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So much YES.

Warhawk was easily one of my top 5, top 3, and dare I say it top 2, and easily my number 1 most played multiplayer games last gen on PS3. Definitely between Warhawk and Left 4 Dead 1/2. I've poured probably thousands of hours into those 2 games.

Bring them both over to PS4 and I can be a happy man again. I'd even settle for a remaster of the same core games, updated to 1080p @ 60fps, with higher resolution textures is enough.

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What you just said is a complete lie. 4K gaming or gaming at any resolution can and will be CPU bound if the CPU is not powerful enough to run the GPU to it's max settings without limiting it. That in essence is what a CPU bottleneck is. A budget CPU cannot run a high end GPU to its maximum theoretical or average performance because the CPU just isn't capable of keeping up with the speed and cycles of the GPU needed to run the game which limits the av...

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Ya. I know it was hit or miss for some people, but I liked the SF EX series. Sony needs to scoop them up. THey're the only console manufacturer that doesn't have their own exclusive (continued) fighting franchise.

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I honestly agree with thekhurg, not that they are a waste of money, but there are better places to spend your money.

It makes no sense to upgrade to either console unless you can sell your old one first to pay for the majority of the cost, which won't be the case with the XBO-X (XBO aren't hitting $300+ unless you bundle or have the Elite console), and at best you're probably looking at half the price of the PS4 Pro by selling your PS4 ($300 if you bundle).

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For pretty much this generation.

PS4 is outselling every platform combined right now in the EU weekly charts (Switch, XBO, 3DS, Vita, Wii U,PS3, and 360). This is a battle that can't be won. The Switch is a brand new console and the PS4 is still outselling it 2:1 in EU (Switch has shortage but still).

NA is closer so far this year with both devices being neck and neck, but I see the PS4 taking the sales win this year.

JP is going ...

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Digital Foundry saw a demo of Forza 6 retooled for XBO-X and a benchmark of a locked 60fps (which is impressive). Digital Foundry had to make a mock setup using NVIDIA GPUs to get a range of performance to match. What they didn't do was test the same mode that Forza uses on Xbox and has available on PC which was the Dynamic settings option as well as going with MSAA vs the lower AA the Xbox uses. Put a GTX 1060 on Dynamic mode and you get 4k @ locked 60fps ...

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Absolutely incorrect. NVIDIA is a completely different architecture and cannot be compared to the same architecture AMD is using. NVIDIA uses their CUDA cores which is why their TFLOPS score is always lower than AMD's GPUs however that 3 - 4 TFLOP GTX 1060 performs every bit as well and often times better than the 5 - 6+ TFLOPS RX 470, 570, 480, and 580.

Console GPUs can push above their weight because developers have a specific piece of h...

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Demand is higher during the holidays for the general public, but gamers are buying a new console at launch regardless of when it releases, and again sales are limited by production.

And 3 - 4 months after the PS4 and XBO launched they were in January and February two of the worst sales months of the year. But yeah my whole point is you can only sale as much as you can make, and Nintendo has had a great start, but has run into a wall for supply which is why PS4 had a stagge...

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Launching in the holiday season doesn't matter if you can only produce 2m consoles to begin with.

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Like I said in the XBO vs Switch article.

A holiday launch means NOTHING, because a console manufacturer is limited by the amount of consoles they can produce at a given time.

You can't cheer for a holiday launch being better at sales, when there's a cap to the amount of product avilable like there is with every console, and why the PS4 / XBO didn't launch worldwide until months later (almost a year later for XBO which only gave them a modest...

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A holiday launch means NOTHING, because a console manufacturer is limited by the amount of consoles they can produce at a given time.

You can't cheer for a holiday launch being better at sales, when there's a cap to the amount of product avilable like there is with every console, and why the PS4 / XBO didn't launch worldwide until months later (almost a year later for XBO which only gave them a modest boost).

It doesn't matter if there a...

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"The Radeon Vega Frontier Edition graphics card is going to empower the pioneers creating the next generation of gaming experiences, but it does beg one question: Can you game on a Radeon Vega Frontier Edition? The answer is yes, absolutely. But because this graphics card is optimized for professional use cases (and priced accordin...

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Once again as I'm sure you've seen plenty of times in several other threads, the Vega Frontier is not a dedicated gaming GPU, and it being used a placeholder to get a range of benchmarks for the true Vega gaming GPU that's scheduled to launch later this month. This is just the expected range for that GPU.

This $1,000 GPU is not designed for gaming.

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Completely disagree.

The XBO and PS4 launched with 28nm processors back in 2013, and were constantly compared to the HD 7000 series which made sense at the time considering the specs of the consoles being in range of those GPUs which had launched in 2012. However the GPUs in the consoles had more in line with the not yet released R9 200 series GPUs considering they had features like 8 Asynchronous Compute Engines (the PS4 at least).

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A 2020 holiday launch is 3 years and some change away, it may be to soon speak, but it's a likely reality considering the PS4 will be 7 years old by then, and that's 3 years of development time for the peak of the generation to happen for PS4 since The Last of Us Part 2, Final Fantasy 7, Kingdom Heart 3, Death Stranding, and more should all be done by then, or else it's time for PS4 / PS5 support.

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Almost 100% sure.

*It's the 25th anniversary (west at least)
*The timeframe is right new hardware (7 years after the PS4 launched)
*Ryzen APUs will be out by then (a CPU generation leap since mid-gen consoles will lessen the GPU upgrade)
*Vega is 2017 which means they'll have 2018 / 2019 / 2020 AMD GPU architecture to choose from
*We'll be in the +10 TFLOP range for mid-range which will be a decent generational leap from the l...

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Nintendo games hold their "value" because of Greed and lack of competition.

Xbox and Playstation have 3rd party support. Nintendo has practically none when it comes to the west which means the majority of their console games that sell in the West are Nintendo exclusives. And since there is no competition Nintendo feels they can charge a premium price for years because they know people buy their systems to play their games almost exclusively. Meanwhile Sony and ...

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Why would there be any arguments, it is what it is. The newer the system the greater the FLOPS in most scenarios.

There are a couple of things that are wrong with 2 platforms on this list and that's the PS3 and the Switch. The PS3 had higher FLOPS than what is listed, but the list is based solely on the GPU FLOPS and not the overall system since the PS3's CPU helped carry weight for the GPU as well. Xbox 360 was a bit higher as well too, since it's CPU was al...

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Game changer, No.

Significant improvement over the current CPUs the consoles have with the capability of offering 60fps consistently in games without bottlenecking the GPU due to a vastly improved CPU overhead so long as it's not another incredible super-low end part. Yes.

CPU bottleneck should be less of an issue next-gen. The FX 8300 series are at bottom barrel prices and some low end Ryzen CPUs should still be in the same realm as the FX 8100 - ...

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As those above me said, this is the non-gaming card designed for workstations. They're using this card to get theoretical performance of the true Vega gaming GPU.

That performance is around the 1070, and as the article says they expect performance of the actual gaming GPU to be around a 1080 or a bit higher. The 1080 offers great performance, but it also means that NVIDIA will have a good lead on AMD for the next wave of GPUs once again since the 1170 should perform o...

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