt it.

IF the base PS4 and XBO couldn't do 60fps, there's no reason they would even try with the Pro or Scorpio because it would cause a fps rift between the consoles, with Pro players having 2x the fps as base model players. That would suck for a game that's heavily focused on an online world when it comes to consistent performance. For Pro players it would be great, but they would have an advantage in all aspects, which defeats the point of console consis...

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Has nothing to do with the Pro running 60fps, it has everything to do that this game has to be the same 30 FPS across all consoles because the Pro and Scorpio player still have to play with original PS4 and XBO players, which also means Destiny is not cross platform with PC.

The base consoles are locked at 30fps, which means the Pro consoles have to be locked as well for consistency since the entire game is build around online. They aimed for parity (which I get), at the s...

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We can actually theorize all the console sales based on the article Switch and 3DS amounted for almost 50% of the total hardware sales.

3DS has been averaging around 100k, but April is usually a slow month so a safer bet is 90k. So 370k is about 50%, then that means total hardware is around 750k.

So that leaves 380k to be split between PS4, XBO, Wii U, and Vita.... Wii U and Vita haven't sold more than 10k units combined in a while. So that's 3...

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The weapon breaking sucks, but it's also good for allowing you to try multiple weapons. You can repair the hero weapons through their races blacksmith, but the cost and materials get annoyingly high.

I think there should just be a huge overhaul to the balance of the weapon system durability more so than stopping them from breaking. Every weapons needs 2x - 5x more durability and the issue would be dramatically reduced.

Like the Hyliain shield has a ...

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Resolution matters, but it's not the end all. And why it was made to be such a big deal (outside of fans trolling XBO) was because the PS4 was pumping out higher resolution and performance than the XBO at the start of this gen, while being $100 less, and eventually the same price.

If XBO launched $50 less than PS4, and didn't have the awful reveal and media crisis going on pre-launch it wouldn't have nearly been as big of an issue, but that didn't happen. ...

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As I said in the previous one, it was only a matter of time, and it's going to get worse because the Kinect rush is about to hit for the 360 numbers, unless Scorpio just blows it out the water for XBO.

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I agree with everything except #2 should be revised into something a bit more stat based since you can't really reward players just because they're on a forum. A bonus for like the best overall performance in the raid, from things like revives, enemy kills, boss/enemy damage, supers used, acc., etc... Reward that player with an extra loot drop from the final boss, or better yet for each phase of the raid.

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It's over Vita wins by default since Wii U isn't in production anymore.

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