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"If you want to go there, I'll gladly."


I don't think it will simply due to the sales the PS2 had in each region has not been met or exceeded by any other console to date.

NA: 55m
EU: 55m
JP: 25m
RoW: 26m

At this point it's completely out of the question for JP to see a console break 20m, with 15m being a huge struggle that even the Wii and all it's popularity couldn't tackle. The PS4 is the next candidate to see if JP can cross 15m, thanks to all the huge J... #2.2
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I think it's too soon, but the real reason it's going to struggle to beat PS2 is because PS2 had unheard of sells in EVERY region that to this day have still not bee challenged by any other console hardware.

It sold around 55m in NA / EU, 25m in JP, and 25m around the rest of the world.

The nest best selling console in each regions prior to that was

NA: 360 49m
EU: PS1 36m
JP: PS1 / NES 20m
Row: PS3 13m
... #1.3
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A line at a comes conference that let's everyone play for free, is now a gauge to determine it's success.

Now could you also do me a favor and show me the install base for WoW in China. #1.2.2
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That they need to really get China devs on their console to sell in China, and what were the most popular genre of games there. #2.1
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Everything they had at Chinajoy was western stuff, and that's not what's selling in China. China is like JP, and follow their homemade games much more than anything from the outside.

MS has a lot of work cut out for them in China. #1.2
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What is more content & scope (I'm assuming you mean potentially open world or simply more stuff) going to do to make "a mediocre game in every other department" better.

DC is a good game, and it's only flaw IMO is lack of content, and presentation (as far as making the game fun to play in every way such as career mode, race intros, and other little minor things that make the game just step above the rest). #1.1.20
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I had not heard of either one as well up until this year, but Paris Game Week is the 2nd largest game convention in the world right behind Gamescom with just under 300,000 attendees last year.

And for entertainment purposes and tourist purposes Paris is a much more well known iconic city to have such an event in, and it's being sponsored by CocaCola this year with Sony headlining, so it's going to be huge for Sony and PGW in general.

As far as China J... #18.1.2
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Since when have games not been covered on the show floor at any of these conferences, and Sony are even doing live streams of some of their games.

Once again just stop it. #4.1.3
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So let me get this straight....Sony doesn't benefit from giving over 300,000 gamers hands on time with upcoming PS4 games for 2015 - early 2016, and having media outlets cover those games via live streams like Horizon is having, and press coverage that's always at these shows? And that new announcements for games don't happen on the show floor?

Let's not be stupid.

MS is having a conference, because they need to do... #1.1.11
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This article is full of so much stupid.

The Wii U was without question the weakest of the next-gen consoles. And there's no way to make a $150 NX and have it be more powerful than the XBO and PS4, the only way it can claim most powerful hardware at $150 is if it's a handheld first and foremost.

And as far as the rumors of NX being less powerful than PS4, GOOD. Nintendo doesn't need a $400 console to sell when the PS4 and XBO will have been on th... #1.1.15
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1. Many of these delusional fans want Nintendo to make a console that's stronger than the PS4, but cost $400 in the process, which would instatnly alienate 2/3 of their biggest markets the child/family gamers and budget gamers.

2. These delusional fans think that Nintendo is going to instantly gain a large following of 3rd party by simply being a more powerful console and fix all their problems, meanwhile the PS4 and XBO will be at nearly 50m / 3... #3.1.1
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*Performance around the XBO
*$249 price point
*Free online / used in more games
*Console / handheld integration
*Make the first party games we've been asking for like Pokemon MMO, Pokemon Snap 2, Mario RPG, Metroid, New IP, etc...

That's how they sell plenty of consoles. #3
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Good for them. DC is a good game after all the work they put into fixing it, and 2 million is sales is great. The only downside I can think of is that the game wasn't selling at full price all that time, so profit might not be as much as they hoped. #1.1.12
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Best game is up to the players and media to decide. Most ambitious game by Rare, I agree. #1.1.18
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Isn't Windows 10 suppose to be more support for lower level API, because I don't understand the point in using a high end gaming CPU.

It would have been a much better comparison to see what something like an i3, FX CPU, APUs, Pentium, etc...

It would also make more sense to do this when better drivers are out. #1.1.10
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So you expect XBO to only sell 2m over the holiday and PS4 to sell 9m.

XBO sold over 5m between August and December 31st last year. Now that said it did have a price drop, launched in new tier 2 / 3 regions, and some insane bundles to help with that.

This year they have their biggest exclusives (a full featured Forza, a new Master Chief Halo, Gears Remastered, Tomb Raider, and hopefully BC on the right 360 games) and I'm... #1.1.14
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Agree with most of your points, but PS4 was not on par with high end gaming PC. A high end gaming laptop yes at the time of it's release, but not a PC.

There are still things Sony can do better, but overall the PS4 just gets everything right. #1.2.5
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30fps single, 60fps multi #1.2.1
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The reason Nintendo games are cheaper to make is because the majority of them don't use high end tech, they focus on art style, shaders, and simple geometry for their games, where as Sony, MS, and PC devs push tech to the limits with lighting, textures, polygons, LoD, etc...

Another reason is because many of their games follow the same template, and rinse and repeat. Specifically the 2D platformers which are all literally the same template with... #2.2.5
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PS has nothing to do with the topic, stop trolling and go to the PS numbers if you want to speak PS, and leave Xbox out of that comment as well.

And based off my figures, the XBO is being sold at cost w. a game so it's not taking a "huge loss". Only when an insane bundles like 1 / 2 games, 2 controllers does it take a size able loss (probably $60 at most).

They make that up with the sale of an XBL subscription, and by the following year that co... #1.4.5
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