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Budokai 3.

It was great all around, have some GT stuff in there, but the best part was Dragon Arena where you could build up each character with the RPG like system to make them more powerful with more Health, Stronger physical attacks, stronger ki blast, faster reactions, use less ki, etc...

The perfect DBZ fighter IMO will take the world building and story modes of Xenoverse with enhanced gameplay of the Budokai games (allow the free flying of Tenkaichi...

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I truly think it's too late for that, but we'll see. I think this would have been a much better investment of simply releasing a new console next year with this kind of mindset.

It worked for Nintendo with the Switch, the XBO-X would have benefitted from Vega architecture (RX 680 equivalent at, 8 TFLOPS over 6) and a better CPU making 4K native easier all around, and they still could have hit that $499 price by waiting a year for parts to decline.

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You're looking at least at 10 TFLOPS of performance. 3 years is enough time to get Vega 56 performance down to the mid-range prices and a significantly lower TDP especially with another fabrication node expected to launch between then.

The $400 / $500 price will ultimately depend on the CPU, which the area that consoles need to increase the most in, since GPU gains are going to start being limited, unless we continue to have 7+ year upgrades. The CPUs are going to be ...

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I'm assuming the section "An AMD Graphics Card" was to cover that. Not everyone knows tech, so that was probably their way of saying make good hardware again.

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What's the point of this question. The more powerful console and the console with the 4K Blu Ray player is the better console for 4K, until the next-gen launches or Sony or Nintendo launch a PS4 Pro+ or a dedicated Nintendo console in 2018 / 2019.

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$10,000 per person, per month.

Team of 100 devs over 24 months = 100* 24 * $10,000 = $24M budget

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Xbox has it's work cut out for it. XBO hasn't seen a single year over 9m according to VGChartz, and holiday 2009 was the start of the PS3 and 360 began taking off like rockets to the casual market.

2010 is the launch of the Kinect which is going to push 360 to averaging 13m for the next 2 years. At best I see XBO-X keeping them even with 360 for the remainder of 2017 by matching its 10m sold in the same time frame, but come 2018 I see 360 taking the lead unless a ...

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The life of XBO

The Media: Things were great at first, he was a good baby. The mother had a shaky pregnancy early on, but when he was born things were looking good from 1 - 3. But terrible 3's kicked in and unfortunately it lasted for about 7 years until he turned 10. From there things began looking up again we had just started a global tour and he began selling his services at a much better price. Things were looking up. In his teens he was successful, found a few...

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Time for an analyst to get demoted.

It's going to severely struggle to reach 130m lifetime sales let alone in 5 years.

Realistically best case scenario we're looking at 25m in JP, 25m NA, and 20m EU, aka 70m in 5 years if sales continue to stay consistent, which they should with 2018 having a potential Pokemon, 2019 having a price drop with Switch slim & XL, 2020 bringing a few more new IP's, and 2021 wrapping up the brand, and 2022 being ...

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I meant XBOs not XBOx in that last part.

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It's too late for this gen, it generally takes at least 2 years to produce a sequel with a single team. Building brand new IP's from the ground up will take at least 3 years, and by then we're looking at PS5 and XB4. That's honestly why I feel XBO-X was a mistake and they should have just rode out 2017, and just launched a new console in 2018 and been done with this gen.

It would have been a new start, it would have given them at least 2 years to make sure...

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I expect the Switch to continue to do well for the next 3 years. Nintendo has a perfect recipe for the Switch if they follow through with their traditional handheld approach.

2017 has seen some great games for them and they already have quite a few of the best selling franchises on the device. We already have a full Zelda, Mario Kart (remake, but still), Splatoon 2 (practically a remake, but still), a 3D Mario coming soon, and the holiday season soon upon us. So sales wi...

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I don't think "New Consumers" are waiting to spend $500 on a console that plays the exact same games that the current $249 (selling at a low of $199 in some stores) console is just as capable of running.

XBO-X is a current XBO owner upgrade, and maybe a small group of those new consumers IMO.

If anything I think the issue is more of a limbo price war of consumer vs Microsoft. Informed consumers know the XBO-X is going to be their big push f...

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The Switch is not looked at as a success to the Wii U, it's seen more as a successor to the 3DS and a hybrid platform. And while 3DS was nowhere near as big as it's predecessor the DS, and the worst selling handheld from Nintendo thus far, it was still a success in the heart of Nintendo fans and 65m in sales and counting isn't bad by any means.

As you said Switch is doing good on it's own metrics, because it's the first handheld to almost completely nai...

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The iPhone X is also highly overpriced for the hardware (like most iPhones), it's also a cellphone and multimedia device significantly more than the Switch), and you could have used the price of any iPhone (or Android) with 256GB to make a comparison or 128GB for that matter ($549 128GB 6s, lesser gaming, similar hardware, mobile phone, and significantly better multimedia device).

Memory is super cheap for devices like these that are produced by the tens of millions, an...

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Launching during the holiday has absolutely nothing to do with sales leads. If anything it's worse, because your max sales is capped by limited amount of consoles you can produce during at the time.

The PS4 and XBO launched during the holidays yes, but it didn't matter because both devices were limited by the 2m they had prepared for launch and the remaining consoles they could trickle out over the holiday. So yes they holiday 2013, but they could reap the benefit...

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As well as the Switch does globally, the PS4 simply does better overall because it practically has a monopoly in EU.

The Switch has won NA most of the months it's been out, but the PS4 has always done just as well and outside of launch is generally neck and neck with Switch. Japan is the only region where the Switch has a runaway lead, but even there the PS4 and 3DS do well in those regions considering the market size. However, when it comes to EU it's the exact o...

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On average PS4 outsells every platform combined when it comes to EU sales numbers. So PS4 EU numbers > Switch + XBO + 3DS + Vita + Wii U + PS3 + 360. NA Switch and PS4 are neck and neck, and in JP Switch leads, but PS4 and 3DS aren't too far behind.

So whe:

NA: Switch >>=<< PS4 (depending on supply)
EU: PS4 >>>>>>> Everything else
JP: Switch > PS4 & 3DS

With the PS4 comp...

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Great choices, but this could easily be a top 10 with Legend of Dragoon, Dark Cloud, and MediEvil.

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How when the Xbox 360 sold more than the PS3 in the UK last gen.

You're thinking Europe as a whole, not the UK.

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