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If Capcom wants to even be close to the best developer / publisher.

1. They need to stop making mediocre games. Almost everything they've made this gen have been mediocre at best, or lacking in so much content or substance, it feels like half a game. Even their AAA IP's have been nothing, but average. Put the breaks on, and really flesh out the ideas that made these AAA franchises great and fan faves for 10+ years, and rebuild and modernize/evolve them in terms o...

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That's not 100% true. I've been in the similar position as far as upgrading from the original to the Pro.

The benefits are Super Sampling which you will absolutely notice in games on your same old 1080p HDTV, and the main benefit for those who don't care about HDR / 4K.

Better performance overall, so less tearing / fps drops in games which is always nice.

Better PSVR performance.

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No one's forgetting the compute units, the problem is that GPU is being used to push resolutions above what it can normally handle, which means there isn't enough performance left for doubling resolution and framerate, when you only have just over 2x the GPU performance.

Until developers become significantly more familiar with GPU Compute then it's not an immediate answer to, the need of a better CPU, because it's currently just assisting with traditional CP...

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I think the CPU is the only real issue, and that's simply holding fps back. The amount of Memory should be just enough, but the bandwidth could use a boost.

That being said this is a simple direct upgrade, hence why the price is basically perfect for what you're getting, and for what's available from AMD right now. We'll have to wait until next-gen for these consoles to push 60fps harder, when Zen CPUs are more accessible in 8-core low clocked / low TDP ve...

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Gamefreak already confirmed it's a hybrid console. Now whether it's more console, or more handheld we don't know, and ultimately that's going to determine just how powerful the device is, and what kind of 3rd party support Nintendo will potentially receive from western developers.

"The NX is trying to change the concept of what it means to be a home console device or a hand-held device," Ishihara said. "We will...

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$249 or they're in trouble.

$299 puts them in direct competition with the PS4 and XBO Slims. Anything more and you're fighting PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio.

Nintendo needs to focus on entry level pricing, with solid hardware for that tier. $249 allowed the Wii to take off, $249 for a solid Nintendo gaming console would do well amongst core gamers.

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Once again here's another example of a game that should have just been a new IP.

Konami parted ways with Kojima, this could have been one of the new games they developed since the departure, to show they have something worthwhile to offer on their own.

That being said the game looks decent. It has some interesting ideas, but they should have shown a completely different setting than the same old MGSV savannah setting. It also should have been a nigh...

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MS has tried making games similar to PS-styled games, but they haven't been highly successful among their audience for the most part.

MS has moreso realized that they are not Sony, and that their success is based on playing together. I don't think MS is trying to be PlayStation at all. Do they want their success absolutely.

Unfortunately I think the Xbox team just has it worse, because they have to deal with corporate policies of a global techno...

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No, and vice versa to all 3 companies.

Each of them has a very specific niche that sets them apart from one another which is why they will always have a certain degree of success among their fans.

Nintendo specializes in fun, characters, and very JP oriented stylized games that are fun for all ages. They are the Disney of gaming, or at least the could be if they got all aspects of their business with a forward thinking mindset.


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I don't know how I feel about this being a Resident Evil. These corps are stupid with some of the decisions they make, trying to sell a game based on Brand alone. This is not what Resident Evil has been about....ever, unless they do some tier 101 level story building to tie back into the other games.

This should simply be a new IP from Capcom which they've been sorely lacking in this entire generation, while ...

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I think the 1080p performance is 60fps, since the game is supposed to be PSVR compatible.

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You can actually port UE3 / UDK assets over to UE4, but it's a pain in the @$$ to do so. But considering this is a multi-millions dollar company with plenty of devs, it shouldn't be too much of a hassle, so it's still possibly the PC versions code, but remastered for the new consoles.

That being said the game is a bit hit or miss compared to most remasters.

The lighting, resolution, and color corrections a...

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Because $60 a year x 10m - 20m subscribers = $600m - $1.2b per year.

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1. Perfect balance between Price : Performance (Good price, Great hardware or vice-versa)
2. Great software line-up at launch and a good roadmap for the rest of the year.
3. Nintendo's full developer force on 1 platform
4. Nintendo rebuilding it's online, rewards programs, and infrastructure to better challenge Xbox and PS.
5. Pokemon, Kart, Smash
6. Sequels to cult classics, and revival of franchises
7. Good battery life if at all...

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720p is fine (although 1080p would be better, or at least 1080p output), because it saves tremendously on battery life (a much greater concern), than rendering games in 1440p or 4k, just for the sake of it. This is a handheld/hybrid.

On top of that graphically speaking those 720p games will look much better than trying to push what's most likely a 1 TFLOP hybrid with unnecessary 4k games. Games should be above PS360WiiU quality up to near XBO / PS4 quality with 720p, ...

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It's been out for a while on mobile. There's a real bias against mobile games, but there are some great ones on there and this is one of them.

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The tablet didn't.

The handheld kind of did, the Shield TV I don't know.

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I doubt they'll make another dedicated handheld.

At best we'll probably see a PlayStation Tablet, that's a high-end mobile Tablet with a dedicated PS OS, and more emphasis on GPU processing.

That way they can simply sell to a larger market of gamers, since it'll have the best of both worlds being a standard tablet and have PS games as well.

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I don't think NVIDIA is launching Volta next year. There are rumors for either a 2017 or 2018 launch, but it doesn't make sense to launch Volta in 2018 when NVIDIA already has the lead in the top end of GPUs against ADM with the current version of Pascal, not to mention there being more room to push Pascal and the 16nm fabrication harder until 14nm is easily accessible to them for Volta.

I see:

2016 Pascal

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I go to GameStop maybe once or twice per year and that's usually around Black Friday just to see what they have, and a rare Buy 2 get 1 free sale.

Otherwise Best Buy, Amazon, and a couple of niche stores are my go to for gaming.

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