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You could actually build a very comparable PC to the Scorpio for $599 now if you shop around for parts, which is why I suspect it will cost $500 at launch, anything more an MS is in trouble, because their only selling point will be it's the most powerful console every made, but $600 has never worked for a console even the PS3 struggled and it was coming off the success of the best selling console of all time.

I think Scorpio will be just fine as long as it cost $500, an...

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Considering the RX 480's price : performance there will likely be a large group of PC gamers who have that level of performance, especially since it's mid 2016 and the Rx 480, 1070, and 1080 are already at $199, $379, and $599 so in another year and a half they'll be much less, as well as have superior successors out.

6 TFLOPS will be mid-range at best by late 2017 in the PC world, considering that performance is already at the mid-range of current PC cards....

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It was the best conference they had as far as pacing goes, by far. A couple nods from Shu and the crew would have been nice, but overall this was by far the best showing they had.

Best content.... Absolutely not, but it was still a good showing in this regard as well.

Their best conferences are E3 2013 and 2015 due to the pure fan service and messaging they delivered at both. So every 2 years they blow it away, so I'm expecting some amazing things a...

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Gears 4 won't look anything like the beta stop it. The newer screens that were released several days ago are much more incline with what the game should actually look like on XBO.

As I said when the Beta was out it looked worse than the Gears 1 remaster and textures, lighting, particle effects, etc... were both missing and turned down to the lowest settings (which caused fanboys to rage, but now said fanboys are applauding the fact that all those things have been added...

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The articles are from confusion among the attendees at E3, until MS clarifies everything with in their interviews which obviously they haven't done a good job, since even the mainstream gaming media are confused.

I think everyone gets the hardware aspects of it.

XBO = 1080p content
XBOs = 1080p gaming w. HDR + Higher resolution scaling, and 4k content.

The XBOs would be an easy sale, if MS didn't also announce the Xbox...

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The sad truth is that mobile GPUs have surpassed Wii U for a over a year now. It's just few developers are really optimizing games for them, or pushing the hardware to the max at the cost of battery life.

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I don't have a problem with Nintendo making a console not as powerful as Scorpio or Neo.

What I have a problem with is Nintendo making said console, and not having the software library to back it up both 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party, not having the online network and infrastructure to back it up, not having the entertainment and multimedia to back it up, and still trying to charge a near premium price around $350 when I can buy PS4.XBO for around $100 less in 2017 (as in the...

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No you sir aren't lacking in the intellect department, because I also said "The Scorpio is looking like a potential 2017 $499 console which is fine IMO".

Everything in that PC I already have besides the new $380 GPU, which is the only expense I will need going forward. On the flipside I could buy a $199 RX 480 and just overclock it and have the XB Scorpio now.

I bought a $400 XBO this generation ($500 for some g...

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Yes, but it's in its infancy still. 4K gaming looks great, but that power will more than likely be used to make better graphics, bigger worlds, and more features while the game is upscaled to 4k.

4K TV's are becoming more affordable, and more content is creeping out as well. I think 2017 is a bit early for full 4k adoption, but MS wants to be a leader in the market for 4k. As far as consoles go, I'm passing up on 4k until I can get a 60" 4k OLED for a go...

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This all but confirms that Scorpio is the successor to the XBO, even if that's not how MS tries to market it.

They've changed the CPU, GPU, and RAM configurations, which means several other parts must have also been changed as well, so these won't be direct ports simply being upgraded for the more powerful hardware. The Xbox brand is becoming a PConsole / Steam Machine with the brand to back it up, where games are designed for multiple pieces of hardware and sc...

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I'll answer your question.

Did you like everything Sony showed?

Just about, literally 99% of the showings were potential buys whether Day 1 or discounted.

Are you excited for TLG?

Absolutely. The multiple Trico's, the potential of the story and artistic design, and the pedigree of the developer are all reasons to be excited.

Are you not a fan of a 6tflop con...

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I'd like to take this moment to give a shoutout to all the people in my PMs who constantly said MS would never go in this direction when I called this out for 4 years now. You have been enlightened.

I would also like to remind MS to send me my check in the mail for giving them the guidelines to allow Xbox to crave out its own niche in gaming that it could actually dominate.

MS has gone PConsole
Sony staying mainstream console
All t...

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I'm looking forward to E3, but I feel too much has been revealed too soon (E3 2015 games still haven't released) / leaked / rumored for the these big 3 that this is just going to be a decent year for games unless the new hardware truly impresses, or we get trailers for games that aren't likely to release until 2018.

If all the Xbox rumors are true (4 new hardware, games known & leaked, 3rd party deals) then we pretty much over an hour of their conference m...

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Overall it's a nice listen, there are a few things wrong with his statements.

First VR is only demanding depending on the content you have running on it. Running a the latest graphics heavy games on PC with high/ultra settings needs powerful hardware. Running games on par with Wii U in VR need significantly less power and performance and something around the XBO/PS4 performance level is more than enough which ties in with another rumor of the NX being around par with...

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I wouldn't hold out for anything if I were you. It's unlikely hardware will ever be made especially considering the current console hardware situation of 2 of the major players doing only decent and the other struggling. Adding a 4th player means it or one of the others is going to flat out crumble and more than likely it'll be the DC2 since Nintendo has it's first party to carry it, Xbox has a strong NA fanbase, and PS is killing it right now.

Also this i...

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1. New 2016 hardware: Apparently there are supposed to be 4 new "Xbox" hardware SKUs coming from MS between 2016 - 2017. The major one for 2016 is the XBO slim which will hopefully retail for $299 bundled with a game or two. The next 2 pieces of hardware are likely to come in 2016 as well and are rumored to be a TV stream box (like Roku / Apple TV), and a stream stick (like Chromecast). I'd assume the stream box is a low powered APU system that's all about entertainment...

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Bashes others opinions of what they want to see, doesn't bring anything of use or worth to the conversation, you sir are exactly what's wrong with gaming in 2016.

1. New hardware is always exciting to see or at least hear about. We're not seeing NX at E3, so the next best thing are tech demos, and game announcements from 3rd parties.

2. Nintendo needs 3rd party support so it can move from being a niche Nintendo exclusive only console, to a gl...

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1. Games and tech demos announced for NX, even if the console / hybrid / handheld doesn't show up at the conference. A good collection of tech demos can give us an idea of what to expect for NX.

2. 3rd parties: Bring out Square, Sega, Ubisoft, Capcom, and Activision with the promise to bring more major 3rd party games to the console.

3. 3DS & Wii U's last hurrah. Zelda U, Pokemon Sun & Moon, and more.

4. Announcement o...

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This whole thing is just so overblown and ignorant to me. The only complaint I have about PS Neo and Xbox Scorpio is the fact they're launching only 3 years into the console cycle rather than a solid mid-cycle launch every 4 - 5 years.

The Neo is nearly identical to the current PS4 in it's basic architectural make-up, so that sub-optimal performance difference will literally be at worst 720p vs. 1080p or higher in resolution, and 30fps vs 60fps which will be in EXT...

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Allegedly there's also suppose to be 2 new XBO's coming.

A cheaper XBO slim with a 2TB HDD (silly to me, just make it 1TB to save on pricing even more), for $199 - $249, releasing this holiday season to help boost sales. And a more powerful XBO to help make up performance differences in newer releases that's supposed to launch in 2017 to avoid the PS4k, and take on the NX instead.


Confirmed: Gears 4, Recore, Sea...

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