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Thats a lot of people being laid off. Didn't realize that many people worked in the industry.

jk btw. Jokes aside this is terrible for those who were laid off. I hate hearing this stuff.

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Could you repeat that in English please? And stop shaking your head so much, it's causing you to not think correctly.

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Forza Horizon 3 is really a great game. If you like racing games then you'll love FH3.

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I'd be willing to bet that MS has locked this down.

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You know exactly what this review is based on but, sure play dumb.

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Id love to eventually see Physx on consoles sometime in the future. I played Borderlands 2 on PC and loved the Physx on that game.

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Which is perfectly fine. You dont see PC games being bogged down by games running on lower end hardware(graphics cards). The person with the lower end hardware gets the lower end experience. Cant wait for the N4G game devs to mash their keyboards with all their knowledge.

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Devs dont seem to think thats a problem so now that you that you take this inexperience with developing games and learn something from it.

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Lmao such a massive fail of a comment. Oh man this was hilarious to read. All you managed to do is make yourself look silly af. Oh and before you reply back I dont actually care if you agree with me.

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lol dude honestly I couldn't care less if you like it or not. Its def happening even though you don't want it to. Spend all the time you want commenting about it but it wont change it one bit. Never will I ever pay much attention to fanboy comments. Ill just give it a big ol eye roll lol

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Looks vastly better. Pretty cool getting a classic and beloved game upgraded like this.

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For some reason people kept saying this box wouldnt be able to do 4K. And when it did do it it would be 1st party only. Looks like they were wrong again

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Right and every PC out there cant run every game at 60FPS "only the top end" and not everyone that owns a PC owns the top end of tech. No matter how many claim they have the best of the best. PC owners can just say they have whatever and cant really prove it.

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I really don't believe there's anything to worry about here.

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Can't remember but, what games launched with the PS4 Pro?

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You just know this will be amazing. Damn cant wait for this.

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Awe so cute. Poor pitiful sweetheart. lol

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This stuff goes back to when Nintendo and Sega(even before that) were battling it out and kids in school would argue over which console was the best. People argue over everything in life anymore.

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Damn that was a horrible attempt lmao

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I love that now "exclusives" is literally the only argument that you can kinda make because everything else has been completely shut down. Ponies used to have a list of things to bring up but its now been narrowed down to one. lol. And even it isn't true.

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