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More like 40m lifetime if they don't get all this pricing together (device, accessories, games, and online).

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I called this and I actually agree with Patcher on this.

The switch will sell out of it's 2m units at launch due to the hardcore and scalpers. That means it only needs to sell another 4m units globally. Considering it can be used as a handheld and it'll have good support in Japan, it will still sell well there which will be enough to push sales up to the 6m range for the year.

It's NA and EU where they're in trouble.

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Reggie is not on Phil's level, he's hanging down there with Greenburg in trolldom.

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The hardware is more powerful about 2x - 3x more powerful.

The problem is the hardware is so underclocked it's almost back down to the Wii U levels.

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I get what you're saying as well, and you should be able to objectify that when looking at the hardware as a reviewer. But it is a topic that should be discussed, and it's also one of the primary decisions a consumer must make when considering buying the product.

So from a journalistic standpoint it shouldn't hold much weight, but should be mentioned.

From a consumer standpoint this thing cost too [email protected] much to get the "console" exp...

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For the majority of people disliking the Switch it's not the device itself....well that's more 50/50 on here.

The real problem for most of those people are:

*The combination of the hardware (as a handheld it impresses IMO, as a console it disappoints and 3rdP will die)
*The price (the flexibility and portability warrant it, the performance doesn't)
*The accessory cost (There is almost no explanati...

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The chip the Switch uses is about 2x more powerful than the PS3 when it comes to "graphics processing" and easily the amount of RAM. Meanwhile the PS3 had a significant CPU advantage which was a huge advantage back then.

The problem is, that chip is so underclocked that it's back down into the realm of PS3 performance when undocked, and barely better when docked.

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Switch has higher specs than the Shield Tablet when it comes to gaming if the rumored specs from Wurogamer still stand. It has a better processor (Tegra X1 > Tegra K1), 2x the RAM, and 32GB vs 16GB.

That being said the Shield Tablet has been as low as $149 with games + a controller. Has a better 8" 1080p screen, much better cameras, and more.

There is no reason the Switch should cost $100 - 2x as much as the Shield Tablet, and this is exactly wh...

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How I felt pre and post presentation
"I went into the Switch reveal truly believing Nintendo were going to knock it out of the park. But as you know, that didn’t happen. Not even close. I went from vehemently refreshing Amazon waiting for preorders to go up, to not preordering at all. What I saw up on stage was old, tone-deaf Nintendo."

How I feel about the hardware
"I still believe in the device itself. But right now, I’m not interested.&qu...

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"Console version of the 3DS"
"Portable version of the Wii U"
"Successor of the NVIDIA Shield Tablet"

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I agree, and I get it to some extent on Nintendo's part, but they need to change it immediately, or at least after they screw over their most loyal fans like they did with the 3DS (and I mean that not to make fans mad, but to show the reality Nintendo faces if the launch at $299, because sales will tank in the west after the scalper and most core fans are done buying).

The device itself being $300 is a start. It's overpriced plain and simple especially when you com...

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I'm shocked once again, Patchter and I have been seeing eye to eye on several things lately, well all regarding Nintendo.

I agree, if they don't get price and everything else together Nintendo Switch will be another GameCube, and honestly I hope it can be a GameCube when it comes to great games and hardware as well (hardware as in quality and design).

But if they do then it can be another 3DS. The problem is that's exactly what they need for ...

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It really depends. Based on how Nintendo is wording it, it seems unlikely that anything saves to the cartridge at all, but that doesn't mean it won't or can't happen for things like updates and DLC.

That being said the 32GB or memory will be completely depleted by 2 - 3 AAA games if you download them from eShop, which is where the problem lies.

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That would be fine if 2TB were readily available, and actually affordable.

A 200GB is $80 which is the best middle ground, if you want to spend less then $40 for 128GB.

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If they want to shut people up then they need to cut the price $50, bundle in 1 2 switch, get these ridiculous prices down on these accessories, flesh out the awful idea they currently have for online, and boom everyone will be happy.

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Nintendo right now

It's about time to hang up the towel -_-, I can't believe this mess. They went from a gaming great to a gaming embarrassment.

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I think the Switch is the GameCube 2.0.

A great console, with potentially great games, that just fumbles everything else from price, to online, to accessories, 3rd party, and more.

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I was talking about the game quality, not their launch and I somewhat agree with you on that.

While I don't fully agree with their decision, I get it from a business standpoint, and IMO besides the hardware itself, the launch dates of their games seem to be the only thing logically thought out.

Their exclusives are scattered 1 per month, to give their games the best possible sales chance without fighting one another. ...

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The main problem with this is that those people with a Smarth phone have little reason to buy a Nintendo Switch, when they could be playing free games on their Smart Phone.

Nintendo Switch is not the kid friendly device Nintendo needed, especially at $300 for the device and $60 per game. That market will be almost nonexistent on the Switch in the West, and the casual crowd still have no reason to put their Cellphone and tablets down.

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Considering it's ARM design and a statement by Nintendo, I wouldn't be surprised if a good portion of those games are ports from mobile games, for better or worse.

If Nintendo wants to port anything it should be 3DS sequels / niche classics and Best of Wii U.

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