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"If you want to go there, I'll gladly."


No Man's Sky looks like a truly special game, and seems to be the indie game of the year, and a possible contender. It's amazing what this small studio has come up with off the back of Joe Danger. All kinds of respect to the guys and gals at Hello Game. No Man's Sky = The Journey of this gen.

On a side note, seeing all the animals running around makes me long for what a Pokemon MMO or Pokemon Snap could be. -_- #1.1.6
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lol, yeah go with the unlocked priced for argument sake. You people try so hard and for what?

But here you go.

Oneplus1 $249, Unlocked

Screen: 5.5" 1080p LCD Screen
CPU: 2.5 GHz Quad-core Krait 400
GPU: Adreno 330 (130 - 170 GFLOPS, depending on clock speed)
Memory: 16GB - 64GB interna... #1.4.2
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You have to forgive people on here, they are ignorant of mobile gaming, and so they just disagree without having any experience on the subject aka blind fanboyism.

Vita is a great handheld, but any current comparatively priced tablet or smartphone has much better hardware than the Vita, and it's nothing against the Vita, it's just a fact. The Vita will be 4 years old this December. Recently mobile technology has leaped a generation every 2... #1.3.4
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Next gen as in what?

Because technologically it's been surpassed by smartphones for a long time, and is nowhere near their performance now in every way.

The Galaxy S6 is the primary Android phone, and it trounces Vita in every way.

S6: 5.1" AMOLED 1440p screen
Vita: 5" OLED 960 x 544

S6: 2.1 GHz Quad-core Cortex-A57 + 1.5 GHz Quad-core Cortex-A53
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I don't mind support for a game, but what I don't like is IGN "a gaming journalism site" making content deals with the manufacturers of the products and games they review.

#Integrity?None #1.2
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Will you and your multiple accounts go sit down in a corner somewhere, the intelligent people are having a discussion. #16.1.2
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Those aren't going to help them at all, besides the must have launch title. Fan proved for the longest they don't care about 3rd party, Nintendo proved it doesn't care about western 3rd parties, and devs proved they don't care about Nintendo when PS and Xbox are money makers for them, and more power isn't going to fix any of these issues.

At this point Nintendo has 4 options.

Make a powerful console for $399, a... #1.2
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They can't blow them out of the water at a reasonable price. Even at $500 they're looking at a console that's only 2x more powerful than the PS4.

This is a risky move for Nintendo in every way.

1) They make a cheap $199 console and stay in the entry market for gaming, making them the most accessible console for kids consistently, and offering enough power for the games they make. $199 = 700 - 800 GFLOPS

2) They make a $299 conso... #9.1
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Honestly I think they're better off with a $199 entry gaming system.

Nintendo can't compete with Sony and MS, which is why they do their own thing, and why they don't get into the hardware or online network battles.

As much as we'd want a core Nintendo console, there's still a good chance they'll have inferior 3rd party support, because their fans buy their hardware for first party first and foremost, and in many case solely for first... #1.2.3
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That depends entirely on their contracts and how much production they had planned on for the Wii U.

Selling a console for a profit is one thing, but if they had plans for +50m sold via contracts for parts, etc... then they're taking a serious loss, and forming shaky business relations with AMD who might not cut them the same deal on their next hardware purchase meaning a higher price with less performance for Nintendo.

There's no single view in busine... #24.1.1
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What I assume they mean is that there's only a couple of Nintendo games they like and they don't want to spend $300 on a console for 3 - 5 games for an entire generation.

Whereas, if they went 3rd party then those games could come to the console they already own.

That makes sense to me, but it'll never happen. They'll go full mobile before they make games for PS and Xbox. #20.2.2
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I've had 6 of them, and had to dismantle 3. Wish you could sell them. #1.1
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It has nothing to do with 1 bad E3, the Wii U has been doing awful going on 3 years now.

It's nice to have some great games on it, but there are only a handful of games to choose from unless you like everything Nintendo makes, which realistically the majority of gamers don't.

They have no western 3rd party support which is a group of games that are fan favorites as well, but more importantly help fill the dry months, which Nintendo suffers from more... #1.8.1
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No $25, but better than $100


SMH, memory cards cost more than the system.

They should really start bundling these in with the PS4 at this point. #2.2.1
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If true their only hope is a $199 console, which while less powerful than the PS4 and XBO, would still be a capable machine with around 2x the CPU power of the Wii U and 2.5x the graphics performance if they go with AMD's A10 7700 APU, and GDDR5 for the RAM.

They can't expect to sell a weaker console for $299, when the PS4 and XBO will be in that range by then, and have years of games under their belt, and multi-million install base.

@Mrlightgingbubb... #1.1.5
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They're the 3 I'm looking forward to the most for XBO.

Well Quantum Break and Scalebound. I holding out for Crackdown to see how it's grown for the better, hoping for 4player co-op open world adventure. #1.1.4
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The taste is alright, but it's really a drink to keep you going all night long XD.

On a more serious note, I had no clue about the Red Bull Quest. Bungie is a complete sell-out and Activision shill. I was giving them the benefit of the doubt that moving away from MS would be a chance for them to do something new, because Halo never really caught me. Then when I saw them go to Activision, I was hoping they'd keep their morals, but I see t... #3.2.3
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Must be region specific, because I'm playing Iron Banner right now in Destiny. Not everyone has an agenda, XBL is down for me though kicked out of IB on there and can't connect back.


Apparently XBL has sign-in issues going on this weekend as well. Probably some new DDOS group.

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You can expect a $199 console or less, because anything else will never reach those sales numbers in the first year. Although they did say ship 20m, not sell. #9.1
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You just answered your own question if you feel that way. You might as well had flat outside Nintendo consoles are secondary consoles for most people, which in my case and I'm sure a large amount of others is true.

Still that doesn't mean what we're saying isn't true about them needing 3rd party, and there's also a group of gamers who only buy Nintendo consoles (and those are the main ones who won't buy 3rd party games). <... #1.2.7
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