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It seems like some people really want this to flop for some reason and I just dont get it. It looks just as good as anything else. I literally cant find any reason to hate on it.

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The animations are absolutely top notch. Definitely picking this up.

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Well this comment just shines a big light on the fact that you either don't have any idea what you're talking about or your a console warrior. As if the "program/Apps features team" just makes games in their spare time on the weekends.

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Disagrees with your comment = the very people youre talking about in this piece. Those people = trash. I couldn't care less if anyone agrees with me or not. Everyone that visits this site knows exactly what you're talking about. I'm mainly speaking about the console war trash that goes around every article here.

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I wonder if we will be seeing some of the same games on Sony's stage again?

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To me this is just an incredibly stupid thing to say.

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This stuff has to be getting old to some of you guys.

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Cyberpunk 2077 coming also.

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Nintendo is one of the most annoying and stubborn gaming companies out there imo. Don't care if anyone disagrees or not as its my opinion.

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He answers in his video very plainly and its easy to understand.

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Hmmmph....I had no clue I hated it. I used to think that I liked it but now apparently I hated it all along.

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He really does fit it well. I really liked him in RDR and always hoped he'd return someday. Have you seen the Polygon mini doc on the John Marston voice actor?

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Lol You're just so ridiculous. You drive a plow truck for a living? Because you're pushing that agenda around like its your job. lmao

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I think the reason they didnt use the Xbox version is because it doesn't have a X enhanced update but PC is close enough. But I still don't think its a very good comparison. I know it's not meant to be a one for one.

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How can you be so &*^*# unaware that you are spoiling the game. I had no clue about what happens in the thumbnail. Someone please fix this.

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Well said

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You're ridiculous.

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Yeah being told to kill yourself is a truth that hurts. I dont believe for a second that this dev is referring to constructive criticism but the people who spew hate and say vile things.

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Only reason you would have this stance is because you ARE one of these people this dev is speaking about. There's some horrible people out there who only wanna tear other people down.

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What a worthless article. Yeah we are all to dumb to notice these completely obvious things.

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