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"If you want to go there, I'll gladly."


Nintendo needs to just shut up, I swear I don't know what's wrong with them lately.

Who on earth is "throwing around a lot of cash" at indie developers for exclusivity. These developers are trying their best to get their games seen and make a profit. You Nintendo have to throw around tons of cash, because you have the worst selling console of the 3, and have an awful reputation among 3rd party developers, along with awful sales and promotion of 3rd party g... #1.1.6
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Nothing you wrote shown anything regarding why the survey is irrelevant. You literally typed nothing regarding my comment or any valid information as to why Steam survey is irrelevant.

You literally typed 3rd parties are making games and will continue to make games for PC.

What on earth does that have to do with the survey? #5.1.4
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Did you not read my comment above, hoping that it was still a ways off, and the "beta test starting soon" wasn't part of the original title.

People need to stop being so sensitive, if the framerate is messed up it is plain and simple. I could see if it was 1 - 2 fps drop, and we needed a frame counter to see it, and people were still complaining, but it's so noticeable that the particle effects are even lagging.

If everything was fine and... #9.2
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I've never seen the screens for it....It looks amazing beautiful artstyle. Although the detail in the dungeon is a bit too realistic compared to the character models, but it still look great. #3
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Both consoles didn't turn a profit until early 2014. But XBO didn't start losing money, until they were forced to drop price and SKUs, because the PS4 sales were still blasting off after the launch rush, while XBO numbers were falling fast.

MS is in a decent place now, since R&D and manufacturing cost have to be diminishing, and they can stay at $349 for a while, and make up any loss with software and XBL subscriptions with just a singe year of service. XBO is g... #6.1
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I'm usually not one to laugh at someone, but I do enjoy a good read every now and then.


At launch the XBO was overpricced for the console especially if you don't care about having Kinect, but now it's respectably priced in comparison.

I said months ago, that MS had to be losing money on the XBO, because the hardware along should be a tight fit at making any kind of profit at $350, but they al... #1.1.8
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The study isn't irrelevant at all, because it's information developers use or there would be no reason for to conduct the survey at all.

Intel i3-3000 seris
GTX 750

Based on that survey over 60% of Steam users have gaming PCs below the specs listed above. Developers take that information to heart and target their games to reach the largest market it can, which is why the Recommended Specs. of many "AAA&... #5.1.2
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And the demographics of games are completely different between PC, console, and mobile. Console is about "AAA" games, and exclusives. PC is more about MMO, RTS, MOBA, freemium most of which are made to play on just about any PC hardware. That's an apples to oranges comparison, especially since many of those games are designed with paywalls, monthly / annual subscriptions, or other fess which is why they make so much more.

Yes there's a group with an inter... #6.2.2
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It was bad period.

@ 1:05 when she's carrying the bag or whatever it is, the framerate has to be in the 20's if not lower, or the lag is insanely bad to the point even particle effects are lagging as they shoot the mummies.

@ 1:21 once again with the bag the same issue is there.

There are several more examples, but they cut to the next clip so fast you might miss it.

The game looks bad. I applaud them both for trying... #1.1.2
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It's sad honestly #9.2
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It's not interesting really, more than likely there's something wrong with the PS4's V-sync not resolution. Something is forcing the PS4 version to drop to the nearest Hz (30 / 60) when it comes to cutscenes, meanwhile the XBO version seems to not have the V-Sync issue on cutscenes and more than likely it's turned off completely (which could have been the change in patch 1.01 that's already on XBO).

It's a common issue on PC games as well, if your fps... #1.1.17
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They have 2 teams, the 2nd team should be working on something else, so like Naughty Dog they can alternate between IP's.

Killzone : Resistance / New IP

Horizon #4.1.1
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Why must everything be a competition. These games are nothing alike, there is no competition. #3.2
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@Jalva, WeAreLegion

That was graphics, I'm still waiting to be blown away by a game this generation, that makes me finally say / think this couldn't & hasn't been done on last-gen consoles.

Graphics aren't the only thing I want from a new console, I want new gameplay experiences. There's been many good games, a few great games, but nothing that was like moving from PS2 / GC / Xbox and seeing Gears of War for the first time, or Unchart... #2.3.4
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Stop it, it's the PC version modded and retextured (Just like Tomb Raider Definitive Edition).

That being said the performance is still acceptable on XBO, because even when the framerate dips it's for a very brief second, and shoots right back up to 30fps.

The performance issues are a bit unfortunate, but it shouldn't ruin the experience and as @Genuine-User said it's surprising considering the core of this game was build to run on Intel Cor... #1.1.2
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Nope I did a comparison in a comment a while ago. Horizon looks as good and in several cases a better than the Witcher 3, and Horizon is only in Alpha with 1+ year to go while the Witcher 3 is a full released game.


Horizon isn't like leagues above the... #11.2
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Crackdown no.

Quantum Break and Scalebound......No Duh, I mean what other XBO exclusives in their genres look better than them, you'd be hard pressed to find a multiplat right now that looks better. #1.3
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Warlock's drop 8 orbs effortlessly in PvE, and Obsidian Mind makes getting another Super easy as well.

Orbs aren't as important for Warlocks as they are for the other classes.

Now in Crucible I agree, but sometimes you have your super saved for a much better purpose such as taking out the enemy trying to pick up heavy, and that extra grenade and melee are beneficial if there's a stray orb sitting around.

If you see 4 - 6 orbs, the... #2.2.1
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It's not useless in PvP (well it's first perk is), but it's second perk is solid. Sometimes you just aren't in a position to use your super and picking up those bubbles for another melee and grenade can be a great bonus, which the Warlock relies heavily on for crucible.

It's overall a great chest piece, that really helps those of us who are always poor in Glimmer -_-, and has great abilities especially for me and my friends since two of us play as Sunsing... #2.1.2
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I hope so, but I doubt it.

As much as I love Remedy, they take forever to make a game, and they haven't been big on franchises since they've been with Xbox, please Remedy do the right thing with Quantum Break. #1.1.3
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