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That's great, what they should do going forward is take the American Horror Story route, and have a completely new horror theme with each game. #1.1
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It's a great Scout, one of the best Legendary. #1.2
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I have all 4

Wii U

We all have preferences, doesn't change from the discussion at hand, which is the PS4 has won this gen. #1.5.9
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This is very unlikely to happen, because MS doesn't have a need for AMD.

But then again many of the companies MS buys it has no need for, but does so just to find a way to implement them into their business, and touch every market they can.

That being said if it did happen, it would be good for XB4 hardware, but all it would do is force Sony and Nintendo to go with Intel / IBM for the CPU, and NVIDIA for their GPU, so nothing would really be loss here. <... #1.6.3
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I suspect a bunch of 8's and 7's, with a couple 9's and 6's. It reminds me of the Naruto fighting games, and those score are what those games usually get.

Edit: Well it's developed by Bandai Namco, so no wonder it looks so much like the Naruto games, so we'll see. #2.1
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Good for them. They are the sole force caring their platform, so they have to do a lot more, and obviously they're being rewarded for it. #2
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I've addressed every point you tried to make and you danced around it constantly with "statistics".

You haven't addressed anything I said. All you did was focus on stating it's using Dual screen rendering and a double frame buffer for each of your 5 pointless comments, and clearly skimmed over each and every point I made. And even in the end you can't sit down re-read everything that was written and come to the conclusion that you were off the issu... #3.2.13
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There are only 3 consoles that compete, and Nintendo is showing NX next year, so I doubt Wii U is getting a best ever line-up.

That being said while MS has a great 2016 line-up scheduled, I feel 2016 is just going to be completely dominated by PlayStation. Unfortunately some 2015 games got pushed back, but at the same time all that did was crowd 2016 with so many games that I have no clue how they expect to balance this out over a year.

Uncharted 4
H... #2.5.2
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Shocking there isn't a lot of competition for FPS this gen.

Halo, Battlefield (Star Wars), COD, Desinty, and TitanFall are really it so far. And honestly COD and BF aren't really standouts any more.

But what makes Halo push above the others is the sheer amount of game modes, forge, and an actually good squad campaign.

I'm not a fan of Halo at all really, but out of what we have across all consoles, it does the most to push the... #1.3
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"That's because Nintendo games age very well."

BS, most good games age well, and still drop down to the $20 range. The reason Nintendo games are priced high, is because their fans buy a Nintendo console only to play Nintendo games, so they can keep price as high as they want because fans have no other choice but to pay what Nintendo demands. #1.2.2
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Oculus was going to be $299, it moved the over $350, because they've added more tech, even better screens, and remodeling the device for more comfort and balance.

PSVR shouldn't cost as much, and it would be foolish to go over $299.


Wii was a gaming platform and launched at $250, along with 3DS and Vita. #5.3
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I don't know how to be any clearer with you, and I see you have a real comprehension problem. But for the last time regarding this, I'll try to explain it in as simplistic terms as I possibly can.

My original comment was open-ended, because I didn't know for sure if they were rendering 2 separate images both to the TV and gamepad, or whether they were simply streaming a separate camera position to the gamepad.

Just like any racing game. When you... #3.2.11
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I don't think there's much of anything they can do to beat PlayStation globally, without there being a HUGE factor that hurts PS.

1. The 1 year head-start gave them an 8m console lead.

2. The price difference made 360 a much more appeal solution to the average consumer, since the 360 was anywhere from a minimum of $100 to a maximum of $300 less than the PS3.....all during a global recession.

3. Games & Performance was another issu... #1.11
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1. Price $249 (worked extremely well for Wii)

2. Hardware specs on par with XBO (""""8-cor e Jaguar CPU""""&am p;qu ot; + 1.3 TFLOP GPU + 2GB DDR3 System RAM + 4GB GDDR5 VRAM + 32GB / 64GB storage).

3. Exclusives: 3D Mario, 2D Mario, Smash, Zelda, Kart, Party are all expected. From there it's time for sequels, refresher IP, and new IP.

Pokemon MMO, Pokemon Snap 2, Pokemon Stadium 3, Splatoon 2, 3D... #2.1
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I think $299 is the max they can ask for considering the GC failed (though it was a solid console with great exclusives), Wii going full casual burned gamers, and now the Wii U being another failed console (with some good exclusives).

That's 3 gens in a row of core gamer struggle with Nintendo, and they have a lot of issues they need to right before non-Nintendo fans take them serious again.

A $249 console is a much easier sell, and it's what they nee... #1.1.1
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"Westernize" did nothing to JP, although some devs did try and fail (looking at the Gears of War clones).

What killed JP was HD gaming. It shot development cost up, and JP games generally have low budgets and make due, which is why a lot of their developers are forced to work on mobile and handhelds.

They don't spend +$50 on most of their franchises, like their western counterparts do. Few JP franchises push pass the $50 budget (Resident Evil,... #2.2.2
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Wii U owners are a group of 15m tops by holiday 2016. It's 2016 line-up consist of Star Fox, Zelda, and Pokemon Tournament, and maybe a couple of 2D template platformers.

E3 2016 is about the NX reveal. Knowing a new console is likely to come in the next couple of months - year is going to drop Wii U sales regardless, especially once 2017 comes around. There could be a momentary sales increase if they did a steep price cut down to $199 for 2016 (which they could have d... #8.1.3
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That definition is old.

"In the video game industry, AAA (pronounced "triple A") is a classification term used for games with the highest development budgets and levels of promotion or the highest ratings by a consensus of professional reviewers." #3.2.5
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I seriously doubt Nintendo will drop the price of Wii U, until it's phased out for NX. I think they're just going to make as much profit off of Wii U as possible at this point. I honestly wouldn't be shocked if production of the console ceases sometime next year, as mass production of the NX beings.

Nintendo is calling this a gen, and 2016 will likely be the last round for the Wii U, with NX releasing holiday 2016 at the earliest, more than likely spring 2017, o... #8.1
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PS4 hasn't had any huge JP games really launch over there. It has Yakuza and MGS, but it's not going to take off until it gets Final Fantasy a real Dragon Quest (DQ11), Resident Evil, Kingdom Hearts, and more established IP's like that.

NX should be on par with PS4, which means it should have a lot of parity with 3rd party JP titles. On top of that Nintendo's exclusives sell the consoles on their own, so logically NX should do better than Wii U. #4.4.1
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