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Still pretty hilarious though.

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I wish there were some RPG & Squade elements, also own shops and stores to get steady income. Like other games do.

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5:38 Minutes and no gameplay ?!

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They are killing themselves by not going next-gen, a chance for a fresh start and they are kicking it. Idiots.

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@Campy da Camper

What do you play on it? what are you planning to get? do you play with friends ?!

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Apparently dvs disagree because the yare avoiding Wii U like a plague.

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DC Universe ?!!!!!!

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Naughty Dog repeated themselves several times with Uncharted.

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Dedicated Servers will be the only thing worth paying for Live.

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I'm amazed about the amount of people who is complaining abouy the game pad, they don't realize the amount of potential it can give, how it incridibly make a complicated controls,menues or inventory system so easy, it's a very useful input and output tool.

I want to say to those people: your lack of imagining will keep you from enjoying a lot of things in life.

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Fifa and any other American sports games.

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I don't know why people keep sking this guy for his opinions.

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They won't make all that difference, Only people who will buy these games are Nintendo fans AKA people who ALREADY own the console and maybe 1 a million more, There isn't anything to gamers whor aren't already Nintendo fans.

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Gotta respect EA & Dice for that alone. Personally i never had any issues with BC2 or B3 but had a lot with BO,MW3&BO2.

Specially because in the poor world and internet connections here are bad.

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I think 2014 at most, it's been in development long time already.

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I didn't know that even KONAMI have fanboys.
Anyway what you saying is utterly stupid, " Nobody ever makes a new engine for sports games this late in consoles life cycle...It literally has never happened before. " Do you know why no one have ever done it? ! because it's STUPID !! using a new engine this late in a console's life is stupid. and by the way they didn't "Make" the engine, it is called "FOX" and was built by Kojima Productions ...

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"it’s got rumble on two sides"

What ?!

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Not Having a Next-Gen PES is purely stupid and insane. KONAMI is slowly killing itself.

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@ Mika

I actually think that a year from now Microsoft will release a Kinektless X1 to lower the price.

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