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Wow your comments here make it seem as though you're full of crap. There's only ONE reason you would complain about this and make it seem as though this is a negative and thats the fact that you enjoy/promote the "console wars". Your 2nd comment to darthv72 is completely false and again full of crap. It doesn't matter what you reply with as there's no possible way to convince anyone otherwise. It's NEVER a bad thing to make more games available to more people exc...

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Apparently some of the kids here disagree that you're getting the game. Lmao. Some people are so childish over video games.

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I think the highlighting on the interact-able objects just breaks the immersion. Needs dimmed quite a bit at the very least. Its to bright in what is supposed to be a dark and atmospheric environment.

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It honestly doesn't really matter as the comment sections always go this direction no matter how nice or positive or balanced people are. Most people come to this comment section with goal of just annoying other people. It's never ever going to change unfortunately.

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The game has some great ideas and exploring the world is a lot of fun but, like everyone else is saying it just needs tons of polish. Maybe with a bigger budget a game under their belt the next one can be much better.

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I'd bet my life all these people complaining about Game Pass all have Netflix

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"it runs far worse on an Xbox One X than it does on my PC. It's should be running at least relatively close to the PC version surely."

Really? Because I seemed to remember that the PC version has been in development wayyyyyy longer than the X version. So no common sense tells me that they wouldn't be "relatively close" lol especially considering PUBG on PC has officially left early access. I dunno I guess some people just need things spelled out...

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You ride Septic's nuts quite a bit huh? Constantly commenting about him, I'm getting the hint that you're somewhat interested in him? Whats going on between you two?

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It means they'll release the game in 2018?

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Did the ad specify "game mechanics"? Oh I didn't think so either.

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Some people just need things spelled out for them and they take everything so literally and wanna split hairs about everything.

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Lol dont let it bother you

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This game is fantastic and so I have no idea why this article is telling me not to play it. Why tell people not to play something they could potentially really enjoy? I love how complete strangers think they know whats best me and everyone else.

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Yeah but you dont have the PC to do that. Not many do. Agree or not its still my opinion and it can't be changed.

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From one fellow gamer to another........I hope you get it sorted out.

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Something's definitely wrong with your setup without a doubt. HDR is absolutely amazing looking. I recommend doing some research on your tv and setup. HDR makes colors pop and stand out way more. You cant help but say wow this looks great. Also some tv's only have HDR in one of the HDMI's. It's usually the HDMI slot# 1.

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Ah, just ignore them and enjoy what you want. Most users here are ONLY here for the console war BS.

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Shut up and leave people alone. Quit trying to be the killer of enjoyment. Whats wrong with people? Quit with the console war crap cause this is exactly what you're doing. No other reason to worry and make fun of the fact that they enjoy the game at whatever frame rate they want. Doesn't make a difference one way or the other what someone else likes.

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