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lol noooooo 😂

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Fall (Autumn) is a garbage season because it's a gateway to cold of winter. Summer is where it's at, bitches. XD

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This is what I needed to see. Yes it is a lot more like Naughty Dog meet God of War, but it still looks amazing.

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"First you say it's like skyrim or Zelda, and then you say it's Naughty Dog's version of GOW."

No, I said "it's gone from a heavy focus on action like the previous games, to a heavy focus on adventure....LIKE Zelda and Sykrim".

As far as Naughty Dog God of War, it's gone from a 3D Action-Adventure, to 3rd person over the shoulder / full model in combat camera system that Naughty dog us...

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Hmmm. I have to play this first hand.

The game looks gorgeous, however, it's gone from a heavy focus on action like the previous games, to a heavy focus on adventure more like Zelda's / Skyrim's / Horizon.

It just looks like it feels different from every other God of War, but I'm sure it'll still be great like every other God of War.

GOW4 aka Naughty Dog's version of God of War.

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Legend of Dragoon Remake
Warhawk (PS3) Remake
Okami (would have been great with next-gen graphics, if it wasn’t remade so many times)
There could be a lot more, but those top 2 would be the best IMO.

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Not going to happen. Late 2019 at the earliest.

Realistically speaking by this point XBO should be at a minimum of 35m units sold.

The Switch is selling extremely well and should be over 15m sold.

That's a 20m gap, which means Switch has to sell 20m units in the next 9 months while the XBO sell 0, which isn't going to happen.

That being said there is a strong chance the Switch could sell 20m units, but th...

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The comparison will always go back and forth, and it shows great sells for both. The Switch had its holiday boost on the 9th and 10th months PS4 won't have the benefits of a holiday boost until months 12 and 13, so the PS4 should catch and eclipse the Switch in these charts over the next 2 months, and it'll be like that because they launched at different times.

This graph makes things VERY EVIDENT and support the case that a holiday launch does nothing beneficial f...

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That would be a horrible decision, and bring about the PS3 generation all over again where it's the more powerful console, but the power difference doesn't negate the cost difference.

These consoles will be 4K @ 60fps capable, but at the end of the day it's up to the developers to decide if that's the target they want to go for, and considering AAA developers are going to prioritize a graphics boost t means that 4K @ 60fps is going to be a secondary decision...

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I'm sure it'll still have a cable that needs to be hooked up, because it needs a power source and to be able to have a direct feed for the video to display on the headset and streaming isn't going to be 100% compatible all the time, so I'm sure it'll have cables still, but the PS5 should have enough processing power that there only needs to be 1 dual ended cable to plug into a secondary video out (Sony should build it into the PS5), and a USB 3.0 port.

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It will not be 8 TFLOPS, the PS5 will be around 12 - 15 TFLOPS with a much better CPU.

The Vega 64 GPUs are already in the 11 - 14 TFLOPS range depending on the cooling and clock speeds, and they're 2017 cards. AMD is preparing to go from their 14nm down to 7 nm cards, which should produce a potential 25% - 30% boost in performance for the upcoming 2018 Vega 2 cards.

PS5's architecture should be based off the 2019 Navi GPUs also using 7nm, which ...

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Im going to give a simple example.

Two companies can only produce 1 million consoles per month, and both companies sell best during the holiday.

Company A, launched November.
Company B launched March.

Company A could only produce 2 million consoles to sell during the “holiday season”.

Company B sold out 2 million consoles in March and April.

You have a drought fo...

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It's not really the impossible.

1. The Switch launched with a great Year 1 line-up of Nintendo IP's.
2. It's rumored to be Nintendo's only device for the gen (if you combine 3DS + Wii U sales, it's tracking on par)
3. It's a handheld form factor (which is their strongest market), that can connect to your TV.
4. NVIDIA had the perfect roadmap for Nintendo, with their Tegra devices.

5. Last and certainly no...

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That's one example.

You can turn right around and say the same things about how the DS sold nearly 70m more than the PS3. Sony's consoles, and Nintendo's handhelds have consistently done well, even on a "bad" generation.

PS2: 158m
DS: 155m
GB: 119m
PS1: 105m
PS3: 87m
GBA: 82m (shortest lifecycle)
PS4: 73m with at least 3 years to go (not included in a...

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Nintendo's handhelds can be affected by phones and to a lesser extent tablets, but Nintendo's IP's cary far to much weight for phones to ever kill the brand off.

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It should. The Wii was supply constrained for nearly 2 years. Switch is also selling to handheld enthusiast, so it has the chance of being one of their best selling devices. The only problem would be Nintendo pulling the plug on the Switch too soon, their devices are generally on a 5 - 6 year window.

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Nintendo's handheld market is every bit as popular as Sony's consoles, hence the real success of the Switch.

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Because everyone refuses to spend money and days of their time, gathering the numbers from NPD each month, Media Create each week, and estimating EU sales, and RoW sales each month. So since the people at VGChartz are the only ones doing it, then they are the only "estimate" site used.

Their numbers are not 100% correct, and at best they might be off by 1m - 2m, but considering they modify their numbers based off units sold when the manufactures release them, it&...

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This is Spain only, and Xbox has done decently well in EU. Never amazing, but they have put up good numbers. 360 did 25m, and XBO should be around 10m.

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Now I don't like trolling, but honestly I would love to see an Ocarina of Time remake like this, or a brand new Zelda.

But we'll have to wait for a new Nintendo home console for that, or 5 - 6 years for a Switch 2 :(

Artstyle can go a long way in making a game look good on any hardware, but this game is simply gorgeous.

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