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"If you want to go there, I'll gladly."


To all the console only gamers who are "ignorant" (meaning lack of knowledge) of game development or simply "ignorant" of game settings. Please do yourself and the industry a favor by going to the nearest computer to you, downloading a low demanding game from Steam, and simply going in and play with the settings.

Congratulations you have now learned exactly how this console generation will work, and educated yourself so when future articles come out, you... #7
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It goes to show how childish and ignorant you are, that you let a group of fanboys turn you into one.

Anyone with a bit of technology intelligence would kindly tell you that if you drop the framerate of a game, you can improve the graphics as a result with better shadows, lighting, and possibly AA.

That's all this is about. It's the same options PC gamers, get to choose from, and to complain about it makes you look trollish and ignorant. #6.2
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The sad part is how incredibly ignorant many of you commenting are.

Framerate and image quality almost go hand in hand. If you lower the framerate, chances are you're going to be able to improve effects, AA, lighting, etc... It's the whole point of upgrading your GPU in PC gaming, and it's always a give in take if you don't have the option to upgrade.

This has been a known truth for generations. Get from under your troll bridges, and be gam... #3.5
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Please find another word beyond "stunning" and please use words that perfectly describe what we're looking at, because this model is far from "stunning". It's definitely a generation leap, but not "stunning". #3
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That $500 million Activision is spending, they need this to be a hit, or that's money down the drain, so they're doing everything they can to force these websites to hype Destiny up as the second coming of Halo.

Which isn't a real selling point to many PS gamers. I think it's a good game, but I too think it was a boring Borderlands, with heavy Halo influences. #5.1.3
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I kind of agree, but these consoles as well as future gaming PCs are going to be heavily GPU focused than CPU focused.

I think it would have benefitted them more to upgrade the GPU, and add 4GB of system RAM, keeping the 8GB of GDDR5 specifically for gaming. #3.1.2
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We don't know how long they have been making TLoU for PS4. It could have been in production since the PS3 version was being made (highly doubtful), it could have been in production since the PS3 version released (again doubtful), or it could have been when developers first got finalized dev kits (more than likely this).

This means at best TLoU PS4 has had a 8 month development cycle. There is no time to go in and retexture and retool an entire... #2.1.4
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Set in the world of Borderlands, before everyone became wise crackin' loons,

It's basically Halolands Effect (Halo + Borderlands + Mass Effect) #5.1
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As @GW212 said we probably would have got a CPU and GPU upgrade over RAM considering it was hard enough getting 8GB of GDDR5in there.

As for the GPU it probably would have been and underclocked r9 280 instead of the underclocked r9 270 currently powering the ps4, making every game 1080p, and bringing 1080p @ 60fps a complete reality for the majority of games.

If they did add RAM it would probably be 4GB DDR3 specifically for system RAM and leave the 8GB GDDR5... #3.5
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It can, but it's unlikely unless Sony gets serious. The Vita is currently an indie / Japanses console, and you can't sell strong numbers on a worldwide basis with just that kind of support. Sony seems to be banking on PSTV to replace the Vita, and it should help out a bit, but it doesn't really address the main issue of selling the actual Vita hardware.

At this point the Vita needs a huge refresh in order to jump up the saels charts and have better global number... #1.1.4
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I doubt it. My guess is it's an in-game Camera for taking pictures like Golden Abyss had, or Photo mode like they put in TLoU remastered. #1.1
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July 2014


PS4: 200k+ (really depends on what TLoU does for it)
XBO: 140k
3DS: 110k
Wii U: 100k
360: 60k
PS3: 28k
Wii: 12k
PSV: 10k


PS4: 170k
XBO: 60k (they really need to have that WW release)
3DS: 180k
Wii U: 80k
360: 48k
PS3: 92k (wow PS3 3rd place)
Wii: 16k
PSV: 20k


PS4:... #9.1.1
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It hasn't even been a year yet, and this is how every generation generally starts. In the next couple of months there's going to be a wave of games coming (especially October), and by 2015 game releases should be more consistent.

Thanks to 2014 game delays (to fill the first half of the year), + all the 2015 new releases, #1.1.2
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I never said it looks better than any of those games, I simply said it holds it own against some of them, which is a testament to the original on PS3.

We can't forget, the original was designed to run on:
512MB of RAM
25.6 GBps bandwidth
430 GFLOPS console (Cell really helped PS3 out in the long run).

Meanwhile the PS4 and XBO offer:

8GB of RAM (16x more)
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I can't say I have a single favorite, there are quite a few franchises that just resonate with me.

Uncharted / The Last of Us
God of War

Then there are those franchises that I can just play almost indefinitely.

Super Smash Bros.
Warhawk (PS3)
Little Big Planet
Mario Kart
Left 4 Dead

And looking at these list, I guess this is why I g... #5
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Just goes to show how great this game actually looked on the PS3 and what it took to get there.

Textures have been upgraded to 4x their PS3 resolution counterpart which means that either the PS4 versions is using 2k textures downscaled to 1080p, or the PS4 version is using full 1080p textures meanwhile the PS3 version used a sub resolution for the textures.

htt... #2.1
I honestly don't know how on earth they thought this would be a good idea to begin with.

They have no history in the entertainment business (in this case film, tv series, etc...), it takes a huge financial backing to support something like this getting off the ground, they had absolutely nothing prepared for launch, the XBO reveal only featured a future Halo series instead of showing multiple series that were in the making, unless it was backwards compatible with 360 then... #1.1.2
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3 or 4 years ago obviously doesn't matter, because people are here complaining about Uncharted the last of which came out 3 years ago this November, and with the original being 7 years old by the same time.

Complaining about remasters is one of the most ignorant complaints I've seen regarding these consoles. They are GENERALLY handled by developers who have no real ties to the console manufactures, which means they're generally not taki... #1.1.5
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I laugh at all the people who are complaining about remasters. The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD, was something many Nintendo fans were looking forward to. Halo: Master Chief Collection is something many XBO gamers are looking forward to.

But once again hypocrisy strikes, because so many of you seem to have a problem with The Last of Us Remaster, which thus far is the only PlayStation exclusive remaster produced by Sony on the PS4.

If you don't like it,... #1.1.3
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