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Bunch of graphics experts in here? lmao. I m gonna believe what Digital Foundry say wayyyy before I even think about considering what any of you Sony "only" fans think. The more you guys go on and on and on about how this new console is gonna be terrible the more it makes you look worried as hell and just plain jealous. Oh let me guess you guys also have the best PC's money can buy and you all been playing at 8k 240FPS for yrs?

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Exactly what I was thinking. If he is so amazing he should show everyone how its done.

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Lmao terrible terrible comment. With this comment it shows you don't have any idea what you're talking about. So when you gonna make and develop a console? Cause I wanna play the superior tech you come up with.

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That's some clever spin you got there. Some of Sony exclusives are now playable on the PC. Same as MS.

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Wow shifting narrative for sure. Before Xbox One X it was ALL about POWER and how the PS4 was out pacing the Xbox One and how could anyone want such a weak console. Lmao now its too much power. Holy cow I'm getting motion sickness from all this shifting . I've been following games for years very close and no amount of disagrees or clever comments will change this fact about moving the goal post. Man have the tides turned lately. I'm guessing as soon as PS5 is announced it'll b...

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But not for the price.

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Yeah horrible trap Sony and MS have pulled giving you options.

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Now that's some good spin there. I don't care who you are that's some quality spin. Well done.

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Yeah lets judge a game we've barely seen anything on at all. I just don't get people sometimes. It'll be fine. I do think they need to friggen show way more of this game.

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As if we cant figure out where to preorder something. lol.

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Its not just the 4k that makes it $100 more? How's that not blindingly obvious?

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"Your entitled to your opinion of course "

As are you. I always crack up at people who say this and then go on to tell them they're wrong about their opinion.

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Same game, It'll just download the 4K assets when you play it on the Xbox X.

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Don't be upset because he likes something you don't. Who cares what he says? Let him say what he wants to.

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Ill definitely be playing Days Gone. Cant wait to explore that world.

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@ your 2nd comment

But if you don't know anything about developing videogames than you would have absolutely no clue if its good or bad. It was obviously something that was asked of them when developing the new console which is why they did it. You simply commented to throw shade at Xbox just admit it. You just chose the wrong thing to comment on is all.

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All PC guys act like they have the best components money can buy. lol

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Like the Sony baby commercial for PS3?

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In other words you're speaking from inexperience?

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