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Makes me want to dive into the source material real bad. #1.1
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I have to disagree with the premise here. This DLC seems more like Irrational wanted to parallel the events of Infinite--the decent of a utopia. Just the way the story of Infinite was put forth would make it challenging to place a story based piece of DLC into the narrative, at least from a Booker/Elizabeth perspective.

Placing this DLC back in Rapture allows them to tell a new story separate from the events of a story they already tied up. I think it's smart, from a narr... #2
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I'm amazed at how split people are on GTAIV, I actually thought I was more in the minority of my annoyance for the game. I couldn't have been more unsatisfied with the game when I completed it and I was only going through the motions of the story after a while. If it wasn't for all the stellar GTA games that preceded it GTAIV would be amazing, but it is a major let down, for me, in comparison to the others. #13
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I loved Assassins Creed 1. I included it because it felt primarily like groundwork for future games rather than a fully realized game itself (not a bad thing).

I expected so much from this game but it turned kind of boring half-way through. It's not a bad game by any means, only disappointing. #5.1
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If you are interested in seeing some game play and have any questions, the Spiderduck Network will be doing a live stream of the game tomorrow (Sunday). #1.1
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I wish I could see what all the people giving it 10's see, but I just can't get into it. #1
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It still looked like DeadRising, even if it had lost some of the humor. So I'm holding out hope. #1.2
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We already saw with EA's online pass that retailers will discount the difference. Aside from limiting your ability to lend, getting developers a cut of their game is a good thing. #23
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Soooo, just like Microsoft then. #1
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Can't say they shot themselves in the foot when they are already breaking pre-order records. #2.1.1
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