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Man its really good. I got it with low expectations and sorta just started playing it. I love the game. It feels different from the previous games. You know how every Far Cry game feels like the last one? This one for me at least felt new and I really enjoy playing it. I was ready for a FPS open world to play and this done the job for me.

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I'm gonna go with the Nintendo Entertainment System. I have very fond memories of playing Punch Out and Demons Crest with my cousins for hours at a time. So many other games I remember playing but it would take forever to list them all.

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I'm getting a sense that you might be upset about something? Can't really tell by the way you worded it but I just get this feeling.

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Well said. Good to know there is at least one person with common sense here.

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Stop acting as if you really know what you're talking about cause you definitely don't. You think you know what you're talking about but you don't. Unless you were there for the development of this remaster then you're just running your mouth off. I don't care what you try to come back with or how you word it or how clever you think you are or the disagrees I get its not gonna change what I said.

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It was all about the power with the PS4. Is it different now?

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So we can play it?

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Look guys, this one has really been drinking the koolaid tonight.

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"don't support custom sounds, so any gun or sword mod makes no sound"

I'm pretty sure that isn't entirely true as they can use a gun/sword soundbite from any weapon already in the game. They may not be able to add a new sound but should be able to reuse one from in the game.

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"we PS4 gamers were never obsessed with power to begin with. "

Now that's a huge lie and you 100% know it. No amount of disagrees and clever replies will change that. Power has been what PS4 only guys have touting since the reveal and hasn't stopped until recently. Again I truly don't care what anyone replies with as we all know the truth.

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I really wanted to like this but since you don't like it than I cant which really is a bummer for me as I was genuinely looking forward to it. Will you please change your mind? I really wanna play it.

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Kids is the reason.

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Still not as big as mine.

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I thought the character in the teaser looked a lot like one of the characters from the previous Battlefield. Ive not finished the previous so I wouldn't know if that particular character dies or not. Character name Clayton Pakowski

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Why does everything have to be negative?

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This wasn't a "prediction" like you're making it out to be. He was asked and he answered. He does really well for himself and his family which is all that matters. If he was so terrible like you're making him out to be than he wouldn't be as successful as he is. Grow up and don't worry about whether he likes your video game console.

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Its suppose to.

I spoke to Jace Hall (owner) and he acted as if it was happening but said it wasn't for him to announce(details on who and such is bringing it back).

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I truly don't remember as I look(don't always buy but like to think I will) at several games a week. But I promise it's real.

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Yeah I can verify this true. I went to buy a game there one day and it wouldn't even let me at all. I was not happy at all. I sent a message and got no reply. I say go me out of buying from you. So many other choices.

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